A highly versatile tool, Astrology gives you the ability to meet your unique self on a very deep level. 
The map of the heavens at the moment of your birth, know as your natal or birth chart, is a reflection of your unique personality. It can advise on your love life, point you towards a suitable career, even help you be a better parent.
But astrology is much more than this. For thousand of years, astrologers have been studying the effects ofplanetary activity and its correspondence with human behaviour, personality, health and much more.
My Astrology Services:
Full Chart Reading with Transits: 1,5 Hour fully recorded on CD @ $150.
Refresher Reading – Solar Return or Reading @ $100 per Hour.
Couple Reading for you and your partner to acknowledge the level of chemistry you have together @ $250.
Tarot-Astrology Intuitive Reading @ $100 per Hour.
To calculate your chart I need :Astro2
Your Birth Details: DAY-TIME-TOWN of Birth.
My Astro-Readings are Face to Face or on Skype/Messenger or simply on Phone.

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