This Cancer Full Moon happens on Sunday 23rd December 2018 at 0 degrees 49’ of Cancer at 3:48 AM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome to the last Lunation of 2018, the Cancer Full Moon!!!
The first thing to do of course is to look where this Full Moon at 0 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn, is falling in your natal chart, in which House or area of the chart, to see what type of energy you are dealing with at that time.

This final lunation of 2018 is really a gorgeous one, and the impact of the Cancer Full Moon is increased because it happens right after the Summer Solstice on Dec 22nd (for us down under, and Winter Solstice for the northern hemisphere).
Because the Solstice represents the forecast for the next 3 months, the message of the Solstice and this Full Moon is the same, until the Equinox in March 2019.
The Solstice literally means “the Sun stands still” at 0 degrees of Capricorn ruled by Saturn Lord of Time and Karma, and for a brief period, time becomes fluid, plastic and meaningless. And this Full Moon signals the approach of the epochal astrology of 2019–20 when Saturn and Pluto merge in Capricorn for the first time since 1517.
On the overall I look at this Full Moon’s dialogues, and see that the Sun is in Square to shaman Chiron and warrior Mars and Trine awakener Uranus. Moon at 0 degrees Cancer is gently nurturing, reminding you that you can’t care for others unless you look after yourself. It’s an excellent time to collaborate with Solstice still point, by taking time out to de-stress, relax and care for your body. Work with Chiron and give yourself the medicine you need.
Voilà these are the main threads of this Full Moon, and if you want more details please continue to read!

So an important thing to notice, is that the Moon is ruling this Cancer Full Moon, and the Moon is about your feelings. Full Moons in general are times where you are more emotional, and since this one is in Cancer, ruled by the actual Moon, the impact of the message for Cancer is heightened, and that is about home, family, roots, your security, belonging to a Soul family, a Ohana, a tribe, a clan, a circle, your ancestors, your DNA, your star signs groups… It is all about Love Love Love, intimacy, warmth, heart centred, any activities to do with the heart.
Since this is the second consecutive of five Full Moons that is at zero degrees, it sets the stage for more shifts in your life. So the first of those Full Moons was at the end of November, and now we have the second one, and we have three more coming in January ( and the January one is also an Eclipse), February and March 2019.
So there is a really big reset button being pushed right now for you and the world. There is nothing more powerful than that zero-point energy, because basically it means that you don’t have a road map, it is like you are once again at the start of a new cycle, like the Fool you are jumping in the abyss of the unknown. Potential is bursting forth everywhere!
The Fool is not concerned with yesterday or tomorrow – the Fool is immersed in the now, so I call him/her the MANAWA FOOL… The fourth Hawaiian Principle is “MANAWA- Now is the moment of power – I am here now.”…And it is always the now, as one moment gives way to the next. This MANAWA FOOL reminds you to place your attention here, in the present moment. The MANAWA FOOL is card 0, giving it a special role in any tarot deck. Without a fixed number, the MANAWA FOOL is unbound and free, often thought to represent each of us as we journey through life.The MANAWA FOOL is the energetic magic that allows the entire adventure of life come into being.
So this is THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY…It is so brand new, it is the birth of a new era, and with these five consecutive Full Moons at zero degrees, there is a great rebirth going on. Right now you are cracking the cocoon, the chrysalis, so you may feel very refreshed.
The meaning of the number zero is that it is the point from which all other numbers spring forth. Even visually “zero” is symbolic of the seed, womb, egg… from which pure potential emerges. And because zero also visually resembles a circle, this is symbolic of eternity, evolution, infinity. You also could see it at our globe, our Mother Earth planet… most of all zero represents our ONENESS.
At this point, we are still in an 11 Universal year (2018), and 11 represents the portal of double new beginnings, the double one, and you may be acclimating to an onset of carefree, lovely, joyful, liberated energy. And the consecutive Full Moons at zero degrees are continuing that rebirth… so lots of new beginnings indeed!!!

With this Full Moon, because it is on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, expect some strong emotions to come up. It is Earth and Water energies so put your focus on our Mother Earth, pray for Her, for the things that you are doing or have done for Her, and how you can nourish and nurture Her and yourself. This is very much a Moon about nurturing… So WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NURTURING YOURSELF?
So at this time, you may very much want to duck down with your family and loved ones. Cancer represents the family and the home, and the feeling of safety and security. And also with the Nodal Axis shifted into Cancer/Capricorn, being in those signs for the next 17 months, you are being encouraged to get in touch with your feelings, your compassion, your nurturing, and caring for others. That is part of the purpose of the North Node being in Cancer, to practice philanthropy.
So learn from one another about self nurturing, anything involving Water, emotions, fluid, flexibility, flow… such as swimming, having a hot bath, a cold shower, detoxing sauna, a flowing Kahuna massage… anything that is soothing for your body mind and Soul. Even cuddling your four legged friends, or other animal friends, stroking them…anything that gives you that feeling of soothingness. That is what you are looking for at the time of this Full Moon. It is all about COMING HOME.

At the time of this Full Moon, we have Uranus in Trine (120 degrees) to the Sun, and in Sextile (60 degrees) to the Moon. This is a lovely conversation and can bring some welcome surprises, opportunities of making changes.
Uranus governs freedom, liberation, he is very energising, stimulating, he is your inner genius, your inner inventor, your free spirit, your inner rebel, your inner channeller.
So with the nice conversation Uranus has with this Full Moon, it is easy for you to trust your instinct, your intuition and take a risk as a result. So you will have a lot of opportunities to shift, and change and upgrade your life, making it much more creative and inventive, and filled with ongoing breakthroughs. With Uranus, there are lots of insights you are going to receive now, answers to questions that you may have had, maybe seeking these answers for a while, you are going to get those now. Uranus provides you with that kind of wisdom, but remember the answers with Uranus may shock or surprise you, and they may take you off guard. But this is a very beautiful conversation here, so whatever the initial surprise you feel, the end result will be very positive and it will be very liberating for you. So you are basically set free, so cherish that feeling of liberation.
With Uranus flavour, it is really important at the time of this Full Moon to be totally authentic. Authenticity and trust are the keywords of this Full Moon, because Uranus is about what you intuit and Cancer is about how do you feel, and you are combining that at this time. So your heart is being stirred alive and you want to listen into it, with your heart, instead of analysing with your mind. This harmonious conversation of Uranus with the Full Moon is helping you to uncover, in an unexpected way, those missing links that will now connect all the dots for you. So you maybe discovering something that may surprise you, but it is going to reach you on a deeply emotional level, it is going to go straight to your heart, and it will allow you to then share what your discoveries are with your loved ones, or the people you feel very intimate with. So it is a time to share with transparency, intimacy, being very opened, being authentic.

This Full Moon is showing Venus in Scorpio in Trine to Neptune in Pisces… Wow what a beautiful connection!
Venus and Neptune are like two sisters. Venus represents the lower dimension of Love, erotic love, sensual love, pleasures, nice food, lots of money, luxuries… And Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, which is higher Love, Soul Love, Twin flames, deep connection… and with the Trine conversation, these two are in beautiful harmony together.
Neptune rules Pisces so this is very powerful, very beautiful, great for romance, for Love.
It is truly an amazing Trine because it happens exactly on the Solstice day Dec 21st, a day and a half before this Cancer Full Moon, and therefore it is going to impact you for three months.
So now you have a new surge of Love and positive energy flow with Venus and Neptune, which is all about beauty, beautiful music, sharing anything that is spiritual, emotional, intimacy, it is sweet, it is warm, it is tender, and it creates a deeply spiritual connection with you and your partner, you and your loved ones.
And the Water signs of Scorpio and Pisces help and inspire you to let this feeling of love overflow. So don’t hold back or worry about what other people’s reactions are… do it because you want to feel that Love in your heart, and express it. And you can do it with Mother Nature too, with the flowers, the trees, the animals…“what can I do, how can I change my daily habits to love Mother Earth better?”. LOVING OUR EARTH is the big picture for many years to come, until we can stabilise some of these extreme earth events.

Now there is a challenging aspect or conversation, between the Sun and Moon, which are opposite because it is a Full Moon, and both are sending a Square ( 90 degrees) to Chiron and Mars ( Chiron conjunct Mars in Pisces), creating what we call in astrology a T-Square.
This T-Square is a very dynamic energy, and it is very much about healing (Chiron) as long as you don’t get too aggressive and impulsive… because of course Mars can be aggressive, whereas Chiron spiritualises that warrior energy of Mars.
So Mars conjunct Chiron is about pushing energy into healing, healing others who are suffering. Now they may be suffering either from Fire (Mars)…I am thinking of the wildfires happening in California America, the bushfires in the tropics in Queensland Australia…
Or because Mars-Chiron conjunction happens in Pisces, it can also be some kind of flooding…again in California strong winter storms bring snow, floods and mudslides… Indonesia, Maldives and Cyprus are suffering floods…but whatever the situation, this Cancer Full Moon is bringing up the instinct to care for others.
So really what this T-Square is about, is awakening your inner sacred warrior energy, and this sacred warrior energy is activated throughout December. It is really beautiful and it is basically teaching you to protect your home and family while living in balance with the universe. So it gives you the opportunity to change the dynamic of being reactive, or un-evolved in terms of how you respond to your loved ones, and change that into a sacred conversation and open-hearted connection, and inspired healing energy. And Mars is very action oriented, so he is going to help you and give you that momentum to embrace the love and the healing of this T-Square. This T-Square wants you to get something done, it lights the fire under you, so if you take this energy in a positive way it can really do beautiful miracles and wonders for you.

To finish with more beauty, at this Full Moon time we have a gorgeous conjunction between Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius, which is Jupiter’s home sign.
This is really extraordinary because it is going to help you to connect in a very joyful, expansive, wise, fun, humorous way … that are all Jupiter’s qualities, and Mercury is how you speak, how you connect, what is your message.
Now Jupiter and Sagittarius, they rule embracing everyone and everything, so it is about long distance travel, spiritual and philosophical beliefs that are from everywhere, international events, the law, legal matters, abundance, philanthropy, gratitude, publishing and writing, and expansions of all kind.
So at this Full Moon time you want to speak your highest values, you want to write in an uplifting generous way, you want to share gratitude with others, to show gratitude to the universe and give thanks, and you want to trust deeply and you want to listen to others closely.

So you see this final Lunation of 2018 ( an 11 Universal year), is so beautiful. It really marks that energetic turning point for you that is based in Love.
This is a very very emotional watery Full Moon, not only because the Moon in Cancer is ruling it, but we also have Venus in intense emotional watery Scorpio, and we have Mars-Neptune-Chiron in Pisces. So there is a lot, a lot of water, a lot of feeling energy indeed!!!
But equally, we have a lot of Cardinal energy. Cardinal signs are Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn…so we have 5 planets in Cardinal signs, and if we include Lilith and the North Node, we have 7 points in Cardinal signs.
So with this prominence of Cardinal flavour, there is a desire to take action, this is about leadership and initiating. So it is a very good time to begin things, and to start to think about what you would like to initiate in 2019. And really this is not just about your regular kind of goal-setting, your jobs, your status, or whatever… but it is about “WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?”…in terms of a spiritual, caring, loving being. So how are you going to achieve that?.

I want to mention that we enter Capricorn season on Dec 22nd, on Solstice day, just a day before this Full Moon. Capricorn is about taking the lead and being confident, and take full responsibility for all parts of your life. So you need to just know that whatever happens to you, don’t consent to anything that you feel is not congruent with who you are, so that takes your Light away, that takes you to a lower vibrational level… and I am talking about people, events, decisions, spaces, parties, gatherings… whatever it is, be vigilant and upholding Love and Liberation at all times. This resonates with the last Hawaiian Principle of “PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of Truth”… Choose what resonates with you, “Take the best and leave the rest”.
Be aware that you have the gift to create the life that you want to live, at whatever vibrational level you choose to live it. So focus only on what is your highest good, and then be assured that it will be for the highest good of the people around you. And look at every person, every situation, every plan you make, every project that you birth, make it sync up with you spiritually.

So we have a kind of paradox happening at this Full Moon, where there is a lot of emotion, a lot of sensitivity to suffering happening, potentially there could be a lot of social protests as well, but in some way there is also a feeling of suppression by the strong law-and-order top-down Capricorn energy.
We are still under the influence of the Square between Uranus and the Nodal Axis. Uranus has retrograded in the last 28 degrees of Aries, and has sudden eruptive/disruptive qualities. We can see that with the latest very big earthquakes in Alaska and in the Pacific, at 7 magnitude plus.
The eruptive effect is in society as well, so we are seeing major protests in France, about sexual harassment, immigration policies, students clash with police… chaos erupts everywhere, especially in big towns Paris-Lyon-Nantes where protesters face-off against police singing “police everywhere, justice nowhere”. This reminds me of the French Revolution in 1789, when the people overthrew the monarchy and took control of the government creating the Republique. This time around, the french people unite and want president Macron to stand down, because they see everything going up, in price, without any real reason, and life for the french people is becoming unbearably more and more expensive. So these eruptive qualities are going to continue through the month of December, and might become even stronger into January.
And as we move to the end of the year, we have Mars moving in his own sign of Aries, on the 31st of December. So he is going to be moving into zero of Aries, the “World Axis”, and will stay there from Dec 31st until Jan 3rd… so that adds lot of assertiveness and increased dynamism into the mix of social protests. It will be more lively over the New Year time, so be very aware of that.
On the positive side, these eruptive qualities are about breaking down to break through to a higher level of being.
So observe and witness in yourself and in the world how these threads are playing out, but stay objective, STAY IN YOUR HEART CENTRE. Try not to get too caught up in the negativity of it, just feel what you can contribute as a loving human being to help the situation.
This Cancer Full Moon is also about slowing down a little. Yes it is a bit frantic at this time of the year…Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, organising dinners, writing New Year wishes cards…But Earth and Water flavours remind you to slow down, to take your life in slow motion. Humm! See if you can do that.

MERCI for being a part of my big Ohana family, I am so grateful to you.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own code.

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Mahalo Nui🙏