This New Moon happens on the 15th of May 2018, at 24 degrees 36’ Taurus, at 9:47 PM Queensland Time.
By Francoise/Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Hi everyone, thank you to join me for this New Moon in Taurus, with Uranus moving inTaurus at the same time. So already this is a sign that it is a very very powerful New Moon.

Taurus is the most grounding energy, it is the most grounding earth sign of the zodiac. Taurus energy is so solid and fixed.
This New Moon happens at 24 degrees 36’ of Taurus, and represents a new beginning for You, so it is the best time to set a new intention for yourself.
See where 24 degree of Taurus falls in your chart, and it will tell you if the changes are affecting You in your career, your home, your health, or your relationships… seeing where it falls in your chart can help You set the new intention You want to attract to yourself… so it is a great time to do that.

Just before this Full Moon time, on the 12th /13th of May, we have Mars in Capricorn square with Uranus in Aries, and Mercury is conjunct with Uranus.
This is fantastic for originality, brilliant thinking, out of the box thinking, problem solving, creativity… You are channelling directly from the mind of the Great Spirit Amakua… You have these flashes of insights and epiphany moments.
The Mercury square Mars can be a little bit quick to speak before You think, so really think before You speak because there can be sharp words or angry words before You really thought things through. And because at that time Mercury is also conjunct to Uranus, there is this quickness to the communication, so be really aware of that. But in other ways, it can really help You be brilliantly original in your work… So it is a very important time of creativity.

At the time of this New Moon in Taurus we have Mars square Uranus, so there is going to be tendency for impatience, rushing… So how are You going to deal with time? Are You going to be agitated or stressed by time? Or can You bring that Taurean grounded, earthy peacefulness there and just soothe your surroundings as well as soothing yourself? It is a good thing to do if You are in a situation where You are waiting for example, when You are in a queue, or the plane has been delayed .
Mars square Uranus is also a wake up call… WAKE UP! … Much is happening on our planet. We must wake up because our Earth is waking up now to all the things we have been doing to her… and it is time for nurturing.
So this square between Mars and Uranus, both placed at 29 degrees of their signs, is very dynamic, very assertive, very forward driving, very future oriented… and can bring a tremendous amount of innovations… particularly in the world of technology.
That is quite an unstable square because both Mars and Uranus are on “critical degrees”, the last degree of a sign, and that can be particularly assertive. But it can also bring about revolutionary ways of doing things. Things You have done the same way for quite a long time can suddenly make a quantum leap in the way things happen. It can be connected to fighting for equality, fighting for the underdogs…
And this square is not only to be exact on the 16th of May, and run through to the rest of the month, but it is also going to come back on July/August/September this year. So this feeling of assertive, eruptive energy is going to be quite dominant during our winter.
So now in your natal chart, if You have any planets placed around 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs ( Aries-Libra-Cancer-Capricorn), You may particularly feeling this and it is a fantastic energy for innovation.

During this New Moon time, as Uranus the planet of awakening moves into Taurus starting a new 7/8 years cycle, we also have Mars moving in Aquarius. So this is a very powerful New Moon indeed, as we are going to have quite a shift in the energy, because Uranus in Taurus happens every 84 years!!!
And Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is an energy that can electrify this Taurean state of grounding.
The last time when Uranus entered Taurus was June 1934. So it was a long time ago and many of You reading my blog were not born yet. So Uranus moving into Taurus now brings a very brand new energy, at least new from the majority of people on this planet.

Now Taurus is about the Earth, and the Earth is really emphasised at this New Moon. We have 6 planets in Earth, Sun-Moon-Mercury in Taurus and Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. And during this New Moon time Uranus is moving in Taurus…so a very very emphasis in Earth.
So this is a signal for You to really get grounded, to become as centered as You possibly can, to connect with nature and the Earth, and if You could walk barefoot “great”, anything that grounds You strongly, and gives You that sense of “Mother Earth” would be very helpful at this New Moon time. So this is a perfect time for tuning in to our wonderful Earth.

Also ecology, environment, climates, sudden Earth changes are going to be big news this year.
Usually when Uranus changes sign, there is often a signature event. When he moved into Aries in March 2011, we had the tragedy of Fukushima in Japan…We had something eruptive (Uranus), and also something fiery (Aries) with the nuclear meltdown… and this happened on the exact day Uranus moved into Aries.
So we should expect this time, as the flavour is Taurus, something quite sudden, eruptive, disruptive, probably linked to climates, the earth, earthquake, volcanoes, and financial as well. Great current examples is “HAWAII’S Kilauea volcano continuing to wreak havoc on the Big Island”…. and “The new Australian Federal Budget 2018 is revealed and plan to make Australia a medical technology leader”.
Uranus is the maverick, he wants to disrupt, he wants to break everything up, he wants revolutionary changes… so this is going to create lots of tensions because Taurus is a Fixed sign and likes to resist and keep things the same.
We are such in a shifting time with Chiron recently starting into Aries and now Uranus moving into Taurus. So literally the ground is shifting.

So see where Uranus is going to be falling in your chart as he moves into Taurus, because it is a radical shifting energy. He is a slow mover and he is only going to be moving between 29 degrees of Aries and 6 degrees of Taurus all the way up to April 2020. He is only going to move back and forth in this narrow range.
So if You have any planets positioned at 0 to 6 degrees of a Fixed sign, (Taurus-Scorpio-Leo-Aquarius), You may be strongly feeling this Aquarian influence, which is about sudden and radical changes.
Wherever Uranus lands in your chart, as he moves into Taurus, that is about a desire for freedom, a desire for newness, breaking out of the box, You want to break up staleness, routines, anything that becomes deadening, You want to shake it up… and You rather chose to do that consciously or otherwise sudden changes will come to You from the outside… And that is going to be a big theme, because Uranus is going to stay in Taurus until November this year, then retrograde back to late Aries, then he is going to be fully in Taurus in March 2019 next year and stay there until 2026… a very long time indeed.
Uranus is a very slow moving planet as his orbit is of 84 years. However ironically even if he is a slow mover, wherever he falls in your chart, he is speeding things up. Things don’t evolve with Uranus, they take revolutionary quantum jumps, it is not smooth transition at all. Uranus is the planet of surprises, the planet of the unexpected, so we are going to have a lot of unexpected surprises in our society, our finances and of course in your personal lives… EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED is the motto of this New Moon.

Now something also important is that Mars is going to stay in Aquarius for 6 months until November this year. That is highly unusual… He is going to retrograde for a lot of that period through the winter. He is going to be very close to the Earth in his orbit ( when planets retrograde they are closer to Earth). Normally Mars stays in a sign for 4 to 6 weeks, not 6 months, so see where the sign of Aquarius falls in your personal chart, and that would be an area of a lot of changes, and a lot of activities over the next few months, until November and indeed beyond.

This Taurus New Moon is also in trine to Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. This beautiful Trine aspect with Mars and Pluto is everything about going deep, digging deep, it is also a very powerful money aspect.

With Uranus moving in Taurus, we are starting a brand new chapter connected with our economy, how we use money, how we spend money, how we use material things, and how we value what we have. And also we are going to look at this time at our physical body…
So really value your physicality, and the amazing ability that your body has to heal. This is about finding your healing powers within, tuning in to that.
It is also an opportunity for those who want that, to really make a great deal of money, to draw to You, to magnetise to You the power that money can bring. Money can be use for good things, things beneficial for many people… or money can be used greedily and can be kept just for yourself, for a sense of security. So at the time of this New Moon, You are invited to re-evaluate your sense of security… “What does security mean to me?”… “How much do I really need?”… these are great questions to ask at this New Moon.

Other things that are going to be triggered at this New Moon are our senses, because Taurus is a very sensual sign. It rules food, gardening, cooking, caresses… so it is a time to develop a heightened awareness about what You are feeling, what You are sensing… What are You feeling right now inside your body while You are reading my blog?…(I am feeling a warm contentment wearing my soft cotton pyjama right now…).
This New Moon asks You to start to activate your senses to a higher level, this is what Uranus in Taurus is all about. Because there is so much that You miss while You are looking at your IPhone , focussing on your computer… and not really being ultra aware . It is about awakening your entire body and bringing it to life.
Go through your senses… “What can You hear right now?”… really listen…”Can You taste anything?”…humm I can taste in my mouth the spices of the Chai I have just drunk… So really go deeper with this, and also You are going to find with Uranus in Taurus that You have got many more senses that are lurking, that are underneath the surface… that You have not found yet.
Yes people talk about a sixth sense, but there are so many other senses… there is the sense of balance… Do You feel your balance? It is time to open up your body to see if it can experience a lot more of the invisible things that You can’t see.
Taurus is about Earth. Can You feel Earth? Can You tune in to nature?.. This is the perfect time to practice your Aka Lau Meditation here…Just look at a flower, a tree, a bee collecting the nectar of a flower…they are so full of life, they are so vibrant …And listen to your heart when You are looking at and listening to all the wonders around and within You. You can be grateful for them because they bring a sense of peacefulness, and that is what this Taurean Earth energy is wanting You to have, an inner sense of peace… and no matter what is going on around and within You…your job, your family, your pension, the stock market, your real estate, your thoughts ,… all that may be coming up for You…but to find that inner peaceful state that You could connect with at any moment, no matter what is going on around and within You, that is the challenge of this New Moon in Taurus.

Now Venus, the ruler of Taurus is actually in Gemini. Venus is the planet of Love and pleasure, and Gemini rules your breath. So during this New Moon, it is a great time to be aware of your breathing. Are You just breathing very shallow and getting tense and rushing to get there? Or can You become aware of your breathing? Just a few times a day, take conscious deep breaths, and take a step back.. Ahhh… it just feel sooo good!!!

And finally a glorious aspect at this New Moon is Neptune in Pisces Trine Jupiter in Scorpio, two beautiful water signs. So it is a time for compassion, time for caring, it is a good time for a very nice water energy, very creative, for being dreamy, for being artistic, for a spiritual soul searching. It is there to counterbalance the disruptive energy of this New Moon in Taurus, through prayers, spirituality, sending grace, enlightenment…You can feel your way through it. And with water it is always “Going with the flow”… “Get in that flow”… “Allow the change to happen and pass through”… because You can”t stop it… “You can”t stop Love in action”.

This is really an abundant New Moon, so really be out there celebrating nature, indulging nature, meditating in nature, write or read poetry, listen to music… or just really absorb the beauties, the colors, all the abundance that the Earth offers to You. It is a wonderful time to celebrate that and to set your new intention.

And I just want to thank all of You because Taurus is very much about deep gratitude. Feeling and sensing the deep gratitude for everything that You do have in your life… and I want to say to You how grateful I am to You that You read my blogs and listen to my messages.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏