The time has come for the truth to emerge about woman”s role in the world…
Through the emerging archetype of Lilith, I evoke the “Sacred Prostitute”, and bring her forth, not in the shadow of sin, but as erotic priestess, prophetess and healer. She is reputedly Adam”s first companion, before Eve.
She is the original female, who refused to be subjugated to a man’s desires. Consort to both the devil and God himself, she is the enigmatic and mysterious Lilith.
Lilith is a great Lunar Goddess, but in biblical times particularly in Jewish legend, she appears demonic: serpent, blood sucker, evil temptress, enchantress, witch, slut, child killer… she brings death. She represents a side of repressed feminity, the untamed…Lilith is the blood, she is the deep rage in woman, she is revengeful .
Because of the christianity conditioning, we have forgotten that Lilith represents that part of us that long to be free. She is a deep remembering of how the female was… a path from sexuality to spirituality, a bridge, a vessel, who takes you to the Light God. She is linked with erotism.
What is it with us and sex? We are fascinated by it and simultaneously fear it. Our fascination and fear stem from the fact that the energy of eroticism is the most powerful primal force for bringing forth Life, Divinity and Wisdom. Tantric Yoga arose from this worship. With the arising of christianity, the age of darkness descended on the world. Persecution of those who possess the secretive erotic-divine connection soon followed, and continues to this day.
A little-known element in astrology charts, Lilith is known as the ” dark Moon” and as such represents our “dark” or hidden emotional selves, darker side of our nature, characteristics you know exist and need to address, but prefer not to acknowledge, and often project onto others. The Black Moon’s gift is the opportunity to bring unconscious or self-defeating behaviour into the light of day where it can no longer run crazy.
Many women are interested in Lilith, they like to think of Her as a feminist heroine, saying that she is courageous and as a female is asserting her equality to the male.
In our modern view, Lilith is the Goddess of female independence and autonomy, both sexually and another aspects of life.
Nowadays a “positive Lilith” is a woman/female owning her sexuality and comfortable in Her sensuality.