This Super Full Moon on the 4th of November at 3:21pm Queensland time Australia, at almost 12 degrees of Taurus is shining her Light on your Love and value. The Moon is in Taurus opposing Sun conjoined Jupiter in Scorpio.
It is a Super Moon because the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit, therefore there is a much stronger gravitational pull on the tides, the tides of the great oceans as well as your own body tides.
I call it the MANAWA Moon, because Taurus is about MANAWA, about slowing down, to be quiet, gentle, to feel the power of living that present moment here right now and revel in it, enjoy it… MANAWA…now is the moment of power … be present…I am present.
During this Full Moon time enjoy the harmonious energy flow of Sun /Jupiter conjoined in Scorpio and in friendly connection with Neptune in Pisces which is uplifting, inspiring and encouraging… Powerful Pluto the ruler of Scorpio is also in friendly terms with Sun and Moon…
What amazing story are they telling us?
It is the time to let go of what has been in the way, whether it’s self imposed limitations, or things that you have accepted along the way… and now this Taurus Moon is saying “ release, transform, purge… and soar higher into what is most important to You”. Taurus is about your core values, your true values. When you align your goals with your true values this promotes your success. MANAWA Taurus Moon says “ Your power is in the choice you make Now”… and your future is determined by it… your freedom and joy is in your ability to live authentically and in alignment with your true values… What You love and value is unique to You, it makes You what You are.
Taurus also reveals your attitude towards money, security and pleasure. Taurus rules your inner resources (your talents, your gifts, your abilities…) and your outer resources ( your investments, your time, your energy, your heart, your money) … You want to use your inner and outer resources to create a life you truly desire.
The Sun in Scorpio governs emotional truth… Scorpio rules what is hidden beneath the surface. You are made of both Light and Dark… You have a Shadow, these are the underdeveloped aspects of yourself, more importantly your untapped potential. So at this Taurus Full Moon time go deep within and love yourself…embrace the underdeveloped parts of yourself… love both your Light and your Dark… this creates balance. Ask yourself “ What am I repressing?”… “ What is driving my choices?”…”Am I coming from Love or Fear?… So what is been revealed to You at the time of this Taurus Full Moon?.
Taurus and Scorpio are the most stubborn signs of the Zodiac… So You want to look at your stubbornness or your resistance… Have you been stubborn because you feel strong or right?…or have you been stubborn but really masking the fear of making the needed changes? .
The Scorpio Sun is asking You to be fearless and brave. Scorpio is about truth and Pluto its ruler is about power… so ask yourself: “ how do I use my Power?… “How do I own my power?”…or
“ how Do I give my power away?”…
Venus rules this Full Moon because Venus is the ruler of Taurus…Venus rules Taurus and Libra…and at this Full Moon, she is in Libra (sign of codependence ), in direct opposition to Uranus in Aries (sign of independence)… and they both in challenging dialogue (Square) with Pluto (sign of power).
This is where surprises and unpredictability can be occurring especially in your relationships… You need to take a look at where You may need more independence, where You may need to be less codependent… the goal here is to become interdependent, where you relate with your partners in a way that is healthy, where they won’t come over your boundaries and take advantage of You, use or abuse You. If You are not already in a relationship this could bring about a new very exciting relationship for You in which You feel an emotional awakening… If that is not happening that could well be a big shake up in your current relationship… there may be tension between control, security, freedom, independence … This may be a breaking free from some kind of situations that held You hostage or through obligatory beliefs or situations.
Uranus in Aries breaks up stagnation and may bring new dynamics into your relationships, new pathways… This is time to walk your talk, being true to yourself and therefore stepping out from the stagnant patterns.
This Super Full Moon is a perfect time to push the reset button… You need to reset or you get stale or bored… You need to inject new energy into what You are doing, into your life…. it is a time to get a new project, start a new business, a new hobby… and focusing your energy on something that’s creative for You. When you are tapping into your creativity You are building wealth and abundance in your life. And this Full Moon is inviting You to do that, because Jupiter conjoined Sun is about great abundance.
Venus the ruler of this Taurus Moon is your ability to receive Love… so how good are You at receiving from others ? If You are not set up to receive then how are you going to build your health, your wealth, your love?
And first of all, giving thanks is really important in the formula of building abundance in your life. So be grateful for the knowledge, the power, the beautiful day, the food on your table, the clean water, the fresh air…because not all parts of the world have that. So the more You can resonate to an attitude of gratitude the more You can build abundance in your life. When You appreciate what you have, You are in an energy flow of receiving with the universe.
This Taurus Full Moon brings things to completion or culmination, where You may see a closure, where secrets can be revealed, good or bad. Taurus is about Mother Earth, Nature, fertility, creativity, sensuality…your senses are heightened … so tune in into Mother Earth and feel her richness, appreciate the odours and colours in Nature, think about your creativity… “What can I do to stimulate my senses at this time?”… “ what could I do around this Full Moon time to feel very grounded, connected to ME, connected to my body?”.
This is an auspicious time to be peaceful and to listen to the signs and sounds, to be in nature and sense the simple rhythm of the Earth resonating with yours…To also listen to your voices within… If You attend to every bit of sound that come into your ears, it would blow You away. You would hear your inner voices dialogue and this could be very empowering , inspiring and healing.
This Taurus Full Moon sees Jupiter in a very tight sextile (60 degrees) to Neptune… Neptune blends the MANAWA flavour of this Super Moon with the essence of ALOHA…Neptune is compassion and unconditional love, and the capacity to support and help others. Jupiter and Neptune are both about miracle and healing, they can bring in some new modalities, new ways of looking at how we can heal ourselves and our Blue planet.
Taurus speaks to living by your value system… so during this Full Moon you may ask yourself: “Am I living in accordance with what I truly value?”
The message of this Taurus Full Moon is: “Be in alignment with receiving…Move away from stagnancy…Be opened to new pathways… Be fearless and come from Love and Power”.
The MANAWA Taurus Full Moon is going to look huge, it is a Super Moon, so I encourage you to be outside to witness its majesty, to ground yourself on Mother Earth and tune in and to revel at the reflection of your wonderful true Self.


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…
Francoise/Frankie ❤️

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