Welcome my lovely Stars seekers to the first Eclipse of the year 2020.

This is the first Eclipse of three…there is a super powerful Eclipse coming on June 21st, and another one on July 5th… and this first Eclipse, is a Partial Lunar Eclipse, also called a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and if you are in Asia, Australia, Europe, or Africa, you might see the Moon only turn a shade darker, because Partial or Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are hard to distinguish from a normal Full Moon. When we have Eclipses, the evolution of humanity tends to be accelerated, and intensity is a word that comes up with Eclipses.

So we have this Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Sagittarius, and it is happening as we get used to the Sagittarius South Node energy, that we are working with for the next year and a half. And this South Node in Sagittarius is going to help you to release ideas and paradigms about yourself, and your role in the world, that are not serving you anymore. And it is going to be a consistent thing that you work through, and this Sagittarius Full Moon is kind of working in tandem with this Eclipse energy, to help you feel a little bit freer. There is this kind of cathartic release going on with this Full Moon, it is a really powerful energy, so I highly recommend that you take care of yourself, and slow down if you need to.

In this Eclipse season, we are in the second half of Venus Retrograde, and we are starting a Mercury Retrograde and a Neptune Retrograde this month of June, so there is a lot going on. June is a month of real honesty, a month of clarifying what it is that really matters to you, and it is a month to get familiar with who you are NOW. So this is a really useful time in any ways, because the energy has been so heavy hitting the first part of this year 2020.

Sagittarius is a fire energy that is about philosophy, ideas, and the big picture. It is ruled by Jupiter, so it is all about expansion and JOY, and what you want to grow, and what you want to see grow in the world, in your world. And it is also a really blunt, clear, opinionated energy as well. And this Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, is about transformation, this is Mutable energy, (Sagittarius is a Mutable sign) an energy that wants you to shift gears, to explore, to experiment with yourself, and not get rigid and stuck in a box. Eclipses already do this, but in the Sagittarius fire Mutable energy, it is really asking this of you.

However, at this Eclipse time, we are navigating the softer side of Sagittarius, a side that is not often highlighted in discussions about the Sagittarius energy. It is about your sensitivity and the soft kind of creative core that you have working within you, and actually, lot of the energy this month of June, is going to be asking you to do that work from that vantage point, rather than from when you are more performative, outgoing, enthusiastic self, that you always feel you need to bring to the table. There is this other side of Sagittarius, that you can leverage your energy, and this month is really leaning into that reasoning. 

So as always, every Full Moon is where the Moon is opposing the Sun, and at this time, with the Sagittarius energy, it is about learning and growth. So where are you ready to learn and grow, based on an energy much bigger than yourself?

So see where you have 15 degrees of Sagittarius, and in which House or life area it is sitting in your natal chart, and this House is where this energy will be showing you the area of life where the growth is occurring. 

Sagittarius governs the higher wisdom and spirituality, and since its ruler Jupiter is moving through Capricorn for most of 2020, new structures will be built, and as he is in Retrograde and in conjunction with Pluto, he is digging beneath the surface to restructure and reevaluate, in oder to let go. 

Something really interesting, is that this entire Eclipse season is happening during Venus Retrograde, so it is bringing up this idea of the past…what is the past?… How does it affect you?…Is it serving you, and where can you release it?… so the message here is about LETTING GO OF THE PAST. 

You may have been having visitations of the past, whether literally from people reaching out and contacting you, to having dreams, to just going down memory lane and feeling emotions about that, or coming to terms with things around that. This has been a really powerful first few weeks of Venus Retrograde for that. But one of the first lessons that come up at this time, is that this Sagittarius Moon is going to asking you to acknowledge the past, yes, but not to objectify it, and make it into this thing that determines who you are today, and who you are going to be, in this big expansive next stage of life. 

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is asking you to look at what you want to expand, what you want to step into, how you can imagine past your usual limits of perception, and part of that is going to have to agree, that the past is not an object, or a being that holds you, and tells you who you need to be. But you can acknowledge it, and also know that it is irretrievable, which means that you have to choose NOW.

And that can work on a lot of different levels, with any type of healing around relationship and worthiness in your life… with family, with lovers, with money, with self-Love… depending on what is going on, any of those themes could be coming up.

On the collective level, this also helps us, because there are lot of really tough things happening NOW, we have a lot of really horrific, violent things going on in our world right now, that need to be addressed, and this Moon want us to acknowledge that. But if we let that be the measuring stick, or the container through which we can see the world, then we are no longer growing, we are no longer experiencing something different, we are just experiencing the same thing.

So at this Eclipse time, there is an invitation, both in the collective and personal evolution, to say “to acknowledge the past”, and knowing that it can no longer contain you, that it can no longer be the guiding point, from which you do work. So this is a time to notice what you think, is still dictating who you are today, and who you will be in the future, but it is a reminder that in fact it is the past, and it cannot be the thing that owns you.

At this Full Moon Eclipse time, Venus is conjunct the Sun, and the opposition of Sun-Venus to the Moon creates some tension, and asks you to find the truth about what you value in your life. So what is it you truly want in your life? And also what is it you don’t want in your life? How do you want to live your life?… with beauty, with Love, with other people who vibrationally align with you.

Venus governs those incredibly close relationships, romantic and friendships, it is very social. So at this time you are integrating who to invite into your sacred space…who do you want to create spiritual alchemy with?

And Venus Retrograde, in opposition to Moon in Sagittarius, is asking you to focus on values that brings JOY, that expand you. To connect to people who allow you to expand without judgment. You really, with Venus, want to look at reorienting your life, based on what you truly love, and in doing so, you are reclaiming your true values. A lot of your values are not yours, they are still based on those expectations that you grew up with, so they became part of your belief system, but they are not actually values that you created yourself, so they are masking who you actually are… and now you want to discard that belief systems, that mask, and really create a new one, that truly is who you are, a belief system of Love and Beauty.

So Venus is playing a big role at this time, because she is in Retrograde, and she conjuncts the Sun, and here she represents the reviewing stories in your head, that have animated your life, how you have moved through the world, what you have understood, what you have assumed, what you took as information, data, details… and you created a story. And this Eclipse asks you to step away from the mind, and go up higher into a whole new activation point, that is going to expand you. And it is like a burst, and then you open into some new understandings of what is possible, that you did not know you had access to. So at this Eclipse time, you have access to new information, and it is a higher understandings that are here to support you moving forward.

The Moon in Sagittarius at 15 degrees, opposing the Sun in Gemini at 15 degrees, are both in an exact Square to Mars at 15 degrees of Pisces. 

So we have the three Mutable signs, Sagittarius-Gemini-Pisces, lit up and squaring.

This 3 ways conversation creates a pattern, called in astrology a T-Square, and this is about challenge and growth, when we have a square off like this. This is asking you to do EMOTIONS, and to take action in the world in a different way. This Sagittarius Moon is very honest and wants you to see beyond the limits of your perception, and to not let the limitation of the past, dictate what you experience during this Eclipse, and what you experience in the coming months and years.

With Mars in Pisces being the apex of this Mutable T-Square, you are asking yourself why you feel you need to get into battle mode, and earn your existence. It is about this idea, this conditioning, that you have to earn, and spend, and buy your way into existence, and into lovability. It is a cultural message that you received from very early age, even from those who love you… I received this message in my upbringing from my family, and I grew up with a lot of anxiety, anxiety about keeping me safe and making sure I was okay,,, so for sure it came from a loving place, but there was the fear that if I was not very careful, if I was not very armoured, if I was not constantly looking around for getting caught, I would have been in trouble. 

So this messaging comes in many different formats, from consumerism, from the media, from lived experiences of pain or trauma that you have been through, it comes from the past, it comes from a lot of different places. But this idea of having to be in battle in order to exist is getting challenged at this time, and this affects everything, this affects how you love yourself, how you allow yourself to truly show up, the way you want to show up in what you do, it affects how you love and how you let others love you, and also how you give of your vulnerability, how you set your boundaries.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is asking you to look at how you are letting go of this idea of being “battle ready”. And if you can do that, it actually allows you to have an expanded view of how you can step up, and how you can participate to make this world a better place.

So this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a great time to think about where that paradigm of …“I am not worthy to exist unless I am “battle ready”, I am in some kind of conflict or struggle”… How can you release that? How can you follow your dreams, or be a little bit more open, or make a shift in life? There is a huge invitation with this Full Moon Eclipse to do just that, and to notice where that voice, whether it is your inner critic, or somebody from your past, who told you a part of your mythology you think you have to follow, this is a great invitation to let that free… to acknowledge it and see clearly that it does not dictate who you are today. And when you let go of that confining constricting box, you are so much better able to show up as a really beautiful person to those around you, and to yourself.

Now it is worth to consider that this fiery Moon has little bit of aggravated energy to it, because Sagittarian energy tends to be very blunt, and whatever it is that is changed inside of you, that is screaming and longing to change, is going to be bubbling up… so it is a great time to observe yourself, to witness all your emotions, from frustration, to grieving, to joyfulness and optimism, and you may feel all of those at this time. So let yourself be relaxed into it, let yourself be frustrated and angry, have deep dark emotions, and find ways to express that, that are healthy… art therapy, writing a journal, meditations active or passive, are very good channels for that…And sometimes, aggravation and anger, and frustration, don’t always mean that you are doing something wrong, sometimes when you are feeling that kind of bubbling, irritable sense of desire for change, it is a really great indicator of where you realise that “it is just time to step up in a totally different way”.

So at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, there is this huge invitation to be curious about a different way to be yourself.

Mars in Pisces is very connected to magical alchemy, that happens when you are tune with Source, with your higher spirit Aumakua, your guides, so you are going to feel fired up to create things. And with Mars it is very important to move, and with this T-Square conversation, it is even more important to move, because the Square energy is about action, therefore making choices, decisions, between what you like and what you don’t like. You can’t just sit around and let things happen, that era has ended, to allow the outside make the decisions for you… you don’t want that anymore. 

So at this Eclipse time, the way to respond after the initial burst of tense energy from Mars, that takes you to an emotional elevation, sometimes it can be an outburst of energy, and then you calm down, and come to a place of peace, and then you breathe calmly… this is through the breath that you flow this intense energy, so do some breathing activities at this time.

And since Mars is in Pisces, a water sign, very intuitive, you can now navigate every decision-making totally from the heart. So it is a time to be very conscious about breathing deeply until you are at peace, and only deciding after that point, and then moving forward. It is going to be very important that you move through that process at this Eclipse time. So keep that in mind, because this T-Square will ask you to step up, and Mars is instilling this sacred warrior spirit, to help you to move into that multi-dimensional awareness. 

With this challenging T-Square pointing to Mars in Pisces, there is going to be disrupting patterns of course, as new possibilities are emerging. So if you consciously interrupt what you know has gotten stale, it is important to be conscious about that, because it does not have to happen to you externally, like out of the blue, because now you are taking control. 

So Mars in this T-Square conversation is really the disrupter of old patterns, and the Mutable signs here are allowing the changes and the healing to happen much more easily.

The Moon in Sagittarius ensures that you see the big picture, and knows that you can accomplish the things that previously seemed unreachable, impossible. Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter instil a lot of confidence and joy and a higher wisdom. 

So this Eclipse wants you to be engaged in your new future, and it resonates with the North Node that represents where you are heading, and the North Node has just moved into Gemini, where Venus is retrograding at this time. That brings a lot of excitement into your life, and new adventures, and Love, and abundance in pleasure. So take those new adventures, pleasures, take the Love, take the new friendships or deepening friendships, the social interactions… be very alert, learn to trust your intuition, truly tuning to your instincts, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. Because when you become curious about things and investigate things, the change that occurs afterwards is going to bring power to move forward, because it is new ground. So at this Eclipse time your intuition is going to be your partner, your co-creator, so it is really important that you trust those intuitive insights, they are there for you…IN SIGHT is looking within.

So listen to that inner voice, because it is going definitively always help you with the choices that you are making, and help you intuit what is a NO and what is a YES. That is going to make your life much more smoothly, making a decision after a deep breath.

The Mutable T-Square makes things wobbly and very uncertain. There is an uncertainty with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, because as energies are closing out, you are clearing out space in your belief system, to allow new awareness, some new spiritual wisdom to come through. Mars moving through Pisces is shaking off your Ego. And he is conjunct with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces,  the “full surrender”, so there is a lot of surrender happening at this time, and it feels like, just letting yourself float on your ocean of life,  trusting the process, not knowing where you are going… and that means there is spiritual growth happening at the time, but you are not going to have clarity, or see where it is going yet.

This Eclipse is about the ending and the clearing out, to allow room for the new to come in. But it is a slow process, and it is happening through a spiritual cycle, because both Sagittarius Moon and Pisces Mars and Pisces Neptune, are very spiritual in their intentions, of what they are developing and understanding. So all together they take you out of your Gemini mind, and take you away from tending to details, taking care of your Gemini daily matters. But there is a bigger story unfolding, opening you up to energies you did not have access to before. 

And Neptune in this T-Square conversation, diffuses energy, and brings in a kind of deflation, and you are looking at ways of how you can relax and surrender, how you can give up your expectations, give up your Ego attachments. Neptune is a reminder TO STAY DETACHED, to be in the observer mode. Neptune is your higher self, your Aumakua, that aspect of yourself that is the viewer of your own life. So the more you can do that, and access that potential, the more you are going to feel less attached.

On an other part of this T-Square conversation, the Moon Sagittarius has expectations, has assumptions and opinions, and a sense of right and wrong, about how something should happen… and this Eclipse says “just take all that out”, because it could actually be better if you get out of your own way, and if you just ALLOW THE MAGIC TO UNFOLD. 

So this T-Square conversation is such a big trusting process, and the way to be active with it, is to really examine your belief systems, and what you have built your life on so far, because now with what is happening in the world, impacting your personal life, everything is changing, because the ruler of this Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Jupiter, is Retrograde and conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn. And this conjunction Jupiter-Pluto is transforming our lives permanently, asking us all to go deeper into the Soul growth of this time, the understanding of where we are here to be in mastery. 

This Eclipse is full of uncertainty with the T-square pointing to Mars in Pisces. However, this is a beneficial uncertainty because you are literally sailing across new seas, you are going to a new place, a new land, that you are ready for, and you don’t know what is going to come up along the way. You might have all the navigational tools, but there is still uncertainty.

So you are really working with your TRUST during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and you are looking at what you are willing to release… So the more you can let go, the more you can release those parts of yourself that you were attached to, the better it is going to serve you, as you move through 2020. So stay mindful of that.

This Eclipse a time of REMOVAL, removing what is not you, what you don’t want, what is not right anymore. It is a removing of what you were, to help continually develop the bigger potentials of who you really are.

As we move through this Gemini season, and with Venus Retrograde, we move through a mirror season, where you really get to see yourself clearly. We also move into a really powerful part of the year, because the last 10 days of this months are just wild… we have Mercury goes Retrograde in Cancer on June 18th, we have the Solstice on June 21st, when the Sun moves into Cancer, and on the same time, there is the New Moon in Cancer, that is a super powerful Solar Eclipse, and then Neptune goes Retrograde on June 23rd, and then Venus goes Direct on June 25th, and Mars enters Aries, its home sign, on June 29th… Oh la la …it is like a big storm coming !!!

So all of these happens the last third of the month, and this is very transformative, and it may feel like a skin shading process… you are going through the portal that allows you to let go of a skin that is no longer serving. And my advice is to not run away from this storm, because it is not really about lighting strike and disaster, despite the power of Eclipses, and despite the kind of foggy mysteriousness of Retrogrades,…. all these energies are not here to tear you apart.

At this Eclipse time, your assignment is to just look at what needs to be taken out, it is a time of removal, of clearing out, so “let’s get rid of things”.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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