This Aries New Moon happens on Tuesday 24th of March 2020 at 4 degrees 12’ Aries, at 7:27 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome beautiful stars seekers, to this Aries New Moon.

Every New moon is when the Sun and the Moon meet up at the exact same degree and minute, and they are conjunct. The Feminine and the Masculine are giving each other a hug, they are getting on the same page as to what the intention is in this new cycle. 

Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, it is the first sign, and it is when we begin the whole Astrological Year. So at this Aries New Moon time, it is basically to set a New Year intention, what do you wish to create in the next 12 months. So this is a bigger New Moon energy we have here, when you really look at …”What am I here to develop, grow and expand, over the course of 2020, and also into 2021?”… It is a big question indeed.

So it is a great time to set a new intention for what you want to manifest in the House or area of life, where 4 degrees of Aries falls into your natal chart.

Aries energy is initiatory, it is pioneering, it is entrepreneurial, it can go solo, so there is a kind of surge of fresh new energy, that can create a new start for you, in the area of life in your birth that is impacted by this New Moon.

This is really a lovely New Moon, we still have a lot of Cardinal energy here, South Node-Jupiter-Pluto-Mars in Capricorn, and Moon-Sun-Chiron in Aries, and North Node in Cancer. Cardinal signs (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn) get the show on the road, making things happen energy. 

This Aries New Moon happens at 4 degrees, and it is the final of six consecutive New Moons at 4 degrees. So again number 4 resonates so high at this time, and is the number of order, of the Earth, the four side of a house, which is your security… And since Aries represents new beginnings, and this New Moon is the final of six New Moons at 4 degrees, there is a “changing of the guards” here, and at the same time we are at the Fall Equinox… so it is a change, it is a reboot, a very important time indeed.

So this Aries New Moon marks so much reset, renewal, coming right after the Autumn Equinox for us down under, and the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. So this Aries New Moon combined with the Equinox, is a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start.

When we have the Equinox, the hours of daylight and darkness are equal, so we are made aware of any current balances/imbalances as we look ahead to days of decreasing light for us down under. If something is out of balance, it can be corrected with the application of action and forward movement.

Whenever we have an Equinox or a Solstice, it is like striking a tuning fork, and it sets up certain themes for the following 3 months. One of the big theme is about the right use or abuse of power, the top-down power, and we are seeing more extreme leadership in many countries at this time.  

This year’s Equinox is loaded due to the Coronavirus, so what might this Aries ingress bring in that context? This is an important turning point… it will accelerate things, but it will also bring new reasons to feel alive. Aries lives for a challenge, and these are challenging times. The energy of the crisis is what makes Aries feel vital, so apply that in whatever way feels right to your situation. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mars, planet of action, anger, passion. This will be a moment when things surge ahead, for better or worse. And I think that is better than stagnation… we certainly don’t want to remain stuck. I find it encouraging that we are at a starting point (Aries) rather than an end.

Other “4” vibrations are found looking at the date of this New Moon… 24th March 2020,  2+4+0+3+2+0+2+0, that adds up to 13, and 1+3 = 4. 

So this Aries New Moon is really strongly vibrating with the number 4. And then of course, the year 2020 is a “4” Universal Year. And 4 is about the four seasons that shows us that there is a spring, and there is a winter at the end, when things dies and are reborn again, which is the cycle of life. 

So we are being shown at this time that it is natural for certain times in life, to be renewal time… and for us all, this is “RENEWAL TIME”. 

So we have this ability now, with the number 4 vibration, of putting everything in its place, because 4 represents order, and it is like a box with four sides, and you can create a border, you can contain things, put them in their place, so that there is discernment of where to put your energy, so you don’t dissipate your energy by putting it everywhere.

What is very important at this New Moon time, is that the Sun and Moon are tightly conjunct Chiron the Sacred Healer, and this is really emphasising this Chiron healing theme. With Chiron in Aries, you are healing parts of yourself, your self-identity. 

Chiron moved into Aries only last year, and it is the first time that WE, as a human race, are experiencing Chiron in Aries consciously, because we did not know about Chiron, when Chiron was last in Aries 50 years ago, because Chiron had only been discovered in 1977. 

So with Chiron the Sacred Healer in Aries, what is being healed? Well it is about your ability to tap into confidence, into courage. So you need to open up at this time, and invest your emotional health, and then understand that yes you are highly sensitive, and that you have to just have tremendous compassion… and the connection and vibration to life, to others, is there, and you need to know that you can move that energy and heal it. It brings tremendous healing when this New Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron. It allows your inner Light TO BE INFUSED WITH LOVE, because that is what Chiron truly stands for, is HEALING THROUGH LOVE. 

So at the time of this Aries New Moon, you have the possibility to bring to life this incredible healthy balance… and now you are focusing more on hygiene, more on cleanliness, more on eating healthfully, more on building up your immune system… this is all Chiron energy, this inner need of significant healing, and uplifting energy in your life… which is part of healing, because you cannot heal when you are in a negative energy, it is because your immune system is focused on being down, and you don’t want that. 

You want to focus on the positive expression of healing at this time, and feel that calm steadiness, and the drive that goes with Aries as well, and to make sure that you have those boundaries. 

So at the time of this New Moon don’t listen to negativity, get the news when you need to, stay away from mainstream media, as there is a lot out there that you need to be aware of, that is controlling. You want to be choosing wisely where you get your information, especially now.

Chiron view in a different angle, is the Wounded Healer, it is where you feel vulnerable, and that vulnerability is meant to be a catalyst into deeper Soul healing. Chiron is often considered as a bridge, it is a bridge to healing, a bridge to more self-knowing, this is an opening to more of your gifts and abilities. So this is a strong catalyst energy for deeper healing, that is working with you at this time.

The Sun conjunct Chiron is about what your Soul has been carrying for lifetimes, part of your self-identity, part of your self-understanding, that now you are being asked to look at, and to own with greater confidence… and this will be part of the theme for the next 12 months. That is why you want to be very clear around what is calling to you, within the Aries energies in your natal chart, that are here for your Soul expansion, Soul healing, and deeper Soul knowingness.

Some other things that can come up with this energy, is that Aries is associated with your Masculine, your Yang energy, with your ego, your desires, it is the energy of a beginning point, of an initiation, of something new and fresh. Aries is the energy of how you can understand more of who you are, but in the lower expression of Aries, it could be healing anger, healing impatience, healing immaturity, healing where you have not believed in yourself, healing where you lacked courage to be who you truly are. So those themes are coming strongly at the time of this New Moon.

Aries is ruled by planet Mars, and therefore, Mars is the ruler of this New Moon. And Mars is in a very intense energy at this time, as he is part of a triple conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter, and about to exactly conjunct Saturn. 

So this Mars is powered up, and he is related to what you want in the world, in your world… how you show up in the world, how you are going after your dreams, your desires, your ambitions, how your career is changing.

Mars is in a very intense placement at this time, because Mars-Pluto conjunction is life changing, is transformative, and there is no going back. Every time a planet is conjunct Pluto, Pluto changes the energy of that area of yourself permanently, and it could be destruction or transformation, but the Soul evolution as well.

Mars is also an activator and a trigger, so there is a lot of intensity happening at this time in the world ( which is Capricorn), and Mars is about to exactly conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius, on March 31st.

That is going to be a standstill, a stop, a taking a breath and checking in. So Mars is going through a very big journey right now, and now you are looking at… “What do I want now?… and what do I want next?… Where am I headed now?”

Aries is ruling the head, so it is about living with your head, leading with being brave, with being courageous. With Aries, you are the warrior, and say…“yes I am going to fight this, I am going to come through it, I am going to come through stronger than ever”… So we are all facing a lot of challenges right now, in the global world, and as a reflection, you are experiencing difficulties and challenges in our personal world. 

And these challenges are reflected at this New Moon time, with the triple conjunction in Capricorn, Jupiter-Pluto-Mars, being in conjunction with Saturn as well.

Saturn has just entered Aquarius on the 21st of March, and will stay there until the beginning of July. So we are going to have a taste of Saturn in Aquarius, and Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius, as well as the ruler of Capricorn. 

So the triple conjunction in Capricorn, represents a very strong energy of what is right, what is real, what is honest, what has integrity… and at the same time, it is about what needs to go, what is outdated… there are huge changes happening in structures around the world at this time, and therefore in your personal world. Structures politically, educationally, healthily, financially…everything is up for huge change. 

And this Aries New Moon is a catalyst to really push that change along… “Where do I need to go?”… and it is an opportunity for some strong leadership as well. Are you willing to make your own decisions, and stand by them? Do what you feel in your heart, and it does not matter if you are criticised, do it anyway. 

So what frequency do you want to resonate with now? Aries is about…Who am I?… So what are the new things that you want to bring into your world, with this Aries New Moon?… Where do you need to be just a little more courageous, a little braver?”… So try new things, see what it feels like. Aries is the Fire energy, and we all need that Fire with all the earth energy going on ( Jupiter-Pluto-Mars-South Node in Capricorn, and Uranus-Venus in Taurus).

The Jupiter-Pluto combination is the most fortunate combination you can have for wealth and wellbeing. Jupiter expands ABUNDANCE and JOY, Pluto empowers through transformation, and together they are focus on manifesting success. So if you are passionate about something, this is a strong fortunate time for FAITH and TRUST and TRANSFORMATION and SURRENDER… and then happening in Capricorn means it is rebooting your career somehow. There is something going on, and you are doing something differently. Maybe you are allowing yourself to be more transparent, or more public in some way. You are definitively focusing on the extraordinary resources you have, to move your intentions forward at this time, because you have all the support, you have the vigorous ambition of Mars, and the incredible joy and expansion and wealth and wisdom of Jupiter, and then you have the empowerment and transformation of Pluto. Pluto goes straight to the core of everything, and you are bringing that into what it is you are here to do.

Now Mars conjunct Pluto makes your goal-directed energy very strong, so it brings tremendous results. So your assertiveness, your ability to just go deeply into the sensual side of life… because Mars and Pluto both are the co-rulers of Scorpio, and Scorpio governs the taboo subjects, including sexuality, it also governs life and death, money owed to you through partnership or otherwise… so Mars-Pluto conjunction is really about uncovering secrets in your life, and setting the record straight, and tuning into that primal energy, and using that primal energy to draw on your inner warrior, your strength, that is truly Mars… 

And Pluto is the leader, he does not fear anything, because he is about change. Pluto embodies transformation, so there is no fear of change, and Pluto likes to dive down into the truth, and then it just becomes incredibly transformational and exciting, and it boosts your self-confidence… because  the truth sets you free. And if you are open, and surrender to that, you have the confidence to move forward.

At this New Moon time, we have got a lot of earth and water energy, but there is no air energy. So with no air, you are dealing with issues with the lungs, with the breath, with communication… and there could be an overcompensation for that, or you become the best communicator. 

With no air, what is the common language? Well for some high spiritual beings, even from different belief systems, the common language is silence, when you are quiet, when you are not arguing… and then you can hear the birds singing, and notice more things. And when we are silent with one another, we can connect with our humanity.

So when you start talking and disagreeing, you get into the past energy, shown by this Aries New Moon in a challenging Square conversation with the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. 

Now this Square is about not knowing where to go, or not knowing what is “a home”, or what does home look like, it is about the shifting dynamics of where you feel safe in the world, in your world… because this North Node in Cancer has been teaching you to trust yourself, trust your heart, trust your needs, trust what is in you, that maybe gets overpowered. 

The North Node in Cancer is about a very feminine energy, and Sun-Moon-Chiron in Aries is a very masculine energy. So the masculine energies are quite strong at this time, not because of this New Moon in Aries, but also with its ruler, Mars, being really revved up. 

And at this time, with this Square conversation to the Cancer North Node, it could feel… “where am I safe?… What can I trust in myself?… what is right for my own needs?”… Cancer is about the family, the home base, where you go at the end of the day… and then it is like you could feel overrun, by the strong energies of things being new and changing, it feel like they taking over what you thought was safe… But that is only an illusion, because the truth is, you always travel with your safety, you always travel with what you need within you. 

So this North Node Square conversation is about going into your heart, nurturing yourself there, feeling safe, feeling comforted there… And knowing that this North Node at 3 degrees of Cancer, is about to change in Gemini later on, on May 4th, so it is finishing up its journey in Cancer, it is returning you back to a zero point of innocence and purity, that you can absolutely trust yourself even more now. 

The South Node represents our collective past, and in Capricorn, can be quite harsh. It is about going back to old behaviour patterns of separation. And you can see that with the Coronavirus, there are no borders, it is in Italy, in France, in Germany, in Iran, in Singapore, in Australia,… there is no respect for borders. So here is the question …”Where do we need borders? Which borders do we need to adapt and change?

And with the Capricorn flavour so predominant at this New Moon time, the feelings of separation and isolation are quite strong. At this time, there are many people in isolation, in quarantine, again because of the Coronavirus. It can be very frightening to be in isolation, no contact with friends or family or anybody, “scary”… so with the North Node in Cancer, how can we nurture one another through these difficult times? 

There is a shared key phrase, that comes from countries that are on lockdown, because of the Coronavirus pandemic – France, America, Italy, China, Germany, Denmark, El Salvador, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland,, and Spain – “I SAVE LIVES, I STAY AT HOME”.

With the Capricorn flavour, there is also a huge turbulence in the countries economy, and at the same time, it is about reevaluating now. Capricorn always encourages you to get back to basis… “What is really important, and what is extraneous?… So what can you let go of?… What can you release? Because with the Capricorn energy, you can make the decision to play it safe. It is important to know where to take the risk, with the Aries New Moon, where you need to be brave … and where you can make a sensible decision.

So this Aries New Moon is a good time for action, it is a good time for ideas to become reality, with the strong Capricorn energy…and It is important with this Aries energy to look ways that you can lead… “How can I lead?…How can I encourage other people to stand strong and lead their lives?

And with the triple conjunction, Mars-Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn, this is bringing a lot of confidence, and the ability to break free from the fear side, which of course depresses your immune system. So you definitively want to not get into that fear mode. You want to be in touch with the information, without getting pulled into the vortex of it.

So this is a time to figure out what you are afraid of, face the truth… Whatever it may be, look at that fear, allow it to emerge, acknowledge it, confront it, feel it, and then see how you can adjust, be positive, and then look for the solution… “What can I do?”… there is always something you can do, no matter what predicament you are in. And Aries is that original idea that you need, that original source of …”I am actually in control of this, and I am not allowing my life to be consumed by an outside force”… “I am doing everything in my power to stay positive, to smile through this time”. 

And even if you don’t feel like smiling, make sure that you rest, or take time to meditate, or talk to a friend, or a counsellor, or a psychologist, or have your chart read by an astrologer… You don’t sit around feeling bad…you actually surrender to what is going on, and then allow yourself to be inspired, and follow your instinct of what to do, to be proactive. 

Because this is the time to heal that fear, and remember, you are helped at this time, with the Aries New Moon in conjunction with Chiron the Sacred Healer.

Another great thing is that this Aries New Moon, the Sun and Moon, is in a beautiful Sextile conversation with Saturn in Aquarius.

That means that you are really taking your feelings seriously. You are in control, self-control is huge, the sense of duty, the sense of responsibility is so much easier at this time, as is the emotional commitment, and being protective of your loved ones. 

It is being more patient as well, not feeling like you need to rush into things… Of course we have this Aries energy, and Aries loves to go fast, and can be impatient, because of its ruler, the Mars energy… but the Saturn-New Moon Sextile conversation tempers that, and brings the patience in place. So it is a beautiful juxtaposition here, of making gradual, lasting progress at this time, and use this transformational energy on Mother Earth right now, this moving stream of frequency that is sweeping over the Earth. 

There is so much to learn and understand, and to grow from this, bringing people closer together, understanding that WE ARE ALL ONE, that there is no such thing as putting up barriers, when it comes to frequency and energy… That teaches you that what you put out reaches everywhere. This is an important lesson, and this is key in so many ways, because you are turning back to what makes you feel good, what makes you healthy, what is it that you need in your life. and you appreciate your loved ones even more, and you are just cherish what is important at this time.

Aries and Mars are very resolute… and the opening up of letting go of fear, comes when you understand that an accidental life is an anxiety ridden life. 

What I mean by that is, if you do not discern, and if you just live by accident, life happens to you, meaning that you are out of control, and you don’t commit to certain priorities, and set those priorities, and set those boundaries… you are not participating, then you will be stressed out, you will be filled with anxiety. 

So the point is, with Aries and Mars, is that you need to live consciously, and conscious living brings confidence. Resoluteness about what it is that you feel that you intuit, will set you free, and the thing that you want to be set free  of right now is FEAR. So only when your attention, and your involvement are discerning and definite, that the universe opens up its bounty to you, you need to get out of the way, and at the same time you need to set your priorities. So you need to understand that the priorities, that you set, need to come from your intuition… and you want to move away from needing to belong, or needing to identify with the status quo, with the culture, with whatever it is…it is like going with an external force, and you need to instead be engaged with the moment. 

So be engaged with the moment, your playground is in the NOW, in the MANAWA. “MANAWA – Now is the moment of power-I am here NOW”. 

You will not feel like playing, if you just rely on past ways, or past ideologies. So this means… “What do you put your devotion on?”… “How do you set your priorities?… “What makes you happy?”… What allows you to feel like you are surfing the wave of life?”… “What allows you to feel unimpeded by external distractions and dramas?”… these can be huge questions for you and everyone, because you surround yourself with people, with projects, with ideas, with thoughts, with expectations for your future…and at this time there is so much with news, with information, that is constantly distracting you from BLISS, from HAPPINESS, and from PEACE. 

The month of March is a game-changer month, because there are so much happening astrology wise. Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and they will conjunct again three times during this year, so the energies have not peaked, and global energies are still growing, developing, changing, transforming… “it is not over yet”…like you have not reached a peaking point. And the healing that is needed (New Moon conjunct Chiron), is coming through, and it is speaking to each of us in its own way. And with Mercury in Pisces now going Direct, it feel like you are being intuitively guided during this time Of course in Pisces, the information is not quite clear, but you are sensing what is happening, or what you need to do for yourself, especially during this new beginning point of the Aries New Moon. 

So this month of March is where we are all changing things in our lives, and it is really setting the stage for the next 6 months or so. So whatever is beginning right now, whatever is changing in your life, whatever is new and coming forward… you are going to be working on it into November. So that can help with preparing in doing what you need to do for the short and long run.

We are seeing the world change in very big huge way now, and we are a part of that change. We are here with the Light, we are here with consciousness, with awareness, and the more you show up with the ability to do your own healing work, and to be strong in who you are, the more powerful you are going to feel, and the more powerful you are going to show up during these big global changes.

So this is a big ARIES AWAKENING, to be clear, to be simple, to be open to rebirth, to be resolute, and to feel that inner confidence again, and to practice MANAWA every moment to renew.

Our environment, the stars, the galaxy, is constantly going through bursts of new energy, and in a way, what is happening now, is like a SuperNova that we need on Earth, for us to just appreciate life to the fullest extent possible, to only move forward, when we are filled with JOY, with LOVE, with LIGHT, the Light  of Wisdom…and to let go of everything else.

So I wish you a wonderful Aries New Moon experience, and a happy Fall/Spring Equinox.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own star-blueprint.