This Libra New Moon happens on Tuesday October 9th 2018 at 15 degrees 48’ of Libra,
at 1:46 PM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

During this New Moon, Sun and Moon conjunct and represents the Yin and the Yang, the masculine and the feminine. And when they meet up in Libra you are asked to check in with yourself, with your own Yin and Yang, your divine masculine and divine feminine energies, how are they working together.
Are you in balance? Are you in harmony within yourself? What is your inner union?…and that is truly what Libra is doing for all of us, that it to remind us that we are in relationships with many things.
We live in KALA mode… KALA the second Hawaiian principle …“ there is no limits”… everything is connected. We are in relationship with everything around us, and that relationship begins within. And this Libra New Moon is asking you to come back in and look at your own relationship with yourself, and how you share your energies in partnerships with others.

So Libra has everything to do with your relationships, to do with Love, how you find balance in your life, and very often Librans find it very difficult to make decisions because if you think of Libra, it is about the scales, balancing the scales.
And don’t think if you are not a Libra that this does not apply to you, because somewhere in your personal chart you will have Libra. So every time I write these blogs about the New Moon and the Full Moon, it will fall somewhere in your personal chart. So even if the sign does not relate to you automatically, and you don’t say “Oh I am a Libra”… somewhere the Moon energy will be activated in a life area of your chart… it could be finances, relationships, family, home, health… there are many possibilities.
So check where 15 degrees of Libra fall in your chart, because wherever this New Moon falls in your chart, you will be seeking to re-address the balance in that life area.
Libra is a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn) are so powerful because they shift the seasons, so there is a big push to get your projects and relationships off the ground… meeting new people, joining new groups, doing something that will connect you with other like-minded people and propel you further. This is a time to start something new and Libra is like a gust of wind that pushes you forward.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of Love, beauty and prosperity. At the moment Venus is traveling in deep dark Scorpio, concerned about Love, intimacy and trust, shared resources, your partner’s values, or other people values, and your sexual needs may be on your mind now.
And Venus is retrograde from Oct 5th until Nov 16th, and she will transit from 11 degrees Scorpio back to 25 degrees Libra.
So see where the early degrees of Scorpio and late degrees of Libra are falling into your personal chart. If they are falling in the areas of relationship, that are the 5th, 7th and 11th areas or “Houses” in your chart, it is more likely to bring up a relationship issue.
Remember Venus is also the planet of finance, money, what you value… so if it is falling in your 2nd or 8th Houses, then it may be more of a financial issue that is happening at this New Moon time.
The Venus retrograde phase is a cycle that lasts about 42 days and occurs approximatively every 18 months. And Venus has a big cycle of 8 years, so the last time we had Venus retrograde in Scorpio back to Libra was October-November 2010.
So what was happening with you at that time, Oct-Nov 2010?
It will be interesting to see if there are any correlations for you, of course this time around the story is different but the energy at work is very similar.

So when Venus retrograde in the Scorpio energy ( from Oct 5th to Nov 1st), it would rule everything to do with reassessing your finances, and especially anything to do with loans, investments, assets, inheritance, pension, taxes… partnerships, business partnerships… all of these may need to be reassessed during this period. With this New Moon in Libra, it is time to look at new ways of maybe handling everything connected with your finances. And you might have to dig a little, because Venus in Scorpio digs… which means that you might need to research your options that are available to you, with anything to do with your financial situation… and it could be worth the effort because with Venus retrograde it is time to really look at what your possible options are. But you might also feel stuck in your finances so it is time to dig out possible options that you can’t see just on a surface glance.
And then when Venus is retrograde back into Libra ( from Nov 1st to Nov 16th), she asks you to look at Love… “How do I Love?… How do you love me?…How do I feel?”… How do I balance my needs in my relationships?”

We are really in a Venusian season with Venus retrograde, Venus ruler of the New Moon Libra and Venus ruler of the following Full Moon inTaurus. So around October-November we have this big theme here around relationships, and around the real worth of the relationship, but also the real worth of the things you own, or where you are putting your time and energy in your work and in your life.
Venus is what you value, so you may find that you are going back over, that is the energy of the “retrograde phase”, going back over either about what you value in relationships, what you value financially and materially, or your values in general may be up for re-assessment, and it is a really good time to do that. You may find that your partner changes their view about the relationship, or you may change your view. So it not a good time for making big decisions, it may be wise just to wait until you get to the end of the retrograde on the 16th of November, because you or your partner may change again as Venus comes out of the retrograde.
With Libra flavour, always try to see another person’s perspective, listen to the feedbacks, knowing that ultimately you can’t please everybody, and that is really what Libra truly wants “to please everybody”. And maybe during this Venus retrograde you will realise that pleasing yourself is perhaps the most important thing, because then you are authentic, and then people know that they can trust you and believe you. But you also have an opportunity with this Venus retrograde, to see your behaviours and to reset and make some positive changes.
So the test of this Libra New Moon, is considering the needs of others and not losing yourself in the process. You want to be flexible but not to the expense of your truth. So be aware of values in a bigger way, be aware of self-value… this is a fantastic time for self-love during this Venus retrograde period… “ I AM IN ALOHA WITH MYSELF”.

At this New Moon time, Neptune is having an awkward conversation with Sun-Moon.
So it is easy to give in with strong personalities, people who are really powerful, it is easy to give in with what they want, however that cannot come at the expense of your truth, or what is right for you. So be aware that yes you want to be flexible and creating that “win win” situation, and that you don’t want to walk away from your truth, your integrity, in order to keep the peace.

Venus is Square to Mars in Aquarius, the sign of freedom and independence, and Venus is widely opposing Uranus the planet of freedom and independence.
So here we have a very clear polarity of themes about, on one hand, “ control, dominance, possessiveness (Venus in Scorpio)… and on the other hand, freedom and independence (Mars in Aquarius and Venus opposite Uranus).
Venus and Mars are both in Fixed signs (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius) therefore it is a strong challenge here. So you can be stubborn and not want to compromise… as a consequence there could be arguments and disputes… and you could also be seen switching sides, changing allegiances.
The dynamic between Venus and Mars is quite interesting. Because we have Venus in Scorpio, and of course Scorpio rules sex, and with the tight Square between the two planets, this energy can run hot and cold. So one minute you could be hot for someone, the next minute you are cold… one minute you love them the next minute you hate them. And you can flip mode very quickly too!
So with Venus in Square to Mars, this creates very strong attraction, and you don’t necessarily need to like the other person, but you are driven by the attraction, and you are both very sexually compatible… “Oh La La”…
This Square gives you an opportunity to look at how you respond in relationships… and these could just be everyday tight relationships, not necessarily your spouse or your intimate relationship. So whenever you have an issue with relationship, an argument, could you ask for a reset? Because with Venus in retrograde, this is an opportunity for resetting… When you reboot your computer, sometimes a program that was not working can work again… so first calm yourself, and then can you start fresh?
So during this New Moon time, look at your needs and the way you respond to situations in relationships, and this Libra New Moon will give you an opportunity to find harmony, because Libra above all wants to find harmony, “between you and me”.

We also have Venus in loving Trine conversation with Neptune.
So here we have Venus representing money and relationships, which are the themes of this New Moon, new beginnings, new opportunities… and Venus Trine to Neptune is very romantic, very creative, this is sensitive and compassionate… So this is about bringing about your compassion. Venus Trine to Neptune is a beautiful aspect of really doing whatever you can if something has happened, to take care of another person, and it diffuses any kind of negative energy, and it can be very very healing. Sometimes just the softness, or the caring, or a hug, or a smile that you give to another one, can definitively accelerate the healing of a wound. So this New Moon time is an opportunity to really accelerate healing. Healing of relationships where things could be really aggravated and irritated, and this Venus retrograde gives you an opportunity to take another view.
And Venus Trine Neptune is also about tuning in to beauty, to aesthetics, and feeling at one with Source, with nature, it is about a very fine perception, creatively and spiritually. So it may stimulate your creativity a great deal as well.

At this New Moon time, we have Sun-Moon Square to Pluto.
This can bring about obsessive emotions you might feel, as though you are magnetised to a situation, or a person… such as you can’t get out of a relationship, you keep getting drawn back into it. The New Moon Square Pluto is an opportunity for deep transformational growth for you at this time, to see where you are uncontrollably acting. Where you are compulsive about going to your phone, to see how much messages you have got, to read what others wrote on Facebook… you are compulsive about to call someone, to text someone… So ask yourself…“Where am I out of control? (Pluto Capricorn)… And where do I need to find this lovely Libra balance once again? ( New Moon Libra)”.
The dark side of Pluto challenges this lovely Libra New Moon and can bring out your shadow. And we all have a shadow, our unconscious self where we store great potential. So feelings of jealousy, competition, and egos running the show could be brought out.. And Venus in Scorpio retrograde is going to help you visiting that part of your self here in October and November, just like you did in 2010.
Pluto is easier to manage if you are being honest with your real feelings and yourself. Pluto empowers you to go deep inside and find out what you really want in your relationship, in your work, and in your life. Emotional self-analysis is very effective now, as long as you are willing to be honest. Pluto can bring out the dark side in human nature, power struggles, power play, manipulation, hidden agenda, guilt, shame, revenge and mind games.
So this New Moon has definite intensity to it about relationships changes. About relationships that you have perhaps held on to, because they were comfortable. And then you discover these new parts of yourself, you understand more about who you are and what you need, and you say to yourself …“ I don’t know if that is going to work for me anymore”… “I don’t know if I can agree to certain terms because I think I might be giving my power away”… And that is what this Square between Pluto and the New Moon triggers, “I am trying to maintain the peace here, but I am sacrificing what I know is right for me”.

Mercury planet of communication is still in Libra ( 28 degrees), about to enter Scorpio a few days after the New Moon.
When Mercury is in Libra, he wants to maintain objectivity, get some details, have discussion or conversation… And when Mercury then moves into Scorpio, he gets to the heart of what he really needs to say, based on what perhaps he has kept hidden. So this New Moon has the energy of “secrets”, of what has not been said, something has to get purged or pushed out (Pluto Capricorn). This New Moon has really that sense of something being squeezed, the pressure, the sense of you have to change something, you have to do something, you have to have a hard conversation… And in terms of “hard conversation”, when Mercury goes in Scorpio, he can go on a deeper level to say what needs to be said. But it is all about intention, and there not always the perfect time to have a hard conversation with somebody. So wait until Mercury is at 3 degrees of Scorpio, on the 11th-12th of October, at these days he will be in good harmony with planet Saturn, to discuss your important matter, and then you will feel the responsibility to speak your truth (Saturn Capricorn).

Now planet Mars in Aquarius is in an harmonious Trine with the Libra New Moon.
This is the way out from the intense challenge of Pluto Square Sun-Moon. Mars can empower you to release the stress and tension that has been building. Mars in Aquarius helps you to work in togetherness, as allies and not as competitors. “Together we can get the job done”… “Together we can win”… So October can be a time of re-alignment or re-adjustment in your relationships. People you never thought would team up do… there could be reconciliation… people that you thought would be together forever, they say goodbye.

We also have an ongoing Trine between Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.
It is an excellent aspect for any new ideas, new insights, any innovation of any kind (Uranus)… to not only become manifest (Saturn) but to be established for the long term, which is really positive.

Now Uranus is also sending a Square to the Nodes of the Moon axis.
He has been doing that for a while and will continue to do that until the end of the year.
So the Nodal Axis is about our collective destiny where we are headed, and Uranus in Square to that can be positive in terms of bringing quantum jumps with technological innovation, with new ideas, in many areas such as medical, environmental…
But equally Uranus can bring up some sudden shocks and surprises and some extreme events in your life, and in the collective, be they environmental, earth-based, or political as well. But if you have any planets in zero to 3 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius) you may be really feeling this. You will feel probably a restlessness or desire for freedom, a desire to shake things up if anything has got stale, deadening, routine in your life… Uranus will come in to really break it up and bring new life, bring awareness and awakening, a new vision into that area of your life.

Planet Pluto moves in direct motion on the 1st. of October. So currently Pluto is really in stationary mode, he barely moves, drilling deep on the same degree (18 degree of Capricorn) up to the 8th of October. So being stationary-direct his symbolism is amplified. So early October, you may well see assertions of power, or abuse of power, happening in your personal life but also in the world with leaders. So be aware of that.

Finally I notice also that at this New moon we have quite a few planets in the Water signs (Venus -Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces), so this soften the energy, and Chiron is in a lovely Trine conversation to Jupiter. So this will help you let go and transform, and honour the spiritual growth, honour what you have been truly feeling. Because the Water signs are our feelings, our intuition, our sense of flow.

As you may know now, a New Moon is always a new beginning and this may be a particularly strong new beginning here, because at this New Moon we have 5 planets in Cardinal signs ( Sun-Moon-Mercury in Libra, and Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn).
Now Cardinal energy wants to get things started, wants to get things going, so particularly because it is a New Moon, it could be a really strong one for you.
So at this New Moon it is a great opportunity to set a new intention for what you want to manifest this time around, and the area the 15 degrees of Libra is falling into your chart will give you the flavour of your intention you want to set.

So you can see there is a lot going on this month with this Venusian theme!
So I wish you a wonderful New Moon in Libra, and don”t forget to follow your strong desire for balance. And remember regarding relationships, there is a reason and a season for everyone.
May you find peace in your relationship with yourself and with us.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui