This Scorpio New Moon happens on Thursday November 8th 2018 at 15 degree 11’ of Scorpio, at 2:01AM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

There are quite a lot happening this month of November.
In various ways we have Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and the Nodes of the Moon axis changing signs, and we have Mercury and Venus changing directions. So this will give the feeling of busyness, it will give the feeling of moving in one direction then changing and moving in another direction… so lets say that November is quite a “choppy” month.

And with this New Moon in the powerful sign of Scorpio, welcome to the Shadow side of yourself!!!
New Moons are normally time to focus on the lighter side, the fresh start, setting a positive new intention. But at this New Moon in Scorpio you are invited to meet and talk to your Shadow. You know your Shadow is not all bad, in fact there are more buried treasures there than skeletons. At New Moon time, as the Moon is invisible for a few nights, it is an opportunity to make magic, and focus your energies within. It is a time to explore your essential core, which becomes the seed for your creative vision in the next lunar cycle.

We all have a Scorpio flavour in ourselves, so look where the 15 degree of Scorpio sits in your natal chart, and you can set a new intention for what you want to manifest for this New Moon, in accord to this area of life it is placed in, and you will learn more about what this New Moon does mean just for you.
Now Scorpio is the most intensely emotional sign, so you are going to be feeling very strongly passionate about something. And it is also the sign of transformation, so this could be really wonderful as you are committing to something, and set a clear intention about an area of your life that you want to transform.
This Scorpio New Moon is really comfortable at looking at the energies of death and rebirth. Scorpio often has to do with releasing, letting go, learning the lessons of loosing something that might be dear to you. And realising that very often, when you lose something, and you truly surrender and let it go, you begin to transform yourself. You can renew yourself, you can become completely different. So at the time of this New Moon there is an opportunity to experience, or to begin a big transformational process.
Scorpio is that part of you that sees it all, with laser eyes, with intense focus and penetrating insight… I often say that Scorpio is the natural psychologist in us, as you see beneath the surface, you are aware of the subtle energies, subconscious motives, and suppressed emotions.
With Scorpio and its opposite sign Taurus, you know what you desire, and you are determined to get it… but Scorpio-Taurus axis brings the issue of trust, and then you may be wary of discussing your intentions with anyone else, that might take away your power.
And “power” is a keyword to Scorpio, because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, respectively representing the “higher Will and the lower Will”. The secret to master Scorpio’s energy is to rise above the negative expressions, like manipulation and possessiveness, and putting the lower Will in the service of the higher Will.

At this New Moon it is time to dig for gold, reclaiming something you have repressed or disowned about yourself, and let it see the light of day. Get real about what is driving you NOW.
Now is the moment of power MANAWA, the 4th Hawaiian Principle.
What Shapes Your Current Reality? To see that, first train your sensory awareness …Try to notice even more detail every time you look at something, you listen to a piece of music, you touch something. Become fully aware of that…Then focus on what you can do. To bring your awareness into the now and get yourself to focus on what needs to be done, you’ll need to catch yourself through asking yourself “What is the smallest step I can do now, within the next minutes, to bring myself closer to my vision?”. You see there is a time where you create your vision, but once that is in place, you need to focus on the road to get there.
So this Scorpio New Moon reminds you that “People have the power”… that “YOU HAVE THE POWER”… You are SuperWoman or SuperMan … Yeah!!! The only question here is : “ Do I use my superpower for good or evil?”. At this New Moon you can channel the energy around you to achieve anything you set your mind to, so keep the greater good in mind.
And remember that the last couple of years, you have been through some dark nights of the Soul, and emerged on the other side of those experiences with a new radiance. So this Scorpio New Moon and its magic offers spiritual experiences, and to share them with others makes them truly transformative.
This Scorpio New Moon is also about “Taboos”, and some taboos exist for a reason. So before you break the rules, ask yourself just what those reasons are, because once you have crossed the line, the damage is done. That is not to say you should not take risks at this New Moon time… but if you are going to do it, do it with your eyes opened.
In whatever situation you find yourself in, be aware that this Scorpio New Moon awakens your inner psychologist, your inner detective… but make sure the mystery you are observing over is actually worth solving.

So this New Moon in Scorpio is a time of death, transformation and rebirth, “rising from the ashes”, and you have done it before several times already….so like the Phoenix, you are about to rise again from the ashes. Or if you prefer other animal totems, as the snake you shade the old skin, and during this year your “Caterpillar You” has built and settled in his chrysalis and is about to crack it opened, and emerge as your “Butterfly You”… Wow what a powerful journey of death, transformation and rebirth you are in!!!
The big question here is: “ What new reality am I rising into?… And remember that it does not have to be your final destination, it is just your latest incarnation. And at this Scorpio New Moon, don’t be afraid to aim high, and become a colourful and powerful Monarch or Peacock butterfly, because at this time you have got the power of the wind beneath your wings.

A prominent aspect at the time of this Scorpio New Moon, is that the Sun and Moon are Trine to Neptune.
So this is a very soft and smooth conversation here, a beautiful aspect, wonderful for creativity, music, dance, theatre, writing, design… wonderful for your spiritual path, tuning in, and mainly to learn to be compassionate to yourself, to be gentle with yourself… wonderful for taking something up, that you used to love, and especially because we have Venus still retrograde until Nov 16th… It is a good time to come back to something.
So what could I come back to that I used to enjoy?

So during this New Moon time, Venus is still retrograde in Scorpio, therefore the flavour of relationship and its exploration or reassessment is still very strong.
SuperCouples have each other’s back, but they don’t “hold” each other back. A SuperDuet is one where both people are free to evolve. But at this New Moon on the Scorpio-Taurus axis, for the relationship to grow, you are going to need some space. In any dispute, whether they be familial or personal, there is a lot more power in forgiveness than there is in nursing a grudge. Putting the past behind you may not be easy, but at this New Moon, it is something you can really pride yourself on.

At the time of the New Moon, Venus is Square to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, therefore the ruler of this New Moon.
Now this Square could bring out obsessions, compulsions, relationships frustrations and issues. You may be involved with somebody you know is not really good for you. It could bring back somebody into your life, an old lover, an old flame… this relationship comes back for healing. You might resuscitate this relationship… although with the Square, it is not necessary very likely… but if you do resuscitate it, there might be some deep emotional healing to go through. So it is really important, with Venus still retrograde and in Square to Pluto, to remember to love yourself. So celebrate yourself!!!
With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, and Venus being the ruler of finances, there might be some financial issues, so it might be a good time to revisit a difficult issue with money, and breaking some new ground for yourself. After all, money itself is neither “good” or “bad”… what matters is how you get it, how you use it, and what that says about your values.

Another important thing happening at this New moon time, is the Nodes of the Moon axis is changing signs.
It has for the last 18 months moved through Leo-Aquarius signs, and they are two quite social, outgoing signs. But now the Nodes are shifting into the signs of Cancer-Capricorn. The Nodes are always moving opposite pairs through the zodiac. So see where Cancer-Capricorn axis sits in your natal chart, in which areas or houses they are falling into, because it is where there are going to be changes and activities in your life, for the next 18 months, until June 2020, and it is also where the next series of eclipses are going to fall in.
So Cancer-Capricorn, in contrast to the more outgoing and social signs of Leo-Aquarius, tend to be more conservative and more inward looking. They like to preserve what is. Cancer is very connected to your emotional security, your feeling of being with family, with friends, feeling cosy, feeling safe. Capricorn is about your practical security. So there is this feeling of protecting what is, keeping the control of what is.

At the time of the New Moon,Jupiter sits on the last degree of Scorpio, and with all this Scorpio energy around this New Moon, it is time to release and to let go of the old things, especially also because Jupiter does move into Sagittarius very soon, inaugurating the time for new horizon, a new perspective on your life.
Jupiter has a 12 years orbit around the zodiac, so he essentially spend a year in each sign. So from the 9th of November, he is moving in his own sign of Sagittarius.
So see where the sign of Sagittarius sits in your natal chart, which house area, and go back 12 years (2006) and see what was happening for you at this time. What is happening to you now is in a kind of echo to what you experienced 12 years ago, not the same story for sure, but a similar energy. So if you have the Sun or the Moon or the Ascendant or emphasis in Sagittarius, this is potentially very good news because Jupiter can give you, from November, a new year of expansion, of personal growth, self improvement, with many opportunities coming your way. So it is why it is so important to know your birth chart.
With Jupiter flavour, areas that are going to be emphasised will be travel, morality and ethics and belief systems, religion, writing, publishing, and the sense of “meaning” is going to be much more important. Another emphasis will be on the freedom of speaking, the freedom of the press.

Now let’s look at Uranus… Uranus is retrograde at 29 degrees of Aries, and is in exact Square to the Nodes of the Moon axis, which is placed respectively at 29degrees of Cancer, and 29 degrees of Capricorn. This Square involves Cardinal signs, and 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs is really resonating at this time of the New Moon, so check if you have any planets around these degrees positions.
This Uranus-Nodes Square can create disruptions, diversions or unexpected- eruptive issues coming up, which are quite surprising. This can give you quantum leap on a personal level in your evolution.
Uranus is retrograde in Aries until March 2019, so this is a time to really look at your past actions, and then maybe decide to make some new decisions, and to move forward differently, in a new way.

At the time of the New Moon, we have Mercury at 8 degrees of Sagittarius. And few days after the New Moon, Mercury will be stationary retrograde at 13 degrees of Sagittarius on Nov 16th.
So Mercury is currently in his “shadow”, which means he is going back over the same territory, and he is going to be formulating the next call of your Soul, and where you want to go… Mercury is your inner traveler “I am ready for the next part of my life, and I want to think differently about what is possible for me”.
So that happens on Nov16th, and on the same day, Venus is stationary direct at 26 degrees of Libra. Venus is going to be in Libra for most of November, and now that she is back in Libra, she is able to talk about everything she has been feeling while she was in Scorpio. She is able to put words to it, and she is able to share it, and to take a few steps back and say “ okay now this is what I have been feeling, these have been my fears, my worries, this is what has come up in Scorpio”. And now back in Libra, she find the people she can talk to about it, and gets it out of her head. In Libra Venus is objective whereas in Scorpio she is very subjective and emotional, and now she can see what she did not see before, she can see and understand the other side of the coin, the other possibilities.
And at the time of the New Moon, while Venus is in Libra, she is also in very good conversation ( a Trine) with Mars in Aquarius.
So Mars is the masculine and he is teaming beautifully with Venus the feminine. They are in alignment during this new moon, and they giving each other support… and Mars in Aquarius says “ What do you want to do?”… “Where do you want to go?”… “What is the path ahead?”. And then Venus in Libra says “ This is what I have learned about what was preventing me from moving ahead, this is what I have learned when I was in Scorpio, and now I see it differently”.

This Scorpio New Moon is the perfect time to retreat in your cave to rest and re-balance yourself between your physical, mental, and spiritual selves. This can be a healing New Moon, if you take time to recharge your batteries.
Naturally Scorpio people can be very guarded. So this Scorpio New Moon brings also the opportunity to come out of your shell. But wait for the right moment to do that, be selective about when, where, and with whom you can let your guard down to have a good time.

So you can see how there is a lot in this New Moon, it is all about owning the powerful new version of yourself, that has been created this year. This is a New Moon to sit with yourself, to contemplate what is still in transformation, what you are still working through, where you still have untapped reservoirs of your own energy and power, and how to claim it. And then to understand that you are so cosmically supported right now ( Pluto and Neptune in good conversation with this New Moon… Venus in lovely Trine to Mars), and there is really no going back and no holding back.
So what do you need do to honour yourself even more with this New Moon?… Honour who you are becoming, honour what this year has brought up, even if it has been challenging or hard, or a struggle. But HERE YOU ARE , still moving through … and keep it going, because there is going to be big energy shifts in November, there is more coming with Jupiter going into Sagittarius.

So here I am doing this blog and I really love it, and I really know that it supports you and helps you, and that is what brings me joy too, because we are all in this together… That is part of the Scorpio flavour, how we share and empower each other, to own our energy fields to the fullest extent that we can. That is how I chose to use astrology, it helps me so much, and I hope that these insights have helped you on your path as well. Thank you for your comments, your likes and your decisions to book a reading of your celestial map with me.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui