This Libra Full SuperMoon happens on Wednesday 8 April 2020 at 18 degrees 43’ of Libra, at 12:35 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Bonjour Celestial Lovers, welcome to this very powerful Libra Full Moon, another SuperMoon, just like last month with the Virgo Full SuperMoon.

This Full SuperMoon means the Moon is very close to the Earth, and in fact, this Libra SuperMoon is the closest Full SuperMoon we will have in 2020… ever so strong! Remember Full Moons have a stronger pull on the tides, the tectonic plates, your emotional state, the fluids in your body-mind-spirit, meridian flow, spinal flow, your Life Force flow, your CHI flow…

This Full SuperMoon is happening at 18 degrees of Libra, so check where 18 degrees of Libra falls in your birth chart, and the House-Area of life she is illuminating, is showing you where you need to consider others, consider what is happening from their perspective, here at this time, objectivity is a strength of this Libra energy.

“18” governs Health in numerology, healing, getting rest. It reduces to “9”, and that means that it is connected to the collective. “9” is the final single digit number, it holds all the wisdom of the previous eight numbers, it is about unconditional Love that we can with each other experience collectively. So “18” is asking you to get more rest, to stay healthy with very healthy food, with exercises, and connection to Mother Earth is really key here.

So at this Full SuperMoon the Moon inLibra, is opposing the Sun in Aries. 

So you have a new illumination, a new awareness. At this time, you step out of the subjective nature of Aries, which is “ME…my world…what I am doing?… How I am defining myself?”. This Sun in Aries is also the energy of new beginnings, and at this Full SuperMoon time, you check in with the objective Libra energy, which reminds you that there is always another side of the story, there is other people to consider, and also you don’t have to figure it all out on your own (that is the Aries independence). This Libra Moon energy is saying … “well there is other people who can help you”. So what are the relationships that support you at this time? 

Libra is about how you give and receive, it is sharing and cooperation.

Now with Libra you have to ensure that you are not doing everything for the relationship, that you are receiving for what you are giving. You want to make sure that you are emotionally balanced, and you have a sense of equilibrium. 

Of course, that can be hard at this time, because of the big developments that are unfolding in our lives, and how the world is changing permanently, but this Libra Full SuperMoon brings you back to understanding what you are in charge of. 

The Moon is about your emotional self, your emotional needs, and how to be aware of what is happening outside of you, and how to detach, and to keep a conversation going. 

There is strong air energy at this Full SuperMoon time (Gemini-Libra-Aquarius).

The Libra Moon is ruled by Venus, and we find Venus in Gemini. And It is important to note that Venus will be in Gemini until August 7th, that would be for 4 months, due to her upcoming Retrograde phase. 

Venus in Gemini is in a place of openness, open consideration… “What am I thinking?… What are my thoughts?…What do I need to understand?”. This is a very curious Venus that we have here, she wants books, magazines, she wants to write, to talk, she likes social media, she is a very social butterfly… so this strong air energy brings up your desire to connect to other people, and the Venus focus is asking you to be aware of where your mind is going at this time. 

So bring your consciousness to your thoughts, and ensure that you are following the Venus energy signature of WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY?Venus is of course about relationships, and she is also about that giving and receiving, but in Gemini, it is through conversation. The Geminian energy is about seeking information, wanting to understand, wanting to learn. So Venus in Gemini represents a strong energy of your mind, and that can be good or bad, because that can be that sense of “staying open”, staying aware of new information, new data… but also ensuring that you are not going into too much anxiety, or too much mental worry, and negative thinking. So there is strong energy at this Full SuperMoon time around how you are caring for your mind.

And Venus in Gemini is receiving a very supportive Trine conversation from Saturn-Mars conjunction in Aquarius.

If you think of Venus as the energy of a sister, of the feminine, of how energy can be shared with others, you can see how she is receiving support through this Trine conversation, from the Masculine energy of Mars and the father archetype of Saturn. 

Mars-Saturn conjunction represents a stability energy at this Full SuperMoon time. Mars was exactly conjunct Saturn on April 1st, at 0 degrees of Aquarius, and represents some kind of stop, shutdown, closure… and of course we look at the many countries in “lockdown” mode. 

But now Mars is moving away from Saturn, and in Aquarius, he is seeking freedom, seeking the ability to keep moving into the future, to keep going and to find new inspiration and motivation as he goes. 

Consider Mars to be an accelerator – watch for public anger, courage and action to be stepped up even more. This transit can bring the lone warriors to the front, the individuals fighting their own battles within society. 

Aquarius is also a Fixed sign, which suggests formidable actions that are a mix of rebellious and stubborn – if someone says “do this” you can bet the reaction will be to do the exact opposite. So this is a contradictory influence to be aware of at this time. 

On a more personal note, Mars will activate the house in your chart that hold the sign of Aquarius. This is an awakening and motivating influence, consider how your actions can detach you from the past or from your limits. You want now to focus on how you can move towards the future, or towards something that strengthens your independence.

And Mars in Aquarius represents the new dreams, the new visions, the new desires you have for what you want to do next, because of course our world is changing permanently, we are seeing that, we are living it at this time.

Venus-Saturn Trine conversation is so exciting.

Saturn just moved into Aquarius on March 31st, and he will be there for about three months, until early July, and then retrograde back into Capricorn, and then move back into Aquarius on December 17th, at the same time with Jupiter. 

So now Saturn is giving us a preview of his journey in Aquarius, and when Venus and Saturn get together, the meaning of Venus, which is about Love in terms of Libra, and in terms of Taurus (which is the other sign Venus rules), it is about Love of abundance and values, so with Saturn involved, those become more serious. You have to take responsibility now, because Saturn always ask you to step up and be responsible, and honour your commitments. 

Saturn in Aquarius is about SET YOURSELF FREE through work, through discipline. It is basically taking your mind off the fear and worry, and putting your incredible energy resources, your intuition, your creative, amazing power, to use that imagination, and to manifest something very positive in your life. So this will be a key activity in April.

And Venus-Mars Trine conversation is wonderful as well.

Venus in Gemini loves writing, and reading, speaking, and creating something that uses your voice, or uses your writing gifts, and expressing your vision, using your message to uplift. YOU ARE A CREATIVE BEING OF LIGHT, and you can break through any limitations, using your creativity, that is what Aquarius is helping you to do, it is about thinking out of the box and moving beyond the confines. 

So we really are tuning in to change now, there is so much change going on, and we just have a change of seasons, and so it is a very big indicator that the change is continuing, especially with the Sun and Moon, opposite each other in Aries and Libra, and both in a Square conversation to the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. And in extra, this is creating a challenging Cardinal T-Square pattern. 

The Pluto-Jupiter conjunction is about the big world changes that are happening, the economic reset, and this is how our world is being changed permanently and forever. 

This Pluto-Jupiter conjunction is also about self-mastery, so it is about you focusing on your own self-mastery and Soul growth at this time.

So when the Moon squares this Pluto-Jupiter conjunction, there could be power struggle, emotional tension, frustration… so just keep that in mind, especially if you have any planets or points at 24-25 degrees of the Cardinal signs of Aries-Libra-Cancer-Capricorn. 

Any Full Moon is about equilibrium and balance, and the Cardinal T-Square is saying…” okay you have got to empower yourself”… and it is through you saying NO to things that are taking you down, and YES to things that are uplifting you, that you are creating this harmony. And remember that Libra is the balances, and Libra is also not attached, because it is an air sign. So at this Full SuperMoon time, it is about non-attachment, and be more of the observer.

The shadow side of Pluto is to purge, so he can exterminate, he can disempower, he can take total control, he is a totalitarian, a tyrannical energy… and so Jupiter conjunct Pluto would exaggerate that. 

The shadow side of Jupiter is to exaggerate situations in a negative way, so you want to be conscious of that. Now you have the Jupiter-Pluto empowerment, to actually move from anxiety, and step up. What you are doing, is that you use your ability to transcend the fear… and in fact, the FEAR is the real pandemic that we are really dealing with at this time. And Pluto is very psychic, and can navigate you through that, by giving you signs, but showing you that it is all okay, you just need to stay in a high vibrational perspective.

This is really a pivotal time for each of us individually, not to mention collectively, and there is something coming to your awareness, that you are really meant to understand about yourself and your life direction. And because Pluto and Jupiter are in Capricorn, it is about your profession, career, your vocation, your calling, what you do in the world, how you want to be seen, your reputation, your recognition. 

And to transmute the fear that you may be feeling, you listen more intensely to Source than ever, you listen to your guides, to your inner voice, because Libra is about listening. Libra liberates when you listen the connection, the balance… that is your intuition, so be very present and practice to be in the MANAWA. 

MANAWA is the fourth Hawaiian Principle  -“Now is the moment of Power: I am here NOW”. In the language of Ancient Hawaii, they were so attuned to this principle that they don’t have a past or future in the ancient Hawaiian language.So be aware of your “present moment” instead of losing yourself in worry and anxiety about the past or future.

MANAWA is also about being present to your divine guidance and inner wisdom. From that place of silence, you are tuned into your own wisdom, intuition, higher self, soul – your guidance system. 

So the Capricorn energies are very strong, and they basically connecting you to more of your Soul mission and your Soul work at this time, through a beautiful Sextile conversation between Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn and Mercury in Pisces.

Intuitively you are going to hear and feel more of what you are here to do in the world, what you are about, what is your Soul mission, what matters to you, what changes you need to make in your life this year. Mercury in Pisces is very receptive and intuitive, so the information could come through the dream state, through meditation, but ultimately it is through being receptive, and being outside of your human mind. So this Sextile conversation is about intuitive knowingness that is very strong at this time.

Planet Mars is the co-ruler of this Full SuperMoon, because he rules Aries, and the Sun is in Aries, opposing the Moon in Libra. 

And Mars in Aquarius is making sure that you don’t feel impotent during these times of change, that you use your vulnerability to surrender, but not abdicate your power. Basically Mars is saying… “Don’t abdicate your responsibilities”… you do everything in your power to fulfil your agreements, which is the Saturn part of the equation, whether they are financial, personal business, relationships agreements… Mars is instilling in you the courage to uphold that part to be honourable, and stay in integrity, and not give your power away. “Giving your power away” is the past, that is the paradigm you are moving away from, you are liberating yourself from that. And Mars wants you to act quickly, to be in the moment, again another MANAWA calling here. There is an instant energy with Mars that invigorates you, so the goals that you have can be accomplished easily.

With Mars conjunct to Saturn at the very beginning of Aquarius, the pandemic Corona virus situation could become quite militaristic in controlling us, and in many countries we now see the police, and the Army being called out to enforce the Lockdowns.

At the time of this Full SuperMoon, Mars at 5 degrees of Aquarius, is in an exact Square conversation with Uranus at 5 degrees of Taurus.

“5” in numerology is the number of freedom, and Uranus and Aquarius are also about freedom. So this SuperMoon is blowing up, exaggerating even more the themes of power, of control, of deconstruction, of systems collapse… but of opportunities too. 

So this Mars-Uranus Square is saying … “I WANT TO BE FREE”. Yes it can be expressed in that way, but you will certainly feel a great deal of frustration as well. So this conversation is about a message of freedom, and it is the biggest message at this time, because with Uranus, the ruler of the New Age, the Aquarian Age, having this exact Square conversation with Mars, your vigour is shifting your perspective, and you are in synch to the changes that are happening now, and you are moving forward, because Mars, the ruler of the first sign Aries does not look back. This is powerful energy, and it means that you need to stand up for yourself with conviction and courage. 

And around us, around you, at this time, there is this energy of destruction. The destruction is very much based on creating fear and division, so you want to watch those situations, that you may be partaking in, the people you may be connecting with, that seek to divide instead of unite. 

Libra is about uniting opposites, the left and right, the masculine-feminine… now take this a step further, the energy of destruction conquers through fear and division, and if you fix that problem, this energy has no reason, no fuel to exist. The key here is… you want to plug in to those situations and people, and thoughts, that are all, about finding solutions. Are they making a difference? Or are they undermining, manipulating, dividing? Don’t be succumbed, meaning be a slave to the system that divides, to the people who want you to feel aggressive, and either this side or that side. You want to liberate yourself from that paradigm, and this is what we are doing as a collective, because the collaboration, is going to help us to grow free together, so that we can transcend the destructive energy, that has been sent to Earth. The awareness of this fact, allows us to evolve, and the liberation comes, as long as it is unified, and the collaboration becomes the “co-liberation”. The co-liberation is about everyone collectively agreeing to it, rather than that social sense of despair that allows the destruction to be part of our life. 

With the actual pandemic, we have come together, we have come One, all of us, the opposites have united, and with this Libra Full SuperMoon, it is time to bring all that energy into balance, cooperation, collaboration, co-creation, coexistence… now you don’t plug into that Good versus Evil, into that dichotomy, that opposition, you transcend that. So do not partake in any energy that is bringing you down, because this then results in you making powerful negative choices. 

Another interesting thing at the time of this Full SuperMoon, is that the Moon in Libra is having an uneasy Quincunx conversation (150 degrees) with Neptune in Pisces.

The Moon in Libra is where you want to talk it out, think it through, work with others, using that Libra cooperation, wanting to find balance and peace in the moment, and receiving a Quincunx from the more powerful energy of Neptune in Pisces (Neptune rules Pisces), and Pisces is the huge surrender, you don’t know everything yet, there is no way to know, so STAY IN THE TRUST, STAY IN THE FLOW,. 

But a Quincunx conversation is about“discomfort”, a discomfort that can be hard to resolve, so just accept not having all the answers, or all the information that you want. And Neptune in Pisces is saying… “Go to your Aumakua, your Higher Self, for understanding of what you need right now, and that where you will find peace.

One last thing to look at this Full SuperMoon time, is its ruler Venus in Gemini, we already explored her supportive Trine conversation with both Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, but all of them (Venus-Mars-Saturn) are in lovely Sextile conversations with Chiron in Aries.

Chiron represents the Soul’s wound in your lifetime, and in Aries it is about understanding more of your true self identity, on the parts of you that are developing courage. There is something new coming through, that you are meant to understand, and Chiron is about alternative-healing paths. outside of the norm, what you did not consider, what you did not see… it is like something on the sidelines, or in your peripheral view. And then you connect with it, and it creates a “bridge” ( Chiron is often referred as a Bridge), to a new consciousness. 

So at the time of this Full SuperMoon, this Chiron energy being in Aries, signifies that pieces are coming together, a bridge is being built, it is still under construction, it is coming together to help you connect with more of your Soul mission and Soul work at this lifetime.

And if you could see this year 2020 as a BRIDGE, it is a transitional year indeed, to your new reality, your new destination, your new dream… it is going to help you with the day to day tasks, it is going to help you remain mentally strong (Venus in Gemini)… it is going to help you stay focused on the long-term growth and vision ( Mars-Saturn in Aquarius), and it is going to help you love and accept yourself even more (Chiron in Aries: I AM ALOHA).

This Full SuperMoon in Libra represents a catalyst point, that helps you understand more about what you need, where you are going, what you are healing on your own mission work. So all in all, this Full SuperMoon is very powerful and challenging indeed, but also quite lovely as well, and we can all use that at this time on Mother Earth.

Please remember TO STAY EMOTIONALLY BALANCED during this time… Don’t get swept up into any of the bigger fear cycles energies… Please REMAIN IN YOUR PLACE OF POWER AND OWNERSHIP of all your energy, and what you know is true for you… and that is how we can all maintain the Light on Mother Earth at this time.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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