This New Moon is happening for us on Saturday the 18th of November at 9:40pm Queensland time Australia, at 26 degrees 19’ of Scorpio.
Every month at the New Moon we begin a new emotional cycle and we have the opportunity to reset our goals and intentions .

Scorpio is a very intense sign that rules the taboo subjects, sexuality and death, transformation and regeneration , money that is owed to You. This Scorpio New Moon is a very deep moment, magnetic and mysterious as well, and that is because Scorpio is a water sign. In astrology the 3 water signs of Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces tend to be more mysterious, very sensitive and psychic. So around this New Moon your inner passions, sexuality, psychic nature, your magnetism and the mysteries of life, even secrets, are going to empower You.
At this New Moon You have to dig down to the depth to release anything which is stuck or repressed, such as deep inhibited emotions repressed for many years. But with Scorpio stubborn energy You may be reluctant to open up and let go of these stuck emotions, however it is this New Moon’s call to “LET GO”.
This New Moon is also talking about the correct use of Will, Power and Control . The most important thing to understand about Scorpio is that it is really dealing with the urge to have control, which makes the Scorpio energy feels emotionally safe. The evolve vibration that flows with Scorpio is the learning that “when You release control You actually have more control”… Scorpio is always about Power, and how You think about Power… If Power to You is “ I can control everyone out there then I can relax”, You always be in a state of anxiety. With the stinger of Scorpio You have the power to penetrate the truth and this helps You to go directly to the heart of the matter when You communicate with others. But You want to do this with grace. You don’t want to make others feel uneasy of course so use this power wisely. And Scorpio ruler, Pluto, planet of empowerment, is about transformation, standing up and going deep down into the unseen, the underworld, to bring forth what is holding You back… and this is really in the end what gives You the power to move forward. When You confront those things that are actually keeping You stuck, You free yourself up to be in a leadership position, that’ s personal empowerment.
In the end this relates to the concept of release, let go and let God, transformation and trust. So during this Scorpio New Moon You get the beautiful opportunities to learn about release and to turn things over to the universe, to the Divine, to your angels, to the Great Amakua Spirit.

So around this magnetic Scorpio New Moon a good thing is to focus on your investments, get your finances organised, share deep secrets with friends, Soul friends that You really trust.
The practice of deep breath is also a wonderful thing to do, and when You do so, You open up your inner heart strength to pour your feeling into it, and feel your feelings, to literally open up your emotional needs to your partner, your friends or to your family. You share what those needs are, and go into some of the pain points that have kept You from moving forward.
Scorpio is a Water sign and Water is about movement, the waves of waters, the flowing stream, the river of life… these are all symbols of movements that can happen when You open up your heart and share.

During this New Moon we have a very powerful meeting of the two co-rulers of Scorpio, that is Mars and Pluto. Now planet Pluto rules Scorpio but before it was discovered in the last century, Mars ruled Scorpio. So these two planets really are the co-rulers and when they engage with each other in any way, Scorpio is emphasised. At the time of this Scorpio New Moon they are engaging in the most powerful aspect for activation and that is the Square… meaning that You are going to feel a powerful energy surge. This will feel more like a Full Moon because it is a very big energy activation. So You may feel engaged in power struggle at this time , or You may obsess more in something. Well You certainly want to take a more tolerant approach when You address conflict with others, especially people of authority… be very fair minded, flexible, and make these adjustments that are necessary… because people around You may be triggered in a rage full manner even if You are not. So be very aware if around this New Moon You are in any situation that is becoming strongly assertive to take a deep breath and step back, and ask yourself “ What is the best possible most loving way I could react?”.

This New Moon is also making a harmonious Trine to Chiron, which is saying that You are supported in your compassion, your healing, your wisdom, working with your energetic of intention, with creative visualisation, day dreaming, how You respond, how You put your energy out there in the environment. With this Trine we have the two Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, coming together in a beautiful healing way. This is where healing becomes effortless and natural. So this Scorpio New Moon is about healing through love. So there will be this feeling of being embraced with healing and being able to share your heart with wonderful compassion… and to be able to collaborate with others to do something greater than yourself.
So set your intention on those things that take You to the highest vibration, that allows You to full fill everything for your highest good and for the highest good of those around You.
For some again, Scorpio can be very sharp for your personal enrichment , and breaking down non regenerative habits is a part of positive use of this New Moon. Those old patterns can now birth into something new. It is really a powerful time for the death of emotional habits and responses that are old and based in fear.

So it is time to set yourself free. This mysterious Scorpio New Moon is bringing your deepest desires on the surface. This is the part of You that is so important and vital to who You really are, living your authentic life, living your best life , being in touch with “what is my heart Desire?” “ what is it that I want?”. So this is a great moment at the end of this year 2017 to regroup, to transform, to evolve and to surrender so You can confidently step into your divine mission.
You can expect a quiet energy around this New Moon. So I suggest that You get in touch with your inner feelings, soak in your emotional waters, sit near the pond or the rock pool, breathe and meditate, have visions and set intentions.. surrender and release your needs, your fears, your grudges, your worries, your anger… Step in the flow and LET IT GO.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…
Francoise/Frankie ❤️

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