This Capricorn Full Moon happens on Sunday 5th of July 2020 at 13 degrees 37’ Capricorn, at 2:44 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Welcome StarLovers to the powerful Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

This is the last Capricorn Eclipse until 2028, the final of three Eclipses. 

Of course you don’t need to be a Capricorn to benefit from this Eclipse, because you have Capricorn somewhere in your Birth chart, and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is in your Birth Chart as well. 

There is a need for balance between Sun and Moon during this Full Moon Eclipse, and you are completing a very powerful period, that is very significant for the next 6 months, which is the length of time that Eclipses impact us.

This Eclipse happens at 13 degrees of Capricorn, and “13” represents the Divine Feminine, that is symbolised by the spiral energy. 

The Capricornian patriarchal system made you feel like you had to follow “the line” … the line is…from birth, to school, to be married, have kids etc… you follow a line. So there is a line that has been created, and you are following the rules for… 

But a spiral is very different, it leaves you very opened to an experiential appreciation of life, that is cyclical, and is not based on some artificial lines that are created by humans. SPIRAL is fully part of Nature, this is about witnessing the Fibonacci code, and it is everywhere. 

And ’13” adds to “4”, so it is very much part of the life-death-transformation of the 4 seasons, meaning that there is transformation, there is upheaval, and that leads to a death of something, so that there can be a birth again. So we need to just honour those natural cycles. 

We are now moving in time of COLLABORATION and CARING for others, and these Divine Feminine qualities have been forgotten for a long time, because they were eliminated, in order for the patriarchal system to be put in place, for control reason. So the Divine Feminine spiral is very much about being in harmony with Nature, and seeing Nature as our guide, because we live on Mother Earth and we come from Nature… and when we pass away, we go back to the Earth. 

So at this Eclipse time, the Moon is in Capricorn, and she is opposing the Sun in Cancer, and the Sun is widely conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Cancer as well. 

Every Full Moon is an opposition where the energies are asking to come into balance, to bring consciousness to both areas of your Birth chart, where you find the 13 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer, as well as the Houses-areas of life that receive this Eclipse, the Sun and Moon dialogue. 

And in this conversation Moon in Capricorn is the biggest, especially because she is Full Moon, so Capricorn energy is obviously very strong at this time. This Capricorn Eclipse is about breaking something up, closing out, ending, asking you to shift and change… it is a completion Eclipse. It is a time to honour your new power, and your new sense of life direction, or mastery… and this Eclipse is going to illuminate something you did not see before.

And the Capricorn flavour is really emphasised by the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn, all in Retrograde mode in this sign. 

Saturn is the ruler of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, he is currently Retrograde at 29 degrees of Capricorn, and 29 is also a powerful completion degree. 

So it looks like Saturn is taking care of this Transition time, your Chrysalis time, this completion time, time to explore what needs to be taking care of, your responsibilities, your commitments. 

With Saturn, you may be feeling lonely, in separation, in a negative world… or you can take this Chrysalis time, to redirect yourself onto a new path, to something that is true and more authentic for you. This Chrysalis time is an “in between” stage, a kind of “Push and Pull” energy of change… there is an urge to grow, along with the fear of living behind a comfort zone. It is a time of moving forward and moving on indeed, and that will be different for each of us for sure.

And in December 2020 Saturn moves into Aquarius. So there is roughly 5 months to go, where something is being completed and ended, around your responsibilities, career, profession, parental issues, life direction… anything that is related the the Houses in your birth chart that receive the 13 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer. 

And with Saturn taking care of this Transition time, be aware if you need to make contracts, this can be something that you agreed to, that you need to see through, you can’t rush through it.

This Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn asks you to be in a “work to do” mode, about what you have to take care of, what you are responsible for, you have to show up, to get things done. However it is softened by the Sun-Mercury Cancer energies, they are bringing you into how you really feel. 

So at this time, it is very appropriate to say “ I am really tired”…”I am exhausted”…”I am feeling emotionally drained”… because this Cancer Sun energy needs downtime… you need to rest, shut the door, it is pyjama time, you are going into your cocoon… this Cancer energy is balancing your needs, because you do so much on the “work to do” mode. 

The Sun-Mercury conjunction wants you to come back to your heart, and to make sure that you are listening to what you need, how to take care of yourself… So what is best for you right now? 

The message of this Eclipse is about the balancing of who you are now, how you feel your emotional truth, you may need time to sit with something, and to be in a space without an agenda, because the opposing Capricorn Moon is all about agenda time, and things to be done and taking care of… and the Sun-Mercury Cancer energy is about..”I just want to turn off my phone, don’t talk to me, I need time with myself… so don’t give everything to the world, or to your career, to whatever the Capricorn energies have been requiring of you.

The Sun-Mercury Cancer energy is also related to family and children, to whom you live with, anything around your personal world, your personal environment.

Mercury is Retrograde until July 12th, so he is moving very slow at this time. And he is in a water sign, so just FLOW, just SURRENDER, and allow yourself to be in the float. That can help with releasing the pressure on yourself. And Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is great for journaling, creative writing, writing your 3 morning pages… doing a lot of deep introspective work through the pen, the computer, or the paint brush, or a musical instrument. 

Because Cancer is a water-emotional sign, what is also helping a lot during this time of Transition is MEDITATION. So meditate in your Chrysalis, in deepening your relationship with the Divine Source, whatever that means to you, deepening your relationship with your own Soul Aumakua, your own inner world.

A very strong conversation at this Eclipse time is that the Moon in Capricorn is in opposition to Mercury in Cancer, and they are both having a Square conversation with the conjunction Mars-Chiron in Aries, creating a challenging T-Square.

There is friction here between the Warrior and the Messenger of the Gods, an information war between Mercury of words, and Mars the warrior, so there is opportunities for interpretations, but also conflict, like verbal quarrels, and we might see more of that now with this Mars-Mercury Square conversation. 

But working with this Eclipse energy proactively, assertively, working with your own Mercury thoughts, perceptions, going inward through the Retrogradation, to assertively engage like an inner warrior, like a spiritual warrior, with the goal of healing, to heal your self… and the focus of the healing is how you think.

Mars-Chiron conjunction in Aries is where you are ready to start, you want to get on with your new life, you are sick of the isolation, the separation imposed by the confinement, sick of going slow, sick of being restricted… it is like Mars is ready to go now… but Chiron wants to go slow, it is not quite the time, and if you go too fast, you will get hurt unfortunately. 

So Mars-Chiron conjunction is like a tempo at this time, meaning there is a pace to respect. With the signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries so much highlighted, with 8 planets in those signs, there is a strong Cardinal energy at this Eclipse time. And these planets act as initiators… “let’s start, let’s go, GO GO GO”… but there is tension, there is pressure, because it is not quite the right time.

But few hours after the Eclipse time, the Moon will reach 20 degrees of Capricorn, and then she will be in a very supportive Sextile conversation with Neptune at 20 degrees of Pisces. 

Neptune is in her own sign of Pisces, and has been in Pisces since 2012, and she continues to be there until 2026. This brings a kind of spiritual renaissance, Neptune here in her own sign is for us to be rapidly moving up, and growing closer to Source. As a consequence, the majority of the human beings is waking up, and you can feel the pre 2012 and the post 2012, in terms of how awake you are as to what is going on in the world… it is like night and day. 

So at this Eclipse time, Neptune in Pisces is going to support you dealing with the tension, with the pressure, with this intensity of Capricorn. Neptune is going to take you to other places within yourself, whether that is creativity, inspiration, spiritual perspective, detaching from it all, giving yourself a break, some downtime… So allow this Neptune in Pisces to carry you, allow her to be a deeper connection to your Higher Self Aumakua, … Again meditation, active or passive, is a great mean to move through this dynamic Eclipse.

At the time of this Eclipse, the Moon in Capricorn is in a beautiful Trine conversation with Uranus in Taurus. 

This very exciting, because Uranus is aligned to upheaval, to change, to liberation, which is the key theme at this time. So the changes that began in the last 6 months, especially the period in January, regarding the dismantling of the patriarchy structures, looking deeply at how things are run, and the value system that runs these structures, that has experienced a huge tumultuous shift in the last 6 months. 

And Uranus in this Trine conversation is saying that it is time for liberation, so that you can use this revolutionary energy to create breakthroughs that lead to greater awareness. And so there is a huge positive energy with this Trine conversation, that brings surprising events, but those surprising events are shaking the foundation of what needs to be shifted to begin with, and stimulating new situations and encounters. So Uranus, governing the Higher Mind, the intuitive mind, your Aumakua, the mind of the inventor… brings that awareness and connection to a greater journey.

So at this Eclipse time, you will notice increased situation, wonderful spiritual insights, that come to you, and that instill a lot more confidence in you, since you are owning who you are as an individual, who is part of the greater human race, and also has his own version of expressing him/herself… No two people are alike, but yet WE ARE ALL ONE. 

So at this time, you want to explore that new territory, you want to be opened to encounters that bring you out of the box, where you are listening to the signs, you are channelling Chi energy, and you integrate what you are feeling… Because Uranus is part of the change, he is asking you to use your intuition to navigate these challenging times, to be innovative, and to break things up… to unpattern yourself, and move away from thinking, and information and datas, that are coming to your belief system, pretending to be the truth. So go to your feeling centre, and see how you really feel, go to the place of healing and feeling, and that is where Chiron lives.

And of course Chiron is very much part of this Eclipse, because of his T-Square conversation to the Sun and Moon.

That means that you are upgrading your belief system to be one of LOVE, and that all healing comes from that liberation, that you extend through LOVE, through loving others and loving your life. This T-Square conversation allows you to reorient your beliefs, and that creates a lot of healing… because your beliefs are created unconsciously, they are due to external programming, and they begin from when you are born, and also can be brought with you from past lives even. So there is a lot of fear that you can let go of at this time, and Uranus contribution at this Eclipse time, helps stimulate that liberation theme. 

At this Eclipse time, Jupiter and Pluto are exactly conjunct in Capricorn, and that indicates tremendous expansion regarding abundance, not necessarily financial abundance, but it is actually also about your well being, how you feel, and surrounding yourself with friends and environments, that really mean something to you. This is about the way you approach everything. 

Jupiter in this conversation, reminds you that you are fortunate, you can be grateful for what you have, and if you step into that feeling of being lucky, and fortunate and grateful, the opportunity will naturally come your way, and appear everywhere… 

There is a strong resonance here with MAKIA, the third Hawaiian Principle of Huna. “MAKIA : Energy flows where attention goes”…Indeed in your life things have power over you because you give them this power. Everything is energy and your mind is the instrument able to direct its flow. By focusing your mind on one aspect of a situation, you reinforce its power. Therefore you are powerful in the sense that it is you who give or not power to the things, and people in your life. 

So if you send out positive abundant thoughts that is what you get back, if you send out negative fearful thoughts then you will get that instead. So at this Eclipse time, you can choose to send positive energy in the form of healing, prayers or just happy smiley thoughts and have a beneficial effect on yourself and others. Just beautiful.

Saturn is now back in Capricorn until December, he is widely in conjunction to Jupiter and Pluto, so it is the time to create new foundations in your life. 

So what are you going to find when you dig down to create new foundations?… and how are you going to take authority and find inner peace through the new foundations you are building? So don’t be afraid by what you find, just deal with the truth as it appears, don’t judge it, and allow yourself to experience it. So use time to your best advantage, because Saturn the planet that rules Capricorn is Lord Cronos, the Lord of Time… so this Eclipse time is about understanding the timing of events, and it is about leadership as well, because Capricorn is also about leadership and responsibility. 

Now, the shadow side of Capricorn is to have the compulsive need to be in control, and be too serious, and not having fun, not enjoying the pleasures of life… so you want to guard against that negativity, that dark energy of pessimism, and being inflexible. 

There is a sense of solitude with Capricorn that is necessary, so you want to spend time in quietude, to sit with your Higher Self Aumakua, to tap into your self awareness, into a meditation, and release and heal in that stillness, and then listen to the messages of your inner voice.

So this Capricorn Full Moon Lunar eclipse is a time to take charge of your destiny. Remember the Sun is in Cancer, and Cancer is about to love, to nurture, to heal, to feel… and Mercury is Retrograde through Cancer right now, so there is a huge Cancer energy to include as well, opposite the Capricorn energy. And that Cancer energy is where we are heading, it is also about the Divine Feminine, so you want to be in that caring place, in that kind place, in that place of generosity, sharing your heart, and building new structures that are based on INCLUSION, and LOVE, and heart-centred engagement, and GRATITUDE.

So when we are aligned with the natural cycles, with Nature, not against Nature, that is when all good things happen, that is when we are aligned with healing, because we are actually flowing with the cyclical part of life, and all life is cyclical.

This Full Moon Eclipse is signifying the end of an era, and the beginning of a new era… she represents a Turning Point in your life, in the life of our Collective. And in balancing the Capricorn and Cancer energies, she reminds you to work on your HOME, your literal home, your family, your body, the place that you live, and the structures that you work in, and frequent… and also to work on our Mother Earth who is our HOME. 

And understand that everything that is falling apart now, is falling apart for a reason, it is not to cause chaos, it is to cause a dismantling that is freeing you to be the Star Being, A BEING OF LIGHT.

So as you cocoon in your Chrysalis, feel from the HEART, move from the HEART, engage from the HEART.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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