The MANA Full Moon In Aries

The 6th Hawaiian principle “MANA” defines that “all power comes from within”.
This Full Moon occurs at 12 degrees of Aries on October 6th at 4:40am, Queensland time, and opposes a Sun/Mercury conjoined in Libra.
It is a very intense Full Moon, because not only the lunation is at its culmination, but it is also because the Sun and the Moon are sending a Square (90 degrees angle) to Pluto. So this is very much about relationship, because Moon in Aries is about “Me…I want to be first, to be the best, to be independent, to do things without having to consult or to compromise”. And yet the Sun together with Mercury and Jupiter are in Libra, is about “Us”, about compromise, cooperation, harmony, fairness and justice, keeping the balance in a relationship. And because both of those luminaries, Sun and Moon, are in square with Pluto, that brings the power dynamic into the relationship. Is one partner more powerful than the other, or is there some degree of control ?… that sort of things in a relationship. So It is also about how you have your power to yourself. Do you tend to give away your power, or are you overly controlling on other people? So it is quite a time of reassessment around power… how do you use your MANA?
At Full Moons very often we see things being revealed, there is a light being shone. And this might be emphasised during this Aries Full Moon because of Pluto involvement. Pluto is about secrets, so they are coming to light under this Full Moon.
The Aries Full Moon opposing the conjunction Sun/Mercury in Libra suggests that a conversation or announcement will be highlighted. The key word that I think of for Aries is “courage” . “Courage” comes from the Latin “Core, HeArt”. To speak from the heart…This is what this Full Moon is encouraging you to do. So what makes your heart sing? So may be it is about being authentic to your relationships, Libra being the sign of relationship. This is very much about looking at all your relationships, with people and with things, and with your work , your house and with yourself…and looking whether you have been truthful , and honest … are you speaking what is real? What is real for you? People with a strong Libra flavour have this disease to please , and now it is time to become fully aware of it and try to change these patterns. So during this Full Moon this pleasing may come up very strongly, and you may notice now in whatever relationship issue you are in that you are just trying to keep the balance, you try to compromise… so how much are you compromising to the detriment of your relationship and yourself?… are you staying in a marriage too long knowing that it is really time to leave that marriage or that relationship? So this Full Moon could well bring things for you to have the “Courage” to speak what is your truth.
Now the ruler of Libra is Venus and the ruler of Aries is Mars, and it happens that at the time of this Full Moon Venus and Mars are conjoined in the sign of Virgo. When Venus and Mars come together there is an opportunity for deep healing, especially in Virgo. So first of all it is to check where you have been too judgmental, too critical… and then may be to release that, because often we are really critical on ourselves even more than others. And as you can release self judgment you find that all your relationships can be soothed and healed. So there are wonderful opportunities at the time of this Full Moon. It is really important to have the courage to step out. So what can you do when you have to express so more courage? The answer is to surrender to whatever it is you need to face, and of course you might be out of your comfort zone, very challenging indeed, but in the end it is a good growth experience , because you discover facets of yourself you did not know you could use to successfully go through challenges .
Lately we have been going through the Pisces Full Moon, the Virgo New Moon… everything to do with our Earth is coming up, lots of pollution, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, draught … all kind of things are happening… I feel that it is in preparation of planet Uranus going in the sign of Taurus from 2018( the sign of agriculture), which will inspire us to look at our values and what is really important .
So with this Full Moon, between the Libra side “ the nice pleaser- the Us” and the Aries side “ this is how it is- the Me” , let’s have our balance now because not everything is “nice” , things have to be dealt with or faced. I am not very surprised that this Full Moon in Aries really brings up a lot of emotions , and it would also bring up may be for you “ where is my place in this? What am I doing here?
Remember MANA … all power is coming from YOU … Be confident…I am confident…Right let’s do it…Ok I can do this 👍

Aloha rain to you all, and thank you for reading…

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