This Libra Full Moon happens on Thursday 21st March 2019 at 0 degrees 9’ of Libra, at 11: 43 AM  Queensland time Australia.                                                                                     By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Welcome everyone to the Full Moon at zero degrees of Libra!!!                                                But before we start this celestial exploration, I want to mention that we have this Full Moon happening right at the time of the Equinox Portal, the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, and for us down-under, the Autumn Equinox of the Southern hemisphere.                                                                                                                                           This makes this Full Moon a powerful turning point, so watch for a shift in balance (Libra) in some area of your life. And check where zero degrees of Libra falls into your Natal Chart, in which House, as the House this Moon occupies will be the area of life where this shift happens.                                                                                                                           The Autumn Equinox is a time of new potential, and the culmination of the Libra Full Moon at this time, will mark an abrupt change ( and rebirth) in dynamics.                         Aries Autumn Equinox is when the Aries season starts, when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. The Aries energy is very connected to new beginnings, new start, so it is a very good sign for enterprise and starting to make things happen. Over the next coming 6 weeks, we are going to witness planets moving into Aries, so look where Aries sits in your Natal Chart, in which House-area of life, and it is a good time to initiate now something in accordance with this area of your life.The energy of an Equinox is like a tuning time, striking a tuning fork to attune the musical, vibrant instrument you are, for the next 3 months.

This Full Moon is happening at zero degrees of Libra, it is exceptionally strong, and a month later, on the 19th of April, we have got another Full Moon happening again in Libra. And sandwiched in the middle of these two Full Moons, on April the 5th, there is a New Moon in Aries.                                                                                                                                 So we are moving towards this energy that is Cardinal ( Aries-Cancer-Balance-Capricorn), that is the beginning of a season, that is movement forwards, that is taking the initiative… Although this is a Full Moon, which is often about a time of completion, it is also a time of new beginnings, because it is the time for the first signs of Autumn here in the Southern hemisphere , and the first shoots of Spring in the Northern hemisphere… it is a change in the season and it is a time of equality, which is this Libra balanced situation, and from which the term Equinox is created, meaning “equal”.

So HOW CAN YOU FIND BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE?                                                                      Balance between giving to others, between making compromises, between not telling the truth and saying “Oh I am fine” …“I am all right”…  just for the sake of peace ( this is typical of Libra as the “Pleaser”)… when inside, the Aries energy is being triggered in you, and you want to say “NO I am sick of giving in”. 

This Libra Full Moon on the 20th of March, is also the last of five consecutive Full Moons at zero degrees, so she represents the launching point, the final push towards a brand new life with brand new values, and with the special focus on Libra.                                     Now, being the last of 5 consecutive Full Moons at zero degrees means that you have an opportunity now to totally rebuild your life. And it may just happen in one part of your life, but wherever this rebirthing is occurring, it will obviously impact everything else you do. Since Sun is in Aries here at this full moon time, and Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac, the beginning factor is even more enhanced.                                                              So zero is the “zero point”, it is not a value, so anything goes, there is no map, it is the pristine new adventure of your life… And Libra where the Moon is, seeks harmony. So when you actually trust your instinct, your intuition, and just manifest what your heart desires, because the Moon represents the feelings from your heart, that will balance the energy in your life, and allow you to be at that zero point energy of total peace, total harmony and contentment, which is what Libra is all about.

In Astrology Libra rules the 7th House-area of life, which is the House of intimate relationship. So the focus on partnerships is going to be huge the next couple of month… yes it is about “two months” because remember we have the two Full Moons in Libra.            So observe first of all whether you are projecting, because often you  attract in your life people who act like mirrors to you… why? because you are projecting your past, and your needs, your like and dislikes onto those people… and these are happening in any relationships, not only romantic.                                                                                                          So projecting creates codependency, there is no interdependence, and at this Full Moon the Sun is in Aries, and he likes independence. Aries is ruled by Mars, it is the go-get your goals… and Libra is opposite, it is ruled by Venus, so we have this Mars-Venus balance, for you to bring your life in the balance energy.                                                            Codependency is very draining, and it sets you back, because it puts you in the lower vibrations. When you are in high vibrations, all you look at with any relationship, at any time, is how you feel around the person.                                                                                           So ask yourself: “Do I love how I feel around that person?” and “Do I love how I am around that person?”, and “Does this person accept me for who I am unconditionally, without any kind of expectations placed on me?, and “ Do I do the same for them?… or “Am I putting my own ideas and projections on what I want of them?”…and if they don’t fulfil it then the relationship goes into disharmony, because it is now codependent, and you are basically saying “If you don’t fulfil my needs for me, then I am not going to be happy with you”… and that is the opposite of setting somebody free.                                         So this Full Moon time, it is not to be with people who fill a void in your life, fix something in your life, act as a healer for something that you need to address… This is about healing that within you, so that you are completely open to the high vibrations.

So this Libra Full Moon is very connected to relationships, because above all, Libra runs relationship, and that is reinforced by Venus, at 23 degrees Aquarius, in a very challenging and exact “Square” conversation with Mars at 23 degrees Taurus.                   Venus is your emotional connection to your partner and to people in general. Venus in Aquarius is all about freedom loving and independence… “Don’t box me in”… “I want variety, I want stimulation, I don’t want sameness”…so you may find yourself wanting more freedom in your relationship. And with the Aquarius flavour, you may find yourself connecting with people who are quite quirky, very different of the type of people you are normally connecting with.                                                                                      On the other hand, Mars in Taurus is your physical connection in a relationship… “I don’t want any change, I don’t want anything to shake the boat”… “I want stability”… “I want things to stay as they are”.                                                                                                                      So you may be dealing with stubbornness, some people are resisting you in saying no to you, and you may decide how you can deal with that in a diplomatic way, but still get your needs met, because when Venus is in Square to Mars there can be irritation in relationships, something can just suddenly explode.                                                                       A good way to deal with this Square energy is to dance, is to move, to do any kind of sport, anything that takes your mind out of any kind of negative spirals, with respect to a relationship. Libra always seeks balance, and of course it is very difficult to have balance, so it is a constant practice to keep it.                                                                                    So the “Square” conversation indicates the conflict of those principles. Both Venus and Mars are in Fixed signs (Taurus-Lion-Aquarius-Scorpio), so you could develop very fixed views about how those things are operating in your relationships. Do you want safety and security in your relationships?… or do you want more freedom and independence?… That is likely to be the clash at this Full Moon time. 

So relationship issues seem likely to come to a head at this Full Moon time. And this is emphasised because at Full Moons, the Sun and Moon are always in “opposition” conversation to each other. Here the Sun in Aries says “ It is all about ME”… and the Moon in Libra says “It is all about US”… So you may ask this question… “How much do I want to be in this relationship?” .                                                                                                      With this Sun-Moon opposition, once you can integrate these swings and strong feelings about your relationship, you will DEVELOP A SENSE OF BALANCE, again reflecting the Libra energy.                                                                                                                                               So there might be tense or unpleasant moments at this Full Moon time, and they could be the fuel that propels you into a new season. Endings-beginnings, transformation -death -rebirth are not painless processes, but once you push forward the Light increases.

Something extra-ordinary at this Full Moon is that the Libra Moon is in conjunction with the Super Galactic Center, also called “The Soul of the Sky”, sitting at 2 degrees of Libra.                 This powerful largest known “black hole” devours everything in sight, and it organises more than thirty galaxies, ours included. It is well known in Astrology that 2 degrees Libra is a powerful degree deeply connected to relationship, one on one and serial.

Here an excerpt from “The Soul of the Sky” written by famous astrologer Philip Sedwick…                                                                                                                                               “The serial relationship syndrome squeezes the existing relationship partner into taking on all that matters in the person’s life. The partner feels the exceptional squeeze of needing to be all things and at all times. The relationship is doomed. No one, no thing, probably not even one God can deal with that much co-dependant compression. Ultimately, the relationship partner squirts out of there, past the breaking point, gasping for whatever flicker of personal energy might still remain. And then another committed relationship begins…                                                                                                                                                        The opposite sort of dynamic all too often happens in what appears to be “normal” interpersonal (any direct one-to-one connection regardless of context) relationships. The black hole personality here possesses unbelievable powers of attraction. They can fish in even the most resistant potential partner once they attach their potent gravity beam. The charisma, charm and appeal of these people runs off the personality charts. They do more than woo you on the psychological level. They capture you energetically. Then, they demand your energy. They usurp your essence taking you down into their void. This condition lasts until the perception of the contributor realises the magnitude of exhaustive sacrifices unconsciously being rendered. The partner breaks free with absolute and sheer volition”.

So check where 2 degrees of Libra falls in your birth chart, because it represents a place where you need, and need ,and need… where you look for the perfect relationship… but no-one and no thing can ever fill the emptiness felt inside. If you are strongly flavoured with this Super Galactic Center 2 degrees of Libra, there could be an obsession with relationship, and relationship endings are particularly difficult for this Galactic point. However some people strongly connected to this Galactic point, transmute the energy from relationship orientation to their career, or purpose. But regardless of if this Libran point works itself out as relationship, career or destiny, it dominates the life of the one connected to it, and ultimately, the bottom line remains the same “THE SOUL MATE IS SOUGHT”.                                                                                                                                                   At a deeper level, the Super Galactic centre is about soul mating with yourSelf. It is about Soul retrieval, it demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner… and it is essential that you do so… it is unavoidable… and there is great chance that it will happen at this Full Moon time.

There is another interesting conversation at this Libra Full Moon time, a beautiful conjunction between Neptune at 16 degrees of Pisces and Mercury Retrograde at 18 degrees of Pisces.                                                                                                                                     This combination Neptune-Mercury is beautifully inspiring, imaginative, poetic, it is really a magical energy… It is found, particularly in Pisces, in the charts of poets, musicians and artists.                                                                                                                          Neptune-Mercury conjunction is a tremendously creative aspect. It is wonderful for creative writing, creative artistry, creative movements, creative communications, different ways of using language, of reaching somebody in a different way… Pisces is to be like water and to go round the rocks and the obstacles.                                                          So on one side with Venus-Mars Square, you have the tendency to bump into obstacles, but with Neptune-Mercury conjunction you can meander around things a little. And don’t be surprised if you shed some tears, have some releases of grief, which sometimes happen with the Piscean energy. Just let it flow through you. Don’t pretend that everything is alright, if it is not alright, again this is that balance, Aries “Yes I am alright, I am strong, I am a warrior, I am fine”…and the Libra energy says “ can I just share this with you?… “I so much would like a partner or somebody who would listen to this situation”. So you can see here it is this juggling of balls, very strong at the time of this Full Moon, especially as you are going to get the repetition of it in a month later.                  On its wonderful side, Mercury-Neptune conjunction is connected to altered states inspired by spirit, your Aumakua, it is connected to Source, to the Oneness of all, where you can shift from 3D reality to just have that very fine perception on whatever you are creating with or from.                                                                                                                              On its shadow side, in Pisces particularly, and with Mercury in Retrograde at this time, it can be muddled, confusion, or secrets, or deceptions, or things not being as they seem.

So at the time of this Full Moon, it is very important to distinguish between being a victim, Mercury retrograde in Pisces, this Pisces energy can be victimised… and between really speaking out and sticking up for what is right. So you need to speak out if you feel you are being victimised in a situation.                                                                                             And Mercury is still in Retrograde until the 28th of March, so it is important to remember, despite the Venus-Mars Square energy going on, to try to think before you speak.

And I want to remind you again about the long-running “Square” conversation, between Jupiter and Neptune, that goes on in the background until about end of October 2019.        So at this Full Moon time, Jupiter is in Square to the conjunction Neptune-Mercury, and this reinforces this whole thing… it is about big dreams, big horizons and infinite possibilities. It is a feeling of soaring high and being unbounded… “I want to fly like an eagle…To the sea…Fly like an eagle…Let my spirit carry me…I want to fly like an eagle…Till I’m free…Fly through the revolution”… What a beautiful and appropriate song!!!

And then you come back to the hard reality check of Saturn-Pluto-South Node in Capricorn.                                                                                                                                   Capricorn Earth energy is excellent for manifesting, so you can be inspired by your visions, your dreams, and then be able to manifest them with Capricorn energy. So be aware that at this Full Moon time, the energies at play are so different, and you can have a kind of swing of energy from being overwhelmingly inspired and excited… to kind of crashing earth a little bit, with a cold, hard, dense, concentrated energy. And this Saturn-Pluto conjunction goes on through 2020.                                                                                                Pluto in Capricorn is around power, so where do your locus (your centre of power), lies? And it is not always about external power…You have a sense of center, a sense of inner power. And Mother Earth too has her sense of power.                                                                      This Libra Full Moon is asking you to be in resonance with Mother Earth, to practice inner peace, to be relaxed and creative, in your Alpha state, and allow your heart beat to be in synch with Mother Earth’s heart beat.                                                                                      We all need to help Mother Earth’s heart beat to drop down to 7 Hertz, (a very normal, relaxed and peaceful heart beat), because in the last 2 years, there have been a whole series of very intense peaks, in some cases it has been multiplied by up to 5, even up to 36 Hertz, a massive jump indeed!                                                                                                          So be aware that now, with Uranus in Taurus, you have, as an individual (Uranus), the opportunity to connect your individual energy field, your Aura… and match with Mother Earth magnetic field. And individually and collectively, we can all contribute to keep Mother Earth in a harmonious resonance.                                                                                      And the best way to do that, is to spend time with yourself, practicing “groundology” Earth-connection, barefoot on Earth, and be aware of your state of being and cultivate positivity and happiness, and be contagious in this way. So everyday practice to turn on your radio dial to feeling of Joy, Gratitude, to feeling of Love, the highest vibration… and rest assured to develop a greater sense of inner power.                                                                 We are in a fascinating and intense time, a lot is happening with strong shifts in energy, and they are opportunities for you to increase the amount of Light energy in your Body, and as a reflexion, the amount of Light energy in Mother Earth.

Another important conversation at this Full Moon time is the Sun in tight conjunction to Chiron, the “Wounded-healer’ in Aries.                                                                                           This Sun-Chiron conjunction will heal your relationships like never before, if you are completely honest and you are open to Love. Because Chiron also governs Love… LOVE IS HEALING.                                                                                                                                              So you have to open your heart to Love, that starts with yourself. You need to bring your life into harmony, like focusing on what is healthy for you, what is uplifting… Love is about harmony and freedom, and it is to be shared with those around you… but it starts with yourself.                                                                                                                                          And because Chiron is the “Wounded-Healer”, you may also be involve in something painful, awkward or vulnerable at the time of the Libra Full Moon. A weakness may be exposed as an imbalance occurs. And since the Equinox is about equality, equality in time, in daylight and darkness, in your Light and Shadow, your Yin and Yang…there may be a corresponding struggle to achieve a new balance.

And finally at this Full Moon time, the Libra Moon is in an uneasy “Quincunx”(150 degrees) conversation, requesting adjustment, with Uranus in Taurus. This is very powerful because they are both at zero degrees of their signs, therefore on Critical -Power degrees.                                                                                                                                      This is about new ideas, new concepts, being ahead of your time, being beyond the conscious, beyond the mystical, getting a wonderfull understanding of human nature, things to do with breakthroughs, the unseen, Uranus goes into unknown territories, this is the adventurer.                                                                                                                                       Any aspect to Uranus means change must happen NOW, but the adjustment demanded by the Quincunx means you must balance an overhaul of resources, security, values (in the Taurus area of your chart) with results in the Libra area of your chart. Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, but they express her contrasting energies – subjective survival (Taurus) versus objective relating to others (Libra). So there may be an abrupt shift involving you versus them, or your values versus your relationships. 

So this is a hugely creative Libra Full Moon indeed, the first of two Libra Full Moons this month of March, and the last of the 5 consecutive Full Moons at zero degrees.                       So with this “zero point” moment, anything goes, an adventuring energy that is so astounding, and it brings such illumination and a trust in your intuition, a trust in the power of magic and alchemy, to bring Harmony and Love into your life. So focus on to any of those, and you will be in a place of true high vibration. Be aware that we are going to a radial shift now… It is a wonderful, up-levelling energy, and it also the perfect time for you to know your celestial map, your birth code, what your purpose is, all the flavours that you contain… your Divine Cosmic Essence. So come and converse with me to explore and meet your Soul Self.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏