This New Moon Solar Eclipse happens on the 13th of Juy 2018, at 20 degrees 41’ of Cancer, at 12:47pm Queensland Time.
By Francoise/Frankie Alloin Monnereau

We are entering a very intense period, as we are going to have 3 eclipses over the next two months.
Now Eclipses always happen in series, in opposite signs or pairs of signs, for about 18 months.
The Eclipses series are moving backwards, so we are now moving from Leo/Aquarius Eclipses to Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses. Our Leo/Aquarius Eclipses serie began in February 2017, and we are actually going to have our last Leo/Aquarius Eclipse in August this year.
But at this New Moon on the 13th of July we are already moving into Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses.
So first look where Leo and Aquarius signs fall in your personal chart, which area they are in, and what that does meant for You the last 18 months. Because where the Eclipses fall are areas of activity and change for You.
And now with the first Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn on the 13th of July, see what is the new 18 months theme associated here, and what it means for You personally in your life.
What is important to acknowledge too is that this new serie of Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses are going to run all the way up to 2020, our next important astrological year. The keyword here is “restructure” your life, and on the mundane level, “restructure” our society, to a much more humble, frugal level where there is a better sense of respect and equality.

So this Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse happening on the 13th of July, being the first of its serie of Eclipses, is in a way setting the tone for the full serie.
The tone with the Moon in Cancer has everything to do with nurturing, mother figure, the divine feminine energy, a sense of being protected, being safe.
Cancer “the crab” lives in the sea and on the land… and It is very interesting that at the time of this New Moon Solar Eclipse, the planets are positioned in such a way that they create the pattern of a “Star Of David ”, a six-pointed figure consisting of two interlaced equilateral triangles, what is called a hexagram.
Now in astrology, the “Star Of David “ represents the unification of humanity’s dualistic nature via its two intersecting equilateral triangles or Grand trines, one ascending and the other one descending. These two triangles also represent male and female principle, body and soul coming together at one.The astrological Star of David is a rare and unique alignment that opens the doorway of consciousness. It is receptive in nature and assists in the opening of the heart to greater understanding, creating an alchemical process that transforms the lead of everyday existence into the gold of awakened consciousness. In fact, the symbol for the heart chakra, the Anahata, is a hexagram in a lotus flower.

And here at this New Moon, we have a perfect Grand Earth Trine (with Venus in Virgo – Saturn in Capricorn – Uranus in Taurus.) interlaced with a Grand Water Trine (with Sun/Moon in Cancer – Jupiter in Scorpio – Neptune in Pisces). Inherent in this configuration is a combination of ascension into spirit with grounding into matter, because we are dealing with the element of Water (spirit) and Earth (matter).
The Grand Earth Trine is a wonderful opportunity for healing, grounding, to do anything with the earth, planting, gardening, growing things, building things, manifesting things physically… actually manifesting your dreams.
So this Grand Earth Trine is very practical and this is the part of the crab living on the Earth. And then we have the Grand Water Trine, a very subtle Ying ,feminine energy, and this is the part of the crab living in Water.

So this “Star Of David “ is about finding your balance between your Water energy which is your own Amakua, your higher self, your creativity, spirituality, romance, mysticism, inspiration…It helps You to connect to a sense of peace, calm, a sense of being connected to Source, to see life in a way like a dream, and yes in some ways it is like a dream! The Water energy is mainly flavoured by Cancer the boundless love, unconditional love of the mother, our Mother Earth … and on the other side we have the Earth energy mainly flavoured by Capricorn the more masculine figure, where You have to practice to work, to develop certain skills, to learn things and then to manifest things out in the world practically, that are of value, and make things more efficient and useful.
This Water/Earth Star Of David is about to be caught up in Water where there is no boundaries, and then coming back down to Earth where there are boundaries.
And these are the themes of this Cancer/Capricorn axis energy, so this “Earth/Water” is a beautiful vibrational energy that You have here going on at the time of the New Moon.

And Cancer is all about “home”… “Where is my home?”… “I am looking for home”.
So this Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is an opportunity for coming home, to find your tribe, for connecting with like minded people who are really ready for this sense of a bigger family, a world family. Look at us on the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, community groups…I feel so connected to You all… I know we don’t know one another personally, but there is a “Heart” connection, which is very uplifting.
Some of You may have very good, healthy family relationships … great!… However some of You may have challenges or issues coming at this time. And this is a wonderful opportunity with this New Moon Solar Eclipse, to let things come out that have been unseen. So let it come out and see if You have a new perspective, may be on a family member or a family situation. And really see that everybody is just looking for that Love… that unconditional not needy feeling of love and connection.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is really intense and powerful because not only planet Mars is retrograde and exceptionally close to the Earth in his orbit, so is the Moon. Therefore we have here a Super Moon. And that heightens emotions, particularly with the Moon in the sensitive Water sign of Cancer, and the Moon is also the ruler of Cancer.

The intensity is also fuelled by the square between planets Mars and Uranus that will run until the 1st of October 2018.
So with Mars in square to Uranus and currently in retrograde mode, be aware that for the next 3 months, Mars is really really strong… it is a very volatile and eruptive behaviour, angry tantrums, irritability, frustration, You can feel criticised…
It is also going very quickly because Mars and Uranus are about speeding up, so You can act too quickly, You can speak too quickly in an aggressive way, or You can cut off as with Uranus You can cut off from people… Therefore it could affect your friendships or change your friendships. So it could be a really hot temperamental period of time over the next 3 months.

Here is an excerpt from my previous blog “Full Moon in Capricorn”:
“So be very aware of Mars retrograde period is up to the end of August and that the irritable time will continue up to the beginning of October. So You see, You will have a lot of opportunity to practice how You deal with this energy of frustration and irritability.
So be prepare for some chaos, twists and turns, on and off, in and out… there could be a lot of changeability, happening very rapidly in your life… so the best way is to be mindful, and breathe,TO STEP BACK AND COME WITHIN, to the centre in yourself.
Take time out to be the observer in Aka Lau state, where You can sense that feeling of being in your core, and letting that be your guide rather than being buffeted by outer events.”

So planet Mars is incredibly strong at this time. He is moving through the early degrees of Aquarius, he is retrograde backing up from 9 degrees back to 2 degrees of Aquarius by the end of the month, and squaring Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus. So if You have any planets placed within 0 to 3 degrees of a Fixed sign ( Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius), You will really feel that quite strongly, this kind of irritability or even frustration bubbling up. So be very aware and observe, step back when You feel that.
Planets in retrograde mode have a much stronger impact because they are closer to Earth. At the end of July, Mars in retrograde will be at his closest to the Earth, so it is for this reason that he is so strong at this time. You can enjoy his big red magnificence on clear nights at the moment.


Another reason why this Solar Eclipse New Moon is so powerful, is that Sun/Moon in Cancer are exactly opposed to planet Pluto in Capricorn.
Well it may trigger deep emotions, emotions concerning things where You felt restricted, where You felt that the power was taken away from You, where You feel like You are a victim to a circumstance or a situation. And that can only happen in your personal life when You have given your power away to someone else. So if You cultivate and have this great sense of centre, You won’t give your power away, You operate much more in an equal, respectful relationship within and outside of yourself.
So it is an opportunity here, at this Solar Eclipse, to take your power and to speak up, to say what needs to be said… not to feel sorry for yourself… and to find once again, a new perspective of looking at the situation.
Cancer is the sign of deep sensitivity and vulnerability. It is also the sign of motherhood and nurturing, and therefore it brings children in the picture, the vulnerability of or around children. There are around the world many situations expressing strongly this vulnerability of children…
The opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, tends to bring the power of the state, the power of strong institutions.
So really this is this fine line that we may be tested with, and over the next couple of years, we are all going to see that globally as well as personally… Between finding nurturing, comfort and Love, and soothing…Versus… Going out in the world and building different structures that fit the new world that we are all moving into. A world that is more equitable and enjoyable to really live in for You and all of us,. A world that becomes the connection with the collective.
We do feel one another pain and we do feel one another joy as well… so lets put it all into the mix, and with these, between now and 2020, we are going to have the wonderful opportunity to make some potentially positive changes personally and on the global level as well.
This Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is calling us together and says “LETS SEE OUR COLLECTIVE HUMANITY”.
Even when things get difficult, there is hope!!! And You can work it out… So tune in the energy of Joy, open your heart, and fill yourself with Love.

The other theme that this opposition of Sun/Moon and Pluto could bring out is your work/Home Balance, because Capricorn is to do with work and Cancer is to do with your home life. The questions here are : “Is my personal life in the right balance?”… “Do I need to make adjustments there?”.
Cancer is really connected with emotional security, and the way You feel that, and Capricorn is connected to your practical security. And at this New Moon Solar Eclipse time this is very connected to Mother Earth, because remember, not only we have a Grand Water Trine present there, but we also have a wonderful Grand EarthTrine ( Saturn in Capricorn – Uranus in Taurus – Venus in Virgo)… and the presence of this Grand Earth Trine is to really remind You to connect back to the Earth.

Now I want to add that planet Neptune is in good conversation with this New Moon Solar Eclipse, and You may find yourself getting just lost in thoughts or dreams or ideas… therefore this really reinforces the importance of being grounded, being earthed at this time, the best You can. You know what it is like when an appliance is not earthed, it can be very dangerous… So make sure that your appliance, “your body”, is earthed, so You are not going to be swayed by turbulent emotions and mental ups and downs. And perhaps this can remind all of us to be “DOWN TO EARTH”, to take greater care,because ultimately the only “home” we have is our planet Earth, and we are becoming more aware of what she needs, so we need to take care of her. The reconnection with Mother Earth could be an action as simple as putting barre feet on the earth, bare feet on the grass, and sucking up the negative ions from the earth which are incredibly healing for us, and have enormous physiological effects on our body-mind-spirit systems. In our modern life, particularly living in big cities, we can become so disconnected from being a part of Nature… THE EARTH IS OUR HOME!

If You want to learn more about this, look up to the internet or YouTube for “Groundology and the benefit of Grounding/Earthing”. I shared a nice video “DOWN TO EARTH” on my Facebook timeline, You are welcome to have a look at it.

Something else to acknowledge is that there is another shift in energy as Jupiter has been in retrograde from the 9th of March 2018 and goes direct on the 11th of July 2018 at 13 degrees of Scorpio. So see where 13 degrees of Scorpio fall in your personal chart, in which area of life it is in, and from the 11th onwards, particularly with Jupiter going direct, it can bring a inner sense of success, abundance or recognition for You in that area of life, helped by the Grand Water Trine.

Finally the New Moon Solar Eclipse is in conjunction with the North Node.
The North Node, or “Rahu” the head of the Dragon Snake, represents our collective future destiny, so this is a very forward looking super charged New Moon, representing a great new beginning.
So see where 20 degrees of Cancer fall in your personal chart, and this is an exceptionally good time to set a new intention for yourself, and that intention should be flavoured in resonance with the area where the Eclipse falls in your personal chart. And You could set a new intention for Mother Earth, for the world as well, that You would like to see.
Eclipses are surprising, they can bring You opportunities from nowhere, benefactors that support You, things can just happen and can jump You forward in your path. So really see which area the Eclipse touches in your chart because it is where these surprises will happen for You. And the effects of an Eclipse can be felt up to 6 months around its time of occurrence, so do watch that very closely.


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏