This Pisces New Moon happens on Thursday 7th March  2019 at 15 degrees 47’ of Pisces at 2:03 AM  Queensland time Australia.                                                                                 By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Welcome to this Magic Pisces New Moon.                                                                                              At this New Moon time we have a lot of Pisces energy, and what always happens with New Moons, your outer-identity (Sun) is wed to your inner-identity (Moon). This time Sun-Moon are connected to Neptune,( Neptune is the ruler of Pisces), so you are getting triple Pisces energy here, and there is something very saintly and angelic about this combination. 

This New Moon happens at 15 degrees of Pisces, and this is the final New Moon at 15 degrees, in the series of consecutive 5 that we have had the last 5 months.                             This is amazing as it happened in combination with 5 consecutive Full Moons at zero degrees. So you know that there is a big shift of energy going on, this is like the universe is speaking numbers, because zero and 15 degrees, are the first and middle degrees of any sign ( every sign have 30 degrees). This is quite a message the universe is sending, and you are now coming to the end of 5 months of huge transformation and major shift in your vibrations. 

The flavour of this New Moon is Pisces, and Pisces is a very heart centred, loving, sensitive, creative, very spiritual, meditative sign, where there is no need to create boundaries in Love.                                                                                                                                    So this is an extraordinary moment when the Sun-Moon-Neptune come together at this New Moon time. And Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so this makes this energy so potent, and imagination is truly on a high here. We have got art, mysticism, spirituality, Astrology and Numerology… You want to delve deeper in what is hidden, in what is secretive. Pisces rules the 12th House in Astrology, and it is all about what fuels you, what is behind your emotional states, the way you act, so it governs psychology as well, and the study of human nature. 

This New Moon is about working with and diving deep, into the depths of Mutable-Water, fantastical, transformational energy, that Pisces brings with it. The Mutability is emphasised at this New Moon, as we have 5 planets in Mutable signs (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces)… Sun-Moon-Mercury-Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Mutability has this divergent quality, so it is wonderful, and this is also emphasised by the Square between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius.                                               So here you can have bigger visions, bigger dreams, infinite possibilities, you can get very excited and carried away about your spiritual future,…But equally, because in mutability there is no boundaries, you can get little bit swept away by your enthusiasm, because a lot of mutability at anytime can lack focus and discrimination. So it is very important that you can keep your feet on the ground with this as well.

The major theme of this Neptune-Jupiter Square is TRUTH, because Jupiter in Sagittarius is all about the truth, your truth, what you believe. However, because it is Square to Neptune in Pisces, Pisces can be idealistic but it can be misled, or muddled, or confused, or things not being clear. And because the shadow side of Pisces is secrets, or people deceiving you, or things are hidden… so at the time of this New Moon, there is the theme of what is true and what is not, what can you trust to be true and what can you not?  And again here the message is very clear, to turn inwards to that inner guidance. The Sun-Moon-Neptune conjunction is about TURNING INWARDS.

So at this New Moon you can ask…”what is the superpower, the presence and the intensity of Pisces, and how can I utilise that?”                                                                                     Pisces is associated with intuition and it is associated with the 12th House -area of life in any astrology chart, which is the secretive House, a fantasy House. Pisces is about dreams and the fantastical. Pisces and its ruler Neptune, can also be about delusions or deception, because it is so like a hall of mirrors… What is fantasy and what is reality?…And if you don’t have strong Piscean energy in your Chart, or you don’t have a lot of Mutable energy, and you are not very comfortable with what mutable energy brings, it can feel a little unstable, a little like floating in different identities, and you don’t know where to put your foot down. And with this Sun-Moon-Neptune conjunction you are really going all the way there in this Neptunian magic.                                                                The way to use this Pisces New Moon is to understand that part of the joy of living, is loving the mystery, the shape-shifting of it, the surprise of it. It is not about trying to get concrete results with conscious actions, that is what the magic of this New Moon is reminding you about, that there is so much power in the mystery, the fantastical, the subconscious.

At this New Moon time, Saturn and Neptune have a friendly conversation (60 degrees Sextile), and thanks to Saturn, this gives a little bit of grounding in the equation of this etherial Pisces New Moon.                                                                                                                              So we have here a little bit of that real world energy, and Saturn helps you to root down that Pisces fantasy, helps you to manifest it, and what you fantasise about becomes reality. When Saturn and Neptune are in conversation, they work in such different ways, but here they are both in their respective home signs, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, so they are both feeling very much that sense of buoyancy.                                         And we also have Jupiter in his home sign Sagittarius, and he is over there still in a challenging conversation (very wide Square) to the New Moon. So we have 3 major outer planets in their home signs right now, and it is giving everything the sense of flow, which is a beautiful thing going on.

This Pisces New Moon is also at the heart and centre of some other pretty big energy shifts that are quite powerful.                                                                                                            First we have Mercury Retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces. And Mercury went Retrograde just the day before this New Moon, going Retrograde for the next three weeks, from 29 degrees to 16 degrees Pisces, and will turn in Direct mode on the 28th of March.

29 degrees Pisces is the final degree of the last sign of the Zodiac. So that is a huge symbolic moment here, about endings, letting go, coming to the end of the 5 consecutive New Moons at 15 degrees, and 29 degrees is called in Astrology “Critical Degrees”, meaning powerful degrees. So this Pisces New Moon conjunct to Neptune and with Mercury Stationary Retrograde, is so spiritual and so cosmic and connects all of us in ways which are not definable.                                                                                                         Piscean energy is not concrete, it is not practical, it is not making it real… it is about making it imaginative, intuitive, so it get your creativity going. Pisces governs music, it is about surrounding yourself with beauty, letting your Soul being immersed with beauty… So at this New Moon time you actually need to make sure that you set some boundaries, because you may go out of bound a little bit with this Pisces energy. Like I said before, it is a great time to explore the esoteric Arts, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot…whatever it is you love to explore in this vein, this is the perfect time to do it.

So all of the month of March, you will be going through reassessment. And the magic of this month is not in the exuberant, it is not in the externalised… it is about turning your back on who you have been, what you have been experiencing, what you have been working on…and you are going toward landscapes that you don’t totally understand yet, or know yet, or can see yet, let’s call it THE UNIMAGINABLE HORIZON.                                    The unimaginable horizon is that willingness to look ahead to a horizon, to a landscape that you are not familiar with yet, and to be willing to embrace it, and be curious about what you can be and what you can become, when you are no longer holding the weight of something that is not serving you. 

So this New Moon in Pisces with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces does cause this kind of reassessment energy. And it does not have to be big and dramatic, but it is about transforming and how you see yourself, how you are seeing your superpower, how you are seeing your mission in life.                                                                                                         And Mercury Retrograde helps you heal, helps you check-in, helps you listen in to these larger shifts that are going to go on for the next 7 years. And if you are willing to do these check-ins, if you are willing to slow down and just listen in, you will get rewards and answers very quickly.                                                                                                                             To say it in a different way, it is like START and STOP and START and STOP and START. The New Moon in Pisces is saying “Let’s go, all roads are opened”… and then Mercury Retrograde in Pisces says “Wait let’s slow down and check-in”…and then Uranus shift in Taurus is like “Let’s go and explore this new territory”…and yet then we have Chiron in Aries also settling into that. So there is a lot of moving back and forth.

This Pisces New Moon is about leaving something behind, some version of yourself, of your life that you have been holding on to, so it is a time of reflection and internalisation. And unless you make the space for the next thing you want to be or do, it can’t arrive if you are holding on to that project, or to that old relationship, that does not feel fulfilling for you, that does not feel good for you.                                                                                                So at this New Moon time it is very much like the in-between stage where you have just gotten rid of the thing, situation, person…and you have just made the space, and there is nothing in that space… and you have to be good with that space before the right thing comes in.                                                                                                                                                           So there is this transitional energy working with you, and it is pretty strong, and it can feel a little bit intimidating. Sometimes it can feel raw, almost like you have left home, this kind of feeling, and you are feeling a little homesick. So in this new space, invite the next thing that you want, and make sure that there is playfulness, kindness, laughter, curiosity, fun loving energies, fiery energy… This transitional phase is about to be with the inner child energy, a novice energy, you are starting on some kind of new energetic chapter that is very exciting for you. However you may not experience this if you are unwilling to let go of whatever is behind you.                                                                                     So during the month of March, Mercury Retrograde is asking you to really favour meditation, yoga, Tai chi, Chi Gong, art making, dreaming, having astrology healing sessions, spiritual healing sessions, healing bodywork treatments…                                           And if you work in those spiritual areas, this Pisces New Moon is going to bring a really powerful energy. This is a good time for people who channel spirits on the other side, people who work with angels, a good time to be with your own Aumakua, your High Spirit, to get inspire and have visions, and inner conversations, and spread daily your Tarot cards or your Runes. This will help you come out of a fog and find clarity…because now YOU ARE TRANSCENDING…

And you can notice around you, or in the media, that a lot of people are leaving the planet at this time, lot of deaths of people spreading their divine wings and taking their Divine breath, going up into the veil and back to the Oneness of all. At this New Moon time the Great Portal between the etherial world and our reality world is wide open, and a bright loving Light is flooded onto Mother Earth, so many people are going to be leaving.

In addition, Mercury Retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces is in an “out of sign” conjunction with Chiron at 0 degrees 54’ of Aries.                                                                                               This conjunction makes you are aware of widespread suffering in the world, but what it also does is ask you to use your energy to do something about that. So you may be willing to do some volunteer work, support a child’s schooling, or homeless people… This conjunction help you to recognise that you have the internal power to change things by using frequency, by using intention, by using meditation…

But the thing that is very special about this dreamy Pisces New Moon, and about this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, is that it also happening around the same time that Uranus is moving into Taurus.                                                                                                                     Uranus takes 84 years to do the tour of the Zodiac, so he will stay in Taurus about 7 years, until 26th of April 2026.                                                                                                                         So with Uranus being a slow-moving planet shifting into Taurus, a transformative portal is created, and you are going to feel the shift and the shake in whichever House-area of life Taurus falls in your natal Chart. There is a wind of revolution and freedom blowing in this area of your life, and a lot of it has to do with reinventing your personal narrative. 

However, there is a kind of oddity here because Uranus is the planet of revolution, awakening, radical sudden change, he wants to always shake things up that are stale and routine, he wants to bring more variety, bring in a higher level of being.                         Uranus is all about freedom, progress, exploration, adventure, breakthroughs, and breaking down old paradigms, and exploring the unknown, it is about your inner genius.But Taurus is really the exact opposite to that. Taurus is Fixed earth, very secure, very traditional, very grounded, it wants things to stay the same, it does not want any sudden change, or shocks, or surprise… it just wants to keep things very steady, it is very representative of the earth element and Mother Earth.                                                                               So there is a great tension between the planet Uranus and the sign of Taurus.                        And Taurus governs financial flow, it governs your values.                                                           So when Uranus enters Taurus, you need to not resist progressive ideas about exploring new options in your life, new belief systems, embrace any changes you encounter, and what you value in every part of your life is going to shift over the next 7 years. 

So at this New Moon time, you are going to get the open, to get a new perspective on prosperity, on money, because Taurus rules those areas. Taurus also rules what you value, what you hold dear, and that would definitively be radicalised. You will just let go of belief systems that maybe were possibly imposed on you. Because a lot of what you believe, are things that you was told were the truth, when you was growing up, and you just internalised them unconsciously… So now is the time to figure out.. “Is it really true for Me?”… or… “Is this somebody else’s truth?”… “Now I am becoming conscious of that, and I am making some decisions”.

So this dreamy Pisces New Moon is about new beginnings, a great opportunity to do a seed planting ritual. She has a fantastic, oceanic energy, combined with a huge kind of earth-shattering cosmic shift over. There is so much masterful messaging with Uranus entering Taurus at this New Moon time. And because there is such a huge shift into this grounded Taurus energy, with this electrical, revolutionary, surprise planet of Uranus, it is a lot for your system to take in. And that Uranus transit is going to be surprising in ways that you are going to have a hard time getting your head wrapped around for a few months, until you start to really feel it out.

However this New Moon in Pisces, (with Pisces being the final sign, the end of the Zodiac), also represents the end of a cycle where everything dissolves so that you can start all over again. It is like you have gone through the whole story, you have reached the end of a chapter, when you have reached that blank page in between the chapters of the book of your life. This is what is happening at this New Moon time. 

So this New Moon is telling you…”You are going to feel that shift, that churning of the waters, and that shifting of energy. However, don’t worry so much about what that is going to look like, and what that is going to feel like, don’t try and get all your answers, let the mystery descend, let this new transit start to bring new things”.                                                       So at this Pisces New Moon time, have a pause, take some deep breaths, meditate, feel your feet on Mother Earth, and set your intention for what you want to unfold in your life.

And this month of March in general, is really loving because the number 15 is ruling March, and it is the number of magic and alchemy. So be the alchemist, and also because Pisces is about to be very creative, focus on your inner creator. It is a great time for healers and intuitives, and creatives, and spiritual lovers… in fact this all year in imbued with this energy because Saturn is in a harmonious active conversation with Neptune, all year along, and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. So with this gentle conversation (Sextile) between Saturn and Neptune, there is this sense of taking the Neptunian imagination, this spirituality, this dream, and making it real, manifesting it. 

This Pisces New Moon is really the cerebration of who you are at that spiritual Soul level, so really enjoy it!!!

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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