This New Moon happens on the 16th of April 2018, at 26 degrees 02’ Aries, at 11:56 AM Queensland Time.
By Francoise/Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Now this New Moon is really supercharged, full of punches, with a very strong Yang-Cardinal energy happening at this time.
Because it is New Moon, Sun and Moon are joined in Sacred Marriage, and at this time, they are in conjunction with Uranus, planet of revolution, planet of the youth. So this combination of planets really demands a surge of revolutionary energy.
Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius but it is also ruling the galactic energy, the higher energy, the space/alien energy, electricity, vibrations, new technology… So there is an electric vibe to this New Moon, there is initiative in the air, everything seems new again … may be something may be revived from the past, or having some news from an old relationship… so with this New Moon Aries You could have a new outlook on our life.

Aries is all about being brave, courageous and stepping out, and be willing to speak up for yourself… To be the independent person that You really want to be… You certainly don”t want to be needy… non You really want to be your own person.

It is very interesting that Pluto in Capricorn send a square to this group, Sun-Moon and Uranus, and I can accept a wide square from planet Mars in Capricorn as well. So this is a very strong, outward, assertive, dynamic energy we have here.
And although this New Moon Aries has got some challenging aspects to it, I also find that when there are challenging aspects, it almost forces You out of your comfort zone to really create something new.

So we have the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn highlighted again (Pluto squares Uranus from 2012 to 2018).
Whenever there is a square, especially with Pluto, You might be dealing with fears that hold You back, especially psychological fears, may be of abuses or traumas in the past.
With Uranus involved, this is an aspect of uprise energy, revolution, protest, demanding that your voice is heard and demanding greater quality of life. People, especially the youth, want to rebel, to rise up, and demand to be heard. You can see this on the news all around the world, for all kind of subjects, about civil rights, women rights, black rights, children or elderly rights, gender’s rights…

Around this New Moon Aries, with the change in seasons, spring in the Northern hemisphere and Autumn in Southern hemisphere, there is a bursting of new energy coming forth.
And what needs to be acknowledged is that there is no planet in Air signs… so no more hot air, no more talking about it… it is time for action… so give birth to a creative project or a business, or a painting, or a book…anything that You have been really striving for and found very difficult to get it out.
So this is really about “getting it out”…”What is it that I can do that will later inspire others? To show that them too can do it”…And it is good to remember that any birth comes with labour pains, that it is not always easy…especially with this Pluto squaring the Aries New Moon… In fact it is also about “ Where do I need to take control?”.

The good news is that planet Mercury is now direct and You can resume a steady flow.
This New Moon Aries feels like a pressure cooker. There have been a lot of pressure that have been built up overtime, and this is an opportunity for You just to burst out.
During this Aries New Moon we have a lot of Earth and Fire energy. The Fire energy is the Sun, Moon and Uranus all in Aries, and the Earth energy is Pluto, Saturn and Mars all in Capricorn. So what this means is that all the ideas that You had, all the things You have been thinking of doing, You have an opportunity now with this trio of planets in Capricorn to make them real, tangible and put structures around them.

Another interesting thing happening at this New Moon, is that we have Chiron at 29 degrees 55’ of Pisces, this is the very last degree of the Zodiac. So whenever a planet is at 29 degree of a sign, it is called in astrology a “critical degree”, and it tends to bring out the shadow side of that sign.
So with Chiron in Pisces You could be feeling vulnerable, like a victim, feeling your woundedness in some way, and because Pisces is the sign of universality, You could be really feeling deeply the universal suffering. There is so much suffering in the world, so with this New Moon in Aries, You may decide to take actions and do something about that.

And right after the New Moon, Chiron enters the sign of Aries ( on the 17th of April), so we will see a convergence of energies here. And it is not only about Chiron moving to a new sign, but also Chiron is moving into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and because Chiron has an orbit cycle of 50/51 years, therefore Chiron has not been in Aries for the last 50/51 years. Astrology is basically the study of cycles, so it is very interesting to go back in time and see what was happening the last time Chiron entered Aries, it was in April1968.
And in 1968, Uranus-Pluto were conjunct at that time, so we had a strong theme of protest, riots, especially by young people (firstly against the Vietnam war, for nuclear disarmament, and for improving the schools, universities…), it was hippie time, Peace and Love.
We still have that again now with Uranus square Pluto, and with Chiron added to the equation, the demand of this New Moon is to take assertive actions against our woundedness or further aggressions.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and in Aries brings a new cycle of healing, very profound healing of the masculine ( Aries is a Yang sign).
And Chiron in Aries is about your wounded Ego, your wounded identity, through programming, conditioning, through mind control, through the media, the family…
The current Chiron in Pisces is about how to feel compassion and unconditional love for yourself and nature, and feel One with everything…And with Chiron in Aries, it is about how You can give this compassion and unconditional love to your Ego. So prepare yourself for this next healing journey, where You are integrating body-mind-spirit with your animalistic nature, your undeveloped Ego.

Another different energy, worth to be mentioned as well, is that we have a beautiful trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, and this trine will be there all month of April. So this is mystical, tuning into the etherial, the intangible, it reminds You about your connection to Source, to dream big… and most of all it reminds You to go inwards, because Neptune in particular is the connection to Source, to Oneness.
So turn inwards to hear the whisperers of your inner voices that are your real guidance…Be aware of tuning your radio dial to a frequency of Love and Peace and Oneness (Neptune Pisces). Because we really do live from the inside out, and we co-create our reality by tuning our frequency to what we want to broadcast to the world. And the world, the reality around You, is the mirror of what You are broadcasting.
We are all, each, divine sparks, and collectively and individually contributing to the universal frequency. If each of us can add a bit of Love, a bit of Peace, a bit of sense of Oneness, to that universal frequency, we will change the world into a better place indeed.
So really be aware of that whispered Yin and quiet energy brought by the trine Jupiter-Neptune. It will help You so much during the month of April, to navigate the dynamism of this Aries New Moon.

We also have Jupiter in very good conversation with Pluto, and Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio is all about personal transformation and personal empowerment .
Personal power is completely different than a forced power. You see a lot of forced power in your life “ Do what I say”… but real power is the power of your energetics and the tools and the skills that have been always available to You. So Jupiter with Pluto is the ability to make changes, and to transform, and to expand, and to understand spiritual concepts, and bringing it into your body and into your life, rather than some concepts outside of yourself, So it is about deepening knowledge… a regeneration.

So see where 26 degrees of Aries falls in your personal chart. Because Uranus in conjunction to this New Moon is about breaking up some stagnation. It will touch You where You have been stale and bored, in a routine You need to break out of…and Uranus shakes You out big time, to create more newness in your life. If it is falling in your career area for example, then You need to get a new job or create more individual self expression in what You currently doing.
And remember, New Moon is a seeding time, a perfect time to set a new intention about what You want this new seed to represent. This seed You are planting is for a new beginning, so “What do I want my seed to grow into?”.
It is so important to set a new intention at a New Moon, but it is conditioned by where it falls in your chart, so really check where this New Moon 26 degrees Aries falls.

At this New Moon, Mars, Aries ruler, is in trine to Venus, so this is a very positive energy for taking actions and making things practical.
We are also finalising Mercury retrograde, and Mercury goes direct at 4 degrees of Aries on 15th of April. Number 4 is about grounding, practicality and stability.

So in accordance to this Aries New Moon, You are changing, You are doing new things, it is an Aries moment so You are taking a risk and You are brave…

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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