150 x 100 cm… Acrylic on canvas…$4250

Your beauty and love touch me so deep,
If this is a dream, forever I’ll sleep.
Visions of us on Sunshine beach,
Your eyes reveal all, no need for a speech.

Waves from the ocean, cannot cool our heat,
For this is internal, the salt will be sweet.
Our happiness radiates, just like the sun,
The day I met you, my life just begun.

Eternal embrace in the soft summer sand,
We imagine our life and our love that is grand.






90x90cm..Acrylic on canvas..$3260

Witness the beauty of an “Artistic Conception”. 

A representation of the “Realm Of True Conception” – or “Birth”- driving from beyond Presence and “Be in the state of feelings & circumstances integrated”…



IMG_4489 2


100x80cm…Acrylic on canvas…$2450

I am “Spiritual Warrior” diving in your Psyche…

My active inner life shines out to touch others with the Wisdom and Knowledge I am gaining in my journey.

When you are at a cross road, a time of decision and renewal,

I take you down into the Unconscious and guide you thru it,

Showing you the sources of your troubles, and suggesting choices and possibilities you may never have previously dreamed of… 

I see You…




Self-Portrait Art Work still in progress…



Lovers are dancing a relationship. Without a relationship, the dance is just steps, just exercise, just earnest, unsmiling locomotion.
But if the dance contains emotion and communication, then we have something more than exercise. We have heArt.
This painting symbolises the heArt Of Relationship...
1000×1000 mm…Acrylic on canvas…$3260

Lovers are dancing a relationship. Without a relationship, the dance is just steps, just exercise, just earnest, unsmiling locomotion. But if the dance contains emotion and communication, then we have something more than exercise. We have art. This painting symbolizes the art of relationship…..


Millions of people around the world joined in a global Mass Meditation on Sunday April 5th 2020... To heal the world, and help the humanity unite to overcome the global health crisis of the COV19.
This painting is my personal meditation, that I painted at the time 0f the Mass Meditation... So Be It.
600×760 mm…Acrylic on canvas… $830

Millions of people around the world join in a Mass meditation, to heal the world, and help the humanity unite to overcome the global health crisis of the COVID19. This painting is my personal meditation, that I painted at the time of the Mass Meditation… So Be It.


600x500mm… Acrylic On Canvas…$1100.

The Passion and Poison Of Relationship…In Sufism, the metaphor of “drinking the cup of poison”, refers to the “Lover of God”, being confronted with his own ignorance and negativity, and the result of the purifying process of Love… This painting describes the process we undergo in relationships, transpersonal and interpersonal, and also in connection with Self Love… It focuses on the process of inner self-acceptance… The relationship principle gives us the challenge of retaining the Unity… To return to God in the acceptance of Duality, going down in the Underworld to see the Dark Sister…


900x900mm… Acrylic On Canvas…$1400.

Hades, Satan, Lucifer, Pluto… are the names for the same energy for which everything in life has the potential for Transformation… The dark of Pluto is as the God of death, the Destroyer of the restricting form, and can be more positively perceived in its capacity of God of Release…However, such a light bringing perception is only fully understood by those who have directly encountered the Dark Face… Entering the black inner abyss is the path to the Light…The use of darkness, both inner and outer, is traditional in the process of Initiation… Pluto is the Gardian of the gate of Initiation… Its Phoenix quality symbolises a triumph over Death, where it is a real Ending yet truly a new Beginning of a new Life, founded on the ashes of the old… ” A seed has to enter beneath the surface of the Earth, gestate in the Underworld of Darkness, die as a seed, before it can emerge into the Light of day, as a flower to be seen by all who pass by…”


600x800mm… Acrylic On Art Paper…$Sold…

Its blossom is majestuous,,, On the road Campanulas!!!… In the summertime each Sunday morning I picked wild Campanules flowers along the small country road of my village in France… It was for me a sacred ritual that brought a beautiful smile on my “Maman” face, because the colors purple-mauve of the Campanules was her favourite one… This painting is also a study on Pointilism technique…


500x400mm…Acrylic On Canvas… $Sold…

Our physical body is a wonder in itself, it is the “temple” for our being… However, the problem for all of us lies in the fact – within consciousness – we are all somewhat fragmented and often quite unbalanced… But let us hope that enough people aim to find real Balance, the of individual wholeness, because our society cannot be whole unless we are…so this painting is about “Personal Integration”, loving our whole self… Exploring our Shadows – we have denied in ourselves – and practicing “Inner Self-Acceptance”… and it is not easy!… “Integration” is the result of the process of releasing all the inner rubbish that is blocking the Awareness of our own “Inner Light”… ” I have a temple I do not visit, a Heart i have forgot, a Self that i have never met, a secret Shrine ( Charles Sorlay)”…


900x700mm… Acrylic On Canvas… $Sold

This is to celebrate my Sister Monique who is only a year apart from me…I am born in June and she is born in July, therefore our names… and our Papa was also born in July, the month of the Leo Sun…


1500x1500mm…Oil On Canvas…$4250

Most maligned of all astrological symbols or archetypes is Saturn, whose face as the Beast is well recognised, but whose alternate face as the Handsome Prince is not often considered… Saturn os not only a representative of pain, solitude and discipline, he is also a symbol of the psychic process, natural to all of us, by which we may utilise the experience of pain, restriction, solitude and discipline, as a means for greater consciousness and fulfilment… Saturn indicates the solitaire life and spirituality… The energy of Saturn in the horoscope represents a kind teacher… Saturn’s purpose is to teach us Mastery of any kind… It is only when the Beast is loved for his own sake, that he can be freed from the spell and can become the Prince…


800x800mm…Acrylic On Art Paper… $Sold

Work on Pointilism… Pointilism technique is a movement “Neo-Impressionist” started by french painter Georges Seurat (1859-1891)… The pointillism technique is to enhance the principal colours of the painting in putting dots next to each others… It brings more light into the painting, as the white space between the dots make the painting seem glow…


1000x800mm… Acrylic On Canvas…$Sold

Butterflies are often taken as symbols of “dramatic transformation, death and rebirth”… I found this beautiful poem… excerpt from “Metamorphosis: A Rebirth Of Spirit”… from David Britton… “Coming together as it works on many parts, if all is successful a new life soon will start… Wings now in symmetry the butterfly has flown, patterned in language code each species calls its own… Now in a world that no human can discern, a metaphor of life reborn for which we often yearn”…


800x1000mm…Acrylic On Canvas… $1400…

She knows her way in the Spirit Realms… She is a “LampLighter”, turning away from the external world in favour of the Inner Realm of the Unconsciousness… Like the Vestal Virgins in Roman Times, She walks along the way barefooted and naked, as a pilgrim radiating humility and inner strength… She is keeping the Inner Fire burning… Eventually She may re-emerge into the Conscious World some time to time, but for now She is retreating into Herself for the joyous experience of Herself, when the mask lifts and the real Her can come through… And it is shining, and it is unique, because it is Her… A creation… A Masterpiece…


1000x1200mm… Oil On Canvas… $4100.

In the beginning was the Dream… Dreams are our link to the Unconscious… If we attend to the Unconscious, dialog with it, giving time and space to breathe, it can be our most precious gift of Imagination, Creativity and Intuition… And we become balanced, feeling fulfilled and complete… By embracing the Dream State, listening to it, and nurture it, we embark on an extraordinary path to Self-Conscious Awareness… The Path Of Individuation…


1000x1000mm… Oil On Canvas… $Sold

The time has come for the truth to emerge about woman’s role in the world… Through the emerging archetype of Lilith, I evoke the “Sacred Prostitute”, and bring her forth, not in the shadow of sin, but as erotic Priestess, Prophetess, and Healer… She is reputedly Adam’s first companion, before Eve… She is the original female, who refused to be subjugated to a man’s desires… Consort to both the Devil and Gos himself, She is the enigmatic and mysterious Lilith… Lilith is great Lunar Goddess, but in biblical times, particularly in Jewish legends, She appears demonic: serpent, blood-sucker, evil-temptress, enchantress, witch, slut, child-killer… She brings death… She represents a side of repressed feminity, the untamed… Lilith is the blood, she is the deep rage in woman, she is revengeful… Because of the Christianity conditioning, we have forgotten that Lilith represents that part of us that long to be free… She is a deep remembering of how the female was: a path from sexuality to spirituality, a bridge, a vessel, who takes you to the Light God… She is linked with Eroticism… What it is with us and sex?… We are fascinated by it and simultaneously fear it… Our fascination and fear stem from the fact that the energy of Eroticism is the most powerful primal force within ourselves… Before Christianity, the ancients of all cultures revered and worshipped this Force for bring forth Life, Divinity and Wisdom… Tantric Yoga arose from this worship… With the arising of Christianity, the Age of Darkness descended on the world… Persecution of those who possess the secret of the Erotic-Divine Connection soon followed, and continues to this day… A little-known element in astrology charts, Lilith is known as the “Dark Moon” and as such, represents our “dark” or hidden emotional selves… Many women are interested in Lilith, they like to think of Her as a feminist heroine, saying that She is courageous and asserting Her equality… In our modern view, Lilith is the Goddess of Female independence and autonomy, both sexually and in other aspects of life… Nowadays, a “positive Lilith” is a woman owning her sexuality, comfortable in her sensuality…


800X900mm… Pastel On Art Paper… $1100…

I love working with Pastel… To give to the work a vaporous quality, I used different “tools”, such as soft brushes, eraser, pieces of fabric, soft papers… but mainly, and with great joy, I used my fingers!… To enhance the thickness, I superposed colours, using the Degas technique, this gives to the Paste work more vigorously and body, and helped me to obtain a vibrant, sumptuous “couleur patinée”…


600x800mm… Pastel On Art Paper… $950

The danger is to sleep too long and find ourselves entangled in roots that we have let grown uncontrolled…


500x400mm… Pastel On Art Paper… $Sold…

One is all and all is One…


910X610mm… Acrylic On Canvas… $1400.

Something comes to light and shows up where there was darkness before.
The year 2020 brought new Light... a New World... a New Earth... a New Me.
610X910 mm… Acrylic on canvas…$2450

Something comes to light and shows up where there was darkness before.
The year 2020 brought new light… a New World… a New Earth… a New Me.

Over the water
Over the sea
There's you shining bright
In a sea of fools
Oh I can sing you out of this
Can shake your mermaids blues
610X910 mm… Acrylic on canvas… $2450

Over the water
Over the sea
There’s you shining bright
In a sea of fools
Oh I can sing you out of this
Can shake your mermaids blues


This is my impression of the beautiful garden of a dear friend, in Noosa Hinterland.
It was New Year Day. I felt playful, warm, tender, and soft and happy, to be surrounded by such beautiful nature... and I dived into the making of this painting... during blissful hours... so this painting reflects my mood.
610 x 910mm… Acrylic on canvas… SOLD

This is my impression of the beautiful garden of a dear friend, in Noosa Hinterland.
It was New Year Day, I felt playful, warm, tender, and soft and happy to be surrounded by such beautiful nature… and I dived into the making of this painting… during blissful hours… so this painting reflects my mood.



610x910mm… Acrylic On Canvas… $2450.

There is considerable diversity in the aboriginal myths dealing with the origin of fire... it originated in a lightning flash... it came from a burning mountain... it was accidentally discovered by man... This painting is about the playful fire sticks and the blazing log of the Southern Cross.
900×1200 mm… Acrylic on canvas… $3800

There is considerable diversity in the aboriginal myths dealing with the origin of fire… it originated in a lightning flash… it came from a burning mountain… it was accidentally discovered by man… This painting is about the playful fire sticks and the blazing log  of the Southern Cross.


Headpiece is an adornment, a symbol of enlightenment and Divine Truth, it denotes the wisdom which is of good from Divine... like a diadem of comeliness.
600X500 mm… Acrylic on canvas…$920

Headpiece is an adornment, a symbol of enlightenment and Divine Truth, it denotes the wisdom which is of good from Divine…like a diadem of comeliness.



800 x 600 mm… Acrylic on canvas… $Sold

I go for a walk in the forest to be with my friends the Trees… I can feel them breathing, moving, looking at me… There are then silent conversations that warm my heart, soothe my pain, and fill up my mind with beautiful stories… I feel supported, centered and nurtured… and privilege to experience the Divine Love of Nature…


510 X 400 mm… Acrylic on canvas… SOLD

Many times you wear a smiley-faced mask when everything in your life is crashing down around you. The mask camouflages your fear of vulnerability, of failure, of shame, of low self-esteem. This mask gives the illusion of self-confidence, so that even if you feel worthless, you become part of a masquerade, tricking yourself as you pull people’s attention away from your true self. So remove the mask to be free and embrace your Light…

Sur La Plage Abandonnés

800 x 900 mm… Pastel on paper… SOLD

Sur la plage abandonnés, au milieu des coquillages et crustacés, enlacés en pleine été, nos chevelures ébouriffées par le Mistral… nous dormons du sommeil de l’amour…


510 x 400 mm… Acrylic on canvas… $290

There are clearly times when quieting down and bringing your energy back into yourself, is a step toward inner peace. Yet the most powerful life is not in which you bring yourself back to your centre, when you have spun away from it, but rather one in which you seek to live from that centre at all times…


600x760mm… Acrylic on canvas… $560


500X400mm… Acrylic on canvas… $290


600X300mm… acrylic on canvas… $155


The single eye sees only good (God). This perfect vision heals all decease in mind-body-spirit. The lamp of the body is the eye, therefore the whole body is full of Light.

610x610mm…acrylic on canvas… SOLD


400X300mm…acrylic on canvas…$155


600X600mm… acrylic on canvas…$1550

A free spirited woman is uninhibited by traditional society structures. She goes with the flow, embraces spontaneity, reject conformity. She says what she means, and she is simultaneously gentle and strong.

Copper/Silver Flow

400x500mm…acrylic on canvas… $155


450x910mm… Acrylic on Canvas…$920

A seed carries within itself new life… The seed represents potentiality, latent power, and the male principal. As a feminine symbol, the seed is fertility, life to be, and growth. Symbol of the Center, from which the Cosmic Tree of Life grows.


(300x400mm) x3…Acrylic On Canvas…$425


600x500mm… Acrylic On Canvas… $920


900x1200mm… Acrylic On Canvas… SOLD

In Hawaiian philosophy your Aumakua is your Higher Self, your older and wiser mind, your Divine parent that connects you to the spiritual dimension. Aumakua knows absolute Truth.


930x730mm….. Acrylic on Canvas… $1550


3x (300x400mm)… $425


1500x1000mm…Oil on Canvas…$5000


600X600mm…Acrylic on Canvas…$350


910X450mm…Acrylic on Canvas…$750


500x400mm…Acrylic on Canvas…$250


300x400mm…Acrylic on Canvas…$180


600x600mm…Acrylic on Canvas…$450


900X1200mm…Acrylic on Canvas…$3800


910x610mm…Acrylic on Canvas…$SOLD


600X500mm… Oil paint & Cold Wax On Oil Paper…$1220.


600X600mm… Oil Paint & Cold Wax On Wooden Board…$1220.


600X500…Oil Paint & Cold Wax On Oil Paper… $950


600X500mm… Oil Paint & Cold Wax On Wooden Board… $1220.


600X500mm… Oil Paint & Cold Wax On Oil Paper…$1220.


600x500mm… Oil Paint & Cold Wax On Oil Paper…$1220.


600x500mm…Oil Paint and Cold Wax On Oil Paper… $1220…


910X610mm… Acrylic On Canvas… SOLD As A Commision


She is dancing a pure Sufi Dance, an Art that has been practiced since the 13th Century… The aim is to achieve Oneness with God… As she continues turning in a spiritual trance, she floats between the two worlds, in a deeply personal and intense meditation…

1200x900mm… Acrylic On Canvas… $3800.


1000x800mm… Acrylic On Canvas… $3800…

Like the trees that let go of their leaves each autumn season, Death comes in cycles… Everything is born, lives and decays… Death and Life are the shifting poles of the same phenomenon, a revolving door between the worlds…

This painting was for me a way to ritualise the Death, to give it form and support… The process of painting it was a kind of ceremony of “Letting Go”, and help me to say goodbye to my so dear Mother… Maman Chérie”..


1500x1000mm… Oil On Canvas… $Sold

This painting is a window opened to “Subjectivity”… The bird of prey represents the Power, the Challenge, the Karma… The golden woman is your Conscious Self… She is kneeling in the bird’s nest in a “Diamond” yoga posture, also known as the “Warrior Posture”… She is receiving a Male necklace… The questions are: Is she offering herself willingly as a beautiful gift?… Or is she forced to submit?… We are here on the brink of keeping our free spirit, or becoming a “subject”…


800x1000mm… Acrylic On Canvas… $Sold

This painting is about the archetype of the Wild Woman that has so much gut-level wisdom in it, a woman who is really living her life ( as opposed to simply existing in it)… The Wild Woman is not wild in the sense of being crazy, angry or out of control, she is wild because she has not lost her connection to Life, Death and Rebirth, or to put it simply, Nature… “A healthy woman is much like a horse: robust, strong life force, life-giving, territorially aware, inventive, loyal… Yet separation from the wildish nature causes the woman’s personality to become thin, ghostly, spectral… When women’s lives are in stasis, it is always time for the wildish woman to emerge; it is time for the Creative Function of the psyche to flood the delta… It means to establish your territory, to find your pack, to be in your body with certainty and pride regardless of your body’s gifts and limitations, to speak and act in your behalf, to be aware, alert, to draw on the innate feminine powers of Intuition and Sensing, to come into your cycles, to find what you belong to, to rise with Dignity, to retain as much consciousness as you can”… So the question is: Have you lost touch with your heart, your guts, your creativity, your wildness… your Life?