NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS… “Fire Up Your Engine And Take Off”

For us this New Moon happens at 26 degrees 31’ Sagittarius 4:30pm on Monday 18th of December 2017, Queensland time Australia.
Every month at the New Moon we begin an emotional cycle and we have the opportunity to reset our goals and intentions. Lets look at the main frames of this New Moon in Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is the big thinking sign and governs philosophy, religion, higher education, travel, optimism, far reaching places… This is the last New Moon for 2017, so it is very important to set your intention for your new destination and what You want for the new year coming.
So for this new year 2018 “What do you want to do?”…”What do You want to learn and study to expand your mind?”…”Where do you want to go and explore?”.
This is a very powerful, exciting, passionate, fiery New Moon, because we have an incredible concentration of Mutable-Fire energy…5 planets in Sagittarius…Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn…and they are all , except from Mercury, in Trine with Uranus in Aries.
And there is more! This New Moon sits between 26 and 27 degrees of Sagittarius right on the Galactic Centre, and with the Summer Solstice coming just a few days after the New Moon ( 22nd December). The Galactic Centre, the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, is a very dense, huge energy vortex of cosmic information, considered by many as our energetic and information source…“it enables us to have an upgrade in our spiritual evolution” ( Philip Sedgwick)…So this New Moon is an opportunity for us all to receive and open up to any cosmic download, to release freedom , truth, and to speed up our awakening.
During this New Moon Uranus in Aries is like an electrical charge, firing up all kind of energies. And because Mercury is retrograde at this time ( 3 to 23 Dec 2017), and Saturn is coming to the end of Sagittarius, this is a wonderful opportunity for reflecting on your life, and reflecting on the areas where you could take more of a risk and ask yourself …“ What is keeping Me chained in, fenced in?”…”What is keeping Me for being free?”…Instead of blaming it on somebody else or something else, it is now time to reflect upon You and what You can do to move out of fear.
Scorpio is often about the release of fear, an opportunity for huge transformation, and because Mars and Jupiter are both in conjunction in Scorpio, this is a time for action.
You might be confused because You may have heard that during Mercury retrograde You should not take action… Of course You can still take action during a Mercury retrograde! But what is important is that You reflect first. The message of Mercury retrograde is “Think before You speak”… “Think about your personal truth”… Go within and communicate with yourself, meditate.
Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Scorpio send a tense aspect to the Nodes of the Moon, so there is an opportunity here to release strong energies. Things around You keep crumbling down, your walls are crumbling down, perhaps there is a need to release the structures that You had put in place ,that do not serve You anymore. And You may feel isolated and fearful of the unknown… However the New Moon message is to allow the self-imposed structures to fall, letting things to break, and crash to the ground, because You want to start fresh. Sometimes You have to burn everything to the ground and this will allow the regrowth. So ask yourself…“What am I nervous of doing?”…so when you are releasing that fear, You will feel fantastic. That is what this New Moon energy is encouraging You to do.
Another strong frame at this New Moon time is that Uranus is Square to Pluto and this raises revolutionary energy. So with Uranus You have the revolutionary energy to challenge the status quo, the dominance, the control of constitutions around You, and bring You freedom, independence and truth.
Neptune is in Square to Mercury at the New Moon time, so it is an opportunity just to release the past, release all disappointments, release all the things that You could have done… LET IT ALL GO and let this Fire energy burn it all out. So work with Fire during this New Moon time…You might want to lit candles, burn some Sage, anything that cleanses the Air, walk on Fire if this is what You really need to do, eat fiery food, dance around the bon Fire… Think of ways of really fire your engine for this exciting new year ahead. And with Neptune there is always opportunities for magical synchronicity. So expect magic to happen and fill You with surprises.
Neptune in Pisces , the lord of Dreams and imagination, is also in good conversation with Jupiter in Scorpio up to August 2018, therefore we all have this beautiful sense of inspiration that lifts us from wherever we are into a sense of better world. An excellent exercise to do during this New Moon is to create a vision board for the future You want to manifest… “What is abundance looks like to You?”…”What your future looks like?”… “What is the end picture?”.
At this New Moon Chiron is in Square to Sun-Moon and Saturn. Now Chiron makes You very aware of suffering and woundedness. So during the festive season, we become more aware of people, animals and plants who are suffering. So rather to look at this in the negative way, turn this as a great inspiration to get future vision for a better world that has less suffering, where people live in the vibration of Love, with respect for all kind of life, and protect Mother Earth.
Now at the time of this New Moon, we have only one planet in Earth and it is Pluto in Capricorn. So it will be very important to ground yourself at that time with all that Fire energy. It could be literally standing barefoot on the grass and that would do amazing for your body mind and spirit. What helps You in this grounding process is Saturn tightly conjunct the Sun and Moon. Saturn helps You to manifest whatever ideas You have been developing the last 2,5 years when Saturn was in Sagittarius
( it is about to move out on 21st of December to enter its own sign Capricorn).
Now looking at Saturn on the last degree of Sagittarius, I feel like that there is a lot of exhaustion around and within You at this time… all your responsibilities, all the things You are carrying … You don’t want to carry these burdens anymore …they don’t make You happy… “LET THEM GO”! and ask yourself “what do I want to embrace now? … The flavour of Saturn is that often You may be self-reliant, avoiding and not needing assistance, and this could be detrimental to your health. It is important to realise that sometimes You do need help, and You can ask other people for help. So this New Moon is a time to embrace asking other people for help. With Saturn moving into its own sign Capricorn it is about accountability, reputation and integrity. So it is very important that You keep your integrity, You keep your alignment as individual in everything that You are doing. Saturn is to do with restructuring, and it will ask You to work at this and to apply effort for the next 2,5 years. And at this New Moon, as Saturn conjoins the Sun and Moon, it represents a reality check. As it moves into Capricorn, it brings a time of tightening and conservatism. So “play safe”, don”t be too wild with your resources.
Whatever happens to You, Saturn first will bring the serious look at your situation. However during this New moon, whatever You are going through, You are going to get the blessings of Venus. Venus in Sagittarius is fun, lighthearted, easy going. This is going to give You a little of a break for the festive season, especially after the heavy energy we have been through this year.
With Venus conjoining the New Moon, we are reminded that Love is important…this is about the partnerships, the unions, the Soulmates… the coming together, the sharing… so connecting with other people is essential.

We are heading to a new year, new fresh energy ,so this New Moon is an opportunity to leave the past behind You, walk away from unfulfilling connections, from anything that does not serve your highest good anymore… in fact it is not so much “walking away” but may be “walking towards greater connections, things that are more fulfilling. As You may know now, a New Moon is symbolic of New beginning, so it is a new seed that You are planting. It might come to You as a thought, an idea, through a conversation or You may read it… so You are planting a new seed that has not yet blossomed but You can nurture it over the coming weeks to bring it to manifestation. Remember New Moon is in Trine with Uranus, therefore there is this big momentum to move forward, to a new dawn. So You are going to charge out there, to make it happen…plan a good time.
This new Moon could be soooo sweet.
So set your new intention with this New Moon for what You want to bring into your life…FIRE UP YOUR ENGINE AND TAKE OFF!

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui 🙏