This Gemini Full Moon happens on Friday 23rd November 2018 at 0 degrees 52’ of Gemini,
at 3:40 PM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome to this Gemini Full Moon!!! Oh La La, I made it just in time!!!
Really this month of November is quite a busy, fast-moving, a changeable period astrologically.

The Moon is in Gemini at 0 degrees opposite the Sun in Sagittarius at 0 degrees.
Something very interesting is that this Gemini Full Moon is the first of five Full Moons at 0 degrees, bringing new beginnings, culminations, and as we are on the dawn of 2019, there is even more coming, so hold on to your seats because things just are in that fluid changing energy.
0 degrees in Astrology is a pivot point, it is called a “critical degree”, and in April 2019 the sixth Full Moon, after the five “zero degree” Full Moons, happens at 29 degrees, which is also a “critical degree”.
In astrology, when these “critical degrees” are emphasised (0 degrees and 29 degrees), you are looking at something that is tense, asking you to break away from old tradition, conditioning, old routine… and at the time of this Full Moon you can feel it. You can feel the friction between moving out of the Scorpio season into Sagittarius season. You can feel the friction between what was and what needs to be. Sagittarius season brings trouble with it, and you have to handle the heat.

So this Gemini Full Moon is very hot, very sensitive, very intense, and occurring at 0 degrees, this Full Moon is at a tilting point, at a snapping point, right at a breaking point, and you have this real sense of, your life is shifting, pivoting, something big is changing for you over the next few months. So really pay attention to that, and check where the 0 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius falls in your Natal chart, and in which House or area it sits. If it sits in the 10th House, then something about your status, your career, your reputation, your vocation, your parenting skills, your desire for achievement will be at breaking/changing point.

At the time of this Full Moon the Sun is also conjunct Mercury retrograde.
Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, he is then the ruler of this Full Moon, so this brings a huge Mercury intensification at this time. And since Mercury is in retrograde (from Nov 16th until Dec 7th), you will want to consider things more carefully, and more so because Jupiter in conjunction to the Sun and Mercury, is also part of this equation, and Jupiter will magnify how you communicate your ideas. So you are going to have a bigger expanded vision, and you are going to want to share these words, or expressing yourself in writing… but be careful about exaggerating things.
And Mercury retrograde takes you within, and you really want to rely on that intuition at the this Full Moon time.

Mercury is also in exact Square to Neptune as well, and this aspect awakens your imagination and your creative pursuits, focusing on dreams, but you don’t want to focus on things that are not real. Neptune represents the watery, the dreamy side of things, and so when in a Square with Mercury retrograde, you may not focusing on the fact, you may focus on the fiction. So be very clear about what the truth actually is, because the day after the Full Moon Neptune is stationary direct, so this is very very powerful.
When the slow planets ( such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are changing direction, they spend few days being “stationary” and that is the time when they are really impacting us the most.
Neptune is doing his stationary direct process on 13 degrees of Pisces, so check where this degree is falling in your natal chart, in which House or area, to get an idea of how this shift of energy is affecting you.
This number 13 energy is very powerful because November 2018 is a 13 Universal month. 13 is the Divine Feminine number, the transformation number, the life-death-rebirth number, the empowerment number… So you really need to look at what is coming up within you from a very receptive feminine side, but empowering you, as opposed to creating deception or manipulation… this is the key.
So this Full Moon is super creative, because Mercury is retrograde and in Square to Neptune, and also there is the challenging T-Square with Mars in Pisces.

The T-Square involving Mars is another key aspect of this Full Moon..
Now a T-Square is formed when we have got 2 planets in opposition, in this case at this Full Moon Sun and Moon are in opposition, and then we have got another planet at 90 degrees from both, in this case it is Mars.
So you have this martian energy squaring off against the really philosophical nature, the very intellectual warmth and intensity and curiosity of the Gemini Full Moon. And this martian energy may trigger irritation, rage, frustration, desire, hunger for something you want, hunger for answers, hunger for physical touch, for romance, hunger for this person that you are after, or this idea of yourself that you are after… and you feel that your throat Chakra is blocked and you can’t speak… any of these things may be coming up. But you know, they are all welcome because they are “good in disguise”, they are “messengers”.
You know that Gemini is ruled by the great Messenger of the Gods, Mercury, and Mercury retrograde during this Full Moon is making you go and look internal. So at this Gemini Full Moon time, look at what messages are coming through you, where you are messaging to yourself, where your inner being is giving you information that you need.
This T-Square involving Mars is a triangle of action in many ways. Mars is now in Pisces which is more about receptivity, so at this Full Moon time there is a combination of action and being in a very more quiet place. So at this time, you really need to integrate and stand up for who you are. Mars always stands up for something and he is firing up your internal engine, for you manifesting what your divine mission is, what your vision is. So with this T-Square you may resist embracing change at first, but you can proceed with confidence nonetheless. So just be aware of that, because Mars gives you that fuel to proceed, and that T-Square is very activating, so you will not have obstacles to move forward.

Something very special about this Full Moon is that the Mutable flavour is highly predominant, because there are 7 planets in Mutable signs (Moon in Gemini, Sun-Jupiter-Mercury in Sagittarius, Mars-Neptune-Chiron in Pisces), and the Mutable quality is about flexibility and change, transferring from one set to another, it is about shifting gears, it is about leaving behind and moving forward. And with this 0 degrees Full Moon, it is time to be in the mode of letting go.
We have had our Venus retrograde, we are now in Mercury retrograde… this is a time to be curious about what is next. This is a time to be curious about what that hunger inside of you is telling you about what you need to pursue.
At this Gemini Full Moon you can hear what Mercury, the great Messenger, is telling you “please BE CURIOUS about what your inner being is trying to get you to do”. ..”stop going back to the old same pattern, people, places, that leave you feeling hungry, confused and tired over and over again”…”You are supposed to be listening to the hunger inside of you, and paying attention to your heart”… “YOUR HEART IS THE ANSWER”.
This Gemini Full Moon will illuminate anywhere where you have been ignoring your Soul code, your inner being.
The great news is that if you are willing to listen to the curious voice within, the curious voice will give you some really good nudges, in the right direction. Curiosity is not about having all the answers, but what it is about, is being open enough to the possibility that if you just take one little step in a direction that is calling to you, that you could be honouring your heart, your path. So you have to be curious enough to even turn to your inner being callings.
So during this Gemini Full Moon are you willing to hear ideas, really great ideas coming from your inner being, they come from Source, they come from meditative states, from feeling relaxed. They also come from you asking some questions, or from observing your state.
At this Full Moon time you may be willing to be like the “hermit”, and this is about listening, about taking in, about investigating and be very curious.
This Full Moon is about giving yourself an audience and speaking your mind, and you just want to say everything. Impatience, hunger, impulsivity, frustration… all of that is coming to the surface, and you want to make things move. Now that Venus is direct and Mercury retrograde, you just like ready to go into new territory.

At this Full Moon time, Jupiter conjunct the Sun.
Jupiter just entered his own sign of Sagittarius, on Nov 8th, and Jupiter has a 12 years cycle around the zodiac. So you may be feeling very optimistic, much more broad-minded and big-hearted, generous, very enthusiastic, and feeling more gratitude, being more engaged in your future. This is really helpful during this Gemini Full Moon because your thoughts are naturally more in that optimistic frame of mind.
So at this full Moon time, it might be easier to practice the first Hawaiian principle of IKE: “The world is what you think it is… be aware”. This refers to the importance of belief. Whatever you believe in, you will manifest. With this IKE flavoured Full Moon you are asked to be an observer and an interpreter of your world, stripping yourself from all emotion, and just looking at the fact, and the balance of good and bad in it. The famous question with IKE is “ Are you seeing the glass half full or half empty?”.
And since Jupiter conjunct the Sun and is in opposition to the Moon, he is providing such a positive impact, so if you want to move forward at this time with your visions of the future, (Jupiter also rules the future), don’t take NO for an answer.

Now with Jupiter’s shadow side in Sagittarius, because of his conjunction to the Sun, it is very important for you to be aware of putting your beliefs ahead of somebody else’s, proclaiming that you are correct and somebody else is not. This Full Moon time is to remember that your belief system is not the only valid one, and you don’t want to superimpose your storyline on to anybody else.
And Jupiter conjunct the Sun, is also all about creativity…so your joy is dependent on you sharing it in a verbal, or musical, or dance art.

Another thing is happening at this Full Moon, Uranus is at 29 degrees of Aries opposing Venus in Libra.
This can cause shake ups in relationships. Uranus is this electrical planet of surprise, and opposing Venus in Libra ( she is in one of her natural signs), is asking you to find harmony and balance in your relationships. You have to shake something up, you have to dig something up that is no longer serving.

And something else important to mention is that on November 6th, we had the Lunar Nodal Axis changing signs polarity, from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn.
In astrology, the path to your life purpose is encoded in the North and South Nodes of the moon. These points, or poles, are directly opposite each other (thus, in opposite zodiac signs) and are used by astrologers to determine where your destiny lies. The Nodes change signs approximately every 18.5 months, so people born within your same North and South Node group are like your “soul tribe,” the group you keep incarnating with to learn the same lessons.
The Nodal Axis will transit Cancer/Capricorn polarity from November 2018 to May 2020. So what you have learned the last 18 months, and the self confidence you have gained with the North Node moving through Leo, you are now going to rebirth your identity with the North Node in Cancer.

So to summarise, the main themes around this Full Moon are that your life is pivoting, your life is changing. We are on the onset of a six months full moon CYCLE OF CHANGE.
Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius is the beginning of a 12 years CYCLE OF JOY.
Venus just ended her retrograde mode on November 16th…so there is forward momentum with Love, relationships, and with financial, anything with abundance.
Mercury just went retrograde in Sagittarius, which is bringing your mind into “WHAT BRINGS ME JOY?”… You are focusing on that.
Uranus changed into Taurus earlier this year, which is really a powerful multi-years sojourn, and even though he just stepped back into late degrees Aries for a short little retrograde period, by March 2019 he is going to be back in Taurus until 2025. This is another change and Uranus is the planet of change.
And finally the Nodal Lunar Axis also just changed signs a few days ago, from Leo/Aquarius flavour to Cancer/Capricorn flavour, and that will last for 18 months…
So you can see that all this change energy is being magnified by this Gemini Full Moon. Something is shifting you to the core, it will and is resulting in a transformation, a rebirth in a part of your life, maybe your whole life. You will understand what that transformation is, as you move down the road over the next 6 months. And Jupiter in Sagittarius just ask you to trust in the process of this shift, and Gemini asks you to speak the truth.
So this Gemini Full Moon will really empower you to live your life in total alignment with your Celestial Soul Code and to find out more about it : “ What is my life purpose?… What is my destiny?… What is my birth potential, now and into the future?

This Full Moon is harvest time. And in order to receive all that you seek, and yearn for, and deserve, you have to make space. You have to let the old go, so that your cups can be refilled.
With Jupiter now in Sagittarius, it is time to let some rays of light in, to clear away the darkness, release the sadness and pain, and give thanks for grace. Receive from your higher powers. Speak to your Aumakua. Ask and it shall be given.

I wish you an amazing Gemini Full Moon and I will be back in two weeks for the Capricorn New Moon.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏