This Aries Full Moon happens on Tuesday September 25th 2018 at 1degree 59’ of Aries,
at 12:52pm Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome to this Full Moon in Aries, starting a brand new lunar cycle of 13 Lunations.
But before we go further in the exploration of this Full Moon, there is something very important to mention.
Just before the Full Moon, on the 23rd of the month, at Noon, we have the Equinox in Libra. Like divine timing, the Sun is entering the Cardinal sign of Libra, initiating the Spring Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere.
The Equinox is the point in the Sun’s journey around the Earth (from our perspective) where it crosses the Equator, and what it does it creates a drop in the magnetic field for the Earth, and that allow us to access higher level information, particularly if you are sensitive. This is why the ancient people held ceremonies at that time of the Equinoxes (and the Solstices too), because they were aware that at that time the veil became thinner.
The term Equinox is Latin for “equal night.” At this time, the days and night are equal. This symbolises balance in all areas of life, the light and dark, masculine and feminine, joy and grief, yin and yang.This happens twice a year, in March and September.
This is the rhythm of nature. The life, death and rebirth cycle of which all ancient mysteries are sprouted from, calling for balance and harmony with the order of the cosmos.
With the Equinox it is like striking a tuning fork for the next 3 months. It creates a tone if you like, a background tone, or resonance for all the other planetary patterns to fall into.
This is the Libra Equinox, and Libra is a Cardinal sign, and Cardinal signs represent starting or initiating things. There is a drive within to push forward and to move onwards and upwards.

Now back to our Aries Full Moon…it is happening just within the first 2 degrees of Aries, exactly at 1 degree and 59’, and it is very closed to the Equinox.
So check where 2 degree of Aries falls into your natal chart. In which area is it touching you?… your career, your relationships, your health, your family?
Now Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and it rules the head, and it rules initiating things, beginning things, starting something. Whenever it is a Full Moon, it is bringing something to light. It is maybe showing you an area in your life where you maybe need to take the initiative, where you need to step out and be yourself.

At the time of this Aries Full Moon there are some big aspects that are going on.
We have Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries opposite Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra and both pairs are in square to Saturn in Capricorn. This is forming a triangle called in astrology a “T-Square”, which involve three Cardinal signs (Aries-Libra-Capricorn) therefore this Cardinal T-square is a very challenging aspect.

So this right away sets up a very interesting energy, because the Moon in Aries is about the self, your emotional needs that you want, your own immediate desires. It can be impulsive, very subjective, very impatient. Moon in Aries is about ME, Me first, it is a simple direct energy. But ultimately the Moon in Aries is meant to give you the courage to go for what you want, this is the energy of self-leadership, honouring what feels right for you, based on who you are right now, because Aries is about self-identity “WHO AM I?”. And with Chiron in conjunction to the Moon, it is “How do I feel about myself?”
However, the Chiron influence brings in insecurities, it brings doubts, there can be a lack of self-confidence. And it might be a lack of self-confidence in the new part of your self that
you are just meeting for the first time, and that because Moon and Chiron are sitting just right at the very beginning of the Zodiac. They are just emerging so they are starting a new adventure, a new beginning, so it is a strong energy of initiation. But the Chiron influence brings “ Can I go for it?”… “Do I have the courage?”.
So this Full Moon is asking you to assess the courage you have to honour what you need right now. So if you trust who you are right now, if you trust the journey you have been on, and if you are open to new possibilities, you will start to feel inspired and motivated at a whole new level.
Opposite to the Aries Full Moon, Sun in Libra is all about US in relationship, it is about WE, it is about compromise, balance, fairness. So the subjective Moon-Chiron in Aries is opposing the Sun-Mercury in Libra, which are the energies of conversation, creations with other people, collaborations, cooperations, sharing and working together. We have here an energy of discussion, so this is very objective, this is understanding the other side of the story, the other side of the relationship.

So with Me versus Us, there is issue of imbalance or inequality in the relationship, that could come around by one person who is just going on doing their own things or leading the relationship… and the other person always have to compromise and keep in line.
On a mundane level, it can of course represent inequality on a bigger stage… there is so much inequality in the world, (the gender pay gap still exists today, there are also inequality in racial, caste and religious matters. People are being ignored their rights to basic life necessities, social rights etc for their skin colors, religions, castes and not to forget, for the amount of wealth they individually possess… rich versus poor), and perhaps that is going to become even more obvious at the time of this Full Moon.
Particularly because Chiron is conjunct the Moon. Chiron the “Wounded-Healer” represents the suffering, where people feel …“I don’t have the right to exist”… So unsocial revolutions, social protests happening around issues of inequality to lack of fairness in society.
But remember that even if this Full Moon is going to shine a light on the world’s suffering (Chiron conjunct the Moon), there will be solutions to this. There may be protests but there may also be solutions because we still have in the background, the ongoing Trine between Jupiter and Neptune, which connects us to Source, and we potentially can get some very high level solutions and insights, not only at the Equinox, but also at the Full Moon as well.

This Aries Full Moon is about to understand who you are now and maybe questioning it a bit with the influence of Chiron. And with Sun-Mercury it is about to stepping back and not taking it personally, looking at it from a detached lens, and see what do other people need, what are other people perhaps experiencing or processing, and can we talk it through and find something mutual, and ultimately find the “WIN-WIN” which is what Libra energies really like now.
The flavour of Libra, is always trying to balance everything, keep everybody happy, bring harmony… and in opposition we have the Full Moon in Aries which is challenging you to be yourself… and the Cardinal T-Square to Saturn in Capricorn is asking you to be real, to be honest, to be truthful. And it is not always easy, because sometimes you want to keep the peace (Libra), and you kind of say “Oh well ok I will let that go, that is not so important”. But this cardinal T-Square is challenging you to find that balance between what you need to let go of, and what you really need to speak up about.
So ask yourself, if you are going through any kind of painful experience, something that is difficult in relationship, where you know you need to say something… “How on earth am I going to say it?”… You could feel angry, you could have certain expectations… And with the Moon in square to Saturn there is often this feeling of “I am not been appreciated”…”I have been neglected”… all those kind of emotions may be triggered.
The Saturn here can also bring a “Stop”. Saturn wants you to stop and assess the situation you are in, to look at the specifics, how this is going to happen, how this is going to work… Saturn here is not a risk-taker, however, the full Moon in Aries is a risk-taker, up to the new adventure, the new start… But Saturn can bring a restriction to that and say “It is not going to work”… “It is not going to happen”… and it brings that sense of a reality check for what you are creating or forming. Saturn brings a harder energy to relationships that want to work together, and want to find equal connections and balance. And this brings a slow down to the Full Moon energies.
So any relationship, new or old, can be checked, can be tested now. Because what Saturn does when it is connected to relationship, is to test a weak relationship, but to consolidate a strong one. So see how that works for you, and be very aware of what is happening in terms of relationship dynamics.
So at this Full Moon it is important to acknowledge that TIMING IS AT PLAY. Even if you have a sense of being quite ready for a new adventure, there is also a sense of maybe it is not quite time yet.

Another important energy we are looking at is planet Mars, because Mars is the ruler of Aries, therefore the ruler of this Full Moon.
Mars is at 3 degrees of Aquarius, and Mars is a trigger energy, the energy of “ready to go”… “Let’s set things on fire”… and Mars in Aquarius is about getting the new idea going, the new vision, the new direction, the new dream… Mars activates it.
Mars is in very good conversation with Moon-Chiron, so he gives it some more courage and confidence to follow the dream, the vision, the new idea… even if there is the “Stop sign” of Saturn. Because Mars says “ How much do I really want it?”, he represents the desire to go for something.
Mars is also in Square to Uranus, and that square brings in the tension or the frustration, the breakthrough or that sense of impatience. This is this kind of square where you are ready to get going and suddenly there is maybe an unexpected news, unexpected development, something that causes frustration… but you are meant to work this through. Because Mars represents the body, so if you feel any anger, or frustration, work it through physically, don’t let it stay stagnant or stuck within you. Be aware that stagnancy bring pains and toxins in your body. Health is to keep moving, and as we are made of 80% of water, we need to flow, we are a flow, a divine wave, a divine drop of the big ocean of Oneness.
Mars is also in Trine to Sun-Mercury, bringing the knowledge of if you are courageous you can make a breakthrough. However the lesson here, at this Full Moon, is to realise that whatever need to be express (Sun conjunct Mercury) is not going to work if it is said with anger (Moon Aries), or with impulsivity ( Mars Square Uranus). The wisdom here (Saturn in Capricorn) is to wait until you got yourself into a calmer place (Libra) where you will be able to express your need without blaming.
At this Full Moon time, we also have Saturn in Trine to Uranus. They are in good conversation and supporting each other with the structures of what is best for a long term (Saturn in Capricorn), and assessing that your self-worth is really being valued and seen. There is a sense of freedom here, there is a sense of “I am ready to do my own thing and be independent”, but also that means that “I have to make some changes” (Uranus in Taurus). Saturn and Uranus are basically helping you to stay grounded with the practical realities of what you need to do to make change, that is truly based on what you want. And Saturn and Uranus are saying “Well some things take time”, because they are both in Earth signs and they deal with the physical realities of money and resources, and how you build things and how you bring them together.
This Trine between Saturn and Uranus, also brings insights and new ideas that you can get, and that can become permanent or long-term. So there is a fantastic amount of hope and opportunity coming up at this Full Moon, but remember there will be a lot of passion, there will be a lot of Fire, fiery feelings coming to a head, so be careful to step back if you feel those surges… so step back ,take a deep breath, and think twice before you express yourself.
And don’t allow this Aries Full Moon to make you too impatient because there is tension around the immature parts of yourself (Moon-Chiron in Aries and Mars in Aquarius) that want something now, versus the wise parts of yourself that know that some things take time, and it is worth investing in that time, and there is a sense of not giving up ( Saturn in Capricorn).

At this Full Moon we also got Venus and Jupiter both in Scorpio, and they are widely in Trine to Neptune in Pisces. So with the Water signs involved, trust your intuition, trust what your gut is saying to you, know that you won’t go wrong if you listen to that “voice” inside.

Something else quite interesting about this Full Moon, is that many planets are in the very early degrees of their signs (Uranus 1 degree Taurus – Moon/Chiron at 2 degrees of Aries – Mars 3 degrees of Aquarius – Saturn 2 degrees of Capricorn – Sun/Mercury in the first 5 degrees of Libra – North Node at 2 degrees of Libra). So all of these planets that are in the early degrees are newly forming, they are brand new into these energies, so they are trying to figure out the new energy here, the new expression and new intention. So they are still gaining confidence in the new energies. They are figuring things out, they are trying to get clear before they keep going forward.
It is good to know that there is a lot in this Full Moon that is about birthing something new. And even it is not happening too soon or right away, it is about to not give up and to not lose hope or lose faith.
So at this Full Moon, you will have certainly the ability to clear the air, and to start fresh to begin a new project, to make a personal breakthrough… this is wonderful, so show your bright colours and sparkle like the star that you are!!!
Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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