This Virgo Full Moon happens on Wednesday 20th February 2019 at 0 degrees 42’ of Virgo at 1:53AM  Queensland time Australia.                                                                            By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Here I am  with you all, a bit late I know… My Moon in Virgo has been very busy lately!!!

We are having here a very powerful Full Moon in Virgo, and it is a SuperMoon because  she is the closest to Earth of the year 2019. So she will appear, and let’s hope we have clear sky that night, 15% closer and larger than the average Full Moon that we have. She will have a much more powerful pull on your psyche, on the tectonic plates of Mother Earth. So be very aware that SuperMoons can cause high tides and big shifts in the Earth’s natural plate system, which can create earthquakes or tsunamis. And the most sensitive of you might have difficulty to get a good sleep around this SuperMoon time.

Now this is the second SuperMoon in the run of three. We had one in January and we are going to have another one in March, but this one is the strongest because closest to Mother Earth.                                                                                                                                      And it is also the fourth Full Moon in a series of five, that is happening at zero degrees of its sign. Zero degrees of any sign is considered in Astrology as a Power degree or Critical degree.                                                                                                                                                     We have a theme here with these zero degrees Full Moons, the feeling that we are really, wave after wave, layer after layer, shifting gears. There is so much symbolism with the zero degrees placements. They give you an opportunity to reconcile, they give you an opportunity to grow, wake up and kind of get reborn… and Virgo is a powerful energy, because it allows you to really see things for what they truly are. There is an honesty and integrity with Virgo energy that is really powerful. 

So we have this Full SuperMoon on the Virgo-Pisces axis, the Moon at zero degrees Virgo opposing the Sun at zero degrees Pisces, that means that we are engaging these energies. And the Virgo-Pisces axis is the most healing axis we have, because it connects with your daily embodied ritual routines in the Virgo portion of your natal chart, and it connects with your fantasies, your dreams, your spirit, your Aumakua, and your ability to merge into the Oneness, the Wholeness of everything, on the Pisces side of your natal chart. So when you have a Full Moon like this, what you are doing is that you are working to integrate those two sides. 

Virgo is the sign of efficiency, it is the sign of getting everything working like clockwork. So this can be a very good time to declutter, to clear out anything in terms of your work habits, how you use your time, Virgo is about time-management.                                              In Medical Astrology, Virgo rules the intestines and Pisces rules the feet. So at the time of this SuperMoon, anything you can do for the benefit of your intestines, such as cleaning out your diet, detoxing, maybe going on a fast, or having a Reflexology treatment…Virgo is about purification and refinement.                                                                                            Virgo is also about your thinking process, because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so catch your negative thinking, to purify your day to day thinking. Practice IKE the first Hawaiian principle… “The world is what you think it is”…Are you looking at the glass half full or half empty?                                                                                                                          And Virgo is also connected to healing, and it is healing always connected to natural medicine. That can be plants, herbs, spices, gems…but it is always using the ancient wisdom of our Mother Earth to help with our healing.

Few days before this SuperMoon, on the 14th of February, Mars moves in Taurus, and there is a shift of energy there.                                                                                                            So whatever you initiated as projects, from the beginning of the year when Mars was in Aries, Aries being the entrepreneur, the initiator… now with Mars in Taurus, and he will stay there until the end of March, so for the next 4-6 weeks it is an excellent time to finish up the projects you started. Mars in Taurus gives you the tenacity, the determination to finish up what you began.                                                                                                                     So see where Taurus falls in your natal Chart, because of Mars moving through Taurus that is normally an area of activation or change for you, in that particular area of life,  

There is a lot going on at this Full SuperMoon, with lots of harmonious conversations in the background.

Firstly we have Uranus in Trine to the SuperMoon.                                                                 Uranus is at 29 degrees of Aries, he is very strong here because sitting on a powerful, Critical degrees, and he is about to shift into Taurus ( March 6th).                                              So here with Uranus in Trine (120degrees) to the Moon and Sextile (60 degrees) to the Sun, you are thinking about revolution, you are looking at how you are going to revolutionise your life. And because Uranus is presently ending his journey in Aries, and because the Full SuperMoon is at zero degrees, you are been asked to look at who you thought you were going to be, who you thought you had to be, and you are being asked to be open-minded about who you could be.                                                                                      You are also being asked to look at your daily routines, your daily habits, the way you think about your time and your schedules, and your energy, and be prepared for a revolution in that. This is a very internal work and it has a lot to do with your sense of self and your sense of security.                                                                                                            We all have insecurities in our lives that are coming up, when we are growing and expanding, and we could feel that we are floating in space with no safety equipment when the feeling of insecurity kicks in.                                                                                                  So at this Full Moon time you may find that you are feeling small, insecure, however don’t let that get you, because what is really being asked here of you is to realise that you are building a meaningful life in the little details, and you are building it toward this big next version of yourself.                                                                                                                    Realise that at this SuperMoon time, you are really SAYING GOODBYE TO THE OLD YOU, to the old patterns of your life, this is what Virgo flavour is doing right now. So the questions are “ Do you want to stick to the old patterns of you?” … or “ Do you want to be opened to who you could become, but in fact to who you are becoming?”                             Just a little caution with Uranus in conversation with this SuperMoon, you can get a bit overboard, so be careful not to over promise… just have a bit of reality check with this aspect, because it can lead you to jump to things which may not be completely realistic. But on the other hand, it is a wonderful spiritual impetus, again to help you raise your consciousness.

This Full SuperMoon in Virgo is a reminder that the most profound sense of self and love and showing up, is being able to do it in the little details.                                                           Well at the time of the Full SuperMoon, we have Mars in Taurus and in conjunction to Uranus in Aries, so he is also in Trine to the Moon.                                                                     Mars in Taurus is in a kind of funny place, because Taurus is about taking the time to pass through things, and Mars is so about pushing forward as the Warrior. So what this is doing here, it is saying that the steady progress you do in that earthbound energy is so powerful , and you can really leverage it to make change in your life. It is not about all these momentous moments, it is about these little rituals, these little details, they are revolutionary, they make huge shifts in your life.

And Uranus is also in challenging conversation, a Square, with Pluto and the South Node. This Full SuperMoon is shining a big light on the social transformation energy that comes from the street, this revolutionary energy ( Uranus in Aries) versus the controlling top-down, the repressive energy ( Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn), and at this time, we see that in many countries in the world, in UK, US, France, Venezuela… to name a few.

Another conversation at this Full SuperMoon time, is the conjunction Venus-Saturn-Pluto all in Capricorn, Venus sitting in the middle between the two heavy planets.                    Venus in Capricorn says “Let’s love our Earth”, “Let’s remember to plant and to respect the cycles of growth, following the rhythm of Nature rather than disrupting it, let’s go with the tides rather than against the tides…So this is a real opportunity for getting in touch with Mother Earth, or being around earth, or water, or both, because SuperMoon is on Virgo/Pisces axis.                                                                                                                      Venus in Capricorn is also about loving your body. “Can you do some yoga, can you do anything for the structure of your body?” … or receiving some energy work would be very powerful at this time, because Virgo/Pisces is much earth and water, and this is wonderful for your health, so this is a very healing time, not only physically but emotionally. So at this SuperMoon time, this is about the relationship with your Self and to remember the beautiful body that you have.

This Full Moon is so earthy, we have the predominant Virgo flavour, we have Saturn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, we have Mars in Taurus…the three Earth signs of the Zodiac are getting lit up… and there is an exact Trine between Saturn at 16 degrees of Capricorn and Mercury at 16 degrees of Pisces.                                                                             So these two are adding another layer to the previous conversations, because Mercury and Saturn are problem solvers, they want to figure out how to manifest, how to practically make choices. They help you to express what you need in the real world. Because it is such an earthy Moon, what you are really looking at here is how you can address your real world needs, your real world desires… and how in honouring what you really need to do in the micro scale, you are actually giving yourself a lot of self Love and self care in these little details. And that is why this Virgo Full SuperMoon is so potent and highlights any of those little choices you make, and how you are scheduling yourself  and how you are using your energy and how you are showing up.                                           So don’t be afraid to ask this big question “ WHAT DO I NEED?”… Have some quiet time, sit down and ask your body what it needs, and the little negative voice inside of you, the One who never feels good enough, ask her what she needs, because a lot of time insecurities come from the sense that you are not honouring yourself in some way, that you can’t quite put your finger on because you don’t slow down enough to really look at what it is. So this SuperMoon time is a beautiful chance to go ahead and look at that, and she wants you to be open to a different way of living life in your daily world.

Another conversation is Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces.                                                    This is a very tight, wonderful conjunction, one of the best aspect for creative thinking. It is about a state of being, not about analytical-logical thinking. It is about sitting and being in nature and tuning in, observing, be in meditation, in an altered state, being in the Aka Lau mode in Oneness with all… it is really beautiful in that respect. it is about Divine Love, about compassion, a beautiful creative energy indeed!

And both Mercury-Neptune in Pisces are in Square to Jupiter in Sagittarius.                     Pisces and Sagittarius are Mutable signs, meaning that they don’t have boundaries, it is without limits. So this can give you this wonderful feeling of infinite possibilities, infinite potentials, bigger horizons, bigger dreams, bigger skies, what you can imagine for a better future for yourself in the world. 

But the big shift of energy around this SuperMoon, is the move of Chiron from Pisces to Aries. Chiron has a 50 to 51 years orbit, he is entering Aries on the 19th of February, close to the Full Moon time, and will stay there for eight years, until 2027.                                Chiron has been referred to as the “Wounded healer”, but he is also referred to as the “Maverick” or the “Outsider”. He orbits between Saturn which is considered to be 3D tangible reality, and Uranus which is considered to be 4D higher level energy, where you can get sudden insights and downloads of information from your Aumakua, your higher self. So Chiron weaves his orbit between the two, so he wants to constantly shift you through 3D reality to 4D a higher state of being, and that is always Chiron’s impetus.           As the “Wounded Healer”, Chiron is very associated with feeling, and he is quite shamanic in his nature, and takes you on quite a journey when he transits and have important conversations with planets of your Chart. It is always associated with alternative or non conventional medicine, that is his nature.                                                      The last time Chiron entered Aries was in 1968, this famous year, considered as the “Year of revolution”. The western world was full of protests and riots, especially with students in universities.                                                                                                                                      Now Chiron moving into Aries is a statement of “I AM, I EXIST, and you need to recognise my need to exist”. So Chiron in Aries will feed that urge “ You must recognise Me”. So it will be very interesting to watch that unfold.                                                                                    So when you have a Chiron transit, you could become a little bit “not very well”, feeling poorly, but it is always connected to healing.                                                                      Sometimes a Chiron’s transit can manifest as a friend who hurts you, it is somebody often who hurts you emotionally, and that is where this feeling of the “Outsider” or the “Maverick” comes in… and if you are hurt in this way, there is a feeling of “ it is just not fair”, a feeling of raw injustice. But that makes you recognise your difference, because one of the particular thing about Chiron is its purpose, that is to help you recognise your unique essence, your  Dharma… “What you are meant to become, what you are meant to blossom into”.                                                                                                                                              So look where Chiron sits in your Chart, as he reinforces your Soul’s growth in this lifetime, that is by discovering your true uniqueness. And sometimes it is via being ostracised or thrown out of the group in some way, that you think “Yes I am different”, and that is to be celebrated.                                                                                                                 And Chiron in Aries is going to have other meanings. It can mean that you have to take more responsibility for your health, and it can also mean that Healthcare is going to become much more individualised, because Aries is I AM, the sign of the individual.           And this Chiron’s entrance in Aries is kind of linked at the same time, to Uranus’s move into Taurus very soon, on the 6th of March, because Uranus is the technology and Taurus is the body. 

So all together, with the big shifts of Chiron and Uranus both changing sign,I know that many of you feel that yourselves, that it is the ending of a big episode in history, on the personal and mundane level, as we shift into the new. So things are going to be pretty fast moving.                                                                                                                                               So this Virgo Full SuperMoon is really getting you to the nitty-gritty of your day-to-day life, and she is asking you to say goodbye to some burdensome energies . 

It is a close-out…It’s a new dawn.                                                                                                     “Stars when you shine…You know how I feel…Scent of the pine…You know how I feel…Oh freedom is mine…And I know how I feel…It’s a new dawn…It’s a new day…It’s a new life…And I feel so good”

So at this Full SuperMoon, sit quietly and listen in, and when you do that you are empowered, you are strong. Listen to your inner voice, she is telling you what you are closing out, and with the Virgo flavour, there are no more excuses. You may feel that the path you have, leading up to this Moon, is obscured or strange, but if you are willing to sit with it, there are great chances that, as we enter in the Pisces season, in the last week of February the answers will be there, especially if you get out of your own way, if you stop focusing or fixating on the glass half-empty, on what is not working in your life.            You know Virgo can be about fixating on details, fixating on being productive and busy work. But if you harness that Virgo energy into positive little changes, things that are not about fixation, but are much more about empowered embodiment, empowered presence, this is really Earth grounding, manifesting energy here. And earth energy works by observation, it observes and it allows shift in the little details. Earth and fertility work in a process together, you watch as roots sprout and things come out, and you really have to get into that earthy good richness, because it has this sensual element to it, and you can connect in with some powerful parts of yourself. 

So be aware that the changes occurring in your life can be so exciting, but they can also be quite volatile, can be quite a wild ride, so I really encourage you to keep coming back to YOUR SPIRITUAL ANCHOR.                                                                                                                 So practice to be at the “hub of the wheel”, whether it is good or bad… It is just “this too shall pass”, and you have that steadiness of being. And become the Master-Rider of the tides of your life… Enjoy this amazing, very powerful, closest Full SuperMoon of the year in Virgo.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏