This Sagittarius New Moon happens on Friday 7th December 2018 at 15 degrees 07’ of Sagittarius, at 5:20 PM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

This is the final New Moon of 2018!!!
The sign of Sagittarius is very much about expansion, and joy, and bliss, and a thirst for wisdom and knowledge… and it governs the laws, and it governs trust, and just uplifting energy through joy, through understanding. So let’s walk through the energy of this Sagittarius New Moon, what are the conversations between the planets, and what are they showing you, telling you, and how can you work with these energies consciously?

With this New Moon in Sagittarius, we have the Sun and Moon conjunct at 15 degrees 07’, so first thing to do is to look for where these 15 degrees of Sagittarius are sitting in your natal chart, and in which area or House, and that where this New Moon is highlighted for you and really strong.
Sun and Moon meet each month, and at that time the sky is dark, and there is a sense of new beginning. Every New Moon is about “Intention”, and it is about really being clear in what you want to direct your energy towards.
So this New Moon happens at 15 degrees, and 15 in numerology is the number of the spiritual alchemist. So this New Moon time is very magical, very positive, it is about uplifting others through joy, so it ties in beautifully to the Sagittarius message. Sagittarius is the eternal student, the philosopher, it loves to expand horizons. So at this New Moon time you will be engaging in unfamiliar territory, waking up, and this will take you to another level of understanding, which will expand your optimism… because the more you understand, the more you put your knowledge into practice, which is the true meaning of wisdom.

This New Moon is extra strong because Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) is now in Sagittarius. He is at 6 degrees, so he is widely conjunct to the New Moon, and he will be moving forward into the Sagittarian energies even more, over the next year.
This represents an initiation here of Sagittatian energies, in your chart, in a whole new way, with this Jupiter prominent. So where this New Moon is sitting in your chart, is where you are being asked to really open up to looking at new ways to believe in yourself.
Jupiter recently re-entered Sagittarius (Nov 8th), he has a 12 years cycle through the zodiac signs, so this is a very big deal that he is in conjunction to the New Moon. Jupiter has everything to do with plenty and opportunity, optimism and luck, growth and tolerance, and he rules gratitude, he rules honour, he rules the laws… he broadens everything, broadens your understanding, and brings just unlimited possibilities. So the biggest flavour of this New Moon is “TIME FOR GROWTH”.
Sagittarian energy is positive, it is enthusiastic, it wants to go big. It wants to be out there and explore, search, seek, it is about accumulating knowledge, wisdom, and it is also about being open to learning. Sagittarius is where you want to expand yourself, you expand your mind, your spirit, your body. So here is a good question to ask… WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR ME IN THIS LIFE?… You are meant to look at something from a higher perspective, and that is because Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the Zodiac, and as the 9th sign, it has accumulated a lot of wisdom.
So it is not only a New Moon for the current Lunar cycle, but it is also a New Moon for the next 12 months because you are being asked to really own the area of your chart where this Sagittarius New Moon is sitting.
You are really being asked to look at your belief systems, your opinions, what you think is right and wrong, what is your definition of justice… you are asked to look at how you have really embraced trust, what it means to have faith, what it means to keep going and to take a risk even when you can’t see what is ahead. This is all of Sagittarian’s domain, it is that sense of “I am ready for the next thing and bring it on”. And because Sagittarius is also about the big picture, you are meant to be looking at a bigger horizon. You are meant to look up, you are meant to see something in a higher way. So this also calls in the energy of that bigger perspective, around what you have been moving through, about “what has been the higher purpose of it?”…”What has it taught you?”… and you have accumulated wisdom along the way, and this New Moon is saying to integrate that and really own it with a sense of confidence and accomplishment. And it is very important to acknowledge how far you have come, and it is how you really honour and recognise yourself.
So this is going to be working with you throughout the next year, because Jupiter is going to be moving over Sagittarian energies until December 2019. So you have a year of expansion underway, and this New Moon is bringing that energy in more clearly for you.

At the time of this New Moon there is an amazing conversation between Mercury retrograde in Scorpio exactly in Trine to Chiron in Pisces.
They are both sitting at 27 degrees, and 27 first of all is the number of Unconditional Love and Wisdom, and it is also called “ The Buddha Number”…it is such a wonderful number. It is 3 times 9, that in itself has many mystical qualities.
So on one side we have Chiron that is Love and healing, and on the other side, Mercury currently retrograde in Scorpio, is about deepening your communication, going to the depths, the root of the matter. Things that you have not talked about or wanted to share, are coming to the surface. So when these two planets are in Trine, which is the most harmonious conversation or aspect in astrology, this awakens your inner warrior, your inner Kahuna or shaman / shamaness ( or shamanka the Medicine Woman), your inner healer… this spiritual nurturer who wants to share something really profound. And if you are open to the idea of past lives, the way that is affecting people, is that everything that you brought from previous lifetimes regarding who you were as an intuitive, as a healer, this wisdom that you have already acquired over many eons of lifetimes, you are now activating it at this time in human history, where it is so necessary because there is so much that has been cleansed and shifted right now. So you are taking to heart that this is who you are at Soul Level, and you are literally accessing this wisdom, becoming the sacred – spiritual warrior, the person you are meant to be, your Divine Mission is lighting up at this New Moon time.
“This is how I am meant to be in this world”… “This is how I am meant to serve”…
So in this conversation between Chiron and Mercury, Mercury is communication… What are you saying?… What are you communicating?… What are you thinking and how are you sharing that?
So Mercury is supporting this and is helping you form a new story, because Mercury is the stories that you tell yourself, and at this New Moon time, it is about your shadow self ( Mercury in Scorpio). Because your shadow self maybe was operating with limited vision, and light, and perspective…so at this New Moon time, Mercury has gone back into Scorpio to transmute any of those remaining shadow stories energies, and that heals you… that is what the conversation with Chiron in Pisces is doing.
And Chiron is the healer… you are healing the wounds, and Chiron is also about Love. Chiron is what you have been healing this year, it is about the completion energies, it is what is over, what is ended… it is about the parts of you that you are releasing whether that is in your aura, in your life, in your spiritual growth, in your world… The Trine between these two planets is so beautiful, and this final New Moon of 2018 is about bringing, feeling and sharing Happiness. So take advantage of this incredible energy. So look in your natal chart where this Pisces energy shows up.

Something very unusual at this New Moon time, is that Mercury is going stationary direct just the day before this New Moon, and Chiron is station-direct 2 days after this New Moon.
Those two planets are changing directions on either side of this New Moon, in a way they are cushioning it.
So Mercury is ready to move forward, and going back into Scorpio has allowed him to basically dip back into a deeper understanding of his motivations, of more information and details that he needs, that maybe he overlooked. And in Scorpio there is something more that you was meant to see, that perhaps was in a corner. Like in the darkness of Scorpio, you can easily leave something in the corner, and you go back into the dark room, you grab it thinking that you need it, and you are going forward. So with Mercury here there is an opportunity to really assess a few more things that you have been healing and working on. And on December 13th, Mercury is entering Sagittarius, and begin a new adventure, as he moves into new information, new possibilities, new travel…
Mercury in Scorpio also looks at your deep desires and you are now able to verbalise them…
Now on the other side of the New Moon, we have Chiron in Pisces, stationary-direct 2 days after on December 9th. This is also a big deal, because Chiron is about healing and Love. So when Chiron is stationary-direct, and resumes his full direct motion, you are going to start feeling this, and then for the next 6 months, you are going to show healing more outwardly. It is not going to be only an inward journey of self-discovery, which it has been for the last few months, it is now going to go outward again.

So this New Moon time, is really about looking at what you have learned, how you are different now, and how you are open to the journey ahead, you are open to continual expansion in your world and in your life. The Sagittarius energy at this New Moon is quite uplifting and positive. However it can be too much, it can be overboard. It is excess, eating too much, going too far, spending too much, because there is that sense of “I want to go go go”.

Interestingly at this new Moon, we have a Square to the Sun and the Moon from Mars and Neptune both exactly conjunct at 13 degrees of Pisces.
Chances are that you might feel a little lost… So if you feel lost, welcome it, and see if you can go into “feeling lost”, and what that feels like, and see if it takes you on a new path… Because New Moons are always opportunities for new beginnings.
So Mars and Neptune are exactly conjunct at 13 degrees of Pisces , and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. This is so powerful, first of all because 13 is the Divine Feminine number, so it governs empowerment through your intuition. 13 is also about life-death-transformation, so it is about “rebirth”, and with Neptune and Mars coming together, this really strengthen your spirituality, your compassion… it expands your desire and activation because that is what Mars is. But what do you desire? You desire to get in touch with your spiritual nature, you desire to get in touch with what uplifts you, what connects you to others, unconditional Love… This Square Neptune-Mars is a very ethereal activation, and it happens during this New Moon in Sagittarius, so it activates joy and expansion, all those things already talked about. And because this is the final New Moon of the year 2018, you want to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS REBIRTH, because it sets the stage for 2019, and also because the next New Moon, in Capricorn, is actually a Partial Solar Eclipse on January 6th, and it also happens at 15 degrees, just like this New Moon happening at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. So that theme of the spiritual alchemy that is uplifting through joy continues.

This New Moon in Sagittarius, widely conjunct with her ruler Jupiter in Sagittarius, is really about generosity. So what good acts, what random acts of kindness can you do? You might find yourself really loosing yourself, and finding yourself in other people, in other things… so focus away from that narrow corridor of looking at yourself and your issues… and as soon as you begin giving to others, looking for the good things that people are doing for you, suddenly you don’t really notice any of your problems anymore, at least momentarily.
So this Neptune-Mars conjunction, in Square to the New Moon, is about merging, finding the connection that you have with people, rather than looking for the disconnect that you have with people. “There are always blue skies if you look for it… even amidst the darkness and the clouds, see if you can find the blue sky”.
The Pisces energy is also associated with trust and surrender, but it is a “letting go” energy. It is not being too locked in, it is not clutching too hard, it is allowing things to move… it is endings.
So in your natal chart, where the 15 degrees Sagittarius and the 13 degrees of Pisces sit, you have the strong energy of expansion and the strong energy of endings. And these endings are not new because they have been working with you already. This Neptune at 13 degrees of Pisces has now stationed-direct and is moving on.
Chiron in Pisces is stationary-direct and he is also covering territory that he has already been working on, so this year you have been healing deeply in the Pisces area of your natal chart, and these endings are happening. And Pisces is the ocean, so it is like the ocean is taking away what you have healed and worked through.
And with Mars here conjunct Neptune, Mars adds in the push, pushing it out that energy even more away from you. Mars is often the engine, he is the one that gets things going, and so there is a sense of completion here of what you have been moving through this year. It could be deep, at Soul Level, spiritual, something that you thought you would never let go of, something emotional, a turning point.

So these 3 planets in Pisces, Mars-Neptune-Chiron, are showing you the way out, and Mars is assisting with that saying “LET’S MOVE ON”. Mars will be beginning a new cycle in Aries in January 2019. The rest of the month of December is about clearing out of the Pisces. We have a strong Pisces signature throughout December, representing endings. So whatever is bothering you in your life, it has been exhausting, you are tired, so let it go… So this Pisces energy represents the final remnants through the last few weeks of 2018.
Mars is also saying to watch your body, because Mars represents the physical body, and he wants you to make sure you have moved that energy, the emotional energy, the healing energy, any sadness, any loss, through the body… don’t let it linger in the body.
So this New Moon is showing you that you are ending the part of your life where Pisces sign is in your natal chart, and yet, where Sagittarius sits in your chart, you are expanding.
So at this New Moon time we have these tow energies that are basically showing up, and it can be confusing, it can be uncertain (Pisces flavour), but in your chart where the Sagittarius sign is, it is where you are expanding and that brings clarity of where to follow this high vibes, happiness, developments… and to honour and allow the Pisces to complete and go, and be finished. So at this New Moon time, be aware of these two energies that require your attention.

I want to remind you that we are also having a cycle of Full Moons at zero degrees, five consecutive Full Moons, that started with the last Full Moon in Gemini.
This is really important because zero is the first degree when you start a sign. Each sign of the zodiac starts at zero and goes up to 29 degrees 59 minutes, and the middle degree of any sign is 15, because every sign has 30 degrees. So we have here this very exciting connection between the beginning and the mid-point of each sign, so it is like a completion, and there is so much that is being cleansed right now, and healed.
So you know, anything that comes up for you that reminds you that there is a cycle that you are completing, and that you are moving on to a brand new life, a brand new understanding in your life, this is what these Lunations are, they have combined their energies, and in their numerology as well, to show you that this is a time for tremendous AWAKENING AND REBIRTH. So see it as an expansion, to express yourself joyfully, to SURROUND YOURSELF WITH JOY, and that means the people in your life must uplift you, must be there to help you heal and you for them as well, it is a two-ways street always.
So at the time of this New Moon, it is important to remember to laugh, no matter how serious things may get, there is always a funny side, if you look for it. There is always something or somebody that could come up with something that would take your mind off it, would take you away from something that was upsetting. So see if you can do that in your life with just the simplest of things, and use laughter as your key.
So the message of this Sagittarius New Moon is “ Do not hang with energy that is dark, heavy, draining, too codependent… “ you need to step away. This is your opportunity at this New Moon time TO BE WITH JOY, you are being supported through the universe to make this internal shift.

At this New moon, among the stars, we have a Grand Trine in Water signs (Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces). A Grand Trine is the most fortunate geometric sacred design in astrology. It is a big triangle in the heavens, and in this Grand Trine, Mercury is in Trine to Chiron in Pisces, and also in Trine to the North Node in Cancer. This Water Grand Trine is active through December 9th, so it is blessing us during the full week of this New Moon.
This Water Grand Trine is allowing you to step up as a healer. All your past lives as an intuitive and lover of sacred wisdom, spiritual adviser… these are coming together now to inspire you to step up and activate you for your divine mission. This is a theme that runs throughout December, so this month really blesses you with a powerful surge of spiritual and creative courage. So use it and start really implementing what you feel at Soul level.

This new energy of the North Node at 28 degrees of Cancer is energising the path ahead helping you understand what you have been healing around trust, around trusting yourself, your feelings, trusting your feminine energies whether you are a male or a female. So these are the parts of you that you are now ready to trust more. And that is the energy of the Mercury-Chiron- North Node Grand Trine. This Grand Trine means that these energies are all in a continual flow, and they have friendly and supportive conversation between each other. There is harmony, growth, expansion, wisdom, understanding… They are all talking at this New Moon time with a nurturing, loving energy. This is about compassion for yourself, this is new way of understanding what your heart needs, what your feminine needs. So this Water Grand trine is really a beautiful gift.

At this New Moon time, we have got 6 planets in Mutable signs ( Sun-Moon-Jupiter in Sagittarius, Chiron-Neptune-Mars in Pisces), so this is a time to go with the flow. When the flavour is predominant in Fixed signs, you can plan, you can structure, you can stay in one place for a while, but once the Mutable is taking the lead, it is really important to remember that you have got to keep changing. Of course you are changing all the time, but you are just not necessarily aware of it… So KEEP GOING WITH THE CHANGES, try not to resist them… and I know that is not easy. This Mutable energy is encouraging you to change, to grow, to become more than what you have been… That is what Sagittarius is, it is about breaking out of your boundaries, having no boundaries in many ways, and just expanding out. So with the Sagittarius flavour it is about travel, going on a trip somewhere that you have never been to before maybe. Or again it is about looking for things, maybe in difficult situations, where you can find something funny to focus on. So at this New Moon time, see if you can bring upliftment wherever you go, set a new intention… New Moons are wonderful time for setting an intention of what it is you want to create around you.

So it feels like it has been hard, it has been tough learning some lessons this year, but you are ending the year powerfully with lots of support. Now you are the Phoenix enjoying his rising, and you become the eagle with a new sense of vision, understanding, wisdom…and you say to yourself… “What is worth my energy?… What is worth my time?… “Now I can really feel my power in a whole new way”.

So this New Moon has a lot of positive energy, because the personal planets, Mars, Mercury and Venus are done with their retrogrades. They have all been reversed this year and realigned. Now we have this joy and optimism and expansion of this Sagittarius New Moon. So set those intentions, make them big, make them bold, go for it… And really believe that you are with it, really believe you can create it, we all live in this universe with unlimited possibilities and potentials.
And keep in mind that this New Moon also sets the stage for Jupiter in its Sagittarius journey for the whole year 2019.
What is nice here is that even though you can go overboard with that Sagittarius energy, the strong Capricorn flavour will keep you in line. It is saying that if you want to create and manifest that is great, but be willing to work for it, put in the time, the dedication, the discipline… because you can go big and great, but we are living in the real world where time, effort, and energy counts. So don’t allow the Pisces energy to discourage you or to defeat you… because yes you are clearing things out, and there is endings, and there is stuff that is being pushed away, but again this New Moon is about an expansion energy, that is meant to help you remember that life is an ongoing adventure, an ongoing journey.
What do you want to create now? What has meaning to you now? What rises up your energy now? So use this New Moon to set those powerful intentions, and stay conscious of where you go and focus on the glass half full.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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