Why I call it the IKE FULL MOON?
This Full Moon conjoins planet Neptune, therefore depending on which side we stand, we could see the glass half full … Neptune and the Moon offer the Dream… or we could see the glass half empty…Neptune and Moon bring Deception.
The Dream side of the Full Moon is all about “ may all your dreams come true”, flowing creativity or romance. Unconditional compassion and healing. You are so powerful at inspiring the wide audiences.
The Deceptive side of the Full Moon is Neptune with the Moon being delusional, sulking mess. You may just slide in disappointment into the victim mode.
These are the two extreme perceptions of the way you see the glass , the reality will probably lie in between.
There could be exalted desire for something or someone, and what you get may not be what you were hoping for , and the golden shell peels back to reveal something less attractive, but on the other side there could be something solid beneath the shine. Or you could end up with a total fake, depending how far from reality you have drifted.
No matter what happens this Full Moon in Pisces is really ultra sensitive. With Pisces flavour there is no boundaries therefore fantastic for psychic and creative work, or to dissolve limits and fuse with all… Bliss of Oneness .
If you need to retreat, time out to rest, to heal, to be inspire, to feel at One… this is your Moon.
But if you feel emotionally overwhelmed, trapped in addictions,low in confidence, confused and lost…at the bottom of the depression of the wave of life… stick with what you know is healthy for you , even if it is a little bit , it will help you to keep some ground. Because Neptune associated with this Full Moon could dissolve your self control.
So in the end you rely on your Pono self, the one who knows what works for you and what doesn’t.

And remember whether you see your glass half full or half empty you have the Mana to fill it up to the brim and it is always refillable… ( This last sentence is a pure Carita’s input “ a true story”).
Mahalo Nui

PS: If you would like to find out how this affects you feel free to contact me for a reading… Aloha