The Full Moon in Cancer happens on Tuesday 2nd of January 2018 on 11 degrees 37’ and at 12:23pm Queensland Time Australia.

This Super Full Moon is very close to Earth therefore very big. and this is the first Full Moon of 2018!
Wow there is going to be two Full Moons this month of January, and the second one , the Leo Full Moon, will be the first eclipse of 2018 …What a good way to start the new year!
As always a Full Moon is to bring things to completion, culmination, closure , it can reveals secret too, so we could see big things coming to the fore at this time. A Super Moon has a much stronger pull on our psyche as well, so this is going to be a particularly psychic Full Moon, especially when the Moon is in her own sign Cancer and is forming a beautiful pattern, a Grand Water Trine, from Moon/Cancer to Neptune/Pisces to Mars-Jupiter both conjunct in Scorpio.
It is amazing how the Water energy is so powerful during January, to balance the Earth energy, which is also extremely powerful at this Cancer Full Moon. We have Saturn in Capricorn, he is home now, he is empowered, he is taking actions… Venus the goddess of Love, beauty and abundance is in Capricorn conjoined the Sun and Pluto… This is about the power of your passion, so use the power of passion to achieve your goals in the new year and know that the universe is supporting You.
With this beautiful Grand Water Trine, use the power of your mind to visualise what it is You want in your life…ask yourself ”What is it I want to create in this new year 2018?”. Hold the vision of what You want to create and discipline your mind so that You don’t go into self-doubt or self-pity or ruthlessness. Stay out of the competitive Ego because that is not where the abundance is.
So with this Full Moon right at the beginning of the new year, it is the time You do your new resolutions, so make sure You align with the Hawaiian IKE principle and express what You do want…”IKE- The world is what you think it is – Be aware… I am aware”… And remember- “ As we think we create”.

At this Full Moon, the Moon is alone in Cancer and opposing a bunch of planets in Capricorn, (Sun-Venus-Saturn-Pluto). So here we are dealing with two opposing energies : Capricorn which is quite a masculine energy, and Cancer, which is a feminine energy. Often Capricorn ruled by Saturn represents the Father, and Cancer ruled by the Moon is the Mother. We are dealing here with the Yin and Yang vibrations.
On one side we have the very productive energy of Capricorn, who likes to feel useful, have a strategy, a plan, some goals…so comes the question “What are my goals?”
Capricorn is about power, God power, ambition, goals and achievement. The highest level of Capricorn is that mountain goat climbing to the top of the mountain of your mighty “I am Presence”, your God power, who you really are. And through this Capricorn energy, it is about applying discipline, perseverance, patience, practicality, building… You climb your mountain step by step, You are not looking for an overnight achievement here… non , step by step You are progressively moving up in whatever You are doing… doing a firm solid foundation, balancing harmony with power, the masculine with the feminine, balancing your energy so that You are practical and grounding. Being the evolved Capricorn You are powerful and balanced, focused and disciplined in whatever action You take. Putting your power into everything You do, both small and great tasks. Everyday being intentional and putting the power of success in everything you do will give You successful days. And when everyday is a successful day You are living a successful life, that will bring You to build wealth, health and Love…and You can say then ”I am here living a great life”.
And on the other side the Full Moon in Cancer is encouraging You to be intuitive, to go with the flow of energy, and there is a lot of flow this month because the Full Moon is in a Water Grand Trine pattern, so this is the perfect time to put energy into your creativity.
Through the Cancer energy, it is about nurturing and nourishing yourself, taking good care of yourself, your wealth is in your health, the better You feel the better life looks, the more You can do…Cancer is about God harmony, being the master of your emotional body, your feelings… “What drives You emotionally?”. Being in harmony with your inner being, your inner world and your outer world. It is important for all of us to create harmony within ourselves if we want harmony in the world, it starts within us.

During this Full Moon time, with the line up of planets in Capricorn in opposition to the single Moon in Cancer, everything seems to be pivoting and be shouldered by the Moon, the Mother, the
feminine, the care taker, the nurturer… It is like with your Capricorn side you creating your new plan and ask your Cancer-nurturing-feminine side to take care of it.
With Capricorn energy You want to go out in the world, being around people and at the same time with Cancer energy, You want to come home and create that sense of safe nest, full of nurturing and peacefulness . So this Full Moon is like a call for BALANCE. So what can You do to just bring yourself into that balance of the external and the internal?

The Water Grand Trine formation at this Full Moon, connecting nicely together the Moon, Neptune and Mars/Jupiter conjunction, is about flowing emotions, instinct, intuition and creativity. It is going to empower your psychic abilities, your spirituality, your compassion. It is about anchoring LOVE in your heart for yourself, for humanity, for Mother Earth, going into this new year….This is a very positive driven moment, making decision quickly, the “joie de vivre” that You feel.
The Cancer Full Moon is bringing something into development with business, family, home, the public, your emotions, your security, your Soul growth, finding a way to be safe on Mother Earth.
Within the Grand Water Trine, Neptune in Pisces represents the spiritual energy, the unconditional Love… Mars/Jupiter is about strong spiritual warrior energy, and it is not the warrior who does battle with weapons…non s/he does battle on behalf of Love, on behalf of wisdom, to transform leadership and authority. This Mars/Jupiter is really an upbeat, expansive, positive energy, helping You to reach for more in your life. Not in the way of materialism and greed but more in the way of vibration of generosity and opportunity and living at a higher level… Also helping You to be aware of the fear of negativity … and from that the light shines.
This Water Triangle is so beautiful, one of those moment where everything comes together. Humm…enjoy! You have the virility of Mars, the joy of Jupiter, the heart-centred Moon and the unconditional Love of Neptune… they all come together in this Water Grand Trine for this Full Moon. So this Full Moon is a beautiful time for creative contemplating practices, meditation, creating works of art, listening to music…for raising your vibrations “ I tend to myself vibrationally”, this is highly important to be this way at this Full Moon and for the year ahead. You do have sovereignty to manage your vibrations and to create “ What do I want to bring form to into my life?”… and this is one of the flavours of Saturn in Capricorn.

At this Full Moon Uranus is stationary ready to move direct after a period of retrograde since August 2017. So on the 2nd of January we are going to feel very strongly the magnified symbolism of eruption, revolution, independence, freedom… Uranus in Aries has been doing his job as the awakening principle, giving You inspiration and downloads , epiphanies, insights, freedom and autonomy… waking up your individual energy the passed 7 years… and he is about to enter Taurus in 2018, so it will be about how do You create new form with values, and with monetary system and self esteem, working with your resources in a more uplifting way. You have to awaken first before You can give new form.
And there is also the Square between Uranus and Pluto that has been running exactly from 2012 to 2015, and it is still on and off since that… it is now coming back to a tighter Square. So this is a revolutionary energy and a desire to rise up against suppression and control. Because with Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio, both Capricorn and Scorpio are concerned with “control”. So we may see more social control coming, and there is going to be reactions against that because Uranus is connected with freedom. So people are going to want to resist any feeling of extra control or suppression in any way. And Uranus message is also for You not to pull back too much towards security, and play safe and be cosy, and homy, but rather to be courageous, to be brave, to step out, to have high super conscious awareness, to make some radical brave decisions at this time.

Another flavour of this Full Moon is Jupiter/Mars conjunction in challenging square with the Nodes of the Moon. This is about transformation and expanding the heart. This is an energy of mastery, a spiritual energy that doing battle on behalf of Love and Wisdom, and transforming the leadership models on Mother Earth. This is about courage, harmonising the duality, increasing the presence of Love in the world. Jupiter is going to bring the opportunity for You to realign with your true power. Mars is going to give You that energy to get up and go and be driven by the ambition to really take action. So watch the flow of lucky ideas around You, and with Mars energy You can implement them.
Also during this Full Moon time Mercury is also in Trine to the Nodes of the Moon, so it is great to dream about “How I want to change my life?” … “ How do I realign with my path?”…”How did I lost my way?”.

Something that comes too and drives You to take action is that, we have 6 planets in Cardinal signs, Sun-Venus-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Moon in Cancer.
Now Cardinal quality is always about taking action… So You may well be encouraged to take actions around the use of emotional security that is Cancer flavour where the Moon is, or practical security that is where the line up of the planets are in Capricorn.

What is interesting is that there is no planets in Air signs at the time of this Full Moon.
Now Air is everything to do with communications, mental energy… We just come out of a Mercury retrograde, and when we don’t have any Air, there could be issues with communications, languages, readings, conversations, listening… and controversially, because there is a lack of Air, many of You may compensate and work really hard to communicate. Ha Ha Ha …I am myself really struggling to write a concise blog !!!…On a loving note, I have been beautifully flooded with messages of Christmas, happiness and Love, even from people I rarely heard of, and people I was not connected with for a long time!!!
So this Full Moon without Air element may remind You to breathe, and for You to remember that Air is everywhere around, there is no shortage of it, and also to become aware of your communication, to get in tune with people, and also to use the Water grand Trine energy to really tune in… So with the lack of Air element during this Full Moon You need to back off on the mental energy a little and give yourself some space to meditate… it is a wonderful time to do it when there is no Air.

So this Full Moon really comes with two main streams…With Neptune in Pisces not only the Great Amakua Spirit will be strongly prominent with meditation and spiritual practice, but drinking and using spirit in other ways may be abundant too… So yes have a good time because Jupiter/Mars conjunction will make it fun… However just watch the extreme tendency, because with Mars in Scorpio there could be fights. And with Neptune in Pisces, we have the 2 fishes going both in opposite ways transcending reality…With the fish going up You are imaginative, spiritual, intuitive and You are getting downloads…and with the fish going down You are escaping reality, therefore drug, alcohol, mental illness, depression… I strongly encourage You to take the direction of Love and Compassion.

When I think of the sign of Cancer, I think of home, our home Mother Earth, and also home to one another. And mostly around this time of the year I feel sad for people who don’t have home. So think about the homeless people during the festive season.
I am thankful for the helping non-profit organisations such as “Le Resto Du Coeur” ( the restaurant of the heart). In France each Christmas there is a “Resto Du Coeur” created in each town, to feed, support and bring warmth to the homeless people.

2018 and the Cancer Full Moon both resonate with the 11 number, with Sun-Moon-Neptune all at 11 degrees of their signs. All these “1” lining up are about new beginning in a such spiritual and compassionate way. And the fact that this Full Moon happens on Jan 2nd resonates too with 11 vibration, because 1+1=2. So for the New Year and the Full Moon we have the 1, the 2, the 11 all activated.
So having the 11 vibration is a very big message from the universe, for You to really understand that the only moment that counts is the one You are living right NOW. So this Full Moon has a strong MANAWA flavour, and it is also about shifting in a new direction.
The Hawaiian principle MANAWA – “Now is the moment of power – Be here “- I am here…Be centred in the present when You want to make a change.
Everything that You do from this moment forward, it must just be completely focused with full awareness on only what is happening inside of You and in front of You… Because when you wear off backwood to the past or going to worry into the future, whatever it is, You are not present.
The 11 awakening message is that “You are never without your heart being engaged in the present moment”. This year is really about an illumination of your Soul, and it is a series of opportunities to take You to places where the only moment that counts is the timeless moment…the moment that is not tied to Karma, not tied to expectations, it is completely attuned to You at the Soul and cosmic level.
When You find yourself at peace, You are in the Now. And all power is in the Now. The Now is a very powerful moment in time because when You bring yourself into the current moment in time You are the most powerful.
Today here You are… “Is there anything You are afraid of today?”. So it is when You go out into the future, You get scared because You are not there yet, You have no power in the future, so have a deep breath and pull your energy back and make sure You are very present…
Same for living in the past , pull back from there… You are in a new energy NOW, a new vibration that requires You to peel off another skin, so You become a new territory.
So this Full Moon Cancer asks You to master the Capricorn energy and to pull your consciousness into the power of your creativity… When You focus in the NOW and your creativity, it does not matter what is going on with other people, it only matters what is going on with You… and You can ask : “How do I feel?”…”How do I take care of Me?”…”What action steps am I taking to achieve my vision?”… “What is my goal?”.

USE THE POWER OF CREATIVITY TO BUILD YOUR WEALTH…Know where to tap in to unleash your creativity, but You can always develop the gift of whatever it is You want. Just because You have been traveling a path of one profession that does not mean that You can’t move to a new area of work and develop gifts in those areas. Remember with Capricorn “ Watch what you practice, because what You practice You become a Master”… so of course choose a good practice. It would take hard work and hours of dedication, and You can develop new gifts, new talents and new abilities for yourself… It is about passion and it is about desire. DESIRE is a manifestation of power. The desire to do something is the power within You to do it.. And realise that sometimes not getting what You want is the universe protecting You for wasting time… That is what Saturn does, he get You to what You want… He can do it by delaying things, by limiting You, by focusing You in areas that You did not think You needed to go into, but You really do in order to get where you want to go… Saturn is the one that delivers lasting successes, Saturn is the Master Builder so is Capricorn.

So we are about to enter in January a new cycle and we have this amazing Cancer Super Full Moon right on the beginning of the year 2018… It is indeed a spiritual Full Moon where the Great Amakua, your higher self, is calling You saying: “Turn your worries away to Me”…”Let Me be in control”…”Surrender over to me the competitive, negative Ego, the fear, the anxiety”…” and focus on your creativity, your joy, your happiness”.
It is your god sovereign right to be abundant, healthy, happy and free…Do what makes You happy and creative. Creativity is not just about art, or painting, singing , dancing, writing…Creativity is where You are coming from your authentic self, You are coming from your emotions, your passions, your desires… and You are pouring that into whatever it is You do, that is Creativity. And when You are in your creativity, You have the unlimited abundance from your God power, your Amakua self, and You are coming from a higher consciousness and You are out of fear and negativity.
Remember all the planets will be in direct motion from the day after the Full Moon until March 8th… that is the wind in your sails and the universe is giving You green light to go after your visions, after your goals, set your intentions, be on purpose and move forward on this new path created for You by your Amakua Self…So NOW it is a great time to move forwards for any kind of project You are working on. You will be successful.

2018 will be an incredibly powerful year indeed!
Jupiter plays a very big role in 2018. He is basically the planet of the year …Hourray!…We have come from a lot of heavy serious years, and we are going to feel a lot more movement, mutability and joy and openings…You just have to stay strong and stable , secure and balanced to move through them. There is such an enthusiasm that is born within You. It allows You to explore further who You are, by using means and ways that You never thought before, or may be You could not explore because of blockages…or were You too shy or too fearful and lacking courage to do it?
But with the power of Jupiter, many of Us are going to become Spiritual Warriors fighting for our Mother Earth to make it an even more wonderful healthy place. Our collective destiny is to protect Mother Earth for the benefit of all its natural abundance.
2018 as an 11/2 vibration year is about self-mastery in participation, in relationship, in interaction with others. The universe wants to take some time with You to focus on your personal development, your personal relationship.
January and February will be two very busy months , as we have eclipses and all the planets are moving direct until about the third week in March. So You are going to find that things are given form out there in the external. Saturn traveling in its own sign Capricorn is also about moulding with and giving form to , until the end of year 2020.
2018 is flavoured with the Gratitude theme, and Jupiter represents “Being Grateful”…“Feeling The Joy In Anything That happens”.

This Cancer Full Moon is a very big event. Cancer rules the home so of course most of You might be home for the New Year, having a very good fun and bright time with family and friends, celebrating with your Soul family…It is truly a beautiful time just to be with heart centred people.

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being part of my family, my community, my tribe of brothers and sisters, my lovely Ohana…this is truly the Cancer flavour…and for me with my Venus in Cancer I love to feel that I am part of the global family. I am feeling really honoured that so many of You write to me, communicate and share things with me, and You have been also so encouraging for what I have been through the passed 2 years…You have been amazing and I won’t be here without You all… I am just really grateful .

So Merci-Merci-Merci and I wish You a wonderful festive season and a spectacular 2018 creating your own reality , “MAY YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE”.
Happy New Year to You, much Love to You…🎄🎉✨


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

PS: If You would like to find out how this affects You personally, feel free to contact me for a reading, face to face or on Skype , Messenger, Face Time.

And also feel free to share this on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.
Mahalo Nui🙏