This Full moon happens on Thursday the 28th of June 2018, at 6 degrees 28’ Capricorn , at 2:53PM Queensland time Australia .
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Full Moons are very much about culmination, it is about closure, this is the peak of the cycle, so You may have strong feelings coming to you at this time.
This Full Moon in Capricorn sits at 6 degrees, so see in your personal chart where You have these 6 degrees of Capricorn, and if You have any planets positioned at 6 degrees of any sign. Capricorn being the sign of manifestation, so this Full Moon is very much about the fruits of your labour. Whatever You have been doing, You actually get the rewards or the consequences.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is in tight conjunction with the Lord of Time “Saturn”, and Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.
So we are dealing here with the Sun in Cancer in opposition with the Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, and this has everything to do with your home, your family, your security, your work, what You want to do in the world.
And this Full Moon gives You an opportunity to look for structure, Capricorn is all about structure… So how are You structuring your life? …
“Am I doing what works for Me?…How do I utilise my time?…Do I have too many things around? … Can I accomplish more? …Can I streamline my life?”

Can I be more PONO and organise myself more effectively?
I find this Capricorn Full moon very flavoured with the Hawaiian principle of PONO.
“PONO: Effectiveness is the measure of truth.
If people hear this statement at first they might think of this as another version of “The end justifies the means”. But on the contrary Pono states that the choice of the means defines the end.”
Capricorn is also link to responsibility especially when we have Moon/Saturn in tight conjunction in Capricorn. So at this Full Moon You may see the results of how well You have been, or not, taking responsibility. Have You really been PONO? Have You been effective?
If you want to achieve success by ruthless means, you might get “successful” at first, but one day that will shatter simply because your success was built on sand and will be washed away by the truth underlying your situation. So the definition of effectiveness here is not the outer mask (of success, wealth, health, etc.) but your true inner knowing. Your means should always be in alignment with your highest values.
True empowerment and therefore true happiness can only happen when You take full responsibility for any action You take in your life.
So see where Capricorn sits in your chart.

What this Capricorn Full Moon in conjunction with Saturn is wonderful for, is to create discipline, new habits… something You wanted to accomplish but You have not got yourself into a groove, so now it is the Time to practice it. Whatever You want to become good at… playing guitar, singing, sculpting, cooking, writing, being assertive, independant… practice it!
”WHATEVER YOU PRACTICE YOU BECOME A MASTER” … so watch what are your bad habits, bad practice… and choose something positive to practice .
So if there is a practice You would like to incorporate in your life at this time, this Full Moon will help You to create the regularity and the consistency …It is also a great time for great focus .
This Capricorn Full moon is also an opportunity to look at authority, within and outside yourself. And authority issues may come up with stories about regulations, rigidity… So it is about where the authority is too rigid and where can it be soften on the edges.

With this Full Moon in Capricorn, it is very important to remember to be gentle with yourself. Moon with Saturn is very often coming a little harsh, and often speak this way :
“ I am never good enough”… “I should do that”… “I have to… I must…I can’t…”
So at this Full Moon time, just try to become aware of whether You have been kind to yourself or not.
For example let’s say that you have to set a deadline to do something, and You are struggling… Can You extend it a little?..Can You not put yourself under too much pressure? This Full Moon is about to know how to nurture (because the Sun is in Cancer), and we are building up to the Solar Eclipse in Cancer next month, so the Full Moon axis Cancer/Capricorn is all about nurturing/ accomplishing… gentleness/organising.

Also during this Full Moon time, find your sense of orderliness. This is nice, as it brings a certain degree of comfort when there are certain boundaries, and at the same time it is nice to have some lay backness as well, saying to yourself, “It does not really matter”…
“let’s don’t get too serious”, if things are not turning out as You had anticipated.
So it is about finding that balance at the time of this Full Moon, in your own life.
It often takes very hard work to create and build a beautiful structure – such as a painting, a pyramid, the Castle of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, even a website, or a business…- but look at the result, isn’t it worth it? So think about that in your own life at this Full Moon Time… “ Where do I really want to discipline myself?”… to work hard, and watch the rewards You will get from the fruits of your labour and your consistency.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, revealing in the beauty of our Earth and Nature. So it is a really good time for planting a garden, doing anything in nature, growing something, something beautiful and at the same time useful ( Moon/Saturn conjunction).
Something productive because one thing about Capricorn, it needs to feel productive, so it has accomplished something … So it is a great Time to look at what You want to accomplish and then set some steps along the way.

This Full Moon is full of paradoxes and complex energies.
At this Full Moon we have 6 planets in Cardinal signs ( Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn), so this is a very Yang Full Moon. We have Moon-Saturn-Pluto- in Capricorn, we have Chiron in Aries, and we have Sun-Mercury in Cancer. They are all goal oriented, they are action oriented, they want to set goals and very efficiently achieve them.
However at the time of this Full Moon 6 planets are retrograde… we have Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune… and Mars turns retrograde at this Full Moon time.
Retrograde energy is all about turning inward.It is introspective before it goes out.

We also have Mars perfectly Stationary from the 26th to the 28th of June, which means that he is barely moving at all, and then he turns retrograde at this Full Moon time until the 27th of August, a two months retrograde period.
So the symbolism of Mars is stronger at that time. Mars is about action, assertiveness and even aggression.
Now this is quite tricky for Mars, because Mars has a simple direct energy… “I know what I want…I want this really quickly… Nothing is going to get in my way…I want to be the first…I want to be the best…Everybody else are too slow…”.
Mars is a very primal direct energy. So You can see that it is quite awkward when he is in retrograde, when he turns inwards. So what he tends to mean is that … instead of pushing forwards, that Mars always wants to do, plan to not do, plan to take time out, take a few days off, sit in the garden, go for a bike ride, watch the sunset…
What You may find if You are trying to keep pushing forwards when Mars is in retrograde, You can hit obstacles and frustration. Frustration is a key word for Mars retrograde.
So it is a quite complex energy we have here for sure, because Mars in other ways is very strong, because when he is retrograde he is closer to the Earth, so during the next two months period we are going to feel his energy very strongly.
The fact that at this Full moon time, Mars is also in conjunction to the South Node and in Square to Uranus, highlights his strength. So be aware that it is quite a volatile, assertive energy, You could be snappy, quite critical,… yes a quite irritable energy here. However it is also brilliant for technical invention.
So be very aware of Mars retrograde period is up to the end of August and that the irritable time will continue up to the beginning of October. So You see, You will have a lot of opportunity to practice how You deal with this energy of frustration and irritability.
So be prepare for some chaos, twists and turns, on and off, in and out… there could be a lot of changeability, happening very rapidly in your life… so the best way is to be mindful, and breathe,TO STEP BACK AND COME WITHIN, to the centre in yourself.
There could not be really a better time to find that centre in yourself, to be in your core, your inner source. Dedicate yourself to a daily spiritual practice, whether it is meditation or breath work or one You create on the moment… Take time out to be the observer in Aka Lau state, where You can sense that feeling of being in your core, and letting that be your guide rather than being buffeted by outer events.

A extra note on Mars in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus, is that Mars in Aquarius is about friendship. So it is a time where friendship will be highlighted. You could cut off some friendship very quickly… You notice that something changed, You changed immensely or the relationship is no longer what it was.
Or it is a time where You realise the power of your friendship network. I am going to have a serious surgery where I will be incapacitated for some days, and already I have family members and a long list of friends who are going to relay around me… Wow what a great friendship network I have, tears come to my eye and my heart is full of Love and gratitude for those angels 😇💜.

This Full Moon is also going to be like a precursor to all the line up of planets in Capricorn that coming up to 2020… It is about how we regulate our world, on the global scale… and of course reflects the personal question “How do I regulate my life?”.
You can see that this new “regulation“ has already started… look at the new “privacy regulations” that are coming… I think that we are going to see more structures, more taxes, all the kind of things being imposed… as we approach 2020.
The period 2018-2020 speaks to us about High Quality, expertise, mastership, heavy responsibilities, resilient, tenacious, striving drive towards accomplishment/s, and of massive achievement via focus, only on what is necessary and useful.
This Capricorn Full Moon inspires You to become a Marathon runner up to K2.
So perseverance is one of the keys for this period 2018-2020. This is a long haul signature, a steep climb, so it is best to tone down your pace now.
A time of simplicity, frugality, austerity at a personal and possibly global level is well-indicated. Economics are back to basic reality business models. Times when elites, class status, order, anything to do with “establishment” – even the ‘rule of law’ notion itself -comes into question.

On another level, few days before the Full Moon, we have Neptune in Stationary mode, from the 13th up to the 24th of June, and then it turns retrograde up the end of November 2018.
So we have here a beautiful Yin energy (to counter-balance the Yang energy described earlier), very feminine, inward looking. Neptune in Pisces is about peace, about connecting to your Source, about meditation. About big dreams… but it is very much about listening to your inner voices that give You the highest guidance. Neptune is very connected to altered states, such as the Aka Lau state that bring the desire to be in Oneness with everything.
On the lower level, Neptune could bring issues of trust and betrayal as well.
Neptune is currently sitting at 16 degrees of Pisces, so see where this degree is in your personal chart, or if You have a planet sitting at 16 degrees of any sign.

We are also in Cancer Solstice Time, as on the 21st of June the Sun moved in Cancer. Solstices, Equinoxes, these are where the ancient people were holding ceremonies, where they could access very high, insightful level information … The energy around this Cancer Solstice time is very subtle, so take some time out.

Finally a last thing to learn from this Capricorn Full Moon is that it could make You very aware of your work-life balance.
We have the Moon in Capricorn and we have the Sun in Cancer. Capricorn is been out in the world and working …/… Cancer is your home life, your emotional life, your personal life. So just check if the work-life balance is working well for You.
Capricorn is to do with your practical security and Cancer is to do with your emotional security. But just checking with yourself as well, if there is anything else You could do to give yourself that sense of security. Because in many ways, moving through to 2026, Uranus in Taurus is going to shake some of the things we felt were permanent or secure, the banking system…financial system…the changes in the Earth (in Hawaii and Guatemala)… so be prepare for those shake ups.
And again the best solution is to find your centre. Find your inner security wherever You are, and your strength in any circumstance comes from that.

Have a wonderful Full Moon in Capricorn!

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏