This Gemini Full Moon happens on Monday 30th November 2020 at 8 degrees 37’ Gemini, at 7:29 PM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour Stars Lovers and welcome to the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

This one happens in a pivotal, final moment of 2020, that is the Summer Solstice for us Down Under (and Winter Solstice for Northern Hemisphere), so it intensifies the whole year’s message, and in Gemini, MESSAGING is the flavour, because Gemini rules language and communication, and Mercury is the Great Messenger of the Gods. 

And this Lunation is of course for everyone… you don’t have to be a Gemini, you have Gemini somewhere in your Birth chart, and this Eclipse falls on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, so it impacts two Houses, or areas of your life in your natal chart. So check where 8 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius fall in your birth chart, and which Houses are impacted.

This Lunar Eclipse won’t be a spectacular display, because it is a Partial or Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. People of North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia can see about 82% of this Full Moon, that will turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this Eclipse. So the Sun and the Moon are in opposition at this time, helping you to reflect and to connect.

Eclipses often help us to find peace and recalibration with how we have changed, they help us to shed a skin, to do a transformational work. At this Full Moon Eclipse, you are looking at everything, you are taking stock of your month, and you are releasing, you are having a big Exhale. So you are just taking stock of your life, and where you are. And it has been just about 6 months since the last Eclipse season, so this is also a great time to see how you have grown, since May-June of this year, and how you are closing out 2020.

This Eclipse is the first Gemini Eclipse since 2012, and back then, the South Node was in Gemini. Now with this Lunar Eclipse, we have the North Node in Gemini, and the North Node is about Growth, development, new paths, things you are learning, things you are coming to understand, about what is possible. So there is energy in this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, of growth, stretching yourself, and the theme that is very strong at this time, is one of CHOICES.

Gemini is associated with the Twins, and that means that it is also the energy of DUALITY, options, two choices, two paths, two directions, that you are deciding between. And what the energy of this Eclipse is actually strongly supporting is the HIGHER CHOICE… the new direction, what maybe has uncertainty around it, because it is something you have not done before. 

So this twin Gemini energy is about the two choices, one being the Higher Choice, and one probably being a comfort choice, a comfort zone. So at this time, look at where you are being presented with options, which is where you have the 8 degrees of Gemini in your natal chart, and this is the area of growth for you, where you are being asked to stretch.

Mercury the ruler of Gemini and of this Eclipse, is at 27 degrees of Scorpio, and he has so much on his mind. This has been a heavy time for Mercury in Scorpio, processing, thinking, feeling, obsessing, retrograding… “What do I do next?”… and it has been very intense, and it has also probably brought up a lot of fears. And so these fears can be preventing you from the Higher Choice, the new direction, of what you are ready to learn. Gemini is how we learn, and we learn through information, through stimuli, through talking, reading, sharing… it is how you take in information. 

But in Scorpio Mercury has been bogged down, by a very intense emotional struggle, where the mind has maybe felt that there has been a lot of back and forth conflict… “How do I move through this?… But that is actually A gift, because in Scorpio, the energy goes down into the deep despair, or the dark places, and then you rise back up. And what you rise back up into, has the potential to change you, to shift you, to have you see something in a new way. 

And then, two days after the Full Moon Eclipse, that energy of Mercury goes into the next sign of Sagittarius, where the Sun is, and forms new understandings around yourself, your world, your life, what is possible for you… and ultimately re-structures the foundation of your belief systems.

Mercury at 27 degrees of Scorpio is in a nice Sextile conversation with the Capricorn team, Saturn 28 degrees, Jupiter 26 degrees and Pluto 23 degrees of Capricorn. 

Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto are all in Direct mode, and for the next few weeks, what Mercury has to do, is to really connect with the Capricorn understanding, of how you are building your life. What is the long term perspective on your life matters? It is a time when you are coming to understand about how you have lived your life, or how these unconscious fears can be worked through Love and acceptance. This is a nice Sextile conversation, but it is still intense, because of the seriousness of the Capricorn team, but in mid-December, Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius. So at the time of this Gemini Eclipse, there is something about final understandings. Especially as both Saturn and Jupiter will get to the “anoretic” 29 degrees of Capricorn, which is the critical degree of completion, mastery and graduation. 

The day before the Eclipse, November 29th, Neptune is Station Direct, therefore her flavour is quite powerfully concentrated. 

Whenever planets change direction, it is like turning around a huge cruiser ship, they slow down first for a period of time, and eventually become Stationary, and then they change direction. 

So at this time, Neptune is the planet that basically moves all the energy forward, except for Uranus still Retrograde. This is really powerful, because we have had many planets in Retrograde for a long time, and it is about internalised energy… But now, once Neptune moves and Stations and get activated, she is unveiling what was formally hidden, because Neptune can put the veil over things, in a dream-like state.  And Neptune entering Pisces marked the end of the Pisces Age, and as we are about to start the Aquarian Age, Neptune is asking you to turn to Source, to turn to your own Aumakua, your higher Self, and get inspired, and follow your intuition.

The lower expression of Neptune, is about fog, chaos, lack of clarity… and at this time, Neptune is also in a long-term T-Square conversation with the Nodal Axis…  North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius.

So the whole theme of “what is true and what is not” is very strong in the world at the moment, that is the lower level of Neptune. But you can choose to change gear on this, and choose the higher expression of Neptune, that is about connecting to the Divine, to the ALOHA spirit, the Unconditional Love…  everything that represents Healing, Oneness, altered states, where you become less particle and become more wave… you lose some of your density to shift to finer level of being, which is very spiritual in its focus.

This Gemini Eclipse is about Duality, and you realise that communication has to come through self-expression, and the self-expression is not only depending on external inputs, but also on LISTENING.

This Gemini Lunar Eclipse wants you to experience Love by  transcending duality. Gemini is showing you that there are twins, there are two sides to a coin, so Gemini is an invitation to experience two sides, without losing tract of the whole. And the key to transcend that duality is to observe closely. OBSERVATION in using Mercury to recognise what that inner push and pull within you, actually mean. So it is to be fully aware, and to notice the duality of some of your thoughts, because thoughts are not feelings, thoughts don’t actually tell you the Truth. 

Thoughts are an interpretation of your past experience, so they are wonderful to navigate the practical part of your human experience. However, if you think your way through life, instead of feeling your way through life, you are not in touch with the essence of your life, the essence of your Truth. Remember that at this time, opposing the Moon, the Sun is in Sagittarius, that governs Truth… So this Eclipse brings you the Truth that will set you free, and that Truth is experienced deep in your heart.

So when you use your keen sense of observation, which is removing yourself from the emotional turmoil, from being reactionary…So if you believe the words that are spoken, then you make the words coming alive, and create a feeling… However, the words themselves are just words, so be very clear during this Eclipse time, to not emotionalise them.

Mercury your lower mind, is also your self-talk, your chatter, your day to day conversation. Gemini is Mutable air, therefore it is bringing an energy for you to become mentally scattered, and kind of hop from one subject to another, you can feel indecisive, you can see two sides of an issue… so it is going to be very easy indeed, for you to be distracted at this time… There is going to be a ton of information, which may be very contradictory because of the Neptune “what is true and what is not” theme in the background, so be aware that it is going to be super easy for you to be in confusion.

Mercury and the Sun will be moving together through Sagittarius, the sign of Truth-Justice-Laws-Expansion-Joy, from December 2nd until December 20th. And then on December 21st, we have the incredible Summer Solstice here Down-Under, where Saturn and Jupiter, move into Aquarius to begin the Aquarian Age. So be aware of this incredible momentum that we are peaking up now. 

There is intensity and seriousness at this Eclipse time, but Gemini wants to have fun, you want to do something light, and open up, and not take it all so seriously, and just give yourself a mental break. So this is a time to investigate how you are really working with the power of the mind, and remembering that you are in charge of it. So how do you want the mind to serve you, and keep you open to what is possible, and what is next? This reminds me of IKE the first Hawaiian Principle of Huna… “IKE: the world is what you think it is”. You create your own reality, as you think the world around you, then it is the world you get. 

So when you go to the Gemini Duality, feeling better than or feeling lesser than, you feed the Ego either way, because you are turning to your mind, to inform you of the answer of “ you are better than or lesser than”, and the consequences are that you separate yourself.

So the big message of this Gemini Eclipse is for you to remember that you always have choices. With the North Node in Gemini, there is a Higher Choice here, and there is also a comfort zone choice, that could be locked in to parts of the Mercury in Scorpio energy.

In fact, the call of this Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, is for you to move to the higher mind, the higher octave of Mercury, which is Uranus. Uranus is the planet of awakening, connected to your super conscious, you highest state of being, Uranus is about your own Aumakua, your higher self. So use the power of Uranus in those times of disclosures or downloads that are happening now.

And Uranus at 7 degrees of Taurus, is the only planet not Direct at this time, and during this Eclipse, he is in a very powerful Quincunx (150 degrees) conversation with the Eclipse, through the Sun at 8 degrees of Sagittarius.

This conversation activates the higher mind, the mind that intuits the information, that Gemini and Mercury are bringing through. So Uranus is playing a huge role at the Eclipse time, in unraveling what is being revealed through communications, especially media, and taking you to a place where you can intuit what feels correct… what actually feels like TRUTH.

I personally call Uranus the “PONO God”… PONO the 7th and last Hawaiian Principle of Huna… “PONO – effectiveness is the measure of truth”.

With PONO, Truth is a virtue, and this Principle is not referring to absolute Truth, but an effective truth, at your individual level of consciousness. So if something is true and genuine, it will create a positive and beneficial shift or change in you… therefore, if something or someone in your life is causing negative energies, then look into it, to see if it is resonating Truth for you or not… what are your vibes about this person or this situation? How does this resonates for you?

And PONO is about the choice of the means that you select to achieve something. So if you want to achieve success by heartless means, you might get successful at first, but one day that will shatter, simply because the truth underlying your situation is based on ruthless means. Your means should always be in alignment with your highest values… and there are many ways to do most things… but CHOOSE WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU… this is a strong PONO message indeed at this Eclipse time! 

And a great way to know whether the chosen means is right for you, is to listen to your own emotions… do you feel JOY or other uplifting motivations while doing it? Or does it feel hard work and you don’t feel uplifted during the process? If it is the latter, then you might look out for better suited alternatives, better ways, because there is always another way to do anything, so find out which one works for you.

And speaking of Truth, we also need to look at the fact that Sagittarius, where the Sun is, governs Truth, the Laws, and Justice. And on November 30th, we are one month away from moving into 2021… and 2021 is going to be an incredible year, because it is the only one year in the whole century, that the number “21” will be activated… and “21” is about TRUTH… therefore “The Truth shall set you free”… so in 2021, Truth is going to be a huge moment of revelation or disclosure, so much will come through.

There is an opposition at this Eclipse time, between Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio.

These two planets are adding another layer to that kind of assessment energy, that evolution-transformational energy of this Eclipse.

Anytime that Uranus is involved in a dynamic conversation with another planet, change and shift is one of the major theme. Uranus wants to shake things up, he wants you to think differently. So anytime Uranus is highlighted, he is going to have you doing that. 

The opposition of Uranus with Venus in Scorpio is going to have you just looking at your relationships, looking at your relationship to self-Love, self-nourishment, and also to your connections. And also seeing where maybe you are desiring shift or change, seeing where you want to approach relationships differently, or possibly nourish yourself. 

Venus in Scorpio is far from superficial, and this is the same for Uranus in Taurus. These two want to get to the heart of what it is that really nourishes you, what it is that really fills you, and not just what superficially looks good. So this Uranus-Venus opposition wants to get you a little bit agitated, a little bit into those places of discomfort in yourself, where maybe you are selling yourself short, or not having boundaries, or purely wanting a change of scenery and shift. 

This opposition asks you to be visionary in how you want to change. But here is the deal with that Uranus-Venus opposition, it is in the context of this Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Gemini, which brings you back to how you make changes in your life, via tiny steps, and not via the gigantic leaps, with the lightning strikes. But how you find your meaning in life is in the tiniest of details, in the little transitional moments, in the moments when you choose to FOLLOW JOY, instead of to follow duty.

So on the big picture, this Gemini Eclipse has her light on DUALITY and CHOICES, and you can feel bouncing back and forth between the polar opposites of “feeling negative about yourself, feeling positive about yourself”, and that create more layers of illusion… especially with Neptune in Stationary-Direct mode in Pisces, in the background.

So now with Neptune going Direct, and part of a T-Square conversation with the Nodal Axis, finally you have been set free of the veil, the veil that is clouding up your perceptions. You are now calling your intuition to direct your actions, and your intuition comes from listening to your inner Silence. 

And that will take you into surprising directions, with the help of Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. Uranus governs the New Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Future, the Age of Freedom, the Age of Discovery.

Of course you will feel highs and lows, by placing your beliefs into some hopes and despairs. But if you are accepting of everything as it unfolds, you stay clear, steady, calm, you are not reacting to your thoughts or external stimuli to guide you… you are just a Human Being In Harmony… You are in a state of INNER JOY… The Joy full Jupiter is ruling the Sun in Sagittarius, so you don’t need an external stimuli to help you feel happy, you have Joy in you, so BE JOY.

With Mars now Direct at 16 degrees of Aries, the big shift in December, made of fire and air energy, will be a big Yang energy wave. So at this Eclipse time, allow this Yang Gemini air energy and Sagittarius fire energy, to inspire you to move in the world, with less noise, and more poise, and follow your intuition. So when you feel a calling to do something, then do it… if you don’t then don’t. You will sense when to act, and when to stay still.

This Gemini Eclipse is helping you with a beautiful Triangle conversation with Chiron in Aries. Chiron the Sacred Healer, is in a lovely Trine conversation with the Sun in Sagittarius, and in a lovely Sextile conversation with the Moon in Gemini.

Chiron is in the first sign of Aries, and its ruler Mars is also going through Aries, in Direct mode, so this is about all new beginnings… this is forward momentum here. So we have rapid healing happening at this time, and Chiron is helping you to see how you cause suffering, and to heal that pattern. And this Gemini Full Moon is about your thought patterns, so with Chiron you can experience a new way of living. 

At the time this Eclipse, that healing happens through awareness, through understanding, and when you stop using your mind as the go to solution center, you then start on a brand new path, you stop believing your thoughts, and you stop the source of your pain, you stop believing other people’s words about you, you stop being disappointed and hurt by what you are hearing.

We are still in the birth canal at this time, but now we are in the narrowest part, it is very tight, and it is very intense… however, we are starting to see at the end of this birth canal, more glimpses into the Light, because the huge shift of energy, as we move into mid-December… this is an evolution jump for us collectively, and an entire upgrade, not just for the Earth, but for the entire Solar System… and this is linked in to ancient prophecies, and with the whole Divine Plan indeed!

So the next few weeks is a very concentrated period, and you can use it as a preparation period… it will be very easy to get distracted, to get scattered with this Gemini energy, but Gemini is about CHOICES. So the best use of these coming weeks and even months really, is to focus inwards, to focus on your frequency. Because in that jump of energy around the mid-December, wherever you are at as individual, is going to determine your long-term trajectory.

So this Eclipse asks you to watch your frequency match. And if you are scattered, angry, fearful, that is not going to be a great place, in term of preparation for your take off on mid-December. 

But if you can just over the next month or so, keep your frequency high, find anything you can focus on to give you a sense of Joy, Peace, Gratitude, Appreciation, Compassion, Connection with others of like mind and heart… that will become your frequency match, and this will determine your trajectory going forwards.

So as you know, LIFE IS CHANGING… So are you willing to change? Are you willing to stay open? Gemini and sagittarius are Mutable signs, they adapt, they are flexible, they can stay open, they are independent. 

So at this Eclipse time, it is about looking at your ability to adapt, to not only the changing world, but changing directions in your own life, your own growth, with “ease and Grace”, and to understand the transition process energy as well.

So this is an interesting Lunar Eclipse, seeing something from a higher vantage point, being willing to make changes, being willing to let something go. This an opening, and it is whatever your intention is, whatever you choose to do with it, but it is shifting you into some new experiences, that you are ready for it, if that is the choice you want to make. 

So what are your choices?”… Choice not chance determines your destiny” – Aristotle.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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