This Pisces New Moon happens on Monday 24th February 2020 at 4 degrees 28’ Pisces, at 1:31 AM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau  

Bonjour my kindred Souls…Here is the Pisces New Moon, a very important lunation in 2020.

Of course you don’t need to be a Pisces to benefit from this Lunation, because we all have Pisces somewhere in our birth chart. 

This New Moon happens on 4 degrees of Pisces, so see where 4 degrees of Pisces falls in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life, and remember this is a New Moon time, so it is about a new seed that you are planting. So it is a perfect time to set a new intention, for what you want this seed to grow into in your life. And try to make your intention conditioned by the meaning of the House-area of life, where 4 degrees of Pisces falls for you in your birth chart.

And this New Moon is the fifth consecutive New Moon happening at 4 degrees, and 2020 is a “4” Universal Year. So “4” has a strong resonance at this New Moon time.

 “4” is a number of planning and concentration, and putting things in order. So this New Moon is a good time to attend to earthly matters, and handle them through your own efforts and actions. “4” vibration is also about responsibility, work and accomplishment, so it is a time to make solid foundations for your life (financial, physical, mental).

“4” also vibrates with Feng Shui…Feng Shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a traditional practice originating from ancient China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. Feng Shui is a very meticulous way to heal and clear energy, and “4” is the number of the square, and when you look at a Feng Shui map, it has the four directions, and it is a square map as well… “4” covers all of these, it covers anything that stands soundly, well grounded, so it governs your home and security, and determination. 

So “4’ puts anything in its place, therefore it is a serious number, it likes to get digging in the earth, digging into some project, where you take the imagination and actually make it real.

And remember that Capricorn is the sign that began the Decade, and Saturn is its ruler, and Saturn is also about taking responsibility, working, being wise, and not wasting energy… so he is strongly related to number “4”as well, and Saturn and Capricorn are quite highlighted at this New Moon time.

When you look at the chart of this New Moon, it is easy to see that Pisces and Capricorn are the predominant flavours. 

We have got four planets in Pisces, Moon-Sun-Mercury-Neptune, so we have here the rulership of Neptune energy… and we have got four planets in Capricorn, Mars-Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn, so here we have the rulership of Saturn energy. So we have got two very different frequencies, water and earth, going on at this New Moon time. The fact that it is “water” and “earth” makes them quite complementary, but we looking at team Neptune, which has to do with dreams, and team Saturn, which has to do with reality.

Neptune is about romance, dreaming up how wonderful somebody is, or just about something that might be out of reality. And then Saturn is about your daily life routines, going to work, cooking your food… all those tangible things. Neptune is the etherial, and Saturn is the real. Neptune rules your Soul energy, and Saturn rules your physical drives, your animalistic needs for food and shelter and warmth. When you are in your Neptune energy, you could just forget that you need anything at all. When you are in your Saturn energy, you are very rooted to all your needs, your survival needs. I see Neptune as a very high frequency, frequency upwards to the heavens and the stars… and I see Saturn as the downward frequency of the ground, our Mother Earth, your responsibilities.

So at this New Moon time, we are dealing with Neptune the invisible, and Saturn, that which you can see, it is material. Saturn wants to prove something is true, wants to know it, wants to see it, wants to touch it… and Neptune just has faith, that something is. 

Neptune can bring chaos, you have got things all over the place, and Neptune can bring, addictions, drugs, drinking alcohol, any kind of addiction would be to do with Neptune. And Saturn can bring order, Saturn brings structure, and say …”No I am not going to give way to that addictive impulse”. So you can see that these two energies are very different, but you need both, not one without the other.

So this Pisces New Moon is very much giving a focal point for you to look at… “where am I too weighed down with responsibilities and structures?”(Saturn)… “where am I living in La La Land?”(Neptune)… “where do I need to get real?”(Saturn)… “what part of my life is unreal?”(Neptune).

So you need the Saturn structure, you need certain rules, and this New Moon is an opportunity for you to look at your life, and to look  at what you have been pulled towards, because at this New Moon time, Mars is conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. 

So you might be pulled back to old habit patterns, old ways of doing things, and with the New Moon, you are being encouraged to do things in a gentle way, because the North Node is in Cancer, and it is in a Trine conversation with the Sun and Moon. So how can you be a little more gentle? How can you be nurturing and kind to others and to yourself? 

But at the same time, you must know where are your boundaries, what stops where… because if you have no boundaries, you are just floating around. 

So at the New Moon time, can you set a new resolution? Always with a New Moon, it is like a new canvas, and this Pisces New Moon has lot to do with how you set boundaries, and how you know when somebody is overstepping your boundary. But also it is about how do you know when you need to go beyond what is comfortable for you.

So what you are looking at this New Moon time is… What can you learn from the past? (Saturn has very much to do with the past)… and what do you need to release so you can be free? (Neptune). This is a wonderful time to look at what you are visualising… “what is your vision for yourself?”… because Neptune has to do with dreams and visions, and remember that dreams are the seeds of reality. So at this New Moon time, ask yourself what are your dreams, and what are you going to do, so take some concrete steps to make those dreams a reality.

But at this time, you have got to be very conscious and aware, because Neptune energy can fog you, it can confuse you. The Neptune energy will bring out compassion and Love, Neptune is all about feeling everybody, because there is no boundary ultimately, WE ARE ALL ONE… and yet with Saturn energy present, we have got separate lives, and separate Souls, that need to fulfil something on the individual level. 

So this Pisces New Moon time is about knowing when to give, when you go into the Neptune energy, but also knowing when to pull back, when your job is over, or when you do need to care for yourself, because if you don’t care for your self, then you have not got very much to give to others. 

Another way of seeing this, would be to see Neptune as flowers growing wild, and wild flowers are so beautiful… but also flowers in a vase, or placed in a structured composition, can also be very beautiful.

Pisces is imaginative, creative, exquisitely fine, etherial, it is the sign of Mutable water, but Mutable water can flow anywhere that it is directed, and it is highly chameleon-like, because it is Mutable, meaning that it is connected to mutation. Pisces is boundless, Pisces is about Unconditional Love and sharing everything, and brotherhood and sisterhood. 

The downside of Pisces is to be acknowledged as well, and it is about confusion, misjudgment, chaos, depression, escapism… and you could perhaps see that manifesting at this New Moon time. But you have to keep your individual vision high, because that is the way you are going to, not only help your own reality, but send out your highest quality frequency, send out your LOVE to the world.

So this time we are entering now, is activating the combination of, being practical, seeing things clearly (Capricorn), and then also using your intuition to direct you to solutions and answers (Pisces). This Pisces New Moon really emphasises an internal spiritual rebirth, as well as a physical rebirth. The external-internal rebirths, they are all interrelated, for the healing, the cleansing, the intuitive understanding, and allowing solutions to come to you, because with the Pisces flavour, you are engaged with the Divine Source… YOU ARE LISTENING. Pisces is the dreamer, Pisces is the sign of music, and anything that is unseen and energetically impacts you.

At this Pisces New Moon time, the Sun and Moon are in conjunction with Mercury.

And this brings the sense of using your ability to think things through, and having the confidence to share and communicate (Mercury being the Messenger) your spiritual insights and your discoveries of the mysterious. 

So with Mercury so close to the New Moon in Pisces, there will be no boundaries in terms of expressing your creative imagination, using your intuition, and you will feel limitless as you explore the unseen, the mysterious, or other dimensions. 

And Mercury is in Retrograde mode at the time of this New Moon.

Mercury moves Retrograde on February 17th, at 12 degrees of Pisces, and he moves Retrograde back to 28 degrees of Aquarius, on March 10th, that is his retrograde phase. 

Mercury entered Pisces on February 3rd, and he will stay in Pisces all the way through until the 11th of April. That is a very long stay in Pisces, because of the Retrograde motion of Mercury. So check in your birth chart, if you have any planets or points, between zero and twelve degrees of Pisces, you will really feel this Mercury Retrograde. 

Mercury in Pisces is very interesting, because Mercury is the planet of the mind, and when he comes into Pisces, there is almost an urge to dive deep, but not so much in a mental way, but in a spiritual way. Mercury Retrograde always wants you to go deeper in your explorations. So this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is beautiful for your creativity, your imagination, for keeping a dream diary, creative writing, for attending art therapy workshops… because Pisces is very linked to dreams, and Mercury linked to writing.

So at this New Moon time, just sit down somewhere cosy, with a pen and a piece of paper, and maybe set an intention for an area of life you want information on, and then just wait and see what starts to come through for you, and get some really inspirational information this way. 

So at this New Moon time, this whole Piscean energy is incredibly intuitive, psychic and inspirational, and it is very helpful for you to connect with Source, to your higher Self, to your own Aumakua. Pisces energy is about Unconditional Love, it is about Source, the sense of Oneness, and it is about a sense of dissolving, or fusion that Pisces has. 

So how can you get into that altered state? Is there a default method just for you? Whatever that is, whether it is listening to sacred music, whether it is breath work, gazing at a candle, chanting, be in nature, or your own form of meditation…I practice the active meditation of the Hakalau, an Hawaiian process that relies on peripheral vision, that allows you to enter a rapid trance state at Will. 

So during the Hakalau state, you pay more attention to the peripheral than the central part of your vision. You can do it at any moment, as you go from place to place, walking, cycling, doing exercises… and as you do it more and more, it becomes automatic, and you will find that it is impossible to hold a negative state in consciousness, when you are in a peripheral vision. And within moments you can shift into that state of stillness, silence, and Divine Presence. That is really what this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces feels like… It is to be in an infinite state of being, a permanent stillness of Divine Presence, where your body, your identity dissolves, time dissolves, and you are really connected to Source.

The law AS ABOVE SO BELOW is so true, because at any moment, the dance of the planets and their conversations, is a reflection of what is happening in your own world, and in the world around you.

So at this time, it is very important to deeply understand Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, and understand Pisces as well. 

The axis Virgo-Pisces is about health and healing, and in Medical Astrology, Gemini rules the Respiratory System, the lungs, the breath, the hands…

So at the time of this New Moon, with the combination of flavours, Neptune-Mercury-Pisces-Gemini-Virgo, a good example of this combination, is the actual situation in China with the Corona virus, because in Medical Astrology Pisces rules colds, it rules your feet, it rules the Lymphatic system, it rules what is hidden… So it is about a hidden poison, a hidden toxicity, a hidden illness. 

And every sign has a “shadow” side ( as well as a positive side), so the shadow side of Pisces is confusion, being in a dream and not seeing clearly, and that create deception and illusion, and helplessness. And Neptune, because she is watery and can reach everywhere, rules viruses. 

Some other astrologers feel that Pluto rules viruses, but Pluto is also very activated right now, because he is part of the Capricorn Stellium, or group of planets in Capricorn.

So either way, these two planets Neptune and Pluto, are very active at this time. I have more affinity with Neptune ruling viruses, because they are there but we can’t see them. Neptune and Pisces are about invisibility, things that are not seen, the unconscious… and in the physical realm, Neptune-Pisces governs the hospitals and prisons, psychiatric wards… that is where people go and we don’t see them… they disappear.

And going back to the China Corona virus, the virus is airborne, spreading through breathing and touching. The signs of Pisces and Gemini are placed in the Zodiac, being in Square to each other, so this Square can cause friction. So at the time of this New Moon, Sun and Moon and Mercury in Pisces, they activate the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. So it feels like this China Corona virus is one of the big events we are going to remember in history, the same way we remember the Plague in the Middle Age. 

And in fact, the Corona Virus is such a powerful Neptunian example, very mysterious, we really don’t know about it, and even the media expresses so many different stories, regarding how many mortalities they are being, it is all cloaked in kind of mystery. 

This is the big story of the moment, and it is reflecting the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, and this Pisces New Moon ruled by Neptune. And on April 4th, Mercury will be exactly conjunct to Neptune in Pisces. So we are now looking at 6 weeks time, so they will have some kind of resolution or unfoldment, by the time we get to the pre-easter period (April).

At the time of this New Moon, Jupiter in Capricorn is in a friendly Sextile conversation with Neptune in Pisces, and they are both about EXPANSION.

Jupiter is about the joyful expansion, the wisdom, the justice… and Neptune expands in terms of reaching and connecting us all into ONENESS = we are all ONE…so both reach beyond limits.

On the personal level, this means that your dreams (Neptune) are coming through, your vision expands, and you have the energy and the positive direction, to find solutions quickly. Jupiter in Capricorn is seeking solutions, and Capricorn is about getting things done, taking responsibility and leadership. 

So with Jupiter in Capricorn, and Neptune in her own sign of Pisces, this is a huge time to trust your intuition, and manifest, and go into practical overdrive in terms of rapid growth, and this growth can extend to anything (spiritual, mental, physical).

At this New Moon time there is a triangle conversation…Sun and Moon in Pisces are in a friendly Sextile conversation with Mars in Capricorn, and Mars is also in a beautiful Trine conversation with Uranus in Taurus.

Mars-Uranus conversation is very electrical, very stimulating, making you think outside of the box, it is activating your intuition. Uranus is so about your inner genius, he is getting rid of old paradigms, and just forces you to look into the future, and let go of old ways of doing things… replacing them with wisdom, with intuitive downloads, newfound understanding (Uranus is the ruler of the higher mind). 

So at this time, you are making new plans, you are seeing the world, and your own world, in a new way, and you are directing your life in a new way. Your inventiveness and your curiosity is bringing you a lot of answers and solutions, to do with brilliant, original new ideas, doing things in a completely new way. 

Uranus is very linked to Kundalini energy, so if you can use the Kundalini meditation at this time, combined with strong breath work… it gets the energy vortex moving in your body. It is thought that energy at the base of the spine (the Root Chakra), needs to be released through the seven Chakras of the body, and then out through the Crown Chakra above the head. Evoking this energy purifies your system and brings about complete awareness of your body. It gets rid of any mental, spiritual, and physical diseases afflicting your body. So at this New Moon time, you are encouraged to get the energy shifting to a higher place.

This combination of Mars-Uranus and Pisces is truly visionary, in terms of what you can create at this time. And because Pisces is highly connected with Light, can you use your meditation to pull more Light into your body, into your heart space, and then expand your heart space to the world? If you do that, the more you can live in your heart, the more you can LIVE IN LOVE, and to live in this higher Pisces vibration energy, is the best possible thing you can do, whatever the outer circumstances.

And Mars is really super strong in this triangle conversation, because he is tightly conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, and the South Node in Capricorn is how collectively, power and authority have been used in the past. 

So be aware of that, because it brings to the Pisces New Moon a different energy. Mars is very Yang, he is initiating, he is assertive, he gives you emotional focus, emotional direction, it lights you up with enthusiasm and warmth, but at times he can even be aggressive. With Mars, you could feel a little more impulsive, so you want to use that creatively, and in an enterprising way. Both Mars and Uranus are about independence, being set free, that means seeing clearly (2020 vision). So at this New Moon time, you feel really energised, and you feel stimulated to take action.

With the China Corona virus, so much exposed in the first pages of great newspapers all around the world, it feels like the action that you need to take at this time, is also regarding your health and hygiene. And after this Pisces New Moon, we are aiming to the Virgo Full Moon, in early March, and Virgo governs health and healing and purification, and just to give you a glimpse of this Virgo Full Moon, at the time this Full Moon, Neptune will be almost exactly conjunct the Sun. 

So just stay healthy okay ! …because if your immune system is really doing well, you are taking care of yourself, nothing can grow, that is going to destroy your body. 

So you want to do what Pisces and Virgo are asking you to do, because these are the two Lunations we are in now, and they are giving you instructions.

Neptune in Pisces says…”Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, with healthy minerals and lots of vitamin C and D, keep a good cholesterol level, eat clean foods, and sleep well”… Virgo and Pisces always work together, and Virgo is about organic foods, purification, and the healing bounty of Mother Earth. Virgo is very meticulous, so pay attention to your hygiene, and what you put in your body. And Virgo is also about exercising your mind, your body and your spirit.

At this New Moon time, we have Jupiter in Capricorn, in an exact challenging Square conversation with Venus in Aries, both at 18 degrees.

This is basically telling you to act on your POSITIVITY. Square conversations are always an invitation to act, and so optimism is so important, finding a joyful place in your life, because JOY is an incredible healer. It changes you internally, it populates you with wonderful internal energy… and on the physically level as well. 

The 18 degrees is also very important here, because “18” governs physical health, and “18” requires that you sleep more… and remember that at this New Moon time, Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces, that means you definitively will need extra rest, extra sleep. 

And also you want to just understand that knowing yourself is the most important thing, letting go of thoughts that are not helping you at all… Pisces is about stillness, it is not about thinking… so just being in silence, practicing the Hakalau active meditation, allowing the awareness to rise within you, uncovering your true nature, uncovering your intuition, surrendering to the Divine…

So analysation is not where you want to go at this time, you want to try stopping explaining yourself, you just want TO BE, and there is an unforgettable sense of transformation that happens when you are just at one with Source, with your intuition, with listening… and that what Pisces really represents, because the healing that Pisces wants you to experience through Unconditional Love, means you don’t have to do anything to access that. You just need to relax into that immense beauty, that quiet space within you, YOU JUST WANT TO BE, the eternal Love resides in being, and the spiritual awakening that flavours this Pisces New Moon, will activate when you do that.

There is an interesting thing happening at this New moon time, in terms of the grouping of the planets. 

When you look at the chart of this New Moon, you can see that all the planets are bunched in one third of the horoscope, they are all clustered in a tight little frame. This gives a shape to the New Moon chart, a shape that we call in astrology “a bundle shape”, where we have all these planets grouped in one section of the horoscope. 

If you are born with this kind of shape in your natal chart, it usually indicates that you are a kind of specialist, someone who like to do things one at a time, to be very focused on what you do, and someone who is not necessarily liking a huge amount of change in life. 

So broadly speaking, that bundle shape, present at this New Moon time, is the shape of a specialist, and the effect it has on you at the moment, is that a need to apply yourself seriously to a task, to be closely involved with few things you have not wanted to spread yourself out very much. 

A good example for this bundle shape, that is going on in the world at the moment, is the idea of “quarantine”. There is a huge amount of people that are in quarantine at this time, on boats, in airports, in hospitals… separate from the rest of the world. 

Pisces is the 12th sign, and the last sign of the Zodiac. Being the last sign, unfairly it is called the “dustbin” of the Zodiac, because everything gets put in there. Pisces is at the end of a whole cycle of experience. Through the journey of the New and Full Moons, you have been through every sign of the Zodiac, where you have learned things, you have grown through understandings and experiences, and now in Pisces you are at a point of dissolution, you are getting rid of something you don’t want, and you are going to recycle some others. It is like a distillation of information, and what happens at this point, is that the Sun is going to move into Aries towards the end of March. 

So in this current cycle, from the New Moon on through the Full Moon, to the arrival of the Sun in Aries, you are going to be in some way, doing a lot of that processing… we can call that “a psychic housekeeping”. And there is a reason for this, not just because Pisces itself is a very psychic, intuitive, sensitive, otherworldly sign… but because Pisces has an affinity with the 12th House, and the 12th House of the Zodiac, is the seat of the unconscious mind. The 12th House is known as the powerhouse of the Zodiac, because whatever seeds are planted in the unconscious mind, eventually make it out into reality.

So at the New Moon time, you are going to be able to process, and shift, doing a kind of housekeeping. And it will come to you in dreams and insights, so it is a very important process. 

Therefore, this New Moon in Pisces is an opportunity for a psychic reboot. And don’t misuse the word “psychic”, it is not only being able to see the future, or being in tune with the unseen like a medium, but really your psyche is your powerhouse. And following the idea that you are rebooting it, you are going to have to get rid of a lot things. We are all in a period of dissolution, so let go of some ideas, some feelings… in preparation for a new cycle to begin.

So we are in a very special moment in time, with this New Moon in Pisces, Mercury retrograde in Pisces in conjunction to Neptune, the ruler of this Pisces New Moon. 

All these things packaged together means that it is indeed a weird time, and over the next couple of weeks, it may seem extra weird…whether what is happening to you is rather pleasurably weird, something like running into people you have not seen for 20 years, synchronicities, meaningful encounters that feel destiny… but also weird in the sense that it may be as though something is going really wrong, it does not feel right, or you might feel as though you have lost the plot, things are slipping away from you, or you are losing a connection with someone…  

Whatever the situation, you have got to remember that this is a passage, it is temporary, you are not going to be stuck with it forever. And there are ways to handle a passage when things are sort of out of your control. So the things to do is not to panic about this, to see it as a process, or something you are working your way through.

For me, for my personal support, I like to really practice the Hawaiian Principles, IKE-KALA-MAKIA-MANAWA-ALOHA-MANA-PONO, as they really resonate with me, and will really help me through these next few weeks, which are a little bit slippery and foggy. 

And if you lose heart and faith, remember that there is a reason for everything. And even though it is sometimes difficult to say that, especially when something happen, and you really don’t like what has happened, but there is a reason for everything. 

And another thing very important, is to work with what you have got, work with what you know. So don’t work on the principle of “if” and “maybe”, whether those are the possibilities that could be fabulous. Ignore these possibilities, and only work with what is absolutely in front of you, and what you know for sure.

And in that way, you will get over this rather uncertain sea crossing, where you can’t really control your ship, but you have to trust it to know it is going in the right direction.

And remember, Neptune spreads viruses, Neptune is what goes viral… so at this time, as we have got this whole Corona virus, possible pandemic, all these things going on, a lot of fear-mongering…. for sure some people play “dark vaders”, and they can send a virus of poison that is toxic around Mother Earth… but you can choose to be a “LightLoveworker”, to send a VIRUS OF LOVE, to send a virus of compassion, to send a virus of caring for one another and yourself. 

So at this Pisces New Moon time , let’s fuse our Lights and become ONE BEAM OF LOVE that illuminates our beautiful planet Earth.

I really encourage you to make the most of this angelic, etherial energy of this Pisces New Moon, that connects you to Unconditional love, to Oneness and to Source.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own star-blueprint.