This Gemini Full Moon happens on Thursday 12th December 2019 at 19 degrees 51’ of Gemini, at 3:12 PM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome to the exciting Gemini Full Moon.

This Gemini Full Moon is the last lunation before the season of Eclipses begins at the end of December 2019, and the beginning of the new decade in January 2020.

This Full Moon happens at 19 degrees, on the axis Gemini/Sagittarius, so check where 19 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius sit in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life.

This Full Moon is happening on the number 12 resonance, because it is on the 12th of December, December is the 12th month, and the year 2019 is a 12 universal year.

12 is the number of learning, of exploring, of creativity, of expressing the wisdom that you have acquired, of expansion in terms of self-growth and self-awareness. So this Gemini Full Moon is about your creative expression, based on the astral blueprint you are born with, who you are at Soul level.

Full Moons always create a monthly, heightening of energy, emotional energy, that brings things to a culmination. And in this case, because it is the final Full Moon of the whole decade, it has a lot of meaning.

With the number “12” resonance, that ends in “3”, you feel highly creative around this Full Moon, you feel a great desire to express your emotions, your imagination, joy, Love… it is about service, about nurturing, and listening to your dreams, and making sure that you go into that wonderful, intuitive imagination place, to activate what your vision is, what your dream is. 

So your feelings, your Heart center will be really expanded during this Gemini Full Moon. Therefore this is the time to really devote to discover who you are, self-awareness wise, before you turn and step over the threshold into the 2020s.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and they both govern the mind, the message, and also motion, activity, communication skills, facts and information, writing, speaking… you look at how you assimilate thoughts and information, how you digest it, and turn it into conversations. Gemini governs movement and curiosity, it is an Air sign, so it is a sign of moving to another level.

Gemini is also the sign of effective listening and teaching. So this Gemini Full Moon is about understanding different viewpoints, the Gemini, the Twins, the two different versions, the two different ideas. It is about the awareness of options, (again the Twins), there is two options, it is variety, it is quick thinking… it is enjoying the moment and having ingenuity about how you live your life, having that fun, the value of fun. 

Gemini rules relationships based on proximity, so that would be your siblings, your neighbours, your schoolmates, your roommates, your co-workers… anything, anyone that is proximity related.

So it is very important during this Full Moon time, to learn to step outside some of the complexity that can happen in those relationships, and also the mind games, because of the impact of Mercury. So whatever you need to do, to not partake in the systems (Saturn-Pluto conjunction) that are governing the world, is important. So however it is that you commit yourself to stepping outside of that Capricornian paradigm… those systems that have been in play, and impacted your life all this time, and distracting you from your Soul, and from what you love… now you need to step aside, whether it is shutting off your phone, or putting it on airplane mode, or giving yourself just 20’ to be outside in Nature… do whatever it takes at this point to step outside that paradigm. 

And this means also in your language, in your conversation, to not speak unless you are inspired. So at this Full Moon time, you need to step up, to prepare you, because after all you are a living Soul, a living human being, you are full of Light, you are full of love, you are part of this Divine Creation. You are Divine Intelligence, and you were born that way, as an innocent baby, and you have this amazing ability at your disposal at any time. 

So just remember if you feel darkness in your life, THE DARKNESS ONLY WINS WHEN YOU DON’T SHINE YOUR LIGHT. When you shine your Light, everyone around you, who is masked in the shadows of the paradigm, the old ways, the fears, the guilt… they are released from those fears, and they come towards the Light within you.

So you need to do that at this Full Moon time, you need to spread Light and Love, you need to let it all flow beyond your wildest imagination, beyond horizons, beyond infinity, and accept these infinite blessings that await you. Now is the time for you to strip away that mental anguish, that anxiety, the mind games, the control that has been imposed on you since day one. You have now the tools and the energy to break free, to strip away, to simplify your life, to embrace only the spiritual essentials. 

Right during this Full Moon, we have a triple conjunction in Capricorn, happening between Saturn-Venus-Pluto, pre-activating the big conjunction Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, on January 12th 2020. So this triple conjunction is a very powerful moment, and really makes Capricorn the most potent energy of this Full Moon.

And right at this Full Moon, the Gemini Moon connects to this triple conjunction via a Quincunx conversation (150 degrees).

A Quincunx is kind of like a meeting of very different flavours, and therefore it is about adjustment, compromise, reconsideration, re-evaluation, negotiation…often seeking something from people who won’t give it.  So here it is having to reconcile the two different flavours of Gemini and Capricorn.

In this Quincunx conversation between Gemini Moon and the triple conjunction Saturn-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn:

Saturn asks you to be mature and take responsibility for your feelings, your emotions, your flow of money and Love, your Love relationships. 

Pluto transforms your values, and purges unnecessary attachments to the past, such as past paradigms, past structures. Pluto empowers you emotionally from within. 

And Venus adds Love, creativity and pleasure, and the flow of money. 

So during this Full Moon time, energy is coming to a head, relationships are being brought to balance, situations are coming to a tipping point, so you can make big and small adjustments at the end of this year, at the end of the decade, before the 2020s begin.

The conjunction Venus-Saturn means that any relationships, any companionships, any intimate connections that you have with anyone, is based on a sense of solid trust, solid principles. The idea of “true Love” between friends or intimate partnerships, will last with the core relationship traits of loyalty, trust, honesty, integrity, commitment, responsibility, sensitivity, and respect.

So what you need to do, is to meet your own emotional needs FIRST, and then you will be centered, and able to nurture and understand others, meet their emotional needs as well, so you can be in this wonderful “give-and-take” mode. That means that you need to not judge how you feel first of all, and not judge how others feel…So refrain from judgement, but also refrain from restriction. Because Saturn can restrict sometimes, and Saturn will come in and try to reduce emotions. 

So at this Gemini Full Moon time, you have to be very care full to not refrain from expressing yourself, when you have something to say, and do it with maturity (Saturn). Venus wants to create, and so Venus wants you not to suppress your creativity, but have some kind of structures (Saturn), so that you have a plan on how to put it into action. So at this Full Moon time, intimate relationships will take on a more serious tone, which is good if you want secure long-lasting connections. And there is a deeper commitment of course with Saturn conjunct Venus. 

Now, Venus conjunct Pluto is very much about passionate Love. Your desire for affection really deepens, and you feel very attractive, very magnetic, and you can go into deep personal conversations here, because it is enhanced by the Gemini and Mercury flavour, which governs connection, communication, conversations. So you can really have a major impact on the people in your life, and vice versa, when you share your Love freely and seek out the Venusian beauty and pleasure in your connections. 

And it also helps with financial flow, because Venus governs abundance and your values, so it deepens those values, and how you are using your energy to enhance abundance in your life.

And then we have Pluto conjunct Saturn, that is the big event happening on January 12th where they are exactly conjunct, and here is the number 12 again.

 So with this last lunation of the decade, you are totally going to be changing how you communicate, how you think, how you have conversations, what words you choose to use, what your vision is. And Mercury will join the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th, so this is why it is important to pay attention, now in December, at this Gemini Full Moon ruled by Mercury. 

Saturn and Pluto are already very much together, only 2 degrees apart, so already we are truly in the big conjunction, meaning that it is active now. 

So you are much willing to work to bring your goals to life, reality is clearly visible, and if you are in a relationship, or you have a business plan, or project, or you have a physical item that is not working properly and needs to be fixed… this is a time to release it or fix it. 

So pay attention to all of that, because you are going to be entering a moment here in your life, where things are being readjusted, and things are being released. And that includes your beliefs, because at this point, Jupiter also is in Capricorn, he entered Capricorn on Dec 2nd, and Jupiter governs your beliefs. 

These months of December and particularly January are truly remarkable months, so you will need patience, determination, this come with Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and this will help you navigate all the shifts, with flexibility and efficiency as well, because there is a powerful urge to change and transform now, and you are being supported to change and transform. 

Pluto is about leadership and empowerment, so you will feel renewed, and you will see things you have not seen before. Remember we are entering the 2020s, and the 2020 vision is going to be totally, unbelievably freeing, liberating, if you are willing to see the truth. 

So just be patient, because the transformation is real, and what is helping it is this Quincunx conversation, that the Moon has with the triple conjunction Saturn-Venus-Pluto. 

And this Quincunx is going to enhance your communication skills tremendously, because Love, compassion, and financial flow, are all in the spotlight, in terms of give-and-take in your relationship. Nourishing your feelings is very important, because the Moon is coming in during this Capricorn experience, so you are going to really be able to nurture, and activate what brings pleasure, what brings beauty, what truly inspires you in terms of Love. So not just in terms of taking the lead, and being in control of your destiny, that is all very powerful energy and play as well, and it is going to be very much the theme for 2020.

At this Full Moon time, the Moon is saying… “I connect with my inner genius, my intuition, I innovate … and the Moon in Quincunx conversation to Saturn-Venus-Pluto triple conjunction, means that you are taking your feelings seriously, so you need to release guilt and fears regarding relationships. Basically, you need to step up and take the lead  with emotional commitment, because the Moon is saying… “Your goals will not complete to your own internal satisfaction, if you don’t have full emotional passion and commitment invested”… otherwise you might get sidetracked, and suffer from a lack of direction, or a lack of commitment and confidence.

So at this Full Moon time, your empowerment is fuelled by your passionate engagement, and this is what this Gemini Moon is helping you tap into. The excitement and the drive of your core feelings are the fuel, that actually takes you to the level where you can truly act, confidently and true to who you really are, on whatever projects you are focussing on. 

So since your responsibilities are really deepening now, you want to understand that your inner authority, that is coming through at this time, in a bigger way than ever before, that inner authority first awaken your heart, it first purges any fears you have… makes them visible first of all… and then confronting them, because you are receiving feedback, you then can move forward with your quest, for success. 

With Saturn-Pluto flavour, you basically are not allowing anyone to dominate you. So becoming self-aware is a major component of this Full Moon, and that includes diving into metaphysical, esoteric subject matters, in order to understand who you are at Soul Level. It also means uncovering what was formerly hidden, or a secret unconsciously buried, because Pluto is bringing it all to the surface, and Saturn is saying… “okay what are you going to do now it is revealed?… what structure are you going to build in its place?”. So it is another reason to really know who you are…what Star Blueprint were you born with?… So to have a really wonderful self-understanding, I encourage you to have an astrology reading with me or another astrologer indeed!.

At this Full Moon time, Mercury is in a Quincunx conversation with Uranus. 

This is about connecting your mind, and with Mercury-Uranus combination it is a very high level connection, because Uranus is a 4th dimensional planet, it is your super conscious, and he connects you to the Divine Mind. And with Uranus, you get insights, downloads of information, new ideas, and you can’t explain where they came from… with Uranus you become an energy  “Channeller”. So this Mercury-Uranus conversation is very helpful at this Full Moon.

A wonderful conversation in play at this Full Moon, is a Trine between Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

Jupiter is well known as the “Great benefit”, so usually he brings a lot of positivity for you, and now he is traveling in Capricorn for the full year 2020. So see where he is moving through now in your natal chart, in which House- Area of Life. If you have a strong Capricorn flavour in your natal chart, you are going to feel a lot of personal positive growth coming up this year 2020. 

Last time Jupiter was traveling through Capricorn, it was 12 years ago, because Jupiter has a 12 years cycle and therefore, he spends a year in each sign. So last time he was in Capricorn, that was in 2008. So you can look back to whatever was happening for you in 2008, then you tend to get a repeat, or an echo of what was happening for you then. Of course, this time you are different, more mature, experienced, more aware, so the story is different, but the energy is the same.

So Jupiter in Trine to Uranus during this Full Moon, is such a fortunate meeting for lucky breaks. It is a great time to take a risk, to feel liberated, to feel optimistic about creating successful outcomes. Your sense of freedom and openness is broader, and you can see beyond the horizon, and that allows you to break through those self-imposed boundaries, to create positive change in your life. 

Jupiter governs expansion, higher learning, faraway travel… so you may delve more deeply, grow in unexpected ways, and learn things very quickly, because that is what Uranus is about, about that intellectual capacity to take in any kind of subject matter, no matter how esoteric it is, new languages, art, music, style, entertainment… It is a sense of adventure that helps you acclimate to, and anticipate the great results, beyond that horizon. 

So this is so beautiful to have this Jupiter-Uranus conversation during the final Full Moon of this decade. Uranus is currently in Taurus, and Taurus is so stable, so this is such a beautiful sign for you to experience freedom, because Taurus governs your values, and honesty, and security, and it governs pleasure as well. 

It is also very important to know that Jupiter is joining the very big lineup of planets in Capricorn, Jupiter-South Node-Saturn-Venus-Pluto, and from the 21st of December, the big lineup of planets will be joined by the Sun as he moves in the Capricorn Solstice. Solstices and Equinoxes are all power days, where the veil to the subtle-etherial energies is thinner, so you can access more information on those days.

So this big lineup of planets is like the balance of the Zodiac is completely tilted on one side, the Capricorn side. and the last time Saturn and Pluto were together in Capricorn, was around the year 1285, 700 years ago, so it is a big deal indeed!

The influence of this important lineup has been in preparation all through 2019, and 2020 will be even stronger than 2019, so all of the themes about any abuse of power, or the collapse of the old order, the old political and social structures, any chaos or disruption, or lack of trust in the government institutions…that is what is meant to be happening now. 

And Jupiter now in Capricorn is probably expanding that process, and in conjunction with Pluto and Saturn, this Trio could expand, it could bring about excessive power. And Jupiter is going to be in conjunction to Saturn-Pluto “on and off” all through year 2020. 

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is about integrity, accountability, walking your talk, talking your truth, Jupiter is about the truth and the law. It starts off the new world view essentially. So at the end of this decade, you really are seeing the collapse of the old paradigm. As we move through the next few years, into the mid-20s, we are witnessing the collapse of the 3D paradigm, just like an old three that falls in the wood, that dies and rots down to produce a completely new life form in the wood, through all that fertility in the soil, (that is the process of Pluto in Capricorn), so Jupiter can expand those two processes of both Saturn and Pluto. 

During Full Moons, the Sun and Moon are always in opposition to each other. And at this Full Moon time, Neptune in Pisces is in a tight T-Square conversation, which means that Neptune is squaring both the Sagittarius Sun and the Gemini Moon. 

Gemini and Neptune, at a lower level of expression, is about a lower mind, it is about your day-to-day chatter, shopping lists, it is about your monkey mind. Often your unconscious self-talk just automatically runs in the background… mainly it is about “I am not good enough… not smart enough…not young enough… not rich enough… this negative thinking. This kind of grunge going on in the background does not help you, and this Gemini Full Moon can shine a light on that side of you. 

So this Gemini Full Moon has got lots of IKE musical tones to it.

“IKE – The world is what you think it is.” You become what you think. If you believe that the world is a great place for adventure and happiness, that you will surely experience much more of those than the person believing in the world of struggle. So always remember that through IKE you have the power to change, first your perceived experience, and then through this your actual future. If you want to become good at something and become successful, you have to put in hard work and practice for a while, until it gets deep and becomes a part of who you are. So if you are running on that kind of negative grunge, it is not going to help you. 

This IKE-Gemini Full Moon, wants you to practice to be the creator of your world, and help how the world manifests as well. So change your frequency, by going from this self-defeating grunge into something more positive, such as gratitude, appreciation, joy, bliss, and the highest vibration of Love… so when you catch yourself being in the negative grunge, just flick the emotion and instantly change your focus, look at the trees, the birds, the clouds, think of someone you love, just anything that will shift you to a higher level of being. 

Because the higher expression of this Gemini Full Moon, is to live out that best level of Neptune. And Neptune is about shifting from mind, that so often chatters, and get in your way to the heart. If you can imagine that your heart is your lung, you are breathing in and out through your heart, that instantly slows and deepens your breathing… The higher expression of Neptune is connection to Source, connection to Divinity, how ever you described that in your life. 

Feeling that All is One and you are One with All, this is what the practice of the Hakalau meditation is excellent for. The Hakalau meditation comes from Hawaii, and is an incredible process to place yourself in a state where there are no negative emotions, and you have complete awareness. And this technique is probably one of the most powerful to get you into the present tense as well! The trick with Hakalau (also called the learning state or peripheral vision) is that all of your awareness in on the outside, and no rattling thoughts left inside to distract you. So in Hakalau mode, you are blending with everything, you are One, totally interconnected with Nature. So I really encourage you to try and live that higher expression of Neptune at this Full Moon.

In the background the Full Moon, we have Mars in Scorpio in an exact Trine conversation with Neptune in Pisces. 

Mars is all about driving, and he is at home in Scorpio, so he is feeling pretty powerful and intense, with very clear sight and focus. And he is conversing with dreamy Neptune. It is important to pay attention to this energy, because you are in a time of committing to new things, and committing to them more deeply, so you want to make sure that you are committing to things, and thoughts, and visions of value in yourself, and in your relationships, and your lifestyle… Things, people, situations that feel good to you. 

All that drive, and that vision, and that ambition that is in the sky with Gemini energy, Sagittarius energy, Scorpio and Pisces energy, these are all visionary energies getting lit up… and the grounded Capricorn energy at this time is saying… “How are you going to bring that vision into life?”

Around this Gemini Full Moon, at the end of this decade, it is a time of big realisation, that you are not walking your life like onto a movie set… non, you are dreaming it into reality, at every moment. So practice to set very clear intentions, to keep your consciousness high, and to manifest a more beautiful, a more loving world. 

This Gemini Full Moon is asking you to shift your frequency to that clear level of consciousness, for our beautiful Mother Earth, which is full of biodiversity, forms of life, abundance, fertility, respect and Love for all sentient beings, care for everyone, living from a heart based reality, very much a spiritual based community… this can exists right now. This can be your courageous focus going forward, and this can occur when you shift your frequency, when we all shift our frequency on positive vibrations, that is our challenge as a global community.

So this Gemini Full Moon invites you TURN TO THE LIGHT, TURN TO THE LOVE, to shine your integrity with joy. And remember that the darkness will only win when you shine your Light, but it will never ever be able to take over, when you reveal your beauty, your joy, your incredible Divine Intelligence and Divine Love, which is in you, and always has been. When you do that, there is nothing that will stop you.

So I wish you only the best, and lots of Love and Light.

A New Year begins, let us pray that it will be a year with New Peace, New Happiness and abundance of new friends, so I wish you to be blessed through out the New Year 2020″. “I wish you Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. 

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏