This Sagittarius New Moon happens on Wednesday 27th November 2019 at 4 degrees 02’ of Sagittarius , at 1:04’ AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everyone for the Sagittarius New Moon.

This Sagittarius New Moon is very dynamic, because just like the last New Moon in Scorpio at the end of October, that had Uranus in opposition to it, in this New Moon, we have Mars exactly opposite Uranus, and the New Moon, is in a Quincunx conversation (150 degrees) with Uranus as well.

So Uranus figures in this New Moon again, and Uranus is the planet of revolution, breakthrough, the “let’s change it up” and “bring a new energy” planet. And with Uranus, the stronger flavour of this New Moon is then LIBERATION.

New Moons always give you an opportunity, 13 times a year to start fresh. And you don’t need to be a Sagittarius to benefit from this New Moon, because you have Sagittarius somewhere in your natal chart. This New Moons in Sagittarius is triggering you to see your world from a different perspective, a new way, it is about allowing yourself to see your life from a higher vantage point. It is also an opportunity to discover another side to you, something that is different about you.

So at this New Moon, you might be experiencing the ability to break through the past, by actually doing things in a new way.

And of course, New Moons every month are a great opportunity to set a new intention, to plant a new seed, so see where 4 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your natal chart, and condition your intention by the House-Area of life where it falls, for how you want this new seed, this new beginning to manifest in your life. 

At this New Moon time, the Sun and Moon are at 4 degrees, and “4” is the number of preservation, responsibility, work, physical reality, family, home, manifestation, practical outcomes, and getting the work done. So this New Moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius, is about bringing stability. “4” brings the need to define and order things. This New Moon is a time to measure, classify, record, regular and compose yourself as well as your affairs and your environment. It is a productive period, in which your creative drive can be controlled and directed. Controlling your daily activities will allow you to reap material rewards. During this time the reason reigns. 

The number “4” is symbolic of a square window, through which you see. Therefore you are encouraged to exercise vision, insight and analysis, because you are able to see in the heart of any situation. However the highest vibration of “4” is responsibility, work and accomplishment, so this New Moon is a time to make solid foundations for your life, (financial, physical, mental). 

This Sagittarius New Moon is a wonderful time for developing your spiritual path, or for traveling, because Sagittarius is an incredibly optimistic, outward going sign, loves big horizons, is an intrepid explorer, loves to pursue metaphysical things and higher consciousness subjects… but it always wants to lift your vision to something bigger and better. 

Sagittarius is the seeker, it is here to rise above what it has been through the current journey, to see it from a higher perspective, and to ask … “What have I learned?”… “What do I take with me into my personal world?”… and… “What do I leave out in the world, that is not mine?”.

Sagittarius wants to be positive and inspiring. It also wants to be free, it does not want commitments, and there can be a restlessness with this energy. 

This New Moon is really concentrated with Sagittarius energy, not only with the Sun and the Moon, but Jupiter, the ruler of this Sagittarius New Moon, is actually finishing up the 12 months journey through Sagittarius, and is preparing to go into Capricorn on December 2nd. So we only have about a week or so left, of Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius has been encouraging you to stay open, stay open to life, open to learning, don’t assume you know it all, be willing to see something from a different vantage point, or a different belief system. Jupiter expands whatever sign that he moves through, and Jupiter only visits a sign once every 12 years. So he won’t be back in this area of your natal chart for another 12 years.

Sagittarius can also be exaggeration and propaganda… so it can be like spending as much money as you want, eating all the food, and then when Jupiter moves into Capricorn, Capricorn is then where you take on a responsibility, and say … “ Okay maybe I need to cut back on my spending, on some calories, and need to be more frugal, and to think about my diet”.

So at this New Moon time, you have a sense of what you want to do, that inspires you, that uplifts you, and that reminds you LIFE IS LIVED FORWARD, life is lived moving ahead. So don’t spend to much time in the past. 

And at this New Moon time, many planets are conversing with Uranus. 

And Uranus is an exact Quincunx (150 degrees) to the Sun and the Moon, the New Moon.

Uranus is all about the new, it is an awakening energy, it brings the AHA moments, the epiphanies, and enhances the solution-maker in you, because with Uranus you are thinking outside of the box.

So at this New Moon time, what would you like to change? What are the new things that you would like to learn, to study? 

The New Moon-Uranus Quincunx conversation means that you need to make some adjustments, you get feedbacks, you constantly are adjusting. It is an opportunity for you to make a compromise, face your fear, face something that holds you a little small, and say …”I am coming out to play!”. 

Maybe you would like to develop a little bit more humour, because Sagittarius rules humour, or maybe you would like to develop learning something further, expanding yourself, to get to a certain level. This Quincunx conversation is very much about … “How can I break through to another level”. 

So at this New Moon time, you may get pushed out of your comfort zone. And you can either go into a pity party, you may sense that something is shifting, and you may feel the fear and say …OH NOOO!!!… or you may say in true Sagittarian fashion … “I am open to whatever new is coming, and I am going to find a way to enjoy it”.

Uranus is always about breaking free, breaking through, breaking up stale, deadening routines and patterns of being. And Uranus always encourages you to take a risk, to step up, do it differently, to break away from the predictable. So this New Moon can be a disruptive time, or it can feel exciting if you make the change consciously from the inside, because it is much comfortable than this changes suddenly coming at you from the outside. So really be aware of that, to really GO WITH THE CHANGE. 

So check where Uranus at 3 degrees of Taurus is moving through your natal chart, in which House-Area of life he is sitting. And Uranus is moving through Taurus for another 7 years, until 2026.

At this New Moon time, we have got many beautiful Trine conversations.

The conjunction Venus-Jupiter, is in a beautiful Trine conversation with Uranus, the planet of liberation.

So your sense of independence is incredibly strong, same as the desire of exploring new options, and starting new creative projects, and looking at new financial windfalls, and be open to experiment, and honouring who you are in a unique way, as well as everybody else, because we are all different. We all see life from our own perspective, so just be excited about the differences, and embrace them.

And Venus-Jupiter conjunction is the most fortunate, lucky, good conversation, in terms of romance and Love, and abundance, flowing, and everything to do with expansion of what feels good. Your inner-creative artist is stimulated, you want to experience culture, music, uplifting entertainment, and this could be I AM IN LOVE WITH LIFE, very filled with gratitude and joy moments.

Jupiter in Trine to Uranus brings unexpected windfalls, and you just feel super optimistic, because you can sense I CAN CREATE SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES, to create positive changes in my life. 

You are in a place of inspiration and expansion, and higher education, to learn more about other cultures, or new languages, or art, or music, or anything that is connected to creative expression.

And this Trine is really great for really wanting a sense of freedom, or breaking out, or actually living behind your responsibilities and burdens, and it can bring in some very exciting opportunities for you. 

It can also help to expand (Jupiter) your consciousness (Uranus).

Uranus is very much a fourth dimension planet, where you break free of the 3D reality, and you can see things from a completely different point of view, so some new opportunities can come for you, regarding maybe travel or study opportunities, to study higher consciousness subjects.

So at this New Moon time, there is a wonderful sense of liberation and adventure, that helps you acclimate and anticipate a new future, to see beyond the horizon.

The LIBERATION really is an understanding that there is always something to unlock, or unblock, that is what you need to meditate on… removing the block and opening up the Gateway to unlock your next moment. 

And if you are afraid of moving forward, meditate on instilling your heart with courage, because this Sagittarius New Moon is about moving to a new beautiful life, and understanding that it is there for you. But you do have to participate in creating it. You do have to engage, you do have to be fully committed to who you are at Soul Level. You truly have to understand that by setting yourself free, you are becoming godlike, Divine. 

And you are Divine to begin with, but you have fallen asleep at the wheel, and your vessel is driving aimlessly, it is stopping at the red spotlight, it is moving through the green light, but it does not have a map, it does not have an intuitive sense of… “I am moving towards something really fantastic, something greater than I can imagine”… and that is what you tune into when you trust your intuition. 

So go to that place, listen to that inner voice, move forward when you are prompted to intuitively, and you will be on your way, to making the last weeks of 2019 magnificent. And you will create that incredible, wonderful platform, to stand on for the 2020s.

The Sagittarius New Moon is in a beautiful Trine conversation with Chiron Retrograde in Aries.

In December, Chiron will Station-Direct at 1 degrees of Aries, so his energy is actually hovering around the very beginning of the Zodiac, (the Zodiac starts at zero of Aries). 

So Chiron is showing you potentials for confidence, where you are developing a new courage to be yourself. And the New Moon-Chiron Trine gives you a fiery support, as Aries and Sagittarius are Fire signs, the confidence and the desire to take action to go for what you want, to understand more about who you are, the truth of who you are now. So this is about accepting these parts of yourself that are emerging, gaining strength, and you will be meeting more of you in the next decade.

Chiron is the sacred-healer planet, so that means with the Trine, that a lot of healing is enhanced at this time. There is a lot of tenderness, it allows you to feel very connected in a very sweet way to others, it allows you to tune into people more deeply. Chiron is very much connected to Love, and healing through Love, so that means there is a lot of positive energy here, to help you to move through some patterns in your life, whether they are from past lives, whether they are karmic… whatever they are, you actually have an opportunity at this New Moon time to respond to life in a new way.

At the New Moon time, Venus-Jupiter conjunction, is in a challenging Square conversation with Chiron.

When Jupiter is in a Square conversation with another planet, it actually is a very positive activation, as long as you act on it, because Squares are motivating. This means that you see yourself in the universe, in a more expansive way. So here again, the experiencing of new things, allows you to actually heal, without even realising what is going on. So the openness to a brand new way, a brand new perspective, the Jupiter’s acknowledgment of the whole picture, brings tremendous healing, and also changes your beliefs. Meditative practices and knowledge through education are enhanced as well… Jupiter rules higher education.

Venus in Square with Chiron means that you need to confront any fear of rejection. And that is not only in your personal relationships, which Venus rules, but also rejection in terms of money, Venus governs your abundance, your financial flow. 

So focus on who you are at Soul level, so that you don’t give away your power, because that is where that fear of rejection comes from… is where you are giving away something, that is intrinsically yours. And because of the fear of expressing it, you are undermining your own ability to succeed. So you want to get into that place where you allow your Divine inspiration to empower you, to move you, to shift open your heart, to break through any barriers that are there (Uranus), and allow beauty, joy and pleasure (Venus), to imbue your life.

Another strong conversation at this New Moon time, is the opposition of Mars in Scorpio to Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. 

This energy can be about a test of your independence, of the actions you want to take, of something explosive, unexpected… because Uranus is the planet of shock and awe, and awakenings, and unexpected developments… and being opposed by Mars, which is desire, aggression, the body, the masculine, the sense of what you want… there can be a power struggle between Wills, your Will and another person’s Will, feeling stuck and then breaking free, something being released. So there is a release energy around this New Moon time, that you are meant to utilise, for your best and highest good going forward. 

With Mars-Uranus opposition, you may also be working with impatience. Mars and Uranus just want to get going, it is like… “Come on, Let’s go”… But they are in opposition to each other, so who is going? 

Is Uranus going to go?… noticing something different, maybe taking your focus away from something that is upsetting you. So maybe you can distract yourself here, with the Uranian energy.

Is Mars going to go?… Mars wants to push ahead, and Mars, especially in Scorpio, can be very determined, so a big strong Willpower. This is where you just need to release and say “Okay, I am surrendering to what is happening, and I am going to find a new way of putting my energy into something where it is flowing more easily”. 

So if your energy is not flowing very easily, use the Uranian energy, and find something different to do. It is like distracting a child from something he is upset about, and he is fine within 10 seconds later… so do that for yourself. Humm… I can hear the sound of KALA vibrating all around here. 

The second Hawaiian principle KALA “ there are no limits, everything is possible”… We are all one, everything is connected, separation is a useful illusion.

We hear so often that we live in an infinite universe, that there are no limits. We also have no limits to our energy fields. We do not end at our skin. It is not difficult to feel someone’s love or anger from, say, across a room, or even further. We are connected with all things and can, at any given moment, have communication with them for understanding, enlightenment, healing or any other purpose. So KALA is a reminder that the universe is infinite, that anything is possible if you can figure out how to do it, there are plenty possibilities, and that everything you do influences the world around you. 

So this Mars-Uranus opposition wants you to be open to the unexpected. Mars in Scorpio is very emotional and instinctual, so there is a sense to having to express your emotions in a healthy way, because Mars opposite Uranus can sometimes bring up anything that you might be frustrated about, or angry about, or resenting in others. And so that means that you may, with that Mars-Uranus energy, feel extremely excited, or you may feel repulsive, or you may get impatient. 

So you need to really redirect that energy of rebellion and impulsiveness, into focusing on what your responsibilities are. Remember that the number “4”, the New Moon sits at 4 degrees, is about taking charge of what you are responsible for, what you are obligated to do. 

This Mars-Uranus conversation is very powerful, and it can be very disruptive as well. Now a disruptive energy is actually a good thing when you know how to use it properly. Disruption does not have to be negative, because when you disrupt an old pattern, you are doing yourself a great service, because you allow new possibilities, new directions, new answers to emerge. So you are interrupting something that actually is staled. That is the sign of somebody who is alert, and present, and wise, and observant. So upheaval breaks new ground, and because you are seeing a new vista, and noticing new things, this allows you to do what seemingly before was impossible. 

Uranus will always cause some kind of surprise, and the surprise sometimes can feel very disruptive. So practice to take this surprise as a wonderful invitation from Source connected to your Soul, to tell you “Hey you are ready for change”…You are ready to create an interruption to what you thought was the way to be… and you are going somewhere else to see a new vista from a new mountain top. 

So what would be great to do, with this energy, Mars being instinct and Uranus being your intuition, is to listen very closely, because Uranus will invent new things in your life, and those new things are not known in your mind, they will be channeled through you, they come from above, from the Divine. So at this New Moon time, you need to really tune into those intuitive downloads. And if you don’t, then you will end up feeling nervous, worried, anxious, frustrated… So this opposition to Uranus, which is the electrifying, lighting-rod planet, really asks you to bring that intuition into balance.

Mars is also sexual… so Uranus opposing Mars is firing you up, liberating you in a sexual way, it is about acting on unusual ideas, being creative, releasing that tension, because in astrology, an opposition means that you are bringing energy into harmony. 

With Mars-Uranus opposition, you have the urge to break away from anything that feels restrictive, anything that is “top-down” authority. And this is the big theme now anyway, with he big Saturn-Pluto conjunction, exactly coming on the 12th of 2020. This conjunction is to actually dismantle top-down leadership, so we have an equal playing field.

So with Mars-Uranus opposition, you have the choice to fight, in using anger, or being rash… which is everything that Mars can do, but the very positive side of Mars is to take a risk, to have a go, not to step on toes, but you are going to dissipate this very potent energy surge (Mars-Uranus opposition), by planning time for things that are fun, and adventurous, and that stimulates you in terms of your imagination. 

As we head into this final months of the year 2019, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, is within a few degrees of one another, and will be exact at 22 degrees of Capricorn, on January 12th 2020. 

Saturn-Pluto conjunction can be felt very contracted and dense, and that is very much connected to the collapse of the old order, the collapse of the patriarchy, the old political power systems that we have known for many many years, and they are seen now dysfunctional. So don’t get caught up in the drama, in the negativity.

This Saturn-Pluto conjunction time, is like the threshold passage, moving from one state of energetic situations to another, which can sometimes be hard on the human mind because we got attached to it, but the energy needs to move, so be aware.

The world is changing in big ways in 2020 and beyond, so look at what you need for the journey ahead, what you are packing in your suitcase, that will support you and sustain you, that will help you rise up and see the bigger picture. So we are absolutely feeling this change of era, that is taking place, the reshuffling of energy in wherever Capricorn sits in your chart. So check where 22 degrees of Capricorn falls in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life.

With the energy of this Sagittarius New Moon, there is a sense of I AM READY. And at a Soul level, everything that has been working with you over the past number of years, has prepared you for your next level of Soul expansion. 

So this is a Soul Expansion New Moon indeed!!!. 

Jupiter is still in conjunction with the Galactic Center (27degrees Sagittarius), that is about downloads of cosmic consciousness, bigger energy feel, bigger awareness, so a higher perspective is built into this New Moon. 

And then with Chiron in Aries, there is support in developing this confidence to be this new version of yourself, which is more awake and more conscious than perhaps you have ever been in any lifetime of existence. 

So feel this New Moon, she is lifting you up to believing in yourself, believing in who you are now, giving you more trust and faith, and what you are being called to do next.

So make the most of it,  because you are encouraged to keep moving forward… so let this decade RIP (rest in peace), we have only one more month of this decade… SO BE IT.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏