This Virgo New Moon happens on Wednesday the 20th of September at 3:30pm Queensland time.
Happening two and a half weeks after the powerful Eclipses of August, this Virgo New Moon sits at 27 degrees, 27 being the number of unconditional Love and Release. So having Compassion, opening our heart and having the sense that we are all One, that we are all here for each other, that we can all do our part everyday. This starts at home because Virgo is a sign of Earth and what you do everyday.
With this New Moon what is extraordinary is that we have all five personal planets, Mercury -Venus -Mars and the Sun all in the sign of Virgo, and we have the Moon of course conjoined with the Sun. So it is a rare lunation that accentuates the Virgo message, which among other things is about healing and health and personal transformation , and this is happening from what you do in any moment of your day.

Regarding the health and healing aspect…Virgo focuses on your daily life that’s mean what are you doing about your health, your nutrition, your thoughts … your thoughts because planet Mercury rules Virgo, Mercury is the Messenger that governs the mind, Mercury recently moves forward again so your mind is definitively more acute. So anything that needs meticulous attention, how you plan your day, how efficient are you, self improvement… so Yoga, breathing, fasting, cleansing, starting a new exercise or a new nutrition program… this is all supported right now… your attitude toward your physical body , toward Earth, understanding that we have natural remedies that come directly from the Earth… so it is about changing your attitudes towards those and allowing the Earth to support you…. A time to cultivate your MANA, standing strong, grounded, “ all power comes from within” – Be confident – I am confident.

This Virgo New Moon, Sun and Moon conjoined, is exactly opposite planet Chiron the great Healer. So Chiron is about healing from something in your own life and paying attention to all parts of you ,the physical, emotional, the spiritual and mental. We are all at a pivot point right now, understanding things about ourselves that will change the direction we take. So with the goals you are setting, you want to feel a sense of fulfilment in your daily life, and if you are not feeling that sense of connection, you need to revisit those goals and change them so that the fulfilment is there.

Regarding the personal transformation aspect that we are experiencing , we are in 2017 a number 1 year, this is a major shift, we are all changing during this year, and this is emphasised right now by 8 planets positioned in Mutable Signs ( Gemini-Sagittarius-Virgo-Pisces), and the Mutable signs are about change, to be opened, flexible, finding your flow and going with it, being creative…yes your creativity is so powerful right now, and Virgo being a Earth sign therefore it is perfect for manifesting. This New Moon has also a great MAKIA flavour…what you are perceiving, what you have your intention on, what you have your focus on is manifesting fast, so that creative energy of the Mutable signs is now able to ground more in a wonderful way.

Another dynamic during this Virgo New Moon is Planet Neptune opposite Mercury, so this really increases your imagination, your intuition, again your creativity. Neptune wants you to relax, want to dissolve your Mercurial mind . Mercury is about your mind pattern , how you think, and Neptune brings balance and want to dissolve any limiting beliefs you have. It is like a great cleansing of your rigid beliefs, nothing can be taken for granted as everything is constantly shifting and transforming. It is an opportunity to step beyond your limitations, a great KALA moment to free your mind-body- spirit…So with this opposition of Neptune and Mercury, any rigid ways of thinking or feeling are brought to the surface, therefore to contemplate what is holding you back.
So if we blend the opposition of Sun-Moon to Chiron mentioned earlier and this second opposition of Neptune to Mercury, it is really asking you what frequency are you broadcasting from, where are you aligned, what ever it is, it is asking you what it is you have chosen to align with in any moment?

And this Virgo New Moon brings also the dynamic of Planet Uranus positioned at 27 degrees of Aries and the New Moon at 27 degrees of Virgo. Uranus the Planet of breakthroughs and 27 degrees help us to release energy to create shift and transformation. With Uranus this will happen through unexpected events, sudden things that come up, because the theme of Uranus is to set us free. In this case the liberation is very healing and transformative because of that wonderful Virgo Earth energy.

Another flavour of this New Moon is Jupiter the planet of joy and plenty opposite Uranus, creating a sense of your perception changing and yearning for a new way of living on Earth, being very confident, not being afraid of any changes you need to make and also understanding that whatever you put your focus on can change in an instant.

Finally Mercury the ruler of Virgo, the ruler of this New Moon is in good aspect, a trine, with Planet Pluto, which is fantastic because Pluto empowers. So the way you perceive the world is undergoing a radical transformation in a beautiful way because of the trine aspect. So you can experience life from a completely new perceptive now, because you have been empowered because of the change.
With this New Moon you want to release and accept those opportunities that are coming your way that are asking you to step up into leadership, because 27 degrees and Pluto are both about wise leadership, setting an example through compassion.

This Virgo New Moon is a great recipe where we have all the ingredients of new beginning of 2017 being a number 1 year, with release and purging , and this will continue throughout the month coming.
And remember the great Fall equinox in Northern Hemisphere and Spring Equinox in Southern Hemisphere on the 22nd of September …a perfect time for rebalancing.

Wake up to the fact that your life is a precious gift. Plant seeds that are likely to produce the kind of fruit that can sustain your Soul… Aloha❤️

PS: If you would like to find out how this affects you personally, feel free to contact me for a reading….