For us in Queensland Australia, this New Moon happens tomorrow at 5:13 AM… so right now we are in the heart of it .
It is a very beautiful New Moon in Libra, the sign of harmony, kindness and love, Libra the sign of the scale is all about balance and relationships. So all your relationships, business or personal, are lit up at this time. This New Moon is everything to do with freedom and authenticity in your relationships.
At this New Moon we have Sun/Moon in Libra all together with Jupiter/Mercury in Scorpio, like a little family, a little Ohana. Sun/Moon in Libra is about meeting your balance, meeting people, relationships, peace, harmony, love… and Jupiter/Mercury in Scorpio says “ lets go deeper to find out more about you, lets become more intimate, lets get closer”… At the same time this little Ohana opposes the planet Uranus in Aries, the sign of “Me”…”What do I want? Where am I in the picture of relationship?
With Uranus in opposition to the little Ohana of planets, the call from freedom is huge. Uranus is very much an awakener, an opportunity to rewire relationships. So if you have difficult relationships or relationships that have been very turbulent, well there could be some very sudden, unexpected , even chocking events, or exciting breakthroughs at this time. When Uranus wakes you up with turbulences , you may feel uncomfortable, but it may say to you “ Hey it’s time to get out of this relationship! … Hey it’s time to move on”… or it’s time to change it, to reinvent this relationship.
This Libra new Moon brings you gifts. After the turbulences, once you get through the adjustment period, you recognise what the gifts bring you in term of seeing the truth… So THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE is a very important Mantra here. With Libra new Moon you oscillate, hesitate, one day you may feel like leaving, the next day you reconsidering stay, and the Jupiter/Mercury is asking you to go deeper to ask yourself those deeper questions about “ What do I really want?”
Jupiter being so positive is going to expand your energy, to makes you feel lucky, glowing, joyful and fortunate. So you want to take advantage of these exciting gifts that will come your way such as clarity, wisdom, enhanced awareness , that recognise the Divine messenger in you… because Mercury the Great Messenger is part of this Ohana. So how you communicate will be received in a most positive way… there will be less judgment and more flexibility.
This Libra New Moon brings a real longing for Soul relationships, Soul connections… She teaches you to stand free in your relationship, to have no expectations, no attachments and to move in freedom and then allow other people to move in that freedom… in this way a relationship can come back alive again… you can create a new relationship… it is indeed a Soul connection.
So many of us focus on the one Soul mate, there is just one person that you are longing for, and this is ok… however the awakening message of this New Moon time is about the opportunity to make Soul connection with different kinds of people. Changing the way you see relationship and being aware that you really can connect with just about everybody… Are you ready to go to that deep Soul level? … And of course remember on one side with the Libra New Moon you very much want to please people, so you may meet some “ouch” challenging emotions, disruptions and may feel hurt, but the Uranus opposition is saying “ ok have your feelings and then move on, get rewired!”…
During this Libra New Moon we have another aspect to consider, which is planets Mars and Chiron both at 90 degrees of Saturn, all of them creating what is called a “T-Square” which is tension but is also carrying a lot of activation. We need to have tension to get us motivated, it is like receiving a kick in the butt for us to advance…then we can apply ourselves … so don’t fight the healing process in this tension that takes place. Mars is asking you to take charge, to do something about what is painful and then allow it to unfold and the healing will happen. Saturn makes sure that you take it seriously.
On the other side another aspect is Chiron relating so tightly with this New Moon (at an angle of 150 degrees) . It brings healing through Love, so the love you feel from your heart toward yourself and towards those who are in your life and even those who are not… you share your love and you send your love…
The final aspect to consider is Sun/Moon sending a beautiful aspect of 60 degrees to Saturn. This brings a lot of relief to the flavour of unexpectedness and also soften the “kick in the butt” , it allows you to focus, it brings a lot of creativity as it triggering a beautiful Fire grand trine we have hovering above us all this year, between Saturn/Sagittarius, Uranus/Aries and the Moon North Node/Leo.
So right now you are assimilating a lot of changes since the big Eclipse on August 21st…so much has shifted… so recognise that, and consciously engage with the gifts what are brought, everything in the end is an awakening of taking you to a higher place , a higher level of understanding… so act on it… make sure you nurture the shift…follow your flow on the road that leads you to where you feel your life is actually a new adventure a new exciting place to be.

Aloha rain to You all and thank you for reading…

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