This Full Moon occurs for us on Monday 4th of December , 11 degrees 40’ of Gemini, at 1:50AM Queensland , Australia.
This is a really major event because Mercury stations retrograde the same day and is the ruler of this Gemini Full Moon. So very powerful mind activation here, a great time to invest into your spiritual practice…Why because Mercury retrogrades at 29 degrees of Sagittarius (which rules spirituality, philosophy, religion…) and represents a higher force that helps You to rationalise and verbalise some very important stuff. So get your mental mind wrapped around your deep emotions. Gemini Full Moon speaks about the end of a cycle where You need to change something, where You need to say something. Gemini is the sign of communication, so the message of this Full Moon is gone be to SPEAK UP. Speak up for what is true for You. Have conversation about something that is important to You. And because with Mercury in retrograde it is a conversation well overdue. You should have had this conversation already, and now You are presented with an opportunity to do so. Mercury retrograde at 29degrees of Sagittarius is conjunct with Saturn. It brings diligence, deep retrospection, great power of concentration, a sense of refining your ideas and apply your mind in a concise way so You can work on important projects.

This Full Moon is a SuperMoon, the third and last one of this year, closer to Earth. And Saturn is going to leave Sagittarius,on the 20th of December when he is entering his own Sign Capricorn…so this is the end of an era if you like
So for the last couple of years we had Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius which was about immigration, borders, the Mexican wall, us as human being on planet Earth… and now with Mercury in retrograde conjunct Saturn, this is an opportunity for You to rethink everything to do with “ How are You going to reconstruct your world?”. Now we are about to enter the Capricorn season: Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto is in Capricorn 2008-2024, in a couple of years Jupiter will be in Capricorn… so we are having the building of a Capricorn line up which is everything to do with restructuring our world.
So this is an opportunity for You now to look at “where do You need boundaries in your life?” -“Where do You need clearer boundaries?”. And “where do You have boundaries where You are not trusting and not opening to Love?”.
This Gemini Full Moon time is an opportunity for deep reflections especially just before the new year, and this coming year 2018 is a big year indeed. Because this Full Moon happens at 11 degrees, so it is a preview of next year, because 2018 is an 11 universal year.
The Full Moon has Mercury, Saturn, Sun and Venus lined up in Sagittarius. I feel that this bunch is going to bring a bit of light-heartedness to us after the Scorpio deep murky wave we have been through. And during this Full Moon we have Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune In Pisces, Moon in Gemini , all of them at 11 degrees of their sign. So we are under a temporary vibration of the 11 number.
11 is one of the four master numbers along with 22, 33, and 44. This master number period can be experienced in way where You will have to make decisions quickly, because sudden events will require decisive action. Experiences occurring now are exciting, stimulating and likely to make You impulsive, so You must be patient and tolerant. There can be legal dealings involving money in some way. Financial settlements are possible, and agreements and partnerships complications may have to be settled. Educational considerations may arise now, for the vibrations of this Full Moon period is urging You to seek a balance and weigh the meaning of life.
Mercury at 29 degrees of Sagittarius has the vibration of 11 as well. The word “wisdom” vibrates to 29/11 as does the word “light”. This endows You with the vision and foresight necessary to look beyond the ordinary world and see the uses for your many talents. So learn to make up your mind and stick to it. When You are able to persevere in your goals, You will, after some struggle, attain your hopes and dreams. This Full Moon brings a learning period , with commercial opportunities and help will be offered. Be alert. Keep your eyes open and watch for opportunities that come your way. Remember we are in Mercury retrograde , so use good judgment and insight in evaluating the offers that are presented to You. You can use this period to tune in to your true inner powers, bring them out into the light and test them in the world of form, put them to practical use.

With the power of 11 your mind is highly sensitised so it is a good time to develop and use your psychic and intuitive abilities, and your creative potential. Surround yourself with culture. You are likely to have dreams, visions and revelations under this influence.
Some of You are going through psychological stuff during this time. It is a deep time to reevaluate what does not suit You anymore . The Full Moon Gemini brings the awareness that You may be a mental freak, always in thinking mode, addicted to your phone, computer, emails, texting, social media… this is a mental madness, You are so much in the Mercury vibration all the time, “everybody is”…therefore You are cut off from your feeling or You may not acknowledge it .
So here comes this Full Moon in Gemini… and it is so light. It helps You to verbalise your emotion, to go down to the depth of the depression and why not use the Ho’oponopono process to express your feeling with Love and Forgiveness.
So with this Gemini Full Moon, when the deep emotional stuff is coming up and You could drown into it, You could make a choice with your mind , a mental choice and You say “ No I want to do better” , “ I want to go to the next level”, “ I want to move forward”, “I am not a prisoner of whatever was laid on me, whatever I was victimised or hurt with”. So it is time to speak out in whatever medium You like. And this speaking out frees You.
This is a testing and challenging period, and if You channel your intense energies into something worthwhile, You will accomplish more now than You will in any other cycle. Master numbers offer master accomplishments.

During the time of this Full Moon we have got a challenging aspect, called a T-Square, in which we see the Sun in Sagittarius opposing the Moon in Gemini and both send a Square to Neptune in Pisces. Sagittarius-Gemini-Pisces are Known as Mutable signs. This Mutable energy expresses again a time of change, the changing of a season, the Solstice is coming up ( Friday 22 December at 2:28 am), this is a powerful time. And Neptune here is encouraging You to release, to let go, to relax your hold on certain things. Neptune often dissolves , just washes something away… So if You have got pain, sorrow, things You feel have been holding You back… this is an opportunity for cleansing, for clearing… it is a good time for a clear out during this Gemini Full Moon.
And then there is the other side to Gemini…. This fun side, this playful side regarding communication … and I thought about words. Mercury is all about play on words, so it is a good time to do some games around words, to write down stories, to do creative writing, start a journal, write some “morning pages” to download your rubbish thoughts and create free space in your mind, and fill it with inspiring and empowering personal Mantras… Because Gemini is ruling your mind “how can You master your mind?. Because Gemini is ruling your hands, it is a wonderful time to do things with your hands, painting, making something, cooking , gardening, massaging…or holding hands with loved ones, even holding your own hands or talk with your hands…whatever it is you want to do just become aware of the feelings in your hands, your sense of touch… Full Moon is all about awareness.

Jupiter now in scorpio, which is about psychological healing, a deep reservoir of energy, is beautifully connected with Neptune in a Trine, and this is one of the defining transit for the next 9 months. This is such a gorgeous triangle full of generosity, abundance and fantastic opportunities to develop your intuitive powers and creative imagery, dissolving all realities and limitations…a real KALA season “There is no limit – Be free – I am free”…So this Gemini Full Moon could be a highly creative and intuitive time, to be at service but in a positive way, to be the gift-giver.
So on the overhaul this Full Moon is magical and with Jupiter in Trine with Neptune, this is really magically sweet. The water signs Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces are about things which are not there, it is about your spirit, your psyche, it is out the realm of Earth, especially the Pisces energy that is not quite in reality. So connecting with your Amakua , higher sources or spirits, using your imagination , visions…there could be some magical inspiration that comes trough.
And with Scorpio there is some psychological stuff you may deal with… We have been digging down this deep stuff a lot in the past months and there is lot of things that come to light now, seeping out of our pores… and it can be a lot overwhelming. And the Full Moon in Gemini is going to allow us to deal with that, to reconcile with a lot of this stuff, to grasp some kind of understanding of it.
During this Full moon, we are also undergoing a real unpredictable energy with Mars opposing Uranus. This is a lot of energy, and it could come out as anger, aggression, blaming and it could be very verbally, and this seems having a strong bearing on relationships. So there could be a lot of potential for surprises, surprising relationships with reactiveness, freedom, and awareness of your needs and desires, and for some of you breaking out of ruts. So be aware that people are all going to be under this energetic the first week of December, and there may be impatience, irritation, lot of reaction. So don’t move too quickly, be careful on the road, take your time, be aware that others will be triggered and impatient and perhaps irritable.
But ultimately Mars in the sign of Libra wants harmony and balance. And Venus is ruling Libra, so once again we find that creativity is a good way of expression. So use the energy of your anger or frustration or even sadness and channel it into creative expression… even write a letter to a loved one who is not there anymore.Write down your feelings, it really does help for magic to happen. I believe that it is going to be heard by the angels as well.
Just start talking, SPEAK UP! You can surprise yourself!!!

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏