This Aquarius New Moon happens on Saturday 25th January 2020 at 4 degrees 21’ of Aquarius, at 7:41 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Bonjour everyone, welcome to the first New Moon of the year, the Aquarius New Moon, announcing the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat.

This year 2020, we are going to feel more and more of the energy of Aquarius. We will gradually breaking away from the Capricorn energy, bit by bit, slowly, and moving to this energy of air. We are going from this earth Capricorn energy, that has been quite heavy, very industrial…and we are going to be moving towards getting resources out of the air, out of the space, between objects, rather than from the objects themselves. So it is a very different kind of frequency that we are moving into. 

This New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are conjunct together in the sign of Aquarius. This is the Yin and the Yang, the Feminine and the Masculine united, and beginning a new cycle together. 

The New Moon is when the sky is the darkest, when the seeds of intention are planted, and with the Aquarius flavour, we are looking at things that are beyond the everyday… it is about where you are going, about what the future new possibilities are. 

There is an electricity energy with  Aquarius, there is excitement, there is a sense of possibility, a sense of fresh air, fresh ideas, a fresh sense of who you are now, and what you need to do.

Aquarius is an air sign, and it is all about thoughts, ideas, it is very creative energy, it has a lot of social stimuli interactions ideas. Aquarius is also about friendships, networks, and the Tribe, the Ohana… and on the other side of that spectrum, Aquarius is about the individual, who you are with, who you are within the group, the tribe, the Ohana dynamic. 

So a sense of self can be developed with this New Moon, a sense of individuation, a sense of …”This is how I am different, and that difference is my strength, and that is what I offer to my community, to the collective (Uranus)”. 

So this energy is quite dynamic, and Mercury is also in Aquarius, he is not part of Sun-Moon conjunction though, but he is still in the air element, keeping things interesting, new, fresh, and have you think beyond what you have thought before. So at this New Moon time, there is a lot of mind opening energy, because Aquarius is where you get a new understanding, a new breakthrough, a new genius energy. And this energy is meant to be different, it is meant to have something unique and special to offer, back to the collective.

At this Aquarius New Moon time, we still have this huge bunching of planets in Capricorn, (South Node-Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn). 

The South Node in Capricorn is very much connected to how you have used your power as an individual, how leaders and governments have used their power, if they used it with integrity, accountability, transparency… or if not, they will be found accountable, and more secrets and corruptions will be revealed in 2020, as part of the process of deconstruction of the old order.

Capricorn is the sign connected to density, permanence, slowness, long-term commitment… With Saturn in Capricorn, there is a sense of territory, Capricorn rules borders, boundaries, walls (Mexico wall), and Saturn promotes division, and therefore polarity, groups of people being different from one another… such as in colours, religion, status, classes, gender…that is going to shift as we get into Aquarius energy, when Saturn and Jupiter will move into that sign, on the 21st of December 2020. So this Aquarius New Moon gives you a glimpse of the future.

Aquarius is the sign that governs the New Age, and we are all moving into the Age of Aquarius now, so this is an important New Moon, especially because it involves Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.

Of course you don’t have to be an Aquarius to benefit from this New Moon energy, you do have the sign of Aquarius somewhere in your chart. So check where 4 degrees of Aquarius sits in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life, to see where this New Moon is impacting you, and what kind of intention you can express at this time.

Capricorn is about the past, and Aquarius is about the future… So with this Aquarius New Moon, the big shift of energy is continuing. You are acclimating now to the paradigm shift, and you are going to be able to break free. Aquarius is the freedom sign, and it is going to help you to let go of those things that you need to, in order to move forward. 

This Aquarius New Moon is sitting at 4 degrees, and we just started a “4” Universal Year 2020, so let’s look at this number “4”.

“4” is aligned with the planet Saturn, and it is aligned with Earth. Saturn is about order, planning, work and concentration… and that resonates with “4”, which is about work, finances, building, and practicality. “4” brings the need to define and order things. 

So this New Moon is a time to measure, classify, record, regulate, and compose yourself, as well as your affairs and your environment. You must attend to everyday matters, and handle them through your own efforts and actions. This is a productive period, in which the creative drive can be controlled and directed. Controlling your daily activities, will allow you to reap material rewards. 

It is a time to be economical and practical, in terms of your money and finances. So set up a budget, and pay debts on all levels, materially, physically, mentally and spiritually. There may be obstacles that must be solved with patience and determination, but if you have the courage to go through all oppositions, you can make great progresses. 

During this New Moon time, reason reigns, and you must trust your insights and analysis, because you are able to see into the heart of any situation. The number “4” implies the “door of opportunity” through which you can pass into a new life. And “4’ also rules the physical aspects of living, so sensual pleasures are available to you now, and you can have a physically rewarding relationship with someone. 

So this is a time for work and accomplishment, a time to make solid foundations – financial, physical or mental – for your life. A time to exercise and take care of your body, your physical home. 

So this “4’ energy is taking place in the sign of Aquarius, during a 4 Universal Year, but in fact Aquarius is almost quite the opposite, because Aquarius is like the number “5”, which is about freedom. 

So at this New Moon time, we have this juxtaposition of building a foundation, but it needs to be built on the whole exploration of freedom.

Aquarius governs breakthroughs, it governs your inner genius, what makes you unique, the respect that “everybody has their own life to live, everybody has walked a different path”. So this Aquarius New moon is about uncharted territories, it is about INSPIRATION, Uranus is such a planet of intuition and inspiration. 

So Aquarius and Uranus like to go out of bounds, they like to explore beyond the 3D experience, into other dimensions… That is how you leave the old paradigms behind, because you are set free to explore. Aquarius governs the higher mind, higher consciousness, looking at new pathways, new angles, new ways of being. So this Aquarius New Moon is a great time to know how you are set up to create a life of the most JOY, the most service, the most fulfilling.

Aquarius also governs Astrology, so an astrology reading is the perfect tool to discover your unique Star-Blueprint, your Rising Sign, your lights and Shades, your purpose and directions, your challenges and gifts, your relationships…so feel free to contact me if you want to explore your self.

This Aquarius New Moon is a time to go with your intuition, to seek knowledge, to seek truth, to seek freedom. Aquarius is the sign of the Water Bearer, disseminating a very special water, the Water Of Knowledge. 

So knowledge is important here, but the way it is taught in the current educational system, it is a knowledge based on obedience. 

For example memorising tests based on somebody else idea of what you should be learning, that is being very obedient for the current educational system, that is very measured, very linear. And Uranus and Aquarius are saying… “absolutely No, there are many ways to explore truth, everybody has their own way of experiencing it, so you have to be flexible, and practice to be PONO”. 

And the shadow side of Aquarius is inflexibility, or being aloof, standing aside, not engaging… so practice flexibility because the whole point of living is about TOTAL ENGAGEMENT. 

At this New Moon time, Sun-Moon in Aquarius are in a very tight Square conversation with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, therefore Uranus is the ruler of this New Moon.

This is about sudden, unforeseen, breakthroughs, discoveries, revolution, and also internal revolution, surprises, readjustments… YOU ARE CHANGING, so adjustments will need to be made. 

So first of all, your openness and again your flexibility is absolutely necessary, in order to upgrade to the new vibrational shift, that is taking place now, and in order for those new paradigms to take root in your life. And at the time of this New Moon, the energy is electric and unexpected, so the Square to Uranus is disruptive, shocking, “did not see that coming”. 

It is a sense of also breaking out of what has been stagnant or stuck, and that is especially strong, because of how Taurus (Uranus in Taurus) is a Fixed sign, Aquarius is a Fixed sign as well, so these are the energies that like stability, reliability, “I don’t want change”. 

So the New Moon-Uranus Square conversation brings a very disruptive, changing dynamic energy at this time, and it has a shock factor to it, and there is something that needs to shift, there is something that has to change. And you are going to know about it, perhaps a few days before the New Moon, it can be a shock, and at the New Moon time, you get new understanding of what to do, going forward, new possibilities, new solutions, new insights. Uranus is a game changing energy, to help you see what can be used for your best and highest good. 

And with the Moon involved in this Square conversation to Uranus, you may feel very excitable, and so you need to guard against being impulsive, or reacting, you want to immerse yourself in activities that take advantage of the influx of inspiration, and trust them. Because if you listen closely, and you take that time, to how can you approach a situation in a new way… by listening to guidance, when you do that, your life moves very quickly. 

So it is a great time to make a radical new beginning in your life, because Aquarius, if it does anything, it sets you free… And if you are a seeker, what you seek the most is freedom, you want to be free from any attachments, from any bondage, from any resistance… Whether it is unconscious or conscious, freedom is fundamental to any spiritual seeker.

With the Sun involved in the Square conversation to Uranus, it just opens you up to new ideas. You are making new plans, but you need to guard against making radical shifts, based on a reactionary impulse. So again, you need to guard against being impatient, or doing something just as a reaction, as opposed to an inspiration. At this New Moon time, you want to express who you are with total freedom, with no restrictions. So conversations will become very interesting, as well as your internal dialogues. Because you may sense that sometimes you rebel, or are impulsive, instead of just not being aggressive, remember to breathe deeply when you are activated, or fearful, or feel attacked in any way. 

So at this New Moon time, you want to be pro-active by listening to that positive feedback that is always there for you, but it means taking that extra breath, that air, breathing it in, remember Aquarius is an air sign and wants you to breathe. And it is through the breath that you are in tune with that incredible insight that is always available to you.

This New Moon-Uranus Square conversation also suggests that it might be uncomfortable to have to break through something. Maybe you have got some habit patterns, because Taurus rules your habit patterns, what you do regularly to feel secure. So maybe for example, you have got a certain ritual that you do in the morning, when you wake up. You do certain things, you make a cup of coffee, you stretch, you pray, salute the Sun… whatever it is that you do… you are quite attached to that way of doing things. And if somebody were to come in, and have you do it differently, you would not be very happy.

This Square conversation to Uranus, is an energy of breaking out of certain rituals that you have, that might not be very productive for you, that might keeping you asleep, or stagnant. So this Aquarius New Moon is a WAKE UP call that is asking you…”What are my important values?… What is important to me?… What matters to me?”…And for those things to happen, what would you have to change?

So it is a really good time to reinvent yourself, to often add something new to what you are doing, with your music, with your bodywork style, your art, your technique… try always to bring a new idea, something different to what you are doing. 

So this year you might not like having to learn more technology, but chances are with this Square conversation to Uranus, you might have to learn more technology, (Uranus rules computer, technology, science), and it might just be a necessary part of your growth. But this year you have no excuses, you have to breakthrough, whatever stagnancy, lethargy, you have got going on.

With this Aquarius New Moon, this is the opportunity to just literally break out of the shell. And once you pop out of the shell, it is like WOW, there is a huge wide world out there, that you did not know existed, and that is the energy of this New Moon… seeing your world from a completely new perspective.

At this New Moon time, we still have the conjunction Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn going on.

This is about the dying of the old system…the death of all things that does not work for you. Globally we are certainly seeing that, with the death of certain governments, economies, banks systems… certain physical things that just need to go, especially anything that lacks integrity, that is dishonest… this can come out at this time.

And it is the same in your personal life, what do you need to just let go of? Saturn here wants to hang on to the status quo, but don’t hang on to it…and Pluto wants to dissolve all, so you can start fresh. This is very much the process of death, transformation and rebirth… so this Aquarius New Moon is a Moon of REBIRTH.

Creativity is emphasised at this New Moon time, with Venus being in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces…and in extra, that Venus-Neptune conjunction is also in a Square conversation with Mars in Sagittarius. 

Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is about altered states, beauty, creativity… and Mars squaring that, is about putting energy into a daily spiritual practice.

Venus and Mars are on different pages now. Mars is strong in his Masculine Sagittarius, Venus is strong in her Feminine Pisces, but the Square conversation creates tension. So tension in relationships, tension in the Masculine and Feminine desires and needs. Mars is fiery and quite independent in Sagittarius, and Venus-Neptune in Pisces wants to be alone. Neptune in her own sign of Pisces is very powerful, and she is slowing down Mars, she will take the speed and energy out of Mars. This “slow down” can be felt to the Ego, so look after your body, because Neptune in Square with Mars can trigger a sickness. 

On another level, Venus-Neptune conversation is saying…”I need a break”… “I need a vacation”… Pisces is about escapism, Venus is about pleasure, so I suppose that you know yourself well, and you know what takes you out of the intensity of the real world, and what gives you something enjoyable. And there is definitively a need for it at this time, and don’t forget to indulge in lot of sleeps, naps, and meditations.

Venus in Pisces is in her strength, so you feel much more intuitive, emotional, private, romantic, and you are looking for something that is lovely, and calm, and soothing. That is really important at this time, so follow anything that is connected to spirit, to your higher self, to your Aumakua, to expand your spiritual growth. 

So this Aquarius New Moon is a time for a slowdown, for a break, for deep rejuvenating sleeps, which frankly it is needed, after the big energies we have had throughout the month of January.

We also have Mercury in Aquarius in a friendly Sextile conversation with Mars in Sagittarius.

That dissipates the Venus Square Mars in a beautiful way, because it allows you to really understand where your inspirations are coming from, and to be practical about using energy to move forward. So at the time of this New Moon, you have the energy to achieve a lot, to propel yourself forward. 

There is another conversation, at this New Moon time, that is Venus in Pisces  in a friendly Sextile conversation with Jupiter in Capricorn. 

This is a stabilising Jupiter in Capricorn here, very practical, very clear, decisive, do what you need to do, and it is connecting you with the long-term planning, because in Capricorn, it is always about the commitments you make, how you show up in the world, what you are choosing, what you are deciding. And this Sextile conversation is asking you to do what you need to do, for the long term. This can be inspired plans as well, and whatever the inspirations are, Jupiter in Capricorn brings in the practicality, brings in the solution… “Hey I know what to do”… so that is a very nice energy.

Venus and Jupiter are the two “Benefits” in Astrology, so when they are in an harmonious conversation, like Sextile, Trine, or conjunction, it just feels like you have a lucky streak, and you may feel just blessed, generous, optimistic, and it really favours financial growth, romance and dating.

On another level, Venus-Jupiter conversation also favours dealing with any disharmony, that you may have had in any relationship. Any disharmony that you felt can be brought into harmony with this conversation, because Venus governs Love, and Jupiter governs Gratitude and Joy. So with those qualities, you can really address any disharmony, plus your financial flow is enhanced. You can attract LOVE and ABUNDANCE in an easier way during this New Moon time, so it is a really good time to make investments. 

Venus-Jupiter Sextile conversation also helps you to understand that life is a miracle, and the greatest miracle you can experience, is to live your life confidently, and you are facing your walk through life untouched by challenges, and free to explore, free from the attachments to that very thing that is happening to you.

So these two Sextile conversations, Mercury-Mars and Venus-Jupiter, are helping to dissipate that tense energy of Uranus in Square to the Sun and Moon, so you can handle that energy, and you have an outlet for that energy. And it basically allows you to take care of all your needs, so that whoever or whatever comes up in your life, you can stay balanced and calm, unaffected by whatever challenge comes your way. 

This Aquarius New Moon is showing you how to only embrace what is truly important to you, what is truly resonating with your unique “you”, what is PONO for you… The last Hawaiian principle of PONO : “Effectiveness is the measure of truth”, is saying that what is effective just for you, is YOUR TRUTH.

Ultimately, the shocks or the surprises, the epiphanies that you might get at this New Moon time, they are meant to lead you on a healing path, because the Sun-Moon conjunction in Aquarius, is also in a supportive Sextile conversation with Chiron, the Sacred Healer, in Aries. 

So at this New Moon time, there is a healing in yourself, something you are meant to see within yourself, that is ready to be brought to the light, expressed and understood. This New Moon is actually inviting you to direct the energy towards this Chiron, to look at what fears or wounds are triggered, and then you are meant to work through, and find a new sense of self. There is a leadership energy with Chiron in Aries, there is a sense of figuring it out on your own, so there is a lot of independence energy at this New Moon time.

But you have to be very responsible at this time, as to how you are bringing your heart of compassion, because Aquarius can be quite aloof, emotionally disconnected, cold, Aquarius has a cold robotic side to it. 

So when it comes to emotions, when it comes to loving, and when it comes to connecting, when it comes to compassion, this is an area that you are going to have to get in tune with the opposite end of Aquarius, which is the sign of Leo. 

In astrology, signs work in pairs, the signs opposite to each others always play together, and Leo is the heart. So you must no forget to bring your heart into everything that you do. 

So at this New Moon time, you want to look at what you want for the road ahead, what you want to manifest and create in 2020… “WHAT MATTERS TO ME NOW?”… so keep going, and as long as you are aware of who you are, you are going to navigate through 2020 beautifully.

This year 2020, this beginning of the new Decade, you have to learn how to go into a certain flow of energy, and Uranus and Aquarius is all about ME BEING MY UNIQUE ME… so what makes YOU stand out? And you are not afraid to share it.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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