This Leo Full Moon happens on Sunday 9th February 2020 at 20 degrees Leo, at 5:34 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau  

Bonjour everybody, welcome to this beautiful Full Moon in Leo !!!

Leo rules the HEART, the sunshine, Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is our Star, and the Sun is constant, even though it does not look like sometimes… you look up and it is grey clouds, or it is raining… but above that, the Sun is still shining. 

This Full Moon in Leo is first of all about your Royal Self, you the Queen or you the King, because in astrology, Leo is what is considered the Royal sign. Leo is what fires you up to explore what inspires you. This is all about your enthusiasm, your internal passion to be creative, and dive into a creative project. Leo is also loyal and kind, it is very encouraging because it governs courage, so it likes to encourage others. And of course, Leo takes the lead, Leo is the Queen or King, the lion is the King of the animal kingdom, so Leo is very proud, resolute, and takes action… and don’t forget, Leo can be dramatic as well a typical DRAMA QUEEN.

This energy of the Leo Full Moon is about you, finding your eternal Light, the Light inside of you that is always shining, the candle in your heart that is always lit. No matter if you have your odd moods, you are up or down or whatever, there is something that is constant that breathes life into you… this is your life energy, your LIFE FORCE.

At the time of the Full Moon it may bring to light, the areas of your life that you maybe need to breathe in some more happiness, and some more joy… and you may need to do it consciously.

So it is really a great time, while we are in this Leo Full Moon period, to discover WHERE YOU ARE LIT UP from within… and how you are to take the lead… and it is all revealed in your birth chart.

The Full Moon is always the peak of the Moon cycle, so that is always a cycle of culmination or closure, or completion, so see where 20 degrees of Leo is falling in your natal chart, in which House -Area of life, and that can give you a good idea of what this is about, and where in your life this Full Moon is impacting you. And of course, everybody is impacted by this Full Moon, because we all have Leo somewhere in our birth chart. 

So this Full Moon could be about the fruits of your labour, you worked very hard, and now you have got the peak, the culmination… or because the Full Moon is shining brightly, it can reveal secrets that you are unaware of, and that can help you modify your direction, going forwards.

But on the overall, this Leo Full Moon is a beautiful, creative, exuberant, expressive, warm, radiant energy. It is about …”I let my unique spark shine”…letting your Light shine. And it is not just at the lower level of Leo, which is about Ego, about “ME”, whereas the higher level of Leo is… “how can you help others let their Light shine?… so how can you cultivate and nurture that in others, to let their light shine through?

As we enter February, we still have an emphasis of planets lined up in Capricorn… South Node-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto. 

Capricorn is always about vertical “top-down” energy, to do with governments, leaderships, the way things have always been run, keeping the status quo, law and order. So essentially this Capricorn line up is about the breakdown of the “old order”, the “old power structure” such as the patriarchy, to move to something new. 

However, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn can be a fantastic energy to use, if you work hard and with discipline. So see where 24-25 degrees of Capricorn is falling in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life, because many people are thriving with this energy. With Saturn in particular, you get what you deserve, you get what you have earned, so with Saturn, work hard with discipline, accountability and integrity. 

This is really a pivotal time for all of us, for Humanity, there are some major paradigms shifts going on for many of us, and just about everybody I know is going to a really major change. And this is to do with, if you can use it positively, to find a sense of deeper personal purpose, to live with a deeper state of meaning in your life. 

And for some of you, this is maybe that you are moving from not working, or doing very unexciting work, into doing something much more meaningful in your work… or you could change your career entirely… or from work life, you are now shifting on your spiritual and personal development life.

You may just be feeling a lot of overwhelm or confusion right now, so at this Leo Full Moon time, it is almost like starting your life with a blank sheet of paper, it is a superb time to create an entirely new life for yourself… and the more you can forget the past, the better. 

So at this Leo Full Moon time, get that blank piece of paper, meditate, and write down your thoughts, what you would really like to offer to the world, living with a deeper sense of meaning, and a deeper sense of personal purpose. And this Leo Full Moon will help you with this actually.

This Leo Full Moon is very connected to HEART energy, because Leo and the Sun rule the Heart. So if you can imagine that you are breathing in and out of your Heart, that slows and deepens your breathing, and within moment, that relaxes your whole Parasympathetic Nervous system. So this is a very good practice to get into, and this really can become your anchor… LIVING THROUGH THE HEART… and living in Love, living with compassion, and living in this sense of connection to Oneness, and connection to Nature. 

Do you know that when you have a daily spiritual practice, the cells in your heart are being upgraded, and that allow you to connect to higher dimensions of being, and to connect to the divine web of Light, which is encircling Mother Earth. So breathe and live via your heart to access that.

In the Zodiac circle, Leo is opposite to Aquarius, and you may have learned a lot about Aquarius in my last blog, as we just have had a New Moon in Aquarius. 

So this year 2020 is about a gradual shift of energy from Capricorn, which is the old order, traditions, density, past, permanence, etc… towards planets moving into Aquarius, which is the most futuristic sign. So for few months in the middle of the year, Saturn will move into Aquarius, and then pull back to Capricorn, but then both Saturn and Jupiter will move fully into Aquarius by December 2020 (Pluto is much slower and will move fully into Aquarius by 2024).

Aquarius is genius with innovation, brilliant original ideas, innovation medically, technologically, computerisation… in all those areas, everything will be moving much faster now. 

But Aquarius is very related to intellect and rationality on the head as well. And the shadow side of Aquarius can be detachment, can be quite cold, can be cutting off… whereas on the other side, Leo is the heart. So this brings you back to the need to balance, to have both the head and the heart operating together. A word that resonates with this Leo Full Moon, is COURAGE, because Leo the Lion is full of courage, and this is a quality very much associated with Leo, and it is emphasised at this Full Moon.

So at this Full Moon time, the Moon is at exactly 20 degrees of Leo, opposite the Sun at exactly 20 degrees of Aquarius, and we are in 2020, so the number “20” has a predominant resonance at this time. 

And “20” was already in favour last month, at the Full Moon Eclipse 20 degrees of Cancer, so this number is being ingrained and assimilated. “20” is about that ability to listen, to relate through acute attention and inner awareness. It governs partnership, and bringing harmony in all areas of your life, because “20” is about that ability TO BRING BALANCE. 

And the Full Moon, with Sun opposite to Moon, is also about bringing harmony, bringing opposites into a unified energetic vibration. 

“20” reduces in “2”, and the meaning of the number “2”, is about that ability to intuit, by taking time and patience, to wait for the call to speak, or to act. 

“2” is about gestation, cooperation, diplomacy, self-knowledge… You are in a gestation period, in which you must not assert yourself, but rather must await results. This is a secretive period in which your affairs, situations, and relationships are operating under an element of the unknown, therefore, you must maintain balance and equilibrium. Be patient, considerate, tactful and receptive to others people’s ideas, practice conciliation, but not at the expense of your integrity. Remain passive and receptive to the present active creative forces, without vacillating or being oversensitive, or withdrawn. Calm, silent contemplation of the creative potential within you, will help you produce exquisitely beautiful art forms, innovative ideas, and unique solutions to your everyday issues.

So at the time of this Full Moon, you are moving into what trust and intuition really help you do, LIVE A LIFE OF JOY, because you are not pushing things, and moving things before you are ready. So it is really up to you TO CHOOSE JOY… and the difference between living a life of Joy, or a life of Misery, lies in your ability to attune and listen, and that what “20”and “2” are aligned with.

And at this Full Moon time, the Moon in Leo is in a beautiful Trine conversation with Mars in Sagittarius, and the Sun in Aquarius is in a supportive Sextile conversation with Mars as well.

So this is all about COURAGE in a big way, because both Mars and the Full Moon are in fire signs. So can you become more courageous? How can you best use your courage? Can you take more risks?… Again, see where the Full Moon at 20 degrees of Leo is, and see where Mars at 25 degrees of Sagittarius is falling in your natal chart as well… Can you be brave and take that leap of faith?… Because Mars in Sagittarius can take you on a hero’s journey. So this could be physically travelling to somewhere, going to an Indian ashram… or it could be some kind of internal hero’s journey, and this can be shamanic, through meditation, it is about accessing greater wisdom.

Mars in Sagittarius is about that physical passion, and the Leo Full Moon is about warmth and everything that Leo represents… So this Leo Full Moon is a time, for feeling the enthusiasm, the drive, being enterprising and acting on your instincts, and seeking that independent free spirit… just stepping up and allowing yourself to feel that Joy, and to feel that sacred warrior spirit, that Mars spirit within you. It really heightens your creative process, and it also makes you a little bit more impulsive and impatient… So just channel that into something that slow you down and allow you to breathe, and still feel activated.

Mars in Sagittarius is the igniter, and at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, he is approaching the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius). This means that this Full Moon is in great connection with the Galactic Center as well. 

And Mars is putting in action what you have been awakening and expanding to, since late November 2019. Because late November was when Jupiter and Venus were conjunct with the Galactic Center, and now Mars comes through, and he is the trigger, and this time, he likes to move forward, to move ahead. And if there is something you have been contemplating, sitting on, looking at, talking about, working on… Mars in Sagittarius is a booster, and Mars activates the Cosmic Consciousness of the Galactic Center. Mars also helps you understand that there are so many possibilities in the world, as in the universe, that you don’t always see or know about… but now you are trusting what feels right for you, where the energy is rising, and you take action on it, that is when amazing things can line up. 

Another conversation at this Full Moon, is the Moon in Leo in a Quincunx conversation(150 degrees) with Pluto in Capricorn.

Moon Quincunx Pluto means your feelings will be even more intense, because Pluto dives deeply into the truth, and uncovers those deep-seated feelings you may have neglected, and the Full Moon is very much an emotional experience, it gets you in touch with those feelings. 

So if you have this changeable situation, where your moods might be fluctuating, or you might be overreacting, this Full Moon is meant to bring things into harmony… meaning that the Full Moon and Pluto is just showing you something that you may not have seen before, it is uncovering a truth. That may trigger you initially, but you want to channel those deep discoveries and feelings, into something that is creative. 

The Quincunx can be called the “genius” conversation, so it wants you to use your intuition, and listen, and breathe, and create something, or say something, or write something, that you have never considered before. 

With Pluto involved, there is an emotional empowerment theme that is going on. It is strengthening you from the inside, it allowing you to be much more connected psychically, vibrationally, to the people around you. And so at this Full Moon time, feeling your surroundings, feeling your connections, and feeling others, and what vibration they are on, is very much enhanced… which allows you also to move that energy in a positive healing way.

There is another Quincunx conversation between the Sun in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces. 

I think this is very interesting those two slow moving planets, Pluto and Neptune, conversing both with Sun and Moon.

Neptune is very refined, very spiritual, musical, she allows you to bond in a loving, caring, sweet tender way, and she also heightens your psychic awareness. 

So this is a very intuitive, centered Leo Full Moon, because you have the delicacy of this Sun-Neptune conversation, which allows you to feel things between the musical notes you play, between the words you say, you sense what is actually going on… and that means that you are in touch with other dimensions, and dreams, and fantasies, and mystical experiences are more available to you at this time… So it is a very profound Leo Full Moon, because there is a lot of different aspects to it, that generate an inner awakening, and truly connect you with a joyful existence. 

Now at this Full Moon, Jupiter in Capricorn is in a lovely Sextile conversation with Neptune in Pisces, and this conversation will happen three time during 2020.  

This is such a fortunate conversation, because Jupiter is the planet of fortune, of expansion, and wisdom, and truth… and then Neptune is the planet of dreams, mysticism, unconditional Love, spirituality, brotherhood, sisterhood.

So Jupiter-Neptune conversation is going to last throughout 2020, and means that your dreams are coming true. And since Jupiter is in Capricorn, which is about your career, it means that you are taking the lead in your work environment, you are expanding positively, and spiritually, in that environment of structure. So that means there is a rapid personal and spiritual growth at this time, in all areas of your life. 

Another fire energy at work at this Leo Full Moon time, is Venus at 1 degrees of Aries, in conjunction to Chiron at 2 degrees of Aries.

And because Chiron has been back and forth at 2 degrees of Aries for about a year and a half, where 1 and 2 degrees of Aries falls in your birth chart, is the part of your natal chart that has been doing some deep healing work, around the Aries Ego, the impulse, the anger, the impatience… the sense of I WANT TO BE ME.

Chiron comes through and looks at what your vulnerabilities are, and in Aries, it can be about being too self-centered, or too fearful to be yourself… Chiron is meant to help you develop confidence in who you are, and to heal those parts of yourself that did not get attention. Perhaps if you have always acted out of anger, if you have always been very impulsive, or very impatient… this Chiron in Aries is showing you other ways to approach these habits and behaviours. 

And then Venus comes through, joining Chiron in Aries, and Venus is healing, she is Love, and she is providing something supportive to what Chiron in Aries has been showing you. Venus is helping you gather your strength, and be compassionate with yourself. 

Venus in Aries is a go-getter, and she is dynamic, she is a leader in Aries. Venus here reminds you that you have always been this powerful, and she is saying… “Let’s just love you”… “Let’s shine Love on you”… Venus in Aries is like a strong cheerleader, and she is supportive, in what you have been working with, and healing through.

So at this Full Moon time, you could realise something in how you have not been accepting yourself, the truth of who you are, and what you really need. And perhaps this Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries will bring in some perspective around that, and also bring in courage and a confidence, and a strength, to help you to be in your power while you are healing. 

This Venus-Chiron conjunction in Aries is also an energy of healing masculine programming. We all have Aries in our natal chart, so there is a masculine energy within each of us. Venus-Chiron conjunction, shows you how you are conditioned in our patriarchal societies, to be in your masculine, how you can be powerful and be strong in yourself, while also being in your Feminine. 

So there is healing at hand, and a deeper re-programming, over this Full Moon time period, because Venus-Chiron in Aries are ruled by Mars (Mars rules Aries), and Mars is getting huge support going across the Galactic Center at this time. 

It is good to mention that at this Full Moon time, Mercury in Aquarius is slowing down, he is in his shadow zone now, as he will Station-Retrograde on February 17th, at 12 degrees of Pisces. 

So that is interesting, because this is a completing Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. He is completing a cycle, as every planet does as it goes through Pisces, and it seems that he helps you to see where you have limited yourself mentally. So check where you have been stuck in a thought pattern, stuck in a perception of what can happen, stuck in negativity, stuck stuck… This Mercury about to go Retrograde, asks you to let go of those fears of where you felt discouraged, or uncertain…He allows you to step into a new level of consciousness, but you have to get clear on what needs to be reworked and reprogrammed.

So Mercury is slow during this Full Moon, but with Mars in Sagittarius, and Venus-Chiron in Aries, and the Moon in Leo…  there is an energy of following the fire signs, on what you want to do next, where you want to go, and where the energy is supporting you to move forward. Of course with Mercury in Pisces going slow, the mental or cerebral energies are not as clear, but the feeling, the intuition could be there for your next steps.

So at this Leo Full Moon time, you are focusing on internal awareness, on internal listening, you and your inner voices…but also you are focusing on your external listening, external awareness, you and another, listening so closely. 

Leo governs creative Joy, Aquarius governs intuitive freedom, so the Joy to set yourself free, to liberate yourself from misery, is very strong at this time. Leo is a very happy sign, and it wants the light of the Sun ( Sun rules Leo), to light you up from the inside. So this Leo Full Moon is a great time to look at…”Why do I feel miserable about this part of my life?”…and do something about it. As long as your level of Joy is dependent on external feedback, or input, or another person (which is co-dependency), you will always have some kind of unfulfilled desire, or complaint, or challenges… whatever the situation is, you need to find creative activities, that stimulate that sense of timelessness, because when you are in an activity that fulfils you, you feel passionate about it, and you loose the sense of time. 

So passionate engagement or spiritual fulfilment is the theme of this Leo Full Moon. Being with people because of a sense of Love, is much easier when you are already in that place of passionate, joyful engagement, because you are not seeking for the external to fulfil you. And you don’t even engage in codependency at all, because you are fulfilling your internal needs, your sustenance, your Soul centered needs, you are happy inside first. 

So at this Full Moon time, pay attention to your Internal Happiness, that resonates well with the number 20, and what Leo is asking to do. Leo is asking you to do whatever you do, with pleasure. When you find that internal sense of Happiness, that is Joy and Pleasure, you realise that it does not get better than that. 

So at this Full Moon time, pleasure, fun, joyful activities, freedom…they are all in play, and they are there for you to explore. And what you want to do, is only indulge in words, in thoughts, in feelings, and in actions that lead to an outcome, that is joyful engagements, joyful interactions with others. 

Remember the Full Moon means that the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, and they are SEEKING HARMONY, not misery. So if you feel yourself, going to a place where you are seeking joy, but there is confusion about it, because maybe there is a contradiction, so you might feel that a certain aspect of your life… let’s say it is a relationship, you love certain things about that person, but there are other things that drive you crazy about that person… so that would mean there is some kind of conflict there. And if you don’t address that conflict, then your thoughts and feelings will not be synchronised, and then you will feel restricted. 

So when you indulge in an approach to that situation with that person, that focuses on the blessings, the gratitude you have, then you ultimately create a solution, instead of focusing on what that person does not provide you. 

So you don’t seek external validation in any way, and it is hard, because we have all been conditioned, and we do seek validation from very young, and it started from our parents… but now you need to move away from that, and understand that seeking external validation is the source of misery. 

And Leo is all about setting yourself free, and being in a place of Joy, but you cannot be fully joyful, if you are still seeking to be accepted in some way. So the solution here is to be grateful for what the outcome is. And if you don’t have enough sense of “I feel so excited, I feel so grateful for so many things”, then maybe the relationship needs to be shifted, either changed or let go of. So only focus on what brings greater fulfilment, because you are going to create positive momentum, instead of negative momentum. You are showing the universe clearly what it is you like, as opposed to what it is you don’t like… so focus on the positive outcome at all times. 

What is also interesting about this Leo Full Moon, is how the Moon in Leo is ruled by the Sun. 

And the Sun is in Aquarius, so it brings that focal point back to what you have been thinking, “the intellectual Aquarius energies”, where your vision is going forward, what matters to you, where your inspirations are… 

And with the conjunction Saturn-Pluto easing now, but still at work during February, there is still that sense of something ending, dying, completing, and yet you know there is a new vision, a new future, a new path (Sun in Aquarius). Aquarius energy is about how you can accelerate and move ahead, because something clicks, through the element of cosmic timing, divine wisdom, a higher intelligence.

Finally, this Leo Full Moon energy inspires you to bring romance into your life, to know how to demand something you want with all your heart… So what makes you heart beat that little bit faster? What put a smile on your face? What brings you Joy?… Because as we move into the Age of Aquarius, and Aquarius is very much a mental energy, it is very much about using the mind to be able to progress to the future, whereas Leo says …”Hey what about here and now?… What about my heart?… I need TO FEEL LOVED… I need a hug, somebody to keep me warm on a cold night, or something that is just uplifting me”. The fire energy of this Leo Full Moon is bringing out the sunshine within you, that you share to the collective, to this Earth.

Remember that Leo is ruled by our Star the Sun, so LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE, feel free to explore and discover, life is experiential, life is about being the seeker … and definitively, the most exciting exploration is to be the SEEKER OF YOURSELF, to discover who you are at Soul level, to look at your own inner recipe, your star blueprint… and I can help you exploring that.

So it feels like overall, this is a very inspiring Leo Full Moon, that brings about the right action, cosmic action (Mars Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center), bringing you back to your heart, to what matters (Moon in Leo), having you touch bases with the Leo area of your birth chart, where there has not been a lot of energy for a while, and coming back to the Leo energies, that makes you brave and strong, and feel good about who you are as an individual… and then how you take these parts of yourself out into the collective, into the world (Sun Aquarius).

So enjoy this Heart Full Moon.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own star-blueprint.