CANCER FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE – I am breaking through – I am ready for this new cycle, and I have a plan –

This Cancer Full Moon happens on Saturday 11th January 2020 at exactly 20 degrees of Cancer, at 5:22 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everyone, to the magnificent Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

First of all, you don’t need to be a Cancer, or Capricorn, to benefit from this Full Moon Eclipse, because you have both signs, somewhere in your natal chart, placed in a special House-Area of life. So all of us on Earth is impacted by this Full Moon Eclipse .

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is going to be visible in a lot of places. A lot of Africa,Europe, Asia and Australia, are going to get at least a part of this Lunar Eclipse, and the beauty of it, so that is exciting.

At this Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we are just inundated with powerful surges of energy, and Capricorn is where the majority of the energy has been gathering. The Moon is in Cancer, opposite four planets, all in conjunction, in Capricorn. In astrology, we call this group of planets conjunct, a “Stellium”, so there is an incredible vibration, that is activated during this Full Moon Eclipse.

This is a “powerhouse” Full Moon, that has several significant astrological energies happening all at the same time.

So it is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, sitting at 20 degrees of Cancer, opposing the Sun, and the Sun is exactly conjunct Mercury, the messenger, the communicator… at 20 degrees of Capricorn.

A lot is happening, announcements, information… when Mercury is conjunct the Sun, and in Capricorn, it is serious, it is a reality check, it is about world developments. This is the energy of decisions being made, commitments being announced, what you are doing is going forward. So this Sun-Mercury conjunction is a very big energy, and it enhances even more the Capricorn energy, which has been highlighted for some time already.

So not only we have the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, but we also have simultaneously the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees of Capricorn, and it is so amazing because all together, 

Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Pluto, it is creating a quadruple conjunction, a Stellium, happening during this Lunar Eclipse. Normally, a Full Moon involves only the Sun and the Moon, but this time, it involves all the additional Capricorn players. So when you look at the the Moon alone in Cancer, she looks a bit vulnerable opposing the big Stellium in Capricorn isn’t she?

However even alone, the Moon is strong, because at home in Cancer, and this represents the safety zone. The Moon in Cancer is here to help you look for a feeling of emotional safety, and a safe place, it is about trusting your feelings, and accepting them. 

At this Full Moon, there is a lot of feminine energy, because Cancer is feminine, but so is Capricorn, because it is an earth sign, which is in the feminine realms in astrology. So you are awakening to another level of Divine Feminine energy at this time.

The North Node is also in Cancer, showing that you have also been healing unconscious, emotional wounds, so this Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could be a checking endpoint, on some emotional wounds and patterns that you have been moving through, examining family issues, mother issues, nurturing areas of life. On the other side, the Capricorn represents the reality check, and the turning point energies of what you need to do now in the present. Because Capricorn is the present moment, opposing Cancer, that is the past.

So at this Full Moon time, there is a strong focus on all these Capricorn planets, requiring you to be in the world NOW, standing in your MANAWA – “Now is the moment of power”… and yet the world is changing permanently, deeply, and seriously, with all the planets together in Capricorn. 

The Moon in Cancer, alone, and facing the quadruple conjunction in Capricorn, wants you to take care of your emotional body, to check in with your emotional self, your emotional needs, and the messages of you body. 

Cancer is a very private sign, it is internal. Whereas Capricorn is external action, Cancer is internal, it is feminine, it gives you a frame of reference that is maternal, caring, vulnerable, intimate… Cancer governs your home, how you feel at home, your natural sense of warmth, your sense of heart centered awareness, of kindness… Cancer is the crab, so it takes refuge under a shell, so the Cancer energy sometimes, can escape emotional tension, by going into the shell, as opposed to being present… So at this Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, there could be a need to find a shell, a sanctuary, to feel nurture in your Ohana, in your family, in your inner home. 

The planets in Capricorn, placed in a quadruple conjunction, are all in conversation, talking to each other. But among them, Pluto is the most powerful voice, because he is the slowest moving, and he is about evolution, he is about the areas of destruction and power, control, transformation, what is dead, what is ending at a very significant level…and there is a seriousness with Pluto conjunct Saturn, and that is about authority figures, those in charge. 

Capricorn is business, politics, government, the main players on the world stage, and Pluto is really concerned with truth…truth coming out, truth being seen, and the revelations around that. And Saturn coming in, brings in a seriousness to it…. and he is saying… IT IS TIME FOR THE TRUTH… IT IS TIME FOR THE GREAT AWAKENING. 

Capricorn is about dignity, and experience, and maturity, and there is a mastery with Capricorn, a spiritual mastery, a sense of being in your spiritual integrity, even if it means that you have to stand alone. And that can feel vulnerable, which this Full Moon in Cancer can feel. In her lower expression, she can feel defensive, sensitive, and reactionary.

But that Moon in Cancer opposite to the quadruple conjunction in Capricorn, is being required to mature in the real world, and to understand that what is happening now, is meant to unfold at this time, for the evolution of humanity’s consciousness, for your own evolution, that is why the Great Awakening is happening. 

And this opposition also resonates with the number “2’, and asks you to harmonise your life. When 2 people get together in a relationship, the whole art is to be interdependent, and yet at peace with each other, respectful of each other. The number “2” energy is also about “two sides of the coin”, so this is about moving away from the ”I am right, you are wrong” divisions, that are put in place by humans, whether they are political parties, religions, cultural differences, gender differences. The DIVISION is what 2020, this Eclipse, and the Stellium of planets in Capricorn, is melting away, is breaking down. 

So you can agree to disagree if you need to, that is totally fine. We are all individuals, and so that energetic exchange allows you to think and intuit, and discover new ideas, because the other person has a different way of perceiving the world. That is all good, as long as you don’t become divided, and accusatory.

So when life get challenging, which it inevitably does, frustrations come up, difficulties arise… see it as an opportunity to shake up energy, and that is what Eclipses tend to do, and this one in particular. This shaking up of the energy allows you to see more clearly, and this is the flavour of this new year 2020…TO SEE MORE CLEARLY, to have a 20-20 vision…the seer in you is awakening, and that will bring a certain elevated awareness to your life. You are always adjusting, you are always rebalancing, aligning… and it is just natural, that is how nature evolves, it never stays the same, and this is the essence of number 2, always realigning. 

So this Full Moon time is about going within for answers, and not following dogma, not following outside ideology, false idols, or gurus, which are everywhere… So you need to trust that intuition, and if you approach every moment, every conversation, in a joyful way, you will have feedback that replicate that joy. So you can look at life joyfully, or in a state of misery, and just know that, that state of joy, or that state of misery, arises from within you, it is not created by everyone else. So your intuition is your natural navigation system, that is what “20” is all about

Humm!… Can you see the first Hawaiian principle of IKE rising here?

“IKE – The world is what you think it is – I am aware”. IKE is about to see, to know, to perceive, experience, to be aware, to understand, to receive revelations from the gods, this is the knowledge from you. IKE refers to the importance of belief. Whatever you believe in, you will manifest. So are you believing that the glass is half-full or half-empty? So in using IKE you create your own personal experience of reality through your beliefs, your attitudes, your fears, your desires… The principle of IKE also contains the idea that “by changing your thinking, you can change your world”.

So at this Full Moon Eclipse, you are asked to bring all your life into harmony, and that means that you are going to meet and experience conflict, that you need to deal with, and it touches on the themes of Cancer. And this is about your home, where you feel privately taken care of, your family, the mother principle, the feminine, the Divine Feminine cycles… those Moon energies are all being awakened. So when you honestly look at how you do feel, you want to feel joy, and to get that joy, you need to be in service to it. So this Lunar Eclipse experience is truly awakening. And the underlying reason that you are here, which is to seek happiness, and to figure out a way to help others, is also to uplift them with JOY. 

So watch this energy during this Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, because you are coming home to yourself, it is a wonderfull opportunity to feel loved internally, and not to get clingy or possessive, overcautious, and going under the shell because of the fear of rejection. So this Full Moon Eclipse time is about nurturing that inner strength.

So TO GET INTO HARMONY is the key theme of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and it is why you also need to be very aware of what gifts you are born with, what talents are natural to you, to engage joyfully in life. Because when you are engaged joyfully in life, that is when energy flows. So if you want to discover more about your birth day, your star-blueprint, an astrology reading is fantastic to explore your unique recipe… Let me do that for you.

Something interesting to notice, is that this Full Moon Eclipse happens at 20 degrees Cancer, 20 degrees Capricorn, and we have just entered the year 2020, and Mercury conjunct the Sun is also at 20 degrees. There is so much 20 vibration at this Full Moon Eclipse time, that is launched at the onset of the new decade of the 2020s.

According to Numerology, the number 20 is about turning points, decisions, awareness, adaptability, reconstruction. Sudden events require you to make a decision, that could be a turning point in your life. A change of location, a new job, or fresh relationships, a death…  demand new thoughts, new feelings, and new action from you. 

So at this Full Moon Eclipse time, you need be able to see the alternatives, the pros and cons. In this way, you will learn more about yourself, and how adaptable you are. If you accurately weigh and measure your present situation, or any situations presented to you during this period, you will formulate a profitable plan, that can be implemented in the near future. 

Unless you act decisively to put your ideas to practical use, the influence of number 20 can make you restless and uneasy. So don’t waste time, you are experiencing a period of growth, and future realisations are now germinating. It is a fine planning period, so do not resist the need for change, remain adaptable, use your common sense, and come to a logical conclusion.

So you see, at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the stars and numbers are communicating, they are on the same page. The Number 20 is very similar to Cancer, it is about connection through the heart, the diplomacy, and the Soul conversations that you have, because you are listening intuitively, and you are not reacting.

That is what the 2020s are asking you to shift into, which is your internal guiding system, your navigation system. The channel that you are tuned to, is your inner inspiration, your intuition. 

So we have lots of TURNING POINTS at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, all happening at the same time. So not only do we have this very emotional Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and the simultaneous big conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and the quadruple conjunction or Stellium, but we also have Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus, ending his Retrograde phase, and stationing, or stopping to go Direct.

So this Uranus energy is then of course another layer of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. And Uranus, being the Awakener, the shock, the disruptor, the one who says …”NOW IS TIME TO MOVE FORWARD”… and with Uranus it happens quickly, it brings in fast-moving energies to the Taurus Earth realms. And the contribution of the cosmic energy of Uranus in Taurus, is also about lightning fast understandings of what matters, and what is essential. Taurus is about the essentials of life, but it is also the first earth sign, that establishes your reliance on yourself, and your inner strength, and your ability to love yourself, to accept yourself, your self-esteem to stand strong in who you are. And then Capricorn is how you take that out into the world. 

So there is very strong earth energy at the time of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is like anything in your physical world and physical life, has been under a deep renovation. This big major renovation, you can really see it happening on the world stage already. So this time is basically about living through a big renovation, and it can be incredibly inconvenient, but you must think about where you are going.

Jupiter is in Capricorn as well, at 8 degrees, he conjuncts the South Node, and this is another energy of ‘LETTING GO”, of releasing, of really understanding what is completed, what is over, and I say it again, you can find information on that, in looking in where 20 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn fall in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life.

At this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse time, there are 3 beautiful Trine conversations happening. 

First, the Moon in Cancer is in a beautiful Trine conversation with Neptune in Pisces.

So in the background of this Full Moon, Neptune is a supportive player. Neptune in her own sign of Pisces is so affectionate, so loving, about humanitarian, unconditional Love, compassion, and dreams, and realising that we are all connected, WE ARE ALL ONE… so what you do to yourself, you do to others. Neptune is also about intuition, she is very psychic, and connected to destiny and dreams, so you can bond with your loved ones in a beautiful way, in a caring, tender way, with this Trine conversation. Delicacy and sweetness are honoured at this time, and anything to do with artistic projects, music, beauty, mystical experiences, astrology, numerology…this is a very deep beautiful, refined energy indeed!

Another lovely Trine conversation, is Mars in Sagittarius Trine to Chiron in Aries.

That is bringing energy into healing. Chiron is the Sacred Healer, it is very love centered, and Mars is more sexual, dynamic, masculine… and they are coming together with this Trine conversation, so you are inspired to heal through LOVE. Mars helps you take that initiative, so this is really the birth of that sacred warrior energy, and it is blended with the Divine Feminine, because of the Cancer Full Moon. So you feel naturally independent, courageous, you can accomplish anything… so it is a great time to embrace your inner warrior, and blend the opposites, bringing them together. It is your time to make that connection to who you are at Soul Level. It is your time to blend the gifts and talents that you have ( that are described in your natal chart, your star-blueprint).

The last Trine conversation, is Jupiter in Sagittarius in Trine to Uranus in Taurus.

This fortunate conversation is all about lucky breaks, because Uranus governs breakthroughs, and Jupiter governs fortunate events and expansions, so it is a great time to take a risk, to try a new approach. With this conversation, you feel optimistic, so create those outcomes because they are going to be successful, because you are going into it with this very joyful and expansive energy. And remember when you come to things from joy, you are going to experience joy… when you come to things from misery, you are going to experience misery… Humm! another IKE resonance here.

So take this Jupiter expansive energy and allow it to grow, in unexpected ways, that is how Uranus wants you to live… and full of JOY, because Uranus is really the fun, exciting planet, and Jupiter is the humorous, laughter planet. So at this Full Moon Eclipse time, there is a sense of adventure that is being initiated within you, and it is extremely liberating. And you don’t need to ask for permission for you to do this. We often ask for permission unconsciously, this is because of our upbringing, belonging to a group, a family, or a belief, or an organisation… even asking your partner the permission to move forward is ridiculous. This is what the Stellium in Capricorn is saying…”Non you don’t need an external validation process – You only need an internal one”.

It is for you to decide what brings joy to your life, nobody else can decide that for you.

So at this Full Moon Eclipse time, these three Trine conversations, Moon-Neptune, Mars-Chiron, and Jupiter-Uranus, are all active, and they dissipating the tension of that opposition of the Moon to the quadruple conjunction, or Stellium, in Capricorn. So you can handle whatever comes up, you have the tools, the number 20 vibration gives you two sides to weigh, and you know there is always a way to navigate the Waters of Life, because you have access to both energies, and you are bringing them into one. 

On the overall, during this Full Moon Eclipse, the strong Capricorn energy is pulling you backwards, because the South Node is conjunct the Sun and Jupiter. So what do you need to grasp from the past, that is still valuable, that is still useful to you? And also, what do you need to release and let go of, so you can move forward? 

With Uranus moving forward now, it is an opportunity to break through, to find freedom from chains. And all too often, you are the one who put the chains on yourself. 

Think about the motivational story of “the Elephant and the Rope”. The Elephant that has been tied up all his life, and knows he can only goes so far, and then all of a sudden, he is released, and he still does not go any further, even though he is free. The Elephant could at any time break free from his bond, but because he believed he couldn’t, he was stuck right where he was. 

Like the elephant, you may go through life, hanging onto a belief that “you cannot do something”, simply because you failed at it once before? Failure is part of learning… you should never give up the struggle in life.

So where are you still tied up in this Capricorn pulling-back energy, playing-safe energy?… and where do you need to just risk it, and break out and say: “I am going to do this my way, because I can’t stand feeling so confined, and so restricted”. When you feel confined and restricted, you are small, and you get smaller and smaller. 

What you do need to release and let go of, it is in the past, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. It is time now to move on, and to be free, and to experience that freedom. And even when you say the word “freedom”, there is a sense of opening up, opening out, opening your arms, opening your heart… and Uranus is the planet of freedom and independence, and galactic awareness, and your inner genius… this is very powerful energy, and the message of this is YOU WILL BE SET FREE. It is not a coincidence that it is all happening at once, and this is what you are being encouraged to do with Uranus going now Direct in Taurus… to tangibly find ways to be free, and to enjoy your life within certain frameworks. Because you need some frameworks, it can’t be all going all over the place. 

There is also a feeling of being “uprooted” at this Full Moon Eclipse time. Imagine here that you are a plant, and you are uprooted, but you have been put into a bigger pot, where you can grow and thrive in a new environment, where you have got more breathing space… So at this Full Moon Eclipse time, you may be changing career, may be finding a new direction in your life. You might be moving, you might be changing a relationship, you might be making some significant changes to your health… This is after all, a time for New Year’s Resolutions. So what do you want to change in your life this year? How do you want to be different by the end of the year? What do you want to accomplish?… these are all the Capricorn questions.

The exact conjunction Mercury-Sun is about communication, thoughts, so your self-talk is very important at this time, because the power of your words shape your results. It is how you energise yourself, the way you talk to yourself, what you write, what you say to others… and that would include excuses, gossips, criticism…those three, they diminish who you are as a person, and it is killing your inner magic. So stop listening to people who cut you down, you want to be with people who are also releasing JOY, who are positive and courageous. 

So at this Full Moon Lunar eclipse time, focus on increasing your strength, your stamina, your energy. Get enough sleep, sleep at the right time, create healthy, balanced home-cooked meals, stay away from processed food… It is very important that your physical body, your Soul’s temporary home, and your mind…which gives you access to your higher mind, your intuition…, they function properly. This Cancer Moon is asking you to look at these things. So you want to put into your whole life, this very pleasant, kind, warm, caring, holistic, healing energy into everything you do, you eat, you say. And if you maintain that connection, to what stimulates you in a joyful way, you will be amazed at how abundant you feel, and how much more you love. Laughter is very important, it is a way to heal and dissipate stress. So be in a place where laughter just happens for no reason, that is a sign that you are intimately connected to all that is good, all that is supportive, and that what this Eclipse and the Stellium are awakening in you, is the ability to feel happy, to feel free, to feel joyful, and that laughter is key as well.

And finally, on a different point of view, 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat in Chinese astrology, and the Lunar Chinese year starts from January 25th 2020, and ends on February 11th 2021.

The Rat is the first in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, and the mood and personality of the Metal Rat is marking the overall mood for 2020. And by the way, 2020 is going to push you out of your comfort zone, so prepare yourself!

People born under the sign of the Rat are known for being adaptable, smart, cautious, outgoing, cheerful and positive. They march their own tune, meaning they don’t go along with the crowd. It is interesting, because in many cultures, the rat gets a really bad reputation. Even in the English language, the rat is used as a disrespectful term…”this looks like a rat’s nest”…being a “rat” is not a compliment. So let us be more open-hearted about the rat, because 2020 is the beginning of a new 12 year cycle in Chinese astrology. So what you put in place now, can have a huge impact on the next 12 years!

Generally, the Metal Rat is passionate about life, he loves freedom, adventure, and challenge. But he does not like impossible challenges, because a Rat knows his limitations, which is very wise. So you too need to know your own limitations, and to not overextend yourself.The Rat also plans ahead, he think about the bigger picture, and he also think about how his actions are going to impact those closest to him. So think about that when you are setting your goals for this year, and also for the coming years. 

On the downside, the Rat is the most jealous and domineering of all the Chinese zodiac, so keep this in mind, you need to be on guard against these tendencies. While the Rat is brilliant and ingenious, when it comes to finding solutions to problems, the Rat has a hard time learning from his failures. The Rat also needs company and positive moral support from those around him, but most of all, he needs people that understand him. The Metal Rat often would rather be alone, especially if he is caught in the middle of conflict, he does not like to be caught up in other people’s drama. He is not fond of solitude, but he will pick it over drama. He does not like to be in large groups either, so he prefer to be in a family unit, or a group of close friends. When the Rat is deprived of moral support, he easily become disillusioned and depressed. So during this year 2020, year of the Metal Rat, it is a lot on the personal front that you are going to be tested. It is also worth noting that the Metal Rat is the most generous of all the Rats.  

So how the element of Metal is going to impact this year 2020? Metal symbolises autumn, or a period of harvest, this is a time when you harvest, or you bring all your plans into fruition. So this is going to be a particularly interesting year. The seeds that you have planted will now be ready to harvest, both good and bad. 

So in 2020, consider your options, and avoid reckless behaviour, especially with finances and romance. If you have been working behind the scenes, or if you have something that has not been published yet, you will come forward, and you will be rewarded in 2020. That is why it is really important that you know yourself, and that you know what you want, and your life’s plan, because Rat energy urges you to have a “Plan” in place.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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