This Taurus Full Moon happens on Thursday October 25th 2018 at 1 degree 13’ of Taurus at 2:46 AM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

This is going to be a very powerful Full Moon!!!
Things are shaking up, the landscape is changing like minute by minute, and everyday you can see the different landscape around you… and you just have to ride along with that flow.
At this Taurus Full Moon you are really looking at allowing yourself to believe you are worthy of what you want… allowing yourself to believe you are worthy of these hopes and dreams, to fully embrace and accept and relax into it… and not be so pushy and so hard on it. This Full Moon is going to demand a conversation between your desire to control and master and push forward, and your ability to just allow the dreaming and the wanting and the expecting… and there is a fine line between those two, it is very easy to swing from one to the other.

And at this Full Moon we have got lots of planets in Water and Earth signs, so it is going to be important to find ways to soothe yourself, to calm yourself… not to be so uptight and so fixed about how you think things should be. So the questions here: “ Where am I being very controlling?” and “Where could I let go a little bit?”.
So with this Earth and Water based Moon, we are looking mainly at two aspects.
First, (Scorpio Water), the depths of emotional intuitive knowledge, especially with all the Scorpio energy going on (Sun-Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio), you are really working with the Soul Investigator of the zodiac here, and that energy is very good at digging through the feeling and the intuitive side of an experience.
And second, we have the Taurus energy ( Moon-Uranus in Taurus), which is all about the grounded, receptive, feminine, divine principle of welcoming in the love, and the opportunity that is being offered up to you… so you are looking at self-worth.
This Full Moon is very much a close-out symbolically because we have the Moon at 1 degree of Taurus, and we have Venus retrograde happening at the same time, and this year we have had so much shifts and retrograde energies… So 2018 has really been a close-out year. You have to close-out how you used to do things, and now you can put something down that you have outgrown… maybe this is a part of your past and who you once were, but you no longer are, and that is where you have to commit to the next level.

Another thing to notice is that there are seven planets in Fixed signs (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius), so it is going to be an opportunity for you to look at your life and ask yourself: “What am I holding on to?”… “What am I fixed on and won’t let go of, that maybe I don’t need anymore?”… What are you doing in your life that is so regular and so robotic, that you don’t realise that you are behaving like an automate?

At the Full Moon time, we have the Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus and that is the major aspect going on here.
Moon conjunct Uranus likes to shake everything up, and wants to add an element of excitement and surprise. So this is an active, electric Full Moon indeed!!! There is a lot of energy wanting to get things moving, and you know Full Moon are already quite high energy, they are there to illuminate and get things shifted around. And this specific Full Moon is really like that, there is an unexpected quality to it, especially when you have the Moon that is so close to the edge of a sign like that (1 degree of Taurus). It is like having a moment of breaking away from an old way and really symbolically, when you have these early or late placements (1 degree or 29 degree), you are being asked to close-out an energetic cycle and welcome in a new one.

At this Full Moon, Uranus is acting like a wild card and the focus will be on your personal needs (Moon) with emphasis on your creativity and the unconventional (Uranus). This is Earth shaking literally, this is the Moon saying “ you have got to let something go”, because this Uranus energy is about revolution, awakening, it is the awakener, it is why so many people are awakening on their spiritual path. And it is what is shaking up our planet (Taurus is Earth), and we have so many volcanoes in eruption at the moment, land slides, hurricanes and earthquakes.
But Taurus is also Earth’s resources, what we value, and that pertain to money (Taurus is money). So Moon-Uranus conjunction in Taurus says “ What do you want and where do you feel stable among the current changes?”… “Where do you feel reliable, self-sufficient and strong even when things are uncertain?”.
There is a sense here that something is meant to rise up to the surface. Taurus can be stuck, stagnant and lazy. We all have Taurus within us, it is where we tend to be too comfortable, and this conjunction Moon-Uranus shakes things up and say “ we need to see something new, something fresh” and it pertains to self-worth, self-love and how you are honouring yourself, and doing so in a way that reflects abundance.
Because Taurus can be quite abundant. It is about what we own, what we buy, what we possess. So this Moon-Uranus energy is giving you a checking in on your relationship with money, and how do you see money… do you see it as a conduit of abundance? You can make money and spend money and this is truly a reflection of how much you love yourself.
Uranus-Moon combination can create turmoil, sudden incidents, accidents, emotional upsets, changes in your mood, changes in your home or personal life, issues with women…There could be sudden announcement or abrupt change in direction.
The effects of Moon-Uranus combination are not as much as bad as they are sudden and surprising. And you could be feeling very excited because this conjunction Moon-Uranus is about your emotional freedom. Like other aspects in your life, your emotional expression can become rigid and routine to the point that you are not experiencing your life anymore.
So this Moon-Uranus energy in Taurus is an opportunity to break out of your daily routines, where you have got stuck, where you are in a rut, to break out of patterns that are no longer serving you… and often it is very uncomfortable if you are used to doing something one way, it feels very odd to do it another way. You might feel peculiar indeed!!! So at this Full Moon go along with the peculiarity because it can bring something new for you.
So viewed positively and constructively, this Moon-Uranus conjunction can get you in touch with life again.
So see where 1 degree of Taurus is falling in your natal chart, in which area or “House” is it touching you. In your relationship areas… there could be a sudden move, a relationship could end… In career area… there could be a new job or you leave a job.

Now the Sun in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus.
This is about you taking a stand for who and what you are. You could feel challenged by your partner, or your environment, and there is a need to break free from restrictions. You may be feeling restless, impulsive, impatient, so watch for rash actions .
The intention of this Full Moon is to free you from self-imposed limitations and habits patterns. Uranus energy liberates you by injecting life into you, this is to keep your life fresh, lively and interesting. Uranus asks you to break up outdated patterns and perceptions.

And this Full Moon is happening right in the core of Venus retrograde, and it is a Taurus Full Moon that is ruled by Venus. So that Venusian energy is quite strong for this Full Moon.

Venus is retrograde in Scorpio back to Libra, from October 5th to November 16th, and You are all feeling that you are ready for things, and then you realise that there is still more incorporating to do these things, more preparations, before you even get to the next stage. And you may feeling right now a little of resistance or even nervousness, because you are not quite ready… so it is good to sit with that.
From Oct 5th to Nov 1st, Venus retrograde in Scorpio first and has everything to do with you recalibrating, reassessing your finances, your money. Especially to do with how you use resources, how you save any pensions and investments, any assets, loans, reassessing or reconfiguring all of those things. So during Venus retrograde phase, it is a poor time to make major financial purchases or investments, because it is harder to judge now, you could blindly overvalue things, people and products. Venus retrograde in Scorpio, is a time to go below the surface of things, the apparent beauty or charm, whether in people or in objects, because they may not be as it seems. So there is a need to be cautious when appraising the real worth of things, people or situations.
Then from Nov 1st to Nov 16th, Venus is going retrograde in Libra which is everything to do with your relationships. So maybe your relationships are going to get awakened at this time.

At the time of the Full Moon,Venus conjunct the Sun, and is in opposition to Uranus.
This can create exciting encounters, but there is also a theme of jealousy and betrayal with Venus retrograde in Scorpio. You maybe jealous of what another has, it can be a projection or it can be very real for you. So when you look at what someone else has and you are having those feelings of envy or jealousy, are you willing to do the work that it takes to have what someone else owns? In other words, are you willing to do the work that it takes to have what you want? The law of attraction rules the universe, and if you are in alignment with what you want it cannot be denied.
Often Venus in Scorpio is wrongly seen dark, ruthless woman, all this crazy stuff… But from a bigger perspective, considering that Scorpio is about death and change, this Venus in Scorpio may be reinforcing that there could be big changes and turnabouts … and with Venus opposing Moon-Uranus, changes are in the air, a revolution is afoot.
So at this Full Moon it is time to face up to the music…“Where am I limiting?”… “Where am I pushing away?”… “Where am I hiding?”… and where are you doing it when it is really something that you actually want?
And the opposite can be true…”Where am I pushing too hard?”… “Where am I trying to control too much?” There are two mechanisms “flight and fight” that we often rely on. One is to check out and just be like “I don’t want to deal with that because I feel too vulnerable”, and the other is to try to control it. And both feel a little bit hollow in the long run, both of those feel like they don’t really make you feel that you are connected.
But always with Full Moons, try to give the analytical mind a break and really listen to your gut instinct, so it is a great time to check in with that.

At the Full Moon Saturn is in good conversation with both Sun and Moon.
So having a plan, working within the structures and systems (Saturn) that support you can be very beneficial at this time. Saturn is about “long-standing”, so the changes that are made could be long-standing, with long-lasting effects, could be solidified into a new foundation, into a new solid future. But also with Saturn representing the past, it could also be revolting against long-standing things that have been in place for a very long time. Saturn is the Lord of Time, so it is very important to be patient. If you are patient success will be yours.

And Saturn is also in good conversation with Venus.
So at this Full Moon, you are being asked to really look at how you have done things, because this is the close-out of a way you have been doing things for a number of years, and the opening up to what you want to do next.
That is where you can utilise this more surprising element of your honest action, to maybe think about the grounded practical approach (Saturn). So there is a tempering going on there between the wildness of that Full Moon’s electricity (Moon conjunct Uranus) beaming down on us all, and that kind of grounded quite internal mechanism working with Venus-Saturn.
This can help ground the energy that Uranus is stirring up. Saturn-Venus combination can help you make sense of the craziness that is going on at this Full Moon time, and it is excellent for business relationships. It can help in romantic relationships too, it can help you to be practical and play well with others, work well on a team… and you can get your work done. Saturn will help you to build whatever is new for you at this time. Saturn can help you grow your business, stabilise your relationships.
At this Full Moon, what Uranus is showing you by opening you up to a new perspective, new perceptions, new world view, Saturn can help you build it.

Now at the time of the Full Moon there is the formation of an interesting pattern, called in astrology a “Grand Square or Grand Cross”, between the Sun in Scorpio, the Moon in Taurus, the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius. And this is a Fixed Grand Cross because it involves the Fixed signs.
And this Grand Cross is positioned at the beginning of the signs, zero/one degree Taurus-Scorpio and 1 degree Leo-Aquarius… So this is symbolic of the “precipice of changes”, the zero or one degree representing the change of energy, and there is so much shifting of energy at the moment, it is almost crazy!!! So there can be feelings of overwhelm, and with this Grand Cross you may be feeling pulled in too many directions.
So it is very important at this Full Moon time to practice the first Hawaiian principle “IKE – the world is what you think it is”, to really think about “What do I want?”.
“If the world is what you think it is, then you ought to be able to change your world by changing your thought”… So ask yourself: “What do I love and value?”…”What do my heart desire?”… and if you are willing to put the effort, you can get what you want.
And this Grand Cross is an opportunity for you to LET YOURSELF BE FREE… because there is a tendency with all the predominant Fixed energy to feel as though you are on a treadmill… “I have to do this – I must go there – I have got to have my job – I won’t have any money if I don’t work at my job”… all the things that you have got lined up in your brain that are very rigid. There is an opportunity at the time of this Full Moon to see those rigid patterns.

So this Taurus Full Moon is shining her light on what you love and value. When you align your goals with your core values, this promotes your success.
With earthy Taurus your power is in the choices you make now… so feel the 4th Hawaiian principle of MANAWA in your core “ Now is the moment of power”… your future is determined by it. Your freedom and joy is in your ability to live authentically. What you love and value is unique to you, it makes you what you are. What you are in truth is far more important than what you do… but the world defines you by what you do, and this is limiting. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF YOU AND THAT IS A TREASURE.
The Sun is in Scorpio and Scorpio rules other people’s values, shared resources, intimacy, trust or trust issues, sex, death, rebirth… the mysteries of life. So this Full Moon is about diving into the depths of who you are, including your shadow. Your shadow is your potential waiting to be developed. When you dismiss the shadow it gets projected out onto other people.
So at this Full Moon time, you may feel a little wild, the messages and the energies and everything that has been going on in your life may have been kind of crazy…there is a lot of electricity and tension in the air, and you may have been noticing that people around you are a little bit like scattered and not very good at walking or acting normally.
This Full Moon highlights the Taurus/Scorpio axis, and this axis is really intense because it is the birth-death axis, the birth-death polarity. And there is so much symbolism there about putting to rest who you have been in the past, and just opening up to who you are going to be next… and committing to that vision, and committing to the flow, and saying “YES I am allowed to be a part of this vision”.
And remember that we are still in the preview phase with Venus retrograde, and you still have some work to do until the end of this year. And for a lot of you, whatever you are starting now is not going to come to fruition until next year…or until the Sagittarius season is rolling a the end of the year, and we have a little bit more Fire in the air.
Life is so wild right now!!! So at this Full Moon time, remember to treat yourself with kindness, with gentleness… and think of it this way: you are watering your Earth, your inner garden. If you don’t water your Earth and take care of it, nothing grows from it.
Wherever you feel dry, feed yourself, water yourself and soften up your hard Earth.

It is raining a lot at the moment in Queensland, with lots of heavy showers, and when I look at the window it is like looking at a painting with the beautiful earth tones of Taurus. I see an abundance of greenery and that is a very healing energy, because green is a very healing colour, the colour of the Heart Chakra.
So see if you can bring that green healing into your life, into your heart at this Full Moon time.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui