This Gemini New Moon happens on Saturday 23rd May 2020 at 2 degrees 4’ Gemini, at 3:38 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome my beautiful Stars Seekers to the New Moon in Gemini.

This is a new reunion of the Sun and Moon, representing a renewal of energy, a new force, a new alignment between the Feminine and the Masculine. So see where 2 degrees of Gemini is falling in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life, and it is where a sense of a new beginning is for you. And the flavour of the House-Area of life where the New Moon sits in, will help you to set a new intention for the new monthly cycle that begins, and to manifest something in that particular area of your life.

So here we are with Sun and Moon conjunct at 2 degrees of Gemini, and if you look around the chart of this New Moon, you notice that there is a strong “2” vibration. 

Sun and Moon at 2 degrees Gemini, Venus and Mercury at 20 degrees Gemini, Neptune at 20 degrees of Pisces, and we are in the year 2020… this New Moon happens on May 22nd in the Northern hemisphere, and very early on the 23rd for us Down Under… so there is significance to this “2” vibration, because Gemini is one of the sign about DUALITY, and “2” is the Duo, the pair. 

So there is a strong theme of Duality at this time, which is about doing something twice, looking at it from two sides, or two angles, be aware of Duplicity, (which is someone saying one thing and doing the other), that could be also playing both sides…The energy of the “2” is that you receive and then you give, you sit with something and then you decide what to do. 

Gemini rules the fingers, hands, arms, lungs, as well as the two sides of the brain. So at this New Moon, you want to give yourself time to make decisions, and to sit with something. And that is how you can operate from a place of higher consciousness. 

Gemini is typically fast moving, it wants a lot of things going on. It can be restless, it likes possibilities, choices, but in this time of transition and big changes, this Gemini New Moon wants you to be more intentional with what you do and say. That could require you to write a rough draft of a text message, to think about it, what it says, and then decide if you need to make some changes to it before you send it. 

“2” has lot to do with TEAMWORK as well, it is changeable and adaptable, but can also be indecisive. It is also about going in between, to be the peacemaker. “2” represents the Feminine principle of receptivity, the Yin, which seeks the union of two distinct entities. Therefore “2” seeks balance between opposing forces, and then represents COLLABORATION, partnership… because UNION is its goal.

So at the time of this New Moon, the “2” vibration represents a period of cooperation, diplomacy and self-knowledge, as well as gestation… you are in a gestation mode, in which you must not assert yourself, but rather must await results. 

And collectively we are all going through a time of Cosmic Review, a time of RECONSIDERATION, to collect and assimilate the experiences of the past. So this is a secretive period, in which your affairs, situations and relationships are operating under an element of the unknown. Therefore you must MAINTAIN BALANCE … So at this time, remain poised, be patient, and considerate and receptive to other people’s ideas. Practice CONCILIATION, but not to the expense of your integrity. 

This is a passive, receptive time in which to reflect and listen to the voice of your subconscious mind. The future may seem unclear during this period, because hidden energies are working that will surface later. And since choices are difficult under a “2”, it is wiser to postpone important moves until your mind is more decisive.

At this New Moon time, there is a lot of Mutability, meaning that there are lots of planets or points in Mutable signs, Moon-Sun-Mercury-Venus in Gemini, the North Node in Gemini as well, and Mars and Neptune in Pisces.

The Mutable signs, they are chameleon like, they are adaptable, changeable, versatile, and they are very creative. 

Even with the confinement easing now, we are still in a kind of lockdown mode, we can’t hug yet, and Gemini here represents the communication through the internet, socialising online, and how we have had to adapt our businesses to that… and how we have had to become more versatile in what we offer, more flexible, having several strings to our bow… so it is very positive for that.

But a very challenging example of this Mutability, is with the Covid19 mutating and changing continually, in order to survive. So ask your self… “where do I need to change in order to survive? Where do I need to be more adaptable? Where do I need to learn how to be more flexible? 

At this New Moon time, we also have 5 planets in air signs, Moon-Sun-Venus-Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius.

So the predominance of this Mutable-air combination can be quite “I am so in my Head”, not really focused and grounded as earth is, it is very moveable here.

And this Mutable-air signature can be about the big storms of information that may be coming in to you, because the Gemini New moon has an urge for a lot of mental nourishment, being very quick at picking up information… but you may feel like you are flooded, overwhelmed as well at this time, with so much, so much information coming in to you in your world.

This Gemini New Moon is a time to learn how to communicate in a very light and gentle way, because Venus Retrograde in Gemini has everything to do with how kindly you speak to other people, but mostly how you speak to yourself. So it is a time to watch about your personal Mantras, and practice positive and loving thoughts to yourself and to others. .

Venus Retrograde in Gemini is asking you to go inside, doing inner work, and look at ways in which you love, and create loving thoughts in your life.

So this is the auguring time of WHY… Gemini is the WHY sign…being curious, asking many questions, looking at different perspectives, but not fighting one another for having those different perspectives.

And you might ask more questions, because at the time of this New Moon, Mars in Pisces is in a dynamic Square conversation with the Sun and Moon in Gemini.

That can make you quite assertive about your communication, and with Gemini being known to be quite nonconformist, you may want to find alternative media platforms, because you want to keep freedom of thought, freedom of words. 

On an another side, with Mars in Pisces you might be confused as to which action to take, because one government may do one thing, and another government doing another thing… so you may find yourself saying “ what is true / what is not true?”

This Square conversation is about plans are changing. So again, be open, stay flexible, people are changing, your daily life is changing, and it can still be confusing, so keep in mind too that the Neptune Pisces energy so strong at this time, is actually the COVID19 situation. And with Mars now in Pisces as well, we are not done, there is still things to be sorted out through May and into June. So that is going certainly to affect the opening of businesses, the return to school, Gemini being schools, it is still going to be very hazy and uncertain. But you can navigate this period by trusting what is right for you. And with Mars in Pisces, it is about trusting what you feel, and this is the best way to take care of yourself and your family.

And Mars does not necessarily work very well in Pisces. Because with Mars you set your goals, and you want to get there very quickly, and you are very focused… but Mars in Pisces can get a little bit dreamy, feeling not to sure, or wants to take some time off, or maybe not so sure about the goals anymore, wants to escape… Mars can have that kind of underflow of confusion in Pisces. 

However, you can choose the blessings of Mars in Pisces, and you might be inspired to practice a regular spiritual action, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, active Hakalau meditation… So it becomes very positive, when you start to express Mars in Pisces using the evolved side of Neptune.

Something very interesting at this New Moon time, is that Mercury is exactly conjunct to Venus at 20 degrees of Gemini, and they are in an exact Square conversation with Neptune at 20 degrees of Pisces. 

This is the strongest conversation of this New Moon, because Mercury is the ruler of this New Moon… So let’s decorticate this triangle conversation between Venus, Mercury and Neptune.

Venus in Gemini is Retrograde from May 13th until June 25th, and wants you to go back over, to RE-evaluate, to RE-assess your self values ( REmember we are in the RE mode, the Retrograde Mode, using a lot of words starting by RE, and practicing activities starting by RE… such as REtreat, REstart, REview, REactivate, REwind, REpair, REdo, REboot, REdiscover, REconnect, REgroup, REmember….

So this is a time for Reassessing what you want, and with Venus, it is very much about what you want in a kind of pleasure sense. This can also make you REassess your relationships as well… so WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

When Venus is in Retrograde, she can make you go through several waves of RE-evaluation, to be sure of what you want… so immerse your self in the “RE” flow…and LET IT GO. 

At the lower expression of Neptune, the challenge of this Square conversation can be an underflow in action, that brings confusion and uncertainty… “I am not so sure of what I want”…So you may have this kind of doubt again. 

But at the higher level of expression of Neptune, this dynamic Square conversation inspires you to be a spiritual seeker, in search of the Love of Source, that divine connection to Unconditional Love, that beautiful vibration of ALOHA…

The fifth Hawaiian Principle “ALOHA: to love is to be happy”. This New Moon is strongly flavoured with the ALOHA spirit, that is to share the breath of life and the spirit of happiness, and each of us must think and exhale good feelings to others. ALOHA is to appreciate and praise more, while being connected to Unconditional Love or to Source.

However, with this challenging Square within Gemini-Pisces flavour, the Gemini rational mind can clash the deeply sensitive Pisces, a clash between the head and the heart, and this can create a little bit of churn about …”I think one thing, and I kind of feel another”.

But remember that with Neptune energy, it is about your spiritual guides, your angels, your higher spirit or your Aumakua. Neptune in Pisces allows Spirit to keep working at this time on your behalf. 

So with this dynamic conversation Mercury-Venus Square to Neptune, there is a lot of change at this time, a lot of restlessness. And with the Mutable signs so highlighted, (and they are the signs of change, and things shifting, and having choices and movement)… you are maybe not feeling firm on your feet. 

One of the best expression of this Square conversation is the ALOHA COMMUNICATION, a Divine Communication of Unconditional Love… and a great way for each of us to express this, is through participation to Global Mass Meditations Online. 

The latest mass meditations online have been immensely powerfully positive in shifting the energy in the magnetic field. And with Saturn moving into Aquarius, we can now build a strong sense of community for the long term. 

And with Venus in retrograde, and with many planets going in Retrograde as well, it is a time to tune in, and trusting, and asking for Divine guidance, listening to your inner voice that says “ this is really where I need to be… this is really what I need to be doing?.

So the most important thing with the New Moon in Gemini, is to really look at the words that you are using, when you speak to others, and most of all when you speak to yourself or about yourself, as well as what you are listening, what you are nourishing your mind with.

This Gemini New Moon is triggering new thoughts, new ideas, and it is in a supportive Trine conversation with Saturn in Aquarius. 

Aquarius is the sign of freedom, and it is where you are building something for the long term. And Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is very linked to the internet. So there is a strong sense here of, the collective, the community (Aquarius), people of like-mind coming together, and building something for the long term, that maybe even more alternative than we have right now. So it is a wonderful time for coming up with new possibilities, new ways in which we can organise our new social structures, the way we create our new financial systems. 

So this is a very supportive Trine here, that is helping with what you can commit to (Saturn), to what you know is true. It provides solid energy, so check where this transiting Saturn at 2 degrees of Aquarius, sits in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life…and this is supporting the new ideas of this New Moon, the new possibilities, what you want to try at this time. 

So this New Moon is a time to practice FLEXIBILITY in any way… physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… and remember Gemini is about EXPLORING CHOICES… So look at choices… choices of your thoughts, choices of your emotions, choices of where you put your focus in every moment… because where you put your focus, you put your attention, and you put your energy. 

Humm! Here is the sound of MAKIA. 

The third Hawaiian Principle “MAKIA : Energy flows where attention goes – I am focused”.  Everything is energy, and you get what you focus on. All things are connected and you have the ability to communicate with them. The practice of MAKIA helps you to undertake the dialogue with all things, because your thoughts are harnessed and directed by your ability to focus. 

So at this Gemini New Moon time, and with Venus Retrograde in Gemini, whatever or whoever you put your focus on… focus on what makes you happy, what you love.

In fact at this time, it is like we are in a Global Chrysalis, weaving a pair of collective wings to be set free. 

So if your point of reference is external, meaning looking, listening to lots of information, sometimes very contradictory, some are not so clear… and there are lots of actions happening in the streets as well, to accelerate the collapse of that old paradigm, old order… it is sometimes overwhelming for sure… 

But if you turn your focus inwards, (and the impact of the Retrograde planets are inspiring you to do that), until the end of the year… and you can turn inwards any time, and anywhere, alone or with a Ohana of your choice, a group with whom you resonate, online… and it is free… Just shut your eyes and turn your focus to your breath, and imagine that you are breathing in and out of your Heart…just stay focused on doing just that, and nothing else… it drops you deeper and deeper into STILLNESS, into the MANAWA moment, the present moment, the moment of power. Practice this regularly, and it brings an absolute anchor in your Center, in your Core… Of course you can practice to be in MANAWA in so many ways,  such as walking in Nature, in Hakalau mode, in oneness with Nature and being highly alert to her wonders…  so just find that spiritual practice that resonates with you. And hold your frequencies high, frequencies of gratitude, appreciation, Self Love, and Love for Mother Earth… and you will step into your power, and have a much greater sense of being an empowered creator, rather than being troubled, moment by moment by what is happening in the world. “The old has to crumble before the new can begin”… it is a process in Nature.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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