This Aries New Moon happens on Friday 5th April 2019 at 15 degrees 17’ of Aries, at 6:50 PM Queensland time Australia.                                                                                           By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Welcome to a new energy cycle, which demands for you to take new responsibilities.

Yes this is a New Moon which means that you are working with listening energy, seed planting energy, new beginning energy. And a New Moon is about the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, and there is that renewal, there is that refreshment, so a New Moon is always about new beginning. 

So see where 15 degrees of Aries is falling in your natal chart, in which House-area of life. Set a new intention for this new beginning, what you want to manifest, and your intention should be conditioned by the House-area of life that this New Moon is falling in, in your natal chart. 

So this is an Aries New Moon, and Aries is great for new beginnings. It is the first sign of the zodiac, it is about the warrior, the pioneer, it can go solo, does not need the social approval, it has courage. Aries is a very simple direct energy, it just wants to set a goal and just get there as fast as possible. It is very focused in what it is doing, a real master in MAKIA, Makia the third Hawaiian principle… “Energy flows where attention goes – Be focus “… You get what you focus on.

Aries is very speedy and quite youthful, impatient, impulsive, does not want anybody to get in the way, wants to be the first, the higher achiever. Aries energy is about you as the individual, the “I AM”, the conscious creator. Just knowing and owning that you exist as an individual, and accepting that, and empowering yourself with that energy is so profound…that is the energy of Aries.

At this New Moon we have a lot of Cardinal energy in it, mainly between Aries and Capricorn. We have conversations going on between those Cardinal signs, initiating signs, and in many ways these signs are announcing this new SELF-RESPONSIBILITY that is the flavour of this Aries New Moon.

At this New Moon time, we are still in the post retrograde phase, what we call in Astrology the post Shadow era, of the Mercury Retrograde. And that is lasting up to the 17th of April.                                                                                                                                                  So this New Moon is still in the conversation of those reverberation of the Mercury Retrograde. With this Mercury just newly in his direct mode, and at the same time in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, you still have to re-evaluate what is true for you, what is meaningful to you and what you want to create… so this Aries New Moon is in that context.                                                                                                                                            That Mercury Retrograde in Pisces took you to some really profound places, having you ask questions, having you really dive into where you have been holding yourself back, where you have been self sabotaging. So during the month of his Retrograde phase in Pisces, Mercury, our intellect, the Messenger of God, the God of communication…has been calling on you to reassess areas of your life where you are disconnected from your spirituality, from the Oneness to yourself and others, to remind you to come from your heart. Thanks to Mercury Retrograde you have looking back over the past year or so, how you have directed your compassionate energies…”Have you been compassionate enough?’… “Have you shared your heart enough with others?”                                                  So this New Moon is really in the context of that Mercury-Neptune conversation, that has been going on for a couple of months. And now you have to realise whatever old nostalgia, whatever old pattern, and whatever old fantastical escapist qualities, that you had over the last several years, that can no longer serve you. So already this New Moon has this message.

But at this New Moon time, not only we have Mercury 18 degrees of Pisces, in conjunction to Neptune 17th degrees of Pisces, but Neptune is in a loose conjunction to Venus 11th degrees of Pisces.                                                                                                                                                  So this conversation Venus-Neptune boosts the sense, not only of creativity and imagination, but of beauty and colour, and love of nature, and aesthetics… It brings in this very fine perception. Venus-Neptune conjunction is encouraging you to trust your intuitive voice, to bring your creativity forth, and to be gentle… it is a really excellent time to create, whatever it is…writing, dancing, breathing, painting… just getting into that altered state.

So at this New Moon time there is a balance to be found, between a very external out there energy ( Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn), and a very internal, softer energy ( Mercury-Neptune-Venus in Pisces). The balance between DOING and REMEMBER TO BE.

And still in the background, there is the ongoing Square conversation between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, that is going to run all the way through to October 2019.                                                                                                                                                       This is a very different energy to that dense contracting Capricorn energy ( Saturn-South Node-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn). Both Sagittarius and Pisces are Mutable signs, they have no boundaries, so there is always this sense of infinite possibilities, things being unlimited, bigger dreams and horizons…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This Square has got quite a spiritual driving force to it, and you may yearn to escape from a situation, but please go somewhere that has some spiritual definition to it. 

This Square is also strengthened at the time of this Aries New Moon, because Mercury is tightly conjunct to Neptune in Pisces, so that means that Mercury is also in Square conversation to Jupiter.                                                                                                                         And this Mercury-Jupiter conversation expands your imagination, your creativity… It can mean that you may go on a big trip, that again has a spiritual flavour to it, such a Yoga retreat, a Vipassana reclusion, an Indian ashram… or you just put yourself in the Aka Lau mode, and be part of everything in the Oneness of all. Or you may go in the travel of the mind…It is a great time to write and just have big ideas about your reality, to see your life and the life of others and the posibilities for you, in a bigger way.

But the other great thing that Jupiter in Sagittarius is doing for you at the moment, is that he is in and out of sign-Trine conversation with Uranus in Taurus.                                                  This Trine conversation between Jupiter and Uranus can sometimes bring a lucky break for you, if it aspects anything in your natal chart. It can create a strong feeling of restlessness, you want more freedom. So in the House – area of life in your chart, where Taurus and Uranus are, that can create a need for newness and freedom, and where Jupiter in Sagittarius is moving in your chart, that can create expansion for you.                 But this Trine conversation can also make you unite with the escapist’s urge, make you want to move to an alternative style of life, a community style of life. Uranus is to do with community, the collective of like-minded people… and nowadays, many people have this urge of wanting to move away from mainstream society, and get back to the Earth (Uranus in Taurus), grow their own food organically, everything being natural, simple, and getting back to the heart beat of Mother Earth, and the planetary movements of the Moon. We can see already the movement growing of people wanting to live in “tiny houses”, and create organic “tiny house villages” of like minded people, similar but also so much different from the old hippy days, because we are now in different times.              So until 2026 Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus, and whenever he hits a point, if you have got a sensitive planet or point in Taurus, look out because Uranus is bringing change, awakening surprises, all kind of things that nobody can predict. So expect the unexpected, that there will be shocks, there will be surprises in that House-area of life where Taurus sits in your natal chart.

Just before this New Moon in Aries, we just pass the autumn Equinox portal ( Spring Equinox for Northern hemisphere) on March 20th, so it is a new dawn, a new season, it is perfect for that Aries energy, that impulsive energy that get things going, and gets you activated, and ready to embark on new journeys. Because if you think about the energy of Mars (the ruler of Aries), it is a lot like the “Fool”, the first card of a traditional tarot deck. But essentially what it means is, Mars this Arian energy, just wants to move forward, and it does not necessarily look before it leaps. 

There is another very important conversation at the time of this New Moon, that is the conjunction of Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn is in a Square conversation with the conjunction Sun-Moon in Aries.                                                                                       Whenever there is a Square energy, there is a sense of having to put some effort through some boundaries… and here with the Capricorn flavour, you may need to push some authoritative boundaries, where somebody may be is taking your power away or your strength away. And with the flavour of the New Moon in Aries, this is about to put yourself first and say “this really matters to me”, and even if you are upsetting a few people, you are saying “I am going for this”. So the big question of this Aries New Moon is “WHAT WILL YOU BREAK OUT OF?”.                                                                                         Maybe there is an old habit that kept you confined, that kept you within certain limits. (Saturn-South Node). Sometimes you have to push through some boundaries, even with the risk of loosing someone or something. So what is inside of you that wants to be birthed, that might be difficult to get out?                                                                                             Capricorn is almost the antithesis of the Arie’s energy, because he wants to slow things down, wants to take things with patience, do things thoroughly with consideration, there is no rush. So this can be frustrating for the Aries energy, because you just want to get on with something. These blocks can be sometimes rules and regulations, with Saturn being law and order, where you are not allowed to do certain things. It could be paperwork, bureaucracy getting in your way and you have to fill all these forms before you can achieve that thing you want to do. It could broken bones, or dislocated vertebrae that limit your body movement, and you have to walk slow with crutches.

And with Pluto and South Node in Capricorn, part of the Square conversation to the Aries New Moon, we are back to this whole issue of “power”. Capricorn is about “power”, and here at this Aries New Moon time, we have a very strong focus and concentrated energy around “Power” with Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn.                                     Saturn-South Node-Pluto have you do some homework, they have you check in with your shadow side, to see where you are restricting yourself, to see where you are putting in healthy structure… They have you checking in, with any old versions of yourself that are no longer serving you. They are not into hearing your excuses for why you can’t transform, and why you can’t show up for yourself, and why you can’t take a stand for what really matters.                                                                                                                                       And they are saying … “What are you going to do about it?… ARE YOU GOING TO STAND UP?”                                                                                                                                                       With this Square conversation, you can live it out in terms of a battle, that you are striving to get ahead, and things are blocking you… or you can integrate the two principles of Aries-Capricorn, and you do move ahead with your project (Aries) but you do it more slowly, more thoroughly, more in depth (Capricorn). And actually, as you integrate the two principles, you end up with a better result, a better product, a better project at the end, so it is very helpful actually.                                                                               So use this Square energy to go for things you want. So don’t sit back waiting for others to do, you are the pioneer, follow THE CALL FROM YOUR SOUL. What journey would you like to go on an exploration, that maybe takes you out of your normal comforts? It will take you on a new adventure and allow more of who you are to spring forth .

At the time of this Aries New Moon, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Gemini.                                     And he will be there all the way through the month, and this will energise your thinking. So see where Gemini falls in your natal chart, in which House-area of life, because wherever Mars is moving, and he moves quite quickly through a sign, 6 to 8 weeks on average, Mars activates that House area. Where Mars is, things start to move and progress, so it is about change and activation in whatever House-area of life he is moving.                                                                                                                                                  Mars in Gemini is encouraging you to open your horizons a little, doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Maybe you are too focused on one thing, doing your own way, and trying to force the situation, then you find too many obstacles on your way. So it is time to distract yourself, and this Aries New Moon wants you to practice the second Hawaiian Principle of Kala. KALA “ There are no limits – Be free”. Everything is possible … so just give yourself permission to follow a different route for a little while .                                 With Mars in Gemini, we have got the twins and to find a balance between the two. There is within you the good twin and the bad twin, the twin who is out there and the twin who is more introverted, so you are working with these energies at this New Moon as well.                                                                                                                                                       So at this New Moon time , there is a balance between pushing, breaking out, coming out with poking your head out… and at the same time, going with the flow of the energy, and Mars in Gemini is encouraging you to look at many different interests you might have, and see where they might lead you too.

Something interesting to mention, is that we have 3 planets going stationary retrograde this month. Pluto and Saturn are doing later in the month, but on the 10th of April, Jupiter goes Stationary Retrograde. And whenever a planet is Stationary, its symbolism is magnified. So it could be within a few days, either side of April 10th, that could be a very good time to think about travel. However, Jupiter is not always the best energy, because although he gives this feeling of expansion, it could also be excess, so situations can spiral out of control sometimes when Jupiter is in a very strong position. So be aware of that around the 10th of April.

So the context of this New Moon is really asking you some very deep questions about what it means to, if you are conscious of yourself and you are conscious of your energy, what it means to use that energy within the world. You are embodied here, you are standing here, so at this New Moon time, visualise yourself stepping into the archetype of Aries the Warrior. 

Aries is ruled by Mars, and Aries is the frontline energy, it is the energy that takes the step into the next phase of life, this is the first energy that emerges. We all have Aries energy within us, just being an individual, a frontline person. Like everybody else you are working in your self-realisation, understanding that your journey is unique. 

So at this New Moon time imagine yourself, YOU ARE STANDING ALONE AND STRONG, and clear and resilient, and it is the dawn of a brand new morning. You are out in your favourite area, maybe out on this wide open beach, or out under an amazing master tree somewhere in a deep green forest… Be wherever you feel that sense of I AM… “I am here and I can stand alone here”. And in this “Aka Lau Mode”, you just really relish in the fact that “I EXIST”. 

And you know that you are enough, and you know that you are directly connected to Source, the Oneness of all, you just know. So just imagine what it feels like when you are in this sacred Oneness of all, and don’t forget to support this sacred moment with deep breaths. In this precious moment you are a realised individual, you are connected, you have it all, you have your awareness of your being, of your individual ability to create energy, to create thought and ideas.

So what do you use this beautiful realised energy for, now that you know that you have it? What do you do now? With this Aries New Moon, you need to use your Fire for something of value. Use it to build bridges to connect more deeply to others, and to use this divine power that is within you for something of value, and that is where that SELF-RESPONSIBILITY energy, that is influencing this Aries New Moon with all that energy in Capricorn, is coming out. Now be really aware that you are a powerful being, that means that you are in a context where YOU specifically, YOUR energy, can and will be showing up to give something to others in this world… that is what this Aries New Moon is about.

Time is changing, and it is not the same era that we were in even a couple of years ago. The world has changed and what matters now is very pressing… You got to show up now… If there is a word for Aries it is NOW, to practice the fourth Hawaiian Principle of “MANAWA – Now is the moment of power – I am here NOW”.                                                        This is about taking action, this is about being very conscious of how you take your space in the world, how you take the stage in the world, how you take your frontline Warrior status. You are in the turning of the season time…and for all of us, it is a turning of our collective evolution.

So there are lots of gifts in this New Moon, and it is about taking action, it is about your habits, about your routines, how you take up your space… but there is lot of room for new opportunity here, there is a lot of room for heart opening, for deep connection, for renewal and playfulness.

So it is an opportunity this month for a great breakthrough, but be aware that you can be at the same time, gentle and softer with yourself, through the breaking through. I don’t know if that is a difficult thing to accomplish, or not, but this is the essence of this New Moon.                                                                                                                                                         So if you find yourself meeting with lots of closed doors, then just sidestep a little, do something else, and come back to it later with fresh eyes, a fresh perspective, and maybe from a more creative angle. 

This New Moon in Aries is an excellent opportunity to MOVE ON really… just break the chains and let yourself move forward.

So I wish you a wonderful groundbreaking fresh new YOU.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏