This Aries Full Moon happens on Monday 14th October 2019 at 20 degrees 13’ of Aries, at 7:08 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everyone!!!  This Aries Full Moon is quite active, even disruptive, it has a lot of energy that are in a sense of tension.

She sits at 20 degrees of Aries, opposite the Sun at 20 degrees of Libra. They are facing each other, sitting on different sides of the zodiac, so they have different intentions, different needs, different desires. This Full Moon is when the Moon is the brightest in the sky and illuminates in your consciousness something you didn’t realise. 

So here we have the Moon in Aries asking you to look under the surface, to see what you can no longer keep within… “What has not been siting well within Me?”… especially in the masculine, Yang energy of Aries, the masculine energy of war, for what you want to fight for. 

So right away there is an emotional connection here, to something bubbling up, around what you are willing to stand up for,  to have courage for, to go to war for. This is typical Aries, Aries is an initiative energy, so something is been called forward to your consciousness to be initiated, and it might piss you off, that might be how it gets your attention, is that the anger could show up at this Full Moon time.

So then we follow this Aries energy, and we find its ruler Mars sitting in Libra. And Mars in Libra is not strong at all, because when a planet is positioned in the opposite sign of his home sign, in astrology this planet is called “ being in Detriment”, which mean being weak. 

Mars is about going for what you want, he likes to take action, and when he is in Libra, he is actually the furthest away form his home environment of Aries. So this is a weakened Mars, and instead to be in action, being in Libra he has to sit down at the table, and talk it out, have conversations, be objective… and that is not what he is most comfortable in.

What is really interesting is that Mars at 6 degrees of Libra is ruled by Venus, and at this Full Moon time, Venus is at 6 degrees of Scorpio. And she is not at her best there, because same as Mars, she is in Detriment in Scorpio, opposing her home sign of Taurus.

So we have this interesting sense of things being uncomfortable at this Full Moon. The Moon and the Sun are under stress, Mars and Venus are not at their best, and both Mars and Venus are under stress from Uranus at 5 degrees of Taurus.

Because Uranus sitting at 5 degrees of Taurus, is in opposition to Venus in Scorpio, and this opposition was exact just the day before the Full Moon, so still very strong.

Whenever there is conversation between Venus and Uranus, it is to be about freedom and independence… “I want to be my own person, I want no constraints”. So particularly if you have any planets around 5 degrees of a Fixed sign (Taurus-Lion-Scorpio-Aquarius) in your natal chart, you maybe having those feelings.

And very often, these desires for independence and freedom come as a result of control in a relationship, and the Aries Full Moon brings up those issues strongly.

Simultaneously Uranus is also in an uneasy Quincunx (150 degrees) conversation with Mars, which is a discomfort, something that feels like “it can’t be resolved”. 

So there is like an unsettled energy at this time, and this Full Moon is bringing up emotional messages, that you are not meant to keep it in the dark. Your Soul feels the urge for very deep emotional growth, and this is coming up through the masculine and the feminine energies (Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra). Your Soul understands that change is happening, that it could be a little bumpy at times, and that there could be some turbulences.

The major conversation at this Full Moon time, is Pluto in Capricorn in a challenging Square conversation to the Sun, and simultaneously, he is in another tense Square conversation with the Moon. And this creates a right-angle triangle, what astrologers call a T-Square. In this case this is a Cardinal T-Square, as it connects the 3 Cardinal signs of Aries-Libra-Capricorn.

This T-Square represents some very powerful energies for change. And believe me, at this time you don’t want to resist change, like a tsunami wave that is going to just swamp right over you. You need to be as flexible as you can, to be able to adapt, to compromise, to accept any kind of change.

Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn is saying YOU MUST CHANGE. Pluto is applying big pressure, because he went in Direct mode on October 3rd, so he is just leaving his Stationary phase now, and he is getting full momentum. Pluto is saying THE CHANGE IS IMMINENT, the change is happening in the world, which is Capricorn, and it is happening within you, and within your relationships. You are not meant to remain the same. You are meant to rise up, and see something in yourself at a higher consciousness, higher vibration.

This T-Square with Pluto, is about purging, purging of the past especially, but it is also empowering you from within, making room for change, making room for transformation. The Full Moon is about balance, Divine feminine-Sacred Masculine, everything happens within you, and what is unseen is what is most powerful. Just like you don’t feel your blood flowing internally, it does not mean it is not happening, and that is what is keeping you alive. The same goes with how you lead your life, it is not the external stimuli that are defining your experience of life, it is your internal understanding, your conscious or unconscious awareness, that shows how you experience life. 

For instance, peace can be talked about at length, but it must be felt. You can even demonstrate for peace, but you must feel at peace to understand what peace is. Same with Love, you can fall in Love, you can say “I Love You”, but the only way to feel Love is to be in a place of Love. 

This T-Square conversation with Pluto means that you control your internal experience. Only you, nobody else is controlling it, so why not create what is happening within you in a joyful way, the way you want it? You have that choice. 

So Pluto at this Full Moon time is basically saying “TAKE CHARGE”, take charge of what is happening within you, to be the conductor of your symphony of life, don’t let somebody else create cacophony… You want symphony. Cacophony is created when somebody else, or external circumstances, define how you feel, and this is an unconscious way to live.

So at this Full Moon time, reclaim your inner territory, stop complaining about what is going on outside anywhere, and focus on your inner well-being. As a result, you feel internally driven to act, not externally… you feel intuitively inspired to create, to speak, to do anything. 

FEELING GOOD is absolutely necessary in order for you to live your life at your full potential. Feeling at peace, feeling blissful, feeling grateful, those are a requisite to live a high vibrational life.You can’t make high vibrational decisions when you are not feeling well, when you are feeling disempowered, when you are feeling stressful or constrained, or angry, miserable… So high vibrational choices can only be made when you have seen light and dark, and you have chosen a high vibrational state of being. 

When you understand that everything you feel, everything you experience, every joyful, sad, painful, blissful experience that you have in life, originates actually internally, then you realise that life begins in that sacred internal space. So basically “YOUR LIFE IS UP TO YOU”, and always turn within for guidance, or turn to your guides for guidance.

This T-Square with Pluto is requiring you to mature. So the Aries energy of impatience or impulsiveness is needed to mature, but this goes back to your Soul’s intention to rise up through the pressure, because the Sun in Libra wants peace, inner peace, harmony in that peace. So the good in disguise of this T-Square is that it is keeping you on your toes.

And this T-Square from Pluto of course brings up issues of power.  Power control, manipulation, power plays… in a relationships this brings up issues around control, jealousy, possessiveness, and very often there are issues around trust and betrayal as well. So be very aware of what is unfolding at this time, secrets being revealed at this time… Pluto ruler of Scorpio is very connected to secrets. 

Also Pluto is connected to toxicity, and that can manifest in various ways as well. 

This could be emotional toxicity, because Pluto in Scorpio is very connected to where you have pushed down negative feelings for a long time. And any Full Moon is about to release what no longer serves you. So this Full Moon wants you to bring up and release those negative emotions from the past which are negative and toxic. Because if you don’t do that, and keep them repressed, what you tend to do is to project them on to other people, and believe that other people actually have those feelings, whereas actually it is coming from you. It is a process called “cognitive dissonance”. So let that go!

It could also be toxicity in terms of pollution of the Earth. Our Mother Earth is incredibly polluted as we know, but we might, with this powerful Full Moon, have a light shining on even more on this matter, especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius, so you may have a sense of more truth being revealed about the scale of toxicity and pollution, and you might want to take action on a bigger way.

And the taking action side is very positive at this Full Moon time, because we have 5 planets in Cardinal signs ( Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn), and if we include the Sun in Libra and the North Node in Cancer, we have 7 planetary bodies in Cardinal signs. 

Cardinal is about dynamism, it is a Yang energy, it is about taking action, it is initiatory… so it is fantastic time to set goals and achieving them. And don’t forget that with the Cardinal T-Square you have great focus and willpower.

So this Full Moon is happening at 20 degrees Libra, so check in your natal chart, where 20 degrees of Libra sits, in which House-Area of life, and you will see if there is some closure, completion, culmination happening in that area of life for you.

At the time of this Full Moon to ease the tense T-Square conversation, we have Jupiter at 20 degrees of Sagittarius, having a beneficial Trine conversation with the Moon, and simultaneously a friendly Sextile conversation with the Sun.

That is helping you to move forward, because of the Fire sign energy Sagittarius, you can follow the inspiration, follow the faith, keep your head above water… So follow where that motivation and that inspiration is showing up. Jupiter gives a jolt of energy, to this otherwise tense Aries Full Moon, and he reminds you that you came in with tools to help you. So Jupiter in Sagittarius is reminding you of those tools, of those gifts, and motivates you with a strong desire for abundance. Jupiter supports what you have been working on, and to have trust in that, even during the intense pressure of this Full Moon.

So at this Full Moon time, if you are allowing yourself to be more flexible, then Jupiter will bring a beautiful and supportive flow of energy. So with all this pressure for change (Pluto), there is a really beautiful positive outlet that can bring you growth, and luck, and protection (Jupiter)… but this can only start coming through, once you allow some necessary changes. If you are so blocked and fearful, or resisting any kind of change, you are not going to be the winner, and you are going to be enormously stressed out.

This outlet with Jupiter could be very favourable for traveling, for advertising, marketing, or for education.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury is at 13 degrees of Scorpio, and he is now in his shadow phase, because on October 31st he will Station-Retrograde, and will remain Retrograde until November 20th. 

Mercury entering his shadow phase, means that whatever comes up during this Full Moon dynamic time, you are going to be working through it. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio means going into the fears, into the unconscious, into the untapped areas of power, untapped personal power.

So there is definite change now, in your sense of self, and when you need courage, when you need the strength to stand on your own…And that is one of the higher aspect of the Moon in Aries, is the independence, the leadership, the …“I can do this on my own”…“I HAVE THE COURAGE TO MOVE AHEAD REGARDLESS”.

And negotiating, discerning Mercury in Scorpio is in a harmonious Trine Conversation with visionary Neptune in Pisces.

This brings in something much gentler, and even with the intense Scorpio and Pluto flavour of this Full Moon, Neptune in Pisces brings in sensitivity, creativity, tuning in to Source, inviting you to practice meditation, or other altered modes such as the AKA LAU mode.

This brings a lot of psychic energy as well, so you can really trust your inner voice. Something is calling out to you, so LISTEN THE VOICE WITHIN.

And if we include Mercury in a Trine conversation with the North Node in Cancer, and Neptune is also in a Trine conversation with this North Node, so we have a beautiful triangle pattern created here, called a Grand-Trine in Water, connecting the water signs of Scorpio-Cancer-Pisces. 

So there is a very soft undertone of compassion and caring for those who are less well-off in your community, in the world. There is a strong feeling of nurture and protection here.

This Mercury-Neptune Trine conversation is also about non-verbal communication and extra-sensory gifts that have been put in place. Neptune is all about everything, it is unconditional Love, Mercury is the Messenger, and raises the ability to feel compassionate, and to feel empathetic and to connect deeply, and sweetly. This sweetness, this loving connection is first born within you, so you want to engage in things, in relationships that really nourish you at Soul level, at a heart centred level. And that means listen to your visions, (Neptune), listen to your dreams, get off the beaten path, see the magic in being ingenious, the Uranus opposition to Venus also helps in this regard.

At this Full Moon time Mars in Libra is opposite Chiron in Aries.

Chiron sensitises any sign that he is in, he is very much about Love and crystallising and amplifying healing in your life. Chiron recently moved into Aries, and for many years, and Mars is the ruler of Aries. So Mars opposite Chiron activates your sacred healer and your sacred warrior. 

Mars in his negative expression can get angry and hostile, and forces his views on others. So rather than just getting angry about something, and pouring energy into what you don’t want, try to work energetically, which is very efficient and really very powerful. So you set an intention, for what you want to occur in your world, you imagine that has already happened, that you are already living that reality, and you visualise how it is unfolding for you. 

The power of the thought is so potent at this time, and I can hear the first Hawaiian Principle of IKE calling. “IKE – The World Is What You Think It Is”

Whatever you believe in, you will manifest. If you believe the world is a place full of struggle and hardship, then surely hardship and struggle will come your way. If you believe that the world is a great place for adventure and happiness, that you will surely experience much more of those than the person believing in the world of struggle. So depending on which side you stand, you could see the glass half full, or you could see the glass half empty.

So the key to healing, is to learn how to express anger in positive way. You need to assert yourself in the most loving way, and you need to understand that you are empowered from within, you are a force to be reckoned with. 

So know the amount of force to use in a situation, which is what Mars is about, and consciously take practical action that is not aggressive…that makes a deep healing imprint, because you are empowered from within. 

So with this Aries Full Moon, there is an initiation, there is an unhealed shadow-self that is coming up, to be worked with, and to be healed within you.

So check where the 20 degrees of Aries is in your Natal Chart, in which House-Area of life… it will let you know about this part of you that needs healing.

A good thing to do at this Full Moon time, to help you with the intense pressure, is to use the power of crystals, such as Selenite (Selenite brings calming energies, deep peace and mental clarity), Amber (Amber absorbs negative energies and has a cleansing and calming effect), Garnet (Garnet brings in a sense of calm, balances energies, and has a stabilising effect), Onyx (Onyx stabilises the root chakra and provides inner strength)… This would help you to move through a burst of energy with this Full Moon… Because at this Full Moon time, there is a burst of something coming through to get your attention, so you can release it and be on the other side of it.

The Moon in Aries is all about finding your strength, your power, and the ruler of Aries, Mars, is in Libra, and the Sun is there too in Libra. 

So you may have some challenges to deal with, in your relationships… “Where do you need to take charge?”… and with the Capricorn energy involved, you need to create clear boundaries. Sometimes NO can be the kindest answer. So where to you need to say NO? And that might be difficult for you because Mars in Libra is a master-pleaser, he wants to make it very nicely, always trying to find that diplomatic route, but at the same time, sometimes it may end up in an argument. So be aware that this Full Moon in Aries might bring out the feeling of being “pissed”, very annoyed. And this is okay, sometimes you just have it, sometimes when you are too close from someone, you can have a little crossword, and then you float off in opposite directions. So you may need to just be aware that this may happen.

So this Aries Moon is about new beginnings, Fire, action, courage, moving towards a goal…, and the Libra Sun is about taking a rest, balance, harmony, Love… So at this Full Moon time, you are initiating a new way of being, to bring your life into balance…to not feel pulled and jerked around, and out of control, and living unconsciously. 

This is very much about awakening your conscious awareness, this is why the T-Square with Pluto is so amazing. Pluto is to look inside, and this Full Moon reminds you that all your experiences of life happen within you…whether you feel pain, whether you feel pleasure, is internally experienced. What happens on the inside is how you experience life, so this Aries Full Moon invites you to be consciously aware of those polarities within you, and in doing so, consciously purge what you don’t want, and replace it with something high vibrational. Because this Full Moon in Aries is very much about understanding that you have the freedom to choose to be independent. That is all Aries energy, it is the first sign of the zodiac, it initiates, it sparkles, it shows you that a new era, a new chapter in your life is beginning. So if you want to break a negative habit, this is the perfect time to do it. Now you are setting yourself free to live a new life

At this Full Moon time, interestingly we have the Sun and Moon at 20 degrees, we have Pluto at 20 degrees, and Jupiter at 20 degrees as well… and that opens up an incredible 20-20-20-20 energetic portal, and we are about to move into 2020.

The number “20” as a temporary vibration, is about turning points, decisions, awareness, adaptability, reconstruction. Sudden events require you to make a decision, that could be a turning point in your life. For instance, a change of location, a new job, or fresh relationships, an accident, a death… demand new thoughts, new feelings, new actions from you. So at this Full Moon time, you are able to see the alternatives, the pros and cons. In this way you will learn much about yourself, and how adaptable you are. If you actually weigh and measure your present situation, or any situation presented to you during this Full Moon time, you will formulate a profitable plan, that can be implemented in the near future.

Unless you act decisively to put your ideas to practical use, the influence of the number “20” can make you restless and uneasy. Do not remain lazy or inactive, don’t waste time. At this time you are actually experiencing a period of growth… future realisations are now germinating. it is a fine planning period.

GO WITH THE FLOW, do not resist the need for change. Remain adaptable, use your common sense, and come to logical conclusion…then you will fulfil the requirements of this period. 

“20” is also about peace, intimacy, trust… trusting in the Divine connection, the harmony you feel, the bliss you feel when you are in tune, like a good intonation in music. You listen to this beautiful harmonious intonation, so “20” is about listening. 

“20” is also about perfect vision 20-20, and 2020, the year we are moving into, is about seeing clearly, having second sight, (I am about to have my second eye surgery, that is going to give me a second sight…yeah !!!). And this second sight is your intuition, your inner sight. So this Aries Full Moon brings you this second sight, for you to restart, and be ready for what is coming in 2020.

So there is a lot of change happening in the month of October, heavily flavoured with Cardinal energy. So keep in mind that if you are willing to see something in a new light, that light could be the end of the dark tunnel. So ALWAYS STAY OPEN TO THE LIGHT, and what you are willing to learn about yourself, which the Moon in Aries energy is about. Because as you raise the consciousness of yourself (Moon Aries), you will then bring that higher consciousness to relationships (Sun Libra), and out in the world (Pluto Capricorn).

A good tool to raise the consciousness of yourself, is to have an astrology reading of course, with me or another astrologer, to explore the energies you contain, so you understand what you are made of, what your life themes are, and what you bring out into the world, what you bring into the relationships, and also what you are tapping in to your own power. 

So enjoy the fiery energies of this Aries Full Moon, it is little bit choppy, it has tension, but stay open to the change, LOOK FOR THE LIGHT, and TRUST… Trust that all of this is part of a much bigger process.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏