This Scorpio New Moon happens on Sunday 15th November 2020 at 23 degrees 17’ Scorpio, at 3:07 PM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour my Stars Lovers, welcome to this New Moon in Scorpio.

This Scorpio New Moon is a big energy moment, and even if you are not a Scorpio, this Lunation impacts you as well, because you have Scorpio somewhere in your Birth chart. 

This time, the Sun and Moon are together united at 23 degrees of Scorpio… So check where 23 degrees of Scorpio falls in your Natal chart, and which House or area of life has Scorpio on its cusp, and this is where the energy of this New Moon strongly supports what you are passionate about. 

At New Moon time, Sun and Moon represent the Masculine and the Feminine in union, to create a new energy together. And every New moon is a time of INTENTION, a seeding time, and birthing something into your life, into your energy or into your world. So don’t forget to set an intention for yourself and for Mother Earth as well.

So what Scorpio stands for? Scorpio uncovers the truth, it purges the depths in order for you to see what is actually real, and so there is a great sense of observation at this time, observing everything, everyone… and Scorpio is about intuiting as well, and more understanding. Scorpio can disempower or empower, and it brings up any control issues that may be there in any relationship, where you are acting from either a place of Love and compassion, or you are acting in a self-centered way. 

So with Scorpio, there is a great sense of bringing things to light… and it is strange, because New Moons are about the absence of Light… that is when the sky is the darkest, you can see the bright stars, the Milky Way, and so it brings the Light of the Universe into your heart. Whereas at Full Moons, the night sky is not as readily available, so the Full Moons bring more the human experience to Light.

Scorpio is a water sign, and it is about connection, because water is the most amazing connector that we have, in terms of reaching each other through our heart center, which water governs… Mother Earth is mostly water as well, and we as human being are about 80% water… so we all communicate through water.

So this is a very intense New Moon, not only because it is in Scorpio, which is to do with intensity and passion, but also because at this time, Mars is  Direct at 15 degrees of Aries, and Mars is the initial ruler of Scorpio, so he is really emphasised at this time. 

Mars was Stationary-Direct on November 13th, few days before this New Moon, so he is still very slow in his Direct motion. But now Mars is revving his engine, feeling up his tanks to go forward, with a new understanding of what he really wants, and needs, and how he is motivated to go after something, that has been calling to him. 

The modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, and Pluto is about Life-Death-Transformation, about change and empowerment. 

So this Scorpio New Moon, wants you to find the power to raise the energy of Mars to a higher level, and bring it inward, to become more coherent and less scattered… so then this becomes your warrior courage, your conviction, your hero energy, in what you want to achieve. 

With Mars in Aries, there is a lot of focus here, and intense drive, and Mars as the initial ruler of Scorpio, represents the scorpio symbol of Scorpio, the animal instinct, the gut reaction, it is where you feel those primal urges, or anger, aggression, impulsivity… Whereas Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio, is related to spiritual transformation. He represents the Phoenix symbol of Scorpio, the ability to rise above the chaos, and volatility, and all that you are going to be seeing unfolding in your world… and get to the Phoenix perch of neutrality, of objectivity, knowing where you are putting your energy, and what you are creating. So that Phoenix perch gives you this opportunity to break the old patterns and get something better. 

Mars in Aries has been meeting up with the Capricorn team, Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, through a dynamic Square conversation.

And this creates frustration, delays, challenges, a slow down… but ultimately, asking you to realign yourself with something tangible, concrete, responsible, committed, full of integrity and self-respect. Now with Mars in Direct motion, the wind is at your back, and you are wiser, more mature, and able to move ahead, with a higher consciousness. Mars does stay in Aries until the first week in January 2021, so keep that in mind, that there is still a long time with Mars in Aries, and this will put you in alignment for the fresh starts that are coming in 2021.

So you have matured this year, and you are meant to make a new start, with the support of the Capricorn team, Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn. So trust that at this time, this new start is really supported, it is powerful, and it could feel like it is clearer to you now… what you need to do, what you want to do, what honours you, what direction, ambition, achievement you are ready to move towards, where you are meant to rise in a sense of power, like the Phoenix, the highest symbol of Scorpio. 

This Scorpio New Moon is a time of support for moving ahead into the next chapter of your life. And it could also be about a higher understanding of your next goals and ambitions… and where you need to go in your life, to feel like you are really living a powerful and passionate life. 

Scorpio being a water sign, is aligned with intuition and the Divine Feminine…, and the number “23” vibration at this time, is about freedom, confidence, strength, courage, and the Sacred Masculine… so this Feminine/Masculine blend creates supreme balance, so everything that you are doing at this time is about REBALANCING energy. 

What helping this Rebalancing process is a beautiful connection, that is the New Moon, in a lovely Sextile conversation with “the Capricorn team”, Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn.

And within this conversation the New Moon-Jupiter Sextile is the strongest connection because it is exact, as Jupiter-Sun-Moon are all sitting on 23 degrees of their respective signs. This conversation is about expansion and enhancing life, and fortunate events, and wisdom, so this is “feel good” energy, that brings so many advantages in this mid-November, to just allowing LOVE TO FLOOD YOUR HEART.

Pluto-New Moon Sextile is also powerful, as Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, and it is about unseen energy coming to surface, just like things you were not conscious of, is now coming really clear. So what is under the surface is calling for attention, and this is about power, this is about where the flow of energy is coming from. 

With Saturn-New Moon Sextile you are taking your feelings seriously, you have more self-control, and you understand the value of duty, and having a plan that you can implement with flexibility of course… because everything is  water, and is very much a fluid experience. And Saturn also gives patience and perseverance, and so there is a quietude and a serenity at this time, that can be taken advantage of, when Saturn is in play.

So there is a lot of good things to focus on at this time, including having some kind of structures about where you are heading, in terms of your goals, because there is a lot of magnetism and mysterious attraction at this time. 

The energy of the Capricorn team has been highlighted all year long, and you can see that at this time, Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn are all in Direct mode, moving forward, and they really add a seriousness to this New Moon. 

A seriousness based on what you have changed, and discovered about your life and your world, through 2020… what you have transformed, the fears you have faced, what has changed for you at a very deep level of your being.

So be aware that around this Scorpio New Moon time, there is an overall change of energy, things move forward, there is a deeper transformation.  

So this Scorpio New Moon-Capricorn team Sextile conversation is supportive, giving you new energy to move forward… and yet with this Scorpio New Moon, you have to let things go as well. Pluto is very powerful at this Scorpio New Moon time, and you are really meant to look at what you have learned, even if you feel like you have lost a lot this year. Scorpio is also about what you let go of, and then allow an opening for a new opportunity, a new potential, a new energy to come forward, that you merge with… but there can be loss with Scorpio. 

And this Pluto energy being so strong, reminds you of your Soul’s ongoing journey, and that the Soul never loses anything… at a Soul level it is like the law of the French chemist Lavoisier saying… “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”… So the sense of REBIRTH is very strong at this time, and this Rebirth happens at a pace, on a timeline that can feel inconvenient, or uncomfortable for your human self, but this is like a resurgence of your Soul energy.

So have a way to open your mind to new ways of feeling and healing body-mind-spirit, because it really begins within you, the abundant sense of what is possible, your potential. So at the time of this New Moon, just tune into the expansive Jupiterian positive outlook, which will empower you to move forward, and take away all those false beliefs about what it means to be abundant. 

There is a strong IKE calling here… IKE the first Hawaiian Principle of Huna – “IKE: the world is what you think it is”…What you think, your ideas, create your reality. The world is exactly what you think it is. And IKE is a particularly important principle for healing as well, as it is known that spontaneous remission can occur by changing your outlook, or belief, of transforming illness to health. So think for a moment of important changes that you have made through becoming aware of other options in your life… IKEmeans vision, sight, foresight, and a way of seeing the World and yourself… so with IKE think positive.

This New Moon is about powerful life changes, powerful releases, things that were not even in your control, and you can feel very powerless. So the feeling of POWERLESSNESS can be very strong at this time… but it is time to change that, because you are never truly a victim, never at a Soul level, never at an energetic level… it is what you choose to work with, it is what you choose to believe, and how those beliefs then energise the energy going forward… again there is a strong IKE flavour here.

IKE refers to the importance of belief. Whatever you believe in, you will manifest. If you believe the world is a place full of struggle and hardship, then surely hardship and struggle will come your way.

So there is a strong urge to dig deep at this New Moon time, and that is really emphasised by Mercury at 5 degrees Scorpio, in a third and final opposition to Uranus Retrograde at 8 degrees of Taurus.

This final Mercury-Uranus opposition will be exact on November 17th, just few days after this New Moon, and it is about a revelation, an understanding, about whatever have been bothering you down mentally, that has felt fearful, heavy, challenging, discouraging… anything that has really triggered a deeper emotional process in you. This opposition has had different energies of clearing, throughout October and into November. This energy was strong during the last Taurus Full Moon, and it is now back, and it has the potential, depending of your willingness and your intention, to break you free… to break you free of the mental fears. And it is wise to honour your fears, to see them as messengers, to understand them as a part of your experience, that is warning you of potential danger… they want to keep you safe. 

So the Scorpio New Moon and Mercury-Uranus opposition, is about breakout energy, because Uranus in Taurus is the stronger energy at work. Mercury and Uranus a very related, they really are like two brothers. Mercury being the younger brother, the lower octave, he is about the human mind… whereas Uranus is the big brother, the higher octave, he is about the universal intelligence, the cosmic wisdom, that we don’t always see in our humanness. So breakout energy is very strong between Mercury and Uranus.

Mercury in Scorpio is digging deep into the secrets, and Uranus in Taurus is about clarity, truth and awakening… so this Mercury-Uranus conversation is very much connected to disclosure. A lot is going to come to light at this time, and with Mercury-Uranus opposition, you can get downloads of information, you could even get galactic news a this time.

Another conversation at this New Moon time, is Venus at 22 degrees of Libra, in an exact challenging Square conversation with Pluto at 22 degrees of Capricorn.

That can impact your intimate relationships, understanding the values in your life, and managing any control issues. If you feel like you are not of value in a relationship, and if you continue the relationship, you are going to be attracting people who don’t value you. You need to observe whether you have been fearful, or feeling unloved, because you don’t want to get into that dangerous cycle of manipulation, and possessiveness. 

So the focus at this time is on healthy relationships, and if you are in a healthy relationship, and surrounded by people who truly support you in a positively way, then the attraction between you two, is very magnetic and powerful at this New Moon time.

A very beautiful conversation at this time, is the Scorpio New Moon in a lovely Trine with Neptune Retrograde in Pisces.

Neptune is a water planet, and Neptune is in her own sign of Pisces, another water sign. So it is a very affectionate, sensitive, compassionate energy here…so LET YOUR LOVE FLOW.

“Just let your love flow like a mountain stream

And let your love grow with the smallest of dreams

And let your love show and you’ll know what I mean

It’s the season”

Scorpio and Pisces as water signs are always in motion, it is fluid energy, it is a wave, and the “wave” symbol is the symbol of the sign of Aquarius, the “Water Bearer”. So you are becoming more fluid in these time of tremendous change, you are able to move energy more quickly, and you see energy in motion in everything that is happening in your life, and in general. So this Scorpio New Moon reminds you of that water is always flowing, and that life therefore is always in a place of expansion, that life is a process, the act of living is literally the engagement in a process that is wave like… IT IS A FLOW.

So in that sense, when you look at how you have put an emphasis on WHAT you are doing, instead of HOW you are doing things… this is the big shift at this time… WHAT you are doing is very linear, but have you ever considered you don’t even ask yourself HOW you are doing it?… and it is HOW that really is coming into play at this time. 

So you don’t want to put as much emphasis on the outcome, which is the WHAT… You want to allow it to unfold, it is the process itself, the HOW, that matters. Because when it comes down to… it is HOW you treat people, it is HOW you do things… that what will be remembered, it is HOW YOU MAKE PEOPLE FEEL.

And be aware of the shadow side of Scorpio… it is to be secretive, to hide the truth for fear of coming out as vulnerable, and so you need to overcome that fear. And instead of going into a linear way, choose the energy of the SPIRAL, and never doing something for the sake of reaching a specific goal… but just enjoying the process itself. 

So at this New Moon time, watch that linear thinking, and be aware that multi-dimensions are opening up, and be water because we are moving into time that is flowing… it is about the Aquarian Water Bearer flowing air sign, it is very fast, it is instant and telepathic, it is about frequencies, and it is actually timeless in the multi-dimensional reality. So when you step out of your fears, and you just do your sacred work, the work that is committed to Love and Light, you can access this incredible TIMELESSNESS. 

So it is important at this time, to just fully accept the soothing sense of belonging to a global human family, a galactic family, and to release your fear of commitment to the old way. 

So that means make this New Moon a profound new beginning to welcome self-mastery, to listen to your intuition on HOW to do things, HOW to act. 

And to TAKE THE HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL ROAD… and remember, you came here to Love, you came here to experience Love, to share Love, and to create Love in every waking moment that you have. 


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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