This Full moon happens on Saturday the 31st of March 2018, at 10 degrees 44’ Libra, at 10:36PM Queensland time Australia .
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

This Full Moon in Libra is very interesting , especially as it happens with Mercury retrograde. So communications are already slowed down.
Libra is about love, relationship, to be kind, considerate, seeing and taking in account the other person’s point of view, wanting to achieve balance and harmony, wanting to make everybody happy.
Libra energy has its importance, because the Aries-Libra axis in astrology, is the individual (Aries) on one side, and on the other side how we relate to others (Libra)… so it is a very beautiful axis right?.. It is like the most basic human spirit connection, understanding ourselves as a being and understanding ourselves in the reflection of another.
This Full Moon has some interesting things happening.

This Libra Full Moon is also known as a blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon of the month of March. And the energy now is very different compared to the first part of the month, as I expressed it in my last blog,” The new Moon in Pisces”, where the energy was very dreamy, intuitive, creative, imaginative. And some of You used this energy wonderfully, very creatively… And some others felt a very low energy, or lethargic, could not focus, or felt quite purposeless.
This energy coming now with this Libra Full Moon is more stronger, more dynamic, and is going to help You a lot if You felt despondent, because it is much more forward moving.

So at this Libra Full Moon we have 6 planets in Cardinal signs ( Aries-Libra-Cancer-Capricorn). Cardinal signs are about dynamism, action, setting goals, making things happen. The Cardinal Ingress happens 4 times per year, it creates the 4 seasons.
In his yearly journey around the Zodiac belt, whenever the Sun enters a Cardinal sign, this is the time of a season’s change.
So during this Full Moon You will feel much energised or challenged, particularly if You have planets at 10 degrees of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

The Libra energy is going to be greatly needed around this Full Moon time because we have the conjunction Sun-Mercury in Aries opposing the Moon in Libra, and they all in square to the conjunction Mars-Saturn in Capricorn.

The conjunction Mars-Saturn in Capricorn squaring the Sun Aries and the Moon Libra create a pattern that in astrology we call a “T-Square”. The Mars-Saturn conjunction will be exact on the 2nd of April, and is a quite heavy challenging energy here, it will help to slow down Mars impulsivity.
So really if I look in details, we have here two conversations going on, because Mars-Saturn are going to get to the point, they want make things to happen, they want to make things practical. That is like “All work and no play”, “ Lets get serious, lets get down to business”.
Mars is all about action, goal setting, focus, green light, “I want it and I want it now”…It is a very strong forward motion, it is like having your foot pushing the accelerator to its full range.
Saturn is the complete opposite of that, it is like having your foot on the brake, because it is about taking things slowly, being careful, being cautious, being patient, not rushing… even the universe may put some obstacles on your way to slow You down. Can You see the dissonance here?
And in Capricorn where practicability rules, that is such a grounded, solid, firm, stubborn conversation going on. This “T-Square” is a very challenging aspect. Things are not flowing, it is like a traffic jam, not a smooth ride… What You try to do is to work with these two elements . And I like the fact that we have this super grounded-focused-intense energy in Capricorn. So do You think that You can listen into that? To utilise this slower energy, that is a little bit more like “TAKE A BREATH”, it will make the emotional energy of the Libra Moon a lot less important.
Mars-Saturn in Capricorn can be very powerful with Venus in Taurus for manifestation, for really working with “What is the structure of my reality?”. This Mars-Saturn conjunction is to remind You that things happen when the time is right, when the conditions are right for things to develop. Mars-Saturn could be about fatigue that slow you down, or it could be about simmering anger, anger towards the past, things that happened with family or work, or things that may be coming up and are seeking your acknowledgment in a way of hurts, how You have hurt, how others have hurt You, and perhaps something did not worked out and You labelled this as a failure… but lets call it learning.
Finally Mars-Saturn conjunction may be about hard work and responsibility that needs to be attended to, with family, with a parent, with an authority figure, with obligations…
So this Full Moon Libra in square to Mars-Saturn, is about the need for patience, perhaps the need to take actions. Or in order to bring more balance and harmony in your life You need to work out some toxic Ego themes, or power and control issues.
But hopefully Mars and Saturn are going to work as a team, because together as a team they are so formidable, they can move mountains. If You could integrate these two planets energies, it is wonderful for long term strategy planning, for disciplined actions, for long term concentration productivity, and You stay with it with great endurance, particularly because both planets are in Capricorn, sign of achievement.
So if You have a planet at 8 degrees of a Cardinal sign ( Aries-Balance-Cancer-Capricorn), this may have the effect of producing frustration or impatience, or it could be You as a master in self-discipline. Mars-Saturn aspect is very commonly found in military people’s chart, because it represents the disciplined action. It is quite war like.

And Mars-Saturn are also square to Mercury retrograde, so “think before You speak” … Because Mars is quick and sometimes speaks too fast, it could be a little bit aggressive or blunt.
So this Mercury retrograde is very helpful, (Mercury is in retrograde mode from the 23rd of March until the 15th of April), he takes You inward, slightly checks You because the thinking process goes inward before it goes out, so that would be very helpful with the square to Mars.
And the Full Moon Libra is also opposing this Mercury retrograde in Aries, bringing in a much more close and personal level, your personal identity and personal wishes that You have. The internal relationship is the primary relationship. From there everything else is fed and attracted.
With Mercury retrograde, this may be pulling You back into all sorts of relationships, You may be wishing that an old relationship was back in your life. You might also deal with criticism… there is so much sensitivity around a Full Moon.
While in the Mercury retrograde period, think about when dealing with conflicts, with disagreements, with difficult people and situations…“How can You handle that better?”, and then try to apply going forward, You don’t have to engage in it.
Here we have a MAKIA lesson “ Energy flows where attention goes”. By feeding the energy of what You don”t want You only amplify it right? So with this Libra Full Moon find something positive to focus on. Remember the story of the two wolves within You, where an old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life? One wolf is Evil and the other one is Love… “Which wolf will win?…The one You feed”.
So by engaging people and creating an argument, this is not accomplishing anything.
The conjunction Sun-Mercury in Aries could look this way…“This is about Me, this is Me going over some of my behaviours, and getting pissed off and blocking people , and I am in this negative mood the all day”.
Why? …Don’t allow this anymore… Use gentle persuasion, it is a good vibration.
A good exercise or practice to do here is, each time You become aware of your negative personal mantras…”I can’t…I should…I have to…I am not…” practice to vision that You are erasing this thought and revert it to a positive kinder thought.
So be aware that we are having quite a strong Yang-Cardinal energy at the time of this Full Moon.

And what about Venus the ruler of Libra, the ruler of this Full Moon?
She has just entered Taurus, where she is going to transit until April 24th, and she is just leaving a conjunction to Uranus in Aries. There is a possibility of a surprise encounter, romantic one or other kind of relationships. But also it gives You an opportunity to awaken to the beauty around You. Venus in Taurus is about the beauty in nature, the sun set, the flowers… becoming awaken to the divine beauty of nature.
Venus is the goddess of Love, and here it is about the full spectrum of Love. So You might be learning how to balance your self centred Love, your Ego Love…What is in it for Me?Wanting to possess somebody… Feeling that You might lose the relationship and all the fears that come up with… This Full Moon is to help You releasing that and opening yourself to unconditional Love… and that is where You see unconditional Love in nature, in animals.

Sun in Aries is “Act first, think later”. Aries is inspiration, leadership and vision, but leaving the care of the vision to someone else, until it realises that the vision You are having requires upkeep. But Venus in Taurus is much more grounded and certainly has a desire for increased knowledge in order to convert that into wisdom. Venus in Taurus is about the ability to attract money, possessions, and at the Soul level, Venus is the deeper understanding, the deeper perception about physical manifestation… Because as people awaken their consciousness and heal, and some call that “Ascension”, there is a lot more responsibility involved… It is the understanding of how You are co-creating, and Taurus is a strong sign for manifestation. Venus in Taurus is about self confidence around your resources, and your talents and abilities.
And in May we will witness the entrance of Uranus in Taurus, so finally You will have the opportunity to be aware of the divine beauty around You, and that You are part of it.
And beauty is not necessarily the beauty we have been conditioned to believe and to see…such as having all these creams to get rid of wrinkles … non, because somebody who is really old and who really projects a sense of presence and peacefulness can be very very beautiful, even more beautiful sometimes than somebody who is externally pretty.

This Full Moon Libra is also having good aspect (a Sextile) with the North Node in Leo. The message of this Full Moon is about “ the heart knows more than the fearful mind”… so it is indeed a powerful lunation. And I remind You that a Full Moon tend to be more personal and emotionally oriented. So this will be probably a sensitive time for many of You towards the end of the month.

So the most important thing You can do around this Libra Full Moon, is to find balance within You. Because of the Saturn-Mars conjunction energy, You may come against people who are very controlling, very demanding, people who want to push You into doing something You don”t want to do. So the question: “What about Me and my needs?“.
Libra is also the sign of the pleasers, the ones who instinctively go via the others before making any decision or coming to their own conclusions… so this Libra Full Moon may act as a check for You if You tend to do that, and it is an opportunity to reassess that.
At the time of this Full Moon, see where 10 degrees of Libra falls in your personal chart, because that is the best guide of how it is going to unfold for You.

And finally this is the time of the year where we are all invited to celebrate BALANCE! This is the perfect time as we are just coming out of the Great Portal of Equinox ( 21st of March). Equinox is the cycle of Earth’s movement around the Sun measuring Light and darkness.
So this Full Moon is a time for changes, turning corners, time of turning pages, It is perfect moment for setting your intentions, creating Internal Peace. Perfect moment to honour all parts of You, to own every facet of your life.
In the Northern hemisphere this is the Spring and for us Down Under this is the Fall. For some of You it is a time to turn over a new leaf, and there is energy available to help You to do that .

So now look at the full picture, and imagine the struggle of this Moon alone in Libra, trying to keep balance between two pairs of powerful planets, as she tries to shine the light of Venus.
At its most positive effect, this Full Moon Libra may allow solutions for peace, to solve your differences, to solve where You square off. It is about conflict resolution, it is a time to make a pact, make peace with someone. So don’t feed the fire during this Full Moon time.
And Venus, the ruler of Libra is the goddess of Love… So LOVE IS THE ANSWER.
Kindness is the answer, gently bring people around, and be willing to listen too. This is a kind of concession that everyone can make. There is always room for compromise, there is always room for kindness.
So at the time of this Full Moon in Libra do what feels true to You, and the lesson is LEARNING TO PLEASE YOURSELF. Because the more You are pleasing yourself, the more your life is in harmony.
Full Moons have always this energy of ending and beginning, they illuminate everything,
all the lights and shades. This Full Moon Libra helps You calibrate your scales, helps You release, helps You embrace. So have centre point, be the gage for what matters to You.
In a MAKIA flow, during this Full Moon, whatever is getting to be emphasised inside of yourself, will get emphasised outside of yourself, therefore BE WITH YOURSELF on this Full Moon.
What can I say, “BE YOUR BEST LOVER” , You will be fine.

Libran You are very good at that!

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏