This New Moon happens at 26 degrees 54’ of Capricorn on Wednesday 17 January 2018 at 12:16pm Queensland time Australia.

So what this amazing New Moon in Capricorn is all about?
Lately there is a lot of talk about Capricorn energy, especially because we are all preparing for 2020 where there will be a massive line up of important planets all in Capricorn. We have got also Saturn just entered in Capricorn, its ruler, and we have got Pluto being in Capricorn since 2008, and he is going to be there until 2024.
So this New Moon gives us a taste of what we are going to expect in 2020. We are now building towards this next big pivotal year 2020, and in that year there is great emphasis not only in Capricorn, because we have Saturn and Pluto there and later in the year they are joined by Jupiter… but this is the last third of Capricorn, from the 20 degrees to the end of Capricorn that is really going to be activated in 2020.
And now we have this New Moon in Capricorn at 26 degrees 54’, so You may see some themes arising in your world that give You a bit of insights to what is going to unfold for You in 2020. But certainly this first New Moon of the year 2018 is not only a great time to set your intention, but it will help to set the tone for the whole of the year.
I see this as a reminder of what Capricorn energy is all about, because during this New Moon we have got six of the ten planets all in Capricorn… Saturn-Mercury-Pluto-Moon-Sun-Venus.
So let’s look at some keywords for Capricorn sign of Earth… structure, patience, integrity, wisdom, Capricorn is the builder of the zodiac, ambition, achievement, goals, accomplishment, strategy, plan… be aware of all these keywords during this New Moon.

During this New Moon we have six planets in Capricorn and one planet in Aries, so in total we have seven planets in Cardinal signs. Cardinality is about action and about goals setting, and that is very much the flavour of Capricorn too. So this is a terrific time to set a new intention as it is always good to do that at the New Moon because she represents a new beginning.
But this is a particularly action oriented New Moon, not only because it is in Capricorn and there is an emphasis on Cardinality, but also because all the planets are moving forward.
Remember that from the 2nd of January Uranus turned direct, and up to 9th of March 2018 all the planets are going in direct motion. I have mentioned that in my last blog. This is quite unusual to have this for a period of 2 months with all planets moving forward, so this is a great opportunity during 2018 to move projects forward, to progress whatever work You want to accelerate this time.

What is also important at this New Moon is that within the bunch of planets in Capricorn, we have got four planets that are sending a Square to Uranus in Aries. So this Square emphasises the need for taking action, and You know now that New Moon always bring an opportunity for new beginnings. When we see all these Planets in Capricorn, and Capricorn sometimes can be a little bit like « same old, get into habits, get used to it, routine, it is about finding something that works and sticking to it”, which is great… but sometimes it is important just to break out… and during this New Moon, the Square to Uranus wants You to wake up, break out, do something in a new way, surprise yourself by doing something You did not think You could do. Often Uranus is a wake up call…So at the time of this New Moon in Capricorn and with the Square of Uranus, ask yourself “what can I surprise myself with?”
This New Moon in Capricorn squaring Uranus is about being willing to step out in who ever you are in all your weirdness and strangeness…“Just be Who You are”… and as more of us are doing that, it gives more of us permission to bring out that oddness, that quirkyness…. otherwise it is boring, that is the issue with Capricorn, You don’t want boring… so this is an exciting New Moon indeed.

Now there is a very interesting split that is happening at this New Moon, because we have a polarity happening… there is the six planets in Capricorn, and Capricorn is also connected to government, big corporations, it is about law of order, about rules and regulations, about social control, Capricorn is about autocratic power…However with the strong Square happening between the New Moon and Uranus, this is a completely different energy. Uranus is the maverick of revolution, he is about freedom, independence and about awakening, a spiritual awakening. So You may find that during this New Moon You may be getting downloads of information, because Uranus is connected to what we call the “mind of God”, the High Spirit, your own Amakua, so You could get a very high level of information at this time. It is a wonderful time to awaken, to shift your consciousness. Uranus is very much about authenticity, so comes the question “Who are You?”. At a profound level “ Who are You without your job, without your social status, your title?”. At your Soul level “Who am I?”…it is a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives.

Uranus squaring the New Moon is also about vibration, so the other thing that you are encouraged to do, and this is becoming increasingly important, is to learn how to become the master of your frequency. Your chart is your astrological DNA , and You are all living your symbolism everyday, every moment of your life. But I don’t know at which level of consciousness You are living your life. If You are at the lower level, You are then living from the outside in, You may feel like the life is unfair, You feel like a victim, You feel overwhelmed by events personal or global… however, if You can shift your frequency by tuning your inner dial, then things start to change, You change your level of frequency then You change your level of consciousness.
If You can tune your frequency to Love, Peace or Joy, whatever You desire to attract into your life, You will be tuned to the correct frequencies to attract these experiences into your reality. You can master the control of your frequency through meditation, breath work, Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi… whatever energy system resonates for You, your PONO system…. Remember once You are the master of your frequency You are the master of your destiny.

Also during this New Moon, we have got Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio, which is a Water energy. So we have got lot of Water and Earth, and this brings a great potential for healing at this time. With Uranus energy there is an opportunity for spontaneous healing, spontaneous shift. So there are magical possibilities during this New Moon, You are collaborating, You are focusing, You are doing things You did not think You could do… and with Uranus You may realise that You are a great channeller, and remember this is a time of wake up call to see different perspectives. Capricorn is much about reality, “this is how it is”, and Uranus says “ but is that reality?”… It might be your reality but not somebody else reality… so this is a great opening in your heart, in your mind, to other possibilities here.

The New Moon in Capricorn happens at 26 degrees 54’, therefore the full 27 degree is highlighted. And there is a beautiful symbol attached to the 27degrees of Capricorn. It is a metaphor called a Sabian Symbol and each degree of the zodiac got one. So for 27 degrees of Capricorn, the Sabian Symbol is “ Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine”… “This represents the ascent of the individualised consciousness to the highest realisations reached by the spiritual leaders of its culture. We hear a great deal now about “peak experiences”, but this Symbol tells us that they depend to a very great extent upon following a path that many have trod before, under the inspiration of the great Teachers and Sages of our race. We witness the rise of the human consciousness”… this is spot on because nowadays so many people are waking up to who they really are.

From the 7th until the 26th of January we have a beautiful and empowering energy with Jupiter/ Scorpio in very good aspect with Pluto/Capricorn. At the higher vibration this is about serving to birth, to transform and expand spiritual concepts in people mind and heart. It is power in spiritual direction, and in wisdom and expansion. It is also transforming leadership too. Leadership in your life, your own leadership, being your own authority. There will be developments in some areas of your life through this month…your work, your relationships with authority figures, including your parents…this may be a time where you may feel supported from others, perhaps because you are allowing that in… and also giving support to others.

Chiron is also in friendly aspect to the New Moon… there comes the empathy , the caring.
With the bunch of planets in Capricorn there is also fear involved, fear of loosing the power, the control, or fear of not having enough to survive, or your rights are taken away…so there could be lot of fear going on, lot of tension… so it is nice to have Chiron to care.
This New Moon in Capricorn also conjunct Venus… so Venus will soften and make things more sweet and loving. This is about relationships, women rights, your value system, your finances, your self esteem … with the Square with Uranus “ Are there some areas which You need to liberate?”… “ Are there some adjustments You need to do in regard to your work, your need for autonomy and independence?” … may be some of You will be contemplating some job changes, some life directional changes.
So this New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Venus, square Uranus but has also a good connection with Mars in Scorpio… You see the male and female principles is being brought again. Mars in Scorpio gives the confidence , the energy and the wisdom….and it is about awakening duality, and restructuring the form of your life, and manifestation and the awareness of light and dark.

So I wish You to enjoy this New Moon in Capricorn “Go on I dare You”.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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