This Aquarius New Moon happens on Tuesday 5th of February 2019 at 15 degrees 45’ of Aquarius, at 7:03’ AM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everybody for your astrology exploration of this Aquarius New Moon! 

Amazingly this New Moon coincides with the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig. And the last time we had a year of the Earth Pig, in Chinese Astrology there is a cycle of 12 years, so it was in1959. 

So we are coming with a new cycle here, and the Pig has everything to do with prosperity, abundance, good fortune, wealth… on the down side it has to do with laziness, indolence, self-Indulgence…just for you to be aware.

Every New Moon is a completion and a new beginning. A New Moon is when the sky is the darkest, you can’t see the Moon, and that is because the Sun and the Moon, the masculine and the Feminine are together in union. It is a union energy where you are meant to be very clear on how you want to use this next cycle, to create, to initiate, to manifest. 

So see where 15 degrees of Aquarius  sits in your natal chart, and in which House-area of life? Because this is where the New Moon energy is initialing something for you, where you are meant to be clear on an intention, or that next beginning point that is going to take you to the next place. 

In Aquarius you go higher, you go further, you expand beyond what you thought you knew. Aquarius is the energy of community, of groups, it is the energy of going beyond the boundaries, of exploring new ways, of conceptualising and understanding information. Aquarius is associated with Astrology, with metaphysics, with science-fiction, with things that seem a little bit weird at first. Aquarius is typically known as the revolutionary energy, it is a rebellious energy, and he says “ I might be part of the human family, but I am also my own person, I am unique within the collective”. So this is an energy of really embracing who you are now… “HOW AM I DIFFERENT?

Where the 15 degrees of the Aquarius New Moon falls in your natal chart is going to be YOUR NEW SEED, your new beginning. So what is your new intention for what you want that new beginning to represent?

And this New Moon is asking you to really feel strong. This is an honouring of how being your own energy imprint is exactly what is needed. You need to “think outside the box”. Because in order for humanity to evolve, we need new territory, new lands, and Aquarius is also the evolutionary, WHERE ARE YOU GOING NEXT? 

We have got something quite unusual beginning from early January because all the planets are moving direct, and that does not change up to the 5th of March, when Mercury goes Retrograde. So we have this very strong sense of momentum or forward driving power, and this is excellent if you are initiating projects, or trying to push your projects through. This is very positive energy, a strong Yang outward energy, so don’t hold yourself back.

This New Moon is also conjunct Mercury, and Mercury really comes alive in Aquarius and has a lot of ideas, projects, visions, and talk to lot of people.                                        This is a very social energy, and it is connecting with people of like mind, of similar vision… and I take this moment to thank you for reading and understanding the beautiful language of Astrology that I share with you.

So the Mercury conjunction to the New Moon is about the conversations you have around what you value, what you enjoy, what you find worthy, and how you want to contribute to your own personal growth, as well as the growth of the collective.

This New Moon is so mentally stimulated, you could feel like there is so much going on in your head, and you feel it as electrifying. Aquarius is very cosmic-intelligence, it is that blast of inspiration, that sudden understanding, that breakthrough, you have a new knowingness and you can’t quite explain it, it is like a bolt of lightning, and it is very fast-moving.                                                                                                                                                   So this New Moon really have a  sense of a rocket taking off, like something is meant to go, and you are going to feel it mentally. 

So around this New Moon time, there is a growing sense of where you are going, the people, the options, the possibilities, the vision, the sense of forward movement that is forming in your mind.                                                                                                                      And this beautiful triple conjunction, Sun-Moon-Mercury, brings wonderful communication, getting your message out, the ability to share your thoughts and ideas. 

And a great synchronicity here is that it lines up beautifully with the number for February, which is a 14 Universal month, and 14 is also about communication, it governs the scribe in ancient numerology interpretation. So during this month, with this triple conjunction, your ability and your language and your words, are really potent, powerful, influential and impactful. 

Now this triple conjunction Sun-Moon-Mercury in Aquarius is in harmonious conversation ( a Sextile) with Jupiter in Sagittarius.                                                                      So this is what makes this New Moon even more positive and fortunate. Jupiter is in his own sign of Sagittarius, (and will stay there up to the of 2nd December 2019), so this enhances the Jupiter qualities of expansion, and attracts a lot of wisdom, higher learning, fortune, any kind of abundance, positive breakthroughs, positive thoughts, generosity, fulfilment of your dreams… so you embody newfound wisdom about the direction of your life  right now, with a lot of confidence in how you think and how you use language. So if you are inspired to write things down, do that, because that conversation between Mercury and Jupiter is really good for creating a plan for abundance, and success, and peace of mind.

So we really start the month of February with a surge of power!!! Because we have Mars in Aries Square to Pluto in Capricorn.                                                                                                      This is so forceful, it is brute force, it is tremendously energetic. This is excellent for willpower, for focus, for drive, so if you are working on a project, it is excellent for really driving something through, and getting a lot achieved over those few days around the New Moon.                                                                                                                                    However, it can also manifest as aggression and brutality and frustration, intense extreme feelings, so be very aware of those kind of energies happening around you.            So if you are in a situation where you are getting angry, really step back from that situation. For me, I will step back and take a deep breath, or just check myself, and ask what my Aumakua, my Higher Self, would do in this situation… “What is the best I can be in this particular situation before I speak or act?” and it can really save you from things that you may regret later.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus currently at 28 of Aries, and there is a growing conjunction with Mars, that will be exact on the 14th of February.                                                                   So there is this sense of growing energy, increasing energy, a sense of something like moving, ignition, because this conjunction Mars-Uranus is in the Fire sign of Aries. So Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is receiving this trigger lighting the fuse from Mars, and it is like the rocket taking off mid-February.                                                                                           So this feels like movement that perhaps you thought was impeded, because Mars in Aries has been frustrated, there was these ongoing Squares Pluto in Capricorn, so Mars is now moving away from this Square to Pluto, and he is feeling the freedom to move forward.                                                                                                                                                     So Mars-Uranus Square can be anger, explosive violence, but it can also be ignition energy here…like that sense of something is really growing in your confidence, in your sense of self, and in your sense of independence, in believing in what you can do. This is quite an ignition of your dynamic- masculine- Yang energy.

At this New Moon time, we also have the continuing theme of the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, and the conjunction will be exact on January 2020. But really, they form the major backdrop to 2019. They are currently 6 degrees apart, and at this New Moon time Pluto is also conjunct the South Node.  

So the both conjunctions, Saturn-Pluto and Pluto-South Node, speak about the power structures in a society. The last time this Pluto-South Node occurred in Capricorn was in 1517, a time where the power structures in the society was highlighted, and how well, how correctly the power was used, or abused. From 1517 onwards Martin Luther King was very much challenging the over-powerful nature of the church, and that ultimately brought about the Reformation.                                                                                                           So  look at what is happening in the world now, and you can see similar energies at work. And look in your chart where you have the sign of Capricorn, Pluto is transiting in this sign up to 2025, and wherever Pluto is transiting, his archetype is about death, rebirth and transformation. Pluto breaks down power structures and then rebuilds them in a different form.                                                                                                                                        I often mention in my readings sessions the statement of the french philosopher Lavoisier “ Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, and that is the archetype of Pluto. 

Be aware that the next two years are going to be very strong in that regard. So ask yourself where your centre of power lies, is it external or is it internal, because it is the internal that you have to cultivate.                                                                                                  And with this Saturn-Pluto conjunction, all of this year and all of next year, this is going to be a time when you kind of feel it is back to basics, and that “back to basics feel” will increase next month as Uranus moves into Taurus.                                                                       So this is not a time of luxury and excess, you will want to feel “FRUGAL”, that is excellent Capricorn word, minimalist, and very much suggests that you live within your means, or even if you can, beneath your means so you can put a little bit of money to one side as well. So avoid debt if you can, avoid indulgent expenditures, because often Saturn-Pluto conjunction signifies a period of contraction. And sometimes it would be good if you plan ahead, and if you could be self-sufficient too to grow some food or herbs or whatever… that kind of thing is extremely beneficial as well.

 So be aware that February has tremendously strong Yang energy, especially the first half of the month, because on the 14th of the month, there is a shift in energy where Mars moves from his own sign of Aries into Taurus. 

This will feel very different because Aries is the warrior, it is pioneering, it is driving, it is fiery, it is war like, it is action-oriented… whereas Taurus is fixed earth, it is very steady, very stable, grounding, highly productive, it is very consistent energy. 

So whatever you have initiated, whatever you got going in terms of your projects from the beginning of this year, this will be a time when you can really focus on finishing them up, because Taurus is a sign of tenacity and determination and seeing it through to the end. 

When Mars is moving through a House or area of life, and he usually does that for about 6 to 8 weeks, that area of life tends to be activated or energised, things start to happen, and Mars will be moving through Taurus until the end of March. So will he be in your 6th House-area of work, or in your 9th House-area of study or writing or teaching? 

So see where Taurus sits in your chart , because that will receive a different impetus, especially once Uranus moves in on the 6th of March, there will be quite a shift. And Uranus is about shaking things up, breaking things down that have become stale and routine.

Now we have the Square between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces which would be running pretty much the whole year.

So this has spiritual or Yin impetus, both of them are in Mutable signs, and in their own signs. Mutable are like chameleon like they are flexible, they are dexterous, they change, they can go in any direction…but that means they have no boundaries. So with Mutable flavour you can easily feel idealism, you can soar, you can connect to higher vibrations very easily, but you have to also keep your feet on the ground because you can almost kind of fly too close to the Sun, you can not be discriminating in how you are using that energy. It can be absolutely wonderful for connecting to the Divine, talking or listening to your Aumakua, connecting to Source, having a strong sense of compassion and Oneness with all living beings… but sometimes you can be a little too gullible, you can be swept along by a particular theory or modality, or ideology, or a person… and actually the down-side of Neptune is disillusionment and you have to be a little bit careful with that.

Now Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will help you and definitively give you that reality check!!!  And we have here the Yang impetus. It will definitively keep you grounded, a little bit too much at times, and that is why you have to cultivate your spiritual practice to get your balance right in a beautiful Yin and Yang way.

So all of us are together with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and all this activity in Taurus, because Uranus will stay in Taurus till 2026 

So over the next few years all of us we are going to have a big shift in values, what we value, what we spend our time on through our days (Saturn in Capricorn the Lord of Time ), what really matters to us in our lives. and certainly the value of money may change over this coming years, how much we value money in terms of the meaning it has in our life, that could also change too. 

So 2019 could well be a year of extremes, so it is going to be quite a ride, that is why it is so beneficial for you to develop YOUR SPIRITUAL ANCHOR, your spiritual compass, so expand your spiritual practice, whatever it is and just find that place of peace.


Now lets have a closer look to Uranus. On Feb 7th, Uranus moves to the final 29 degrees of Aries, and he stays on that degree for the rest of the month. 

In astrology, zero and 29 degrees are called “Critical degrees”, giving much more importance to the planet transiting them. As the energy of a planet is entering a sign or leaving a sign, those are particularly powerful moments. And if we look back to what was happening when Uranus was entering Aries, we had the Fukushima tragedy, with extreme eruption of radioactive energy, of course Uranus is associated with that. This time we have the beginning of very socially eruptive revolutions… in France from the Miserables to “les Gilets Jaunes”, and Venezuela is also in crisis. Uranus is a very socially, eruptive, revolutionary planet, and all around the world there are riots and protests and demanding to be heard, demanding more freedom… So we have already this flavour when Uranus was entering Aries, but now at the 29 final degrees, we have a kind of culmination of what that has been about.

So look where Aries sits in your natal chart, it will be very interesting to see because this is very strong, sudden, unexpected revolutionary eruptive energy. And it is even stronger at this New Moon time and especially on the 13th of February, because Mars joins Uranus at 29 degrees of Aries, so just watch particularly around the 12th/13th/14th when the conjunction Mars-Uranus will be exact. 

This energy is highly combustible, extremely hot and volatile, so again if that is happening on your behaviour, it is wise to take a deep breath, or step back. But it may be happening with political earthquakes, it may be happening environmentally, with volcanoes, mud slides…we have the tragedy of Brazil Dam Collapse with the death toll rising everyday… Do you know that three quarters of the volcanoes in the world are currently in activity.

Uranus stays on the 29 degrees all the way through until to the 6th of March, and it really is a tremendous impetus for change. It is  AN URGENT DEMAND FOR CHANGE… demanding more equality, more freedom, demanding to be heard.

Be aware that we are in a period of endings and beginnings, with Uranus moving in Taurus on the 6th of March and Chiron moving in Aries on Feb 19th. So we are all going to feel these big shifts in energy. 

Now lets look at Chiron at 29 degrees of Pisces, a Critical degree, the completion degree… You are done with something that began in 2011… This might feel “BIG”, like a deeper healing cycle really ending, and now you have to have the courage to go into this new territory. and this completion energy, it is also a point of Mastery, but also “LETTING GO”. This is the ability to forgive yourself and just forgive everyone for everything in all ways… a big Ho’oponopono prayer… and that will set you free, because Chiron is going to move into Aries on Feb 19th, which is also the Virgo Full Moon. So the next healing cycle really kicks off, with feeling strong in yourself, owning your energy in a whole new way and who you are now. 

And right now this Aquarius New Moon is an honouring of who you have been, what you have experienced since 2011, a s an 8 years healing cycle is now ending. So at this New Moon time, you are really meant to honour the completion and the new start of a cycle, and the vision and the connection to your future self.

At this New Moon time, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces are both in friendly terms ( a Sextile) and amazingly they are both sitting at 15 degrees of their signs, which means they also resonate so well with this New Moon at 15 degrees. This Saturn-Neptune connection is beautiful for reflection and enhanced imagination. 

Neptune in Pisces is very watery, it is all about your imagination and flow… and Saturn in Capricorn is very strict and about time and discipline. So when they come together, it is an incredible time to birth new habits that lead to the manifestation (Saturn) of your dreams (Neptune). So this is about blending the practical with the spiritual while maintaining those important boundaries. And Saturn is able to help you with that, while you continue to go forward and manifest your dream. Saturn also gives you the patience and discipline to take that vision and act on it step by step, because it is a process, it is a journey, and you have the clarity and the energy to do that. 

Your divine Mission, your career, your love life, your health… they all get a boost now. So take advantage of this magical time, because any New Moon is an opportunity, a chance to start a new chapter, to start something fresh, to release old ways, outdated habits, old paradigms, useless thoughts-beliefs, and dedicate to being fully conscious when you do this, and authentically engage in “Manawa” the present moment, in the Now moment of power.                                                                                                                                                       So it is truly a beautiful New Moon to really EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE AT SOUL LEVEL.

Love who you are, get to know who you are, and get rid of those beliefs about what you thought you were. This is what this New Moon is about! Aquarius is about galactic thinking, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, look at where you want to go, envision that future for yourself. 

And also get to know yourself through your celestial map, your birth blueprint, your birth code… discover your life purpose, your destiny, your career… all of that is contained in your Celestial Birth map.

So when we look at the big picture, when Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and the New Moon ( Sun-Moon) have all these beautiful harmonious conversations  with each other, it is a wonderful time to reflect on the fact that your outer life is nothing but a mirror to your inner life. 

At this Aquarius New Moon, expect the unexpected, surprising encounters, because Uranus is in harmonious conversation  (Trine) with Venus.                                                                          It is a fabulous aspect, so become aware of people and things around you, and it may be the most unlikely people you might get into a conversation with, it might be talking to a tree, or a bird, Uranus is bringing you a surprise.                                                                            But just noticed that this New Moon is a wonderful time for Love encounter. So it is an opportunity to be spontaneous, and to let out your eccentricity, because Aquarius is all about getting you out of that normal conditioned mindset, and taking you to something bigger and wider.                                                                                                                         Aquarius rules our internet, our connections together, and our ways together of creating more of the things that we really want, and how we can facilitate and help one another along that journey.

Something else to notice at this New Moon time is that Venus is at 1 degrees of Capricorn, she just moved into Capricorn, and coming up in the next few weeks, she is going to make a conjunction to Saturn, and then a conjunction to Pluto.                                                              What is unusual here at this New Moon time, is that Venus is the only planet located early on in a sign, all the other planets are sitting from 15 degrees till the end of a sign.     So Venus is traveling by herself, she is on her own, she does not have support. But that is also fitting for Capricorn, you do it on your terms, you take ownership, you don’t rely on others. And Venus is the planet of self-worth and self-value, self-respect. So you are getting stronger in your relationship to yourself, in your ability to handle things on your own, your relationship to money, your relationship to really believing and trusting in yourself, how you show up in the world. 

So this New Moon is really about moving your life forward, understanding who you are now, understanding what matters to you now, understanding where you are going, and that there will be people there to connect with.  There is this realisation “Ok that was one version of Me and a new version of Me begins now”. This New Moon is about the next chapter, the next phase, the next direction, the next path… it just have the sense of things are ready to shift and change, because of how much you have shifted and changed.

So “Embrace who you are now”, talk to your future self, talk to where you are going… CHANGING OVER , so here you are in the future as the present complete with the past. You are equipped and ready for the next chapter YEAH!!!

There is something about this Aquarius New Moon that is ready to move, that is READY TO BREAK OUT AND READY TO BREAK FREE.

Thank you for your comments, your likes, your share, I appreciate my connection with you here.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own code.

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Mahalo Nui🙏