This Libra New Moon happens on Sunday 29th September 2019 at 5 degrees 20’ of Libra, at 4:26 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everyone to the lovely New Moon in Libra.

This New Moon is a Super New Moon, because the Moon is very close in its orbit to Mother Earth.  So she has a stronger pull on the tectonic plates, on the ebb and flow of the oceans, the ebb and flow of your body-mind-spirit… that is why it is such a powerful new beginning for you.

So this New Moon is when the Sun and Moon conjunct, and they are together in the sky. There is a connection there happening, a reunion, a renewal of energy, as every New Moon is. It is the coming together of the masculine and the feminine, Moon comes to share a hug and a kiss with Sun, and then the Moon moves along.

In terms of astrological events happening during the month of September, Saturn moved in Direct motion on the 18th, at 13-14 degrees of Capricorn. He was Retrograde since April this year, so it has been many months of retrogradation. So see where 13-14 degrees of Capricorn falls in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life, because in this area of life you may have felt a bit stuck or blocked, or you was putting lot of hours of work and practice in that House area.

So now Saturn is moving Direct, and he is increasing momentum, so wherever he is sitting in your chart, you will start to see the result of your efforts, and you may get rewards from those efforts, particularly if you have worked hard. 

Saturn is preparing for a big event, the  conjunction with Pluto, happening on January 12th 2020, at 22 degrees of Capricorn, which all astrologers have been talking about.

Jupiter has been moving Direct since August, and he, as well, has been taking momentum. 

And Pluto, who has been in retrograde motion since many months as well, will be moving Direct from the 3rd of October. 

So you are seeing increased momentum where these planets are falling in your natal chart, and that means increased business in your life, increased forward motions, between mid degrees of Sagittarius ( Jupiter is at 17 degrees) and mid degrees of Capricorn ( Saturn is at 13-14 degrees and Pluto is at 20 degrees)… so the energy of these areas in your natal chart may really start to move forwards for you.

In addition to that, on September 23rd, we have the Spring Equinox here Down-Under (and Autumn Equinox for the Northern hemisphere).

Equinoxes and Solstices are very important kind of spiritual power days, because the veil between you and the higher world falls. It is a more permeable time, and the subtle energies can flow into you more easily. 

So this Spring Equinox is a terrific time to meditate, to focus, to be in Aka Lau mode, connected to the Oneness Of All, and just allowing any insights or downloads to happen for you. It is like striking a tuning fork for the tone of the next few months, so this Spring Equinox time will really define the tone of what you are going to experience over these coming three months, moving to January 2020.

So this Spring Equinox is to help you make the most out of the new season. And as you probably already know, spring is a season associated with change, cleansing, and new beginnings. 

Up until the 18th century, in many parts of Europe, the Equinox was once considered the beginning of the new year (it is still considered the astrological new year), with Aries as the first sign). In ancient times, people performed rituals during the Equinox to cleanse out old energy in themselves and in their homes. In general, the Equinox is seen as a time of struggle between light and darkness, life and death, because the Equinox happens when the day and the night are at equal length.

The significance for spring, is that daylight starts to increase, so the earth is about to tip over to more light, like an illuminating, sublime reminder that light is returning, and always does, to earth. Therefore, the Spring Equinox represents new light and life, new beginnings, new seeds, and new path. In other words, the Spring Equinox is the best time of year to focus on new projects, getting rid of things that no longer serve you, and finding the right balance in your life.

If that sounds like exactly what you need, then celebrate…

Get outside, connect with nature, plant new life, and celebrate light instead of darkness. 

The Libra Super New Moon partakes very well with the Spring Equinox, and really symbolises a powerful new beginning as well.

It is happening at 5 degrees of Libra, so see where this falls in your natal chart, in which House-area of life, because this is a great opportunity to set a new intention for what you want to create at this time, and your new intention is conditioned by the House where the Super New Moon falls. 

You are planting a seed at this time, and what intention do, is focus the thinking… So it is a very important MAKIA moment that we have here.

The third Hawaiian Principle “MAKIA…Energy flows where attention goes…I AM FOCUSED”. So what intention you focus on, you are much more likely to manifest it, as the months go by…You are planting a new seed.

So this is a Super New Moon in Libra.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and it is how you partner with energies. Libra is about sharing your energies, there is a harmony, a union that occurs, and it can be with people, but it can be with anything. 

And if you look at it in terms of energy, and everything is energy, it is how you form energetic partnerships in your life… where are you ready to set some new intentions around how to do this?… how are you ready to shift and change your cooperation skills, your ability to be objective, to see the other side of the coin?… This Libra New Moon is about how you can find a balance between giving and receiving… and how you can find a harmony within yourself that then shows up in your relationships with others. So the work is always internal, and Libra is then when you meet your energy out in the world.

So you can see how not only are the Sun and the Moon in Libra, but the ruler of this New Moon, Venus, is at 17 degrees of Libra, and Mercury is at 23 degrees of Libra. So these 4 planets in Libra are really emphasising what this means,… “where can I find a place of inner equilibrium?”… This is about honouring who you are, and honouring how you see others in their energetic space. 

Venus and the Sun in Libra is very much about self-worth, about Love, self-Love, it is about fairness, balance, justice…and most of all about relationship of any kind.

So at this Super New Moon time, we have very interesting aspects concerning relationships.

Venus the ruler of this New Moon, is under some tension with a challenging Square conversation with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. 

Saturn is now in Direct motion since September 18th, and Pluto will Station-Direct on October 3rd, just the following week after this Super New Moon, and that makes Pluto’s influence extra strong at the time of this New Moon. Because when a planet is slowing down to Station-Direct or Station-Retrograde, its influence is felt so strong, it is a stronger reverberation, or vibration, in the energy field. 

So Venus at 17 degrees, has just past her exact Square to Saturn at 14 degrees, just 2 days before this Super New Moon, which could be felt like a NO, something you have to decline, something you could not agree to. Saturn requires that you take more time and consider what is best for the long term, to consider the dominant need. 

This Venus Square Saturn is an energy very discerning about how you share and partner at this Libra Super New Moon time. There are lessons you have learned around relationships, and this Libra Super New Moon is asking you to integrate what you have learned, and to apply it. It is about to apply what you have come to understand about how you share your energy with others, what works, what does not work, to be honest with yourself, to be objective, to look at what the results have been, how things have played out. 

There is also a higher octave energy with this Venus-Saturn Square conversation, bringing you a new sense of confidence in relationships, a new sense of who you really are now. 

This means to be honoured without giving it away to other people, and that is one of the lower expressions of Libra, is that it can give away what it needs, to keep the peace. 

And Venus feeling this Square conversation to Saturn and Pluto as well, is to stop the PEOPLE-PLEASING. 

So this Square is really is this energy of… “Does this serve you?”…”Is this what you want to continue?… “What have you been doing unconsciously that you know you can’t continue?… Because this Libra Super New Moon is asking you to reset what it looks like to be in harmony with yourself and with others. So that is why there could be some type of awareness and lesson, that you are meant to really integrate and honour at this Super New Moon time.

Another way to interpret this Venus Square conversation with Saturn and Pluto, is that it can show up through finances or money restrictions, where there could be something you say NO to, or that you have a power struggle around. 

At a deeper level, the Venus energy is always about what you believe is worthy of, which is about how much you love yourself. So there is a check-in point at this Super New Moon time, checking in how you are able to MAINTAIN A SOLID CORE OF SELF-LOVE, regardless of what is not right for you at this time.

When Venus is under tension like this, you feel it in your needs in how you receive, in your ability to either partner with others, or to not partner with others. And it feel like there is a challenge around this Super New Moon, that you are meant to take a longer pause around where you would normally say YES. 

So this Libra Super New Moon is quite interesting because of this tension. However at this time, Venus has the support of Mercury, as they are both conjunct. 

The two of them are like energetic siblings, and they can talk it out and support one and another. This could be very beneficial in talking through something, so you can hear yourself speak it, you can hear your thoughts, you can understand more, you can be objective and consider where this is going, what is this about.

So at this Super New Moon time, there is a kind of verbal commitment to something, but Mercury is also in Square conversation to Saturn and Pluto, so there is something that maybe you are not supposed to say YES to, or you are supposed to sit with it longer. 

And then the Super New Moon brings in the new energy around how you feel, and identifying your intention, and then Venus wants you to contain yourself, she wants you to tap into your ability to be objective without giving it all away… again it is about people-pleasing, and where that maybe has been unconscious, or excessive.

The Pluto Square conversation to Venus and Mercury brings in a lot of emotional intensity around relationship. It may makes you think very deeply about relationship. You may experience very intense feelings of jealousy, or possessiveness, or revenge, or obsession… Love and Hate might dance at their extreme, with a strong degree of control or manipulation coming in, which you may be wanting to resist in some way. 

Another great support at this Super New Moon time, is Venus, at 17 degrees of Libra, in a friendly Sextile conversation with Jupiter at 17 degrees of Sagittarius.

Jupiter is now in Direct motion, so he is pulling away from that long-term Square conversation to Neptune, which was ongoing throughout 2019. So now Jupiter is getting stronger, feeling more optimistic, and he is sending this energy to Venus, the ruler of this Libra Super New Moon. They are both in their home signs, Jupiter in Fire Sagittarius and Venus in Air Libra, and they are in a perfect Sextile aspect. Libra and Sagittarius are very flirtatious, adventurous energies, and with the Sextile, they want to connect, they want to get close, they want to play.

Venus is the goddess of Love, beauty, worth… in this nice conversation with Jupiter the dreamer, the visionary, the expander… you can imagine how hopeful and buoyant this energy is, it really is about opening your heart. And opening your heart to the adventure, and between Venus and Jupiter, there is kind of like playful/risk-taking going on. 

So you may feel kind and bold during this Super New Moon.

You know what is right for you, you could feel that rising faith, and that rising trust, in how things are coming together, even if the timing (Saturn is about timing) is not right yet. And that is going to be the case for the Libra season, as both the Moon and the Sun are also going to Square Saturn and Pluto few days after this Super New Moon. So there is something about the Libra season, especially during this Super New Moon time, that is reminding you, showing you what you have learned about relationships, that is raising your consciousness and your awareness about how you show up in the world. 

Another conversation at this Super New Moon time, is the Sun and Moon at 5 degrees of Libra, are in an opposition to Chiron at 3 degrees of Aries. 

That brings up these issues around relationship… Have you been wounded in a relationship?… have you been hurt in someway? Chiron always carry the potential for healing the wound, that is why he is called the “Wounded Healer”. 

So here in this opposition, he has the potential to heal within any relationship in need of rebalancing, exploring its equality, its fairness, and what is just right. 

And Chiron in Aries is going Retrograde right now, and this opposition creates an interesting tension where you are discovering new parts of yourself. New parts of self-identity, new parts of your own awakening experience, your own spiritual self, your gifts, your ability to see more of who you really are, and it is about to develop confidence in these parts of yourself that are emerging. 

Chiron in Aries is about the energy of gaining courage to be yourself, and to love the skin you are in, at a deeper level, in your blood, in your cells, you can feel a new sense of self, and at the same time, also seeing who you really are at a much higher level. 

So at this Super New Moon time, you might feel vulnerable in sharing these parts of yourself with other people. It feels like a spiritual “coming out”. So this opposition is showing you where you are now, and where you can be yourself in any of your relationships, and you now realise that what you need in a relationship is different.

Venus in Libra loves people and socialising, and hanging out, and meeting up, and conversations, and everything that goes into developing relationships… that is her forte. 

And in the Square conversation with Saturn-Pluto, especially with Saturn, she meets up with someone who does not want that, who is not on the same page, who does not want to relate, and maybe who does not care about what is fair… So this Super New Moon is interestingly showing you about the kind of relationships that are right for you. But it really starts with how you are showing up for yourself (Chiron in Aries opposing Moon-Sun in Libra), and your courage and ability to bring that into partnerships now.

There is another interesting conversation at this Super New Moon time, an exact Quincunx (150 degrees) between Sun-Moon in Libra and Uranus in Taurus. 

A Quincunx tends to bring a kind of growth that you did not foresee, it can be like …“hey surprise here is a new solution, a new road, a new pathway”… and especially with Uranus in the mix. Uranus is the revolutionary, he rules Aquarius, and he is really perfectly aspecting this Super New Moon, and he is bringing in vibrancy, adventurous shake-up.

So what you are doing now, and how you are saying yes to the adventure now, is not the same way you would have said the “yes” to the adventure even two months ago.

Uranus tends to make you want to suddenly, impulsively break away. You want freedom, you want independence, where you are done with all this complexity, and intensity, and control… you just want to be free. Be aware that, that too will pass, your mood, your feelings can change as you move beyond this Super New Moon. But that potentially will be the clash, if you are in a relationship which you don’t feel is completely settled and perfect.

This Uranus conversation also gives you an opportunity at this new beginning, to put out something to the world that is ingenious, original, highly individual as well. So see where 5 degrees of Libra falls in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life, that will give you an idea of the area of life where you can put out something highly ingenious and original.

Uranus is also the planet of awakening, and at this Super New Moon time, with both conversations of Uranus and Chiron to Sun and Moon, you feel the urge to move upwards in your spiritual development. Uranus is very connected to the superconscious  and the forth dimension, so you become aware that you are on a different frequency to your partner. It was fine at the beginning of the relationship, you felt on the same wavelength, on the same frequency, and now it feels at odds, it feels different, and that may be another element to take into consideration, when you are thinking about relationship.

Another very important part of this Super New Moon in Libra is about your relationship with yourself, which is in fact the most important thing. Because if you can accept who you are, and you have self-love for who you are, having a strong sense of Center, and knowing what you can offer to the world, then you tend automatically have stronger boundaries. People don’t mess with you, there is a sense of respect. Whereas if you don’t have that strong sense of self-worth and Center, people can push you around, and you have more difficult relationships, which are unequal. Because you tend to draw towards you the relationships that highlight your issues, or that mirror the problems that are internal for you. They simply reflecting where you are at internally, so the more you can develop your own sense of Center, your own sense of acceptance, your own sense of self-Love, the more all relationships of any kind will work well.

Finally something interesting to mention is that all of September, Saturn is tightly conjunct with the South Node in Capricorn, and the conjunction is exact on the Super New Moon day. 

So this is like a peak time around issues of getting what you have earned. Saturn is always about getting what you earned, in terms of the effort you put in, the amount of work you have done, how you have handled responsibilities in the world… it is a very direct relationship of reward to that effort and responsibility. 

It can also feel very karmic, it is also very much about how you have used your power as well. Have you used it in a very overbearing, overloading and dominant way? Or have you just given it away?…because South Node in Capricorn is very much about the use of power in the past. 

So how have you used your power in the past? 

It is a really interesting Super New Moon, and with the Square conversation happening between Sun-Moon and Saturn-Pluto, this brings a little bit of feeling of hesitation. And typically with New Moons, you start a new cycle, you are ready to go… however at this time, it feels like a go, but with a yellow light, not the full green light. 

So whatever motion you are into, there is a flow that incorporates some pauses in it, and these pauses are gifts from Spirit to say… “Don’t just keep doing what you have been doing”… You have learned too much, you have come too far… “So what is it that is right for you now?… “Do you have the courage to be yourself in all of your relationships?

So at this Super New Moon time, you might feel hesitant and uncomfortable, or you could be worried about if it makes other people uncomfortable… This Super New Moon does not have the typical flow of energies, so there is maybe a feeling of discomfort that comes with it.

So from this Super New Moon time, allow yourself to be new in your relationships, relationship with yourself, with situations, with others… and allow that to be enough, and it will serve you. Because part of this Libra Super New Moon, is about THE BALANCE WITHIN. Balance within with your feminine and your masculine, your Yin and your Yang, your anima and animus, (Libra-Aries). This is about the balance between your connection with your spiritual self and your human self, the balance between the left side of your body and the right side of the body… So think about all the ways that balance shows up in your world, in your life, and then take that into energy field. 

And perhaps this Super New Moon will show you where you are out of balance, and also where you can set your intention for greater inner harmony and peace. And that of course will be reflected to you and be mirrored to you in your relationships, your partnerships, and in other people. Because Libra is an energetic mirror, and that is one of its gifts.

We are in a powerful time with this Super New Moon combined with the Spring Equinox shift.

So it is a really perfect pivot point in time, because of the seasonal change. And I find the Equinox is one of the best check-in points, more so than the Solstices, because you can feel that tilt… there is that balancing and that tilt. 

And the Super New Moon in Libra is really emphasising that feeling of shift, either into Spring (Southern Hemisphere) or to Autumn (Northern Hemisphere), that happens…


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏