The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse occurs at 11 degrees 37’ Leo on Wednesday January 31st, 11:27 PM Queensland Time Australia.
The Eclipse will be visible from Africa, Asia, North America and Australia WA.

First I want to remind You that at the moment all planets are moving direct, and they are doing that up to the 9th of March, when Jupiter will retrograde. So it is a great opportunity to move forwards with your projects, because You have the cosmic wind blowing your sails.
We are in the Eclipses season so it is a very dynamic period of time. Eclipses happens in pairs of signs for a period of about 18 months. So currently we are in a Leo/Aquarius pairing, and this pairing began on the Lunar Eclipse of 11th of February 2017, and it will end on August 2018. After August 2018 the Eclipses will start to happen in the pairing of Cancer/Capricorn so that will activate different aspects of your life.

So welcome to the first Eclipse of the year 2018!
The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on 31st of January is deeply connected to the Total Solar Eclipse of the 31st of August last year 2017. Remember what was happening in your life at that time, because that was a big new beginning of some kind, and now it’s coming to a culmination or fruition, or ready to be eclipsed, or there may be something that You are ready to let go of.
This is another Super Moon very close to Earth, and for some it is also a Blue Moon as it is the second Full Moon within one calendar month.
At Full Moons the Sun and Moon are always in opposition, which is partly why this makes them more intense. The Moon is full so the gravitational force is at its strongest…the water levels, the tides are higher, so the emotions and the fluids in our body. The Sun is shining in its masculine principle, to be active and to take charge in his leadership mode, opposite the feminine energy receptive, quiet, feeling of the Moon.

Full Moon-Eclipses are about chapter endings , in order to embark upon the next chapter. There is a strong sense of finalisation of a circumstance, situation or relationship.
This Full Moon is even more intense because it is happening in Leo, a fixed sign. Fixed signs ( Taurus-Scorpio-Aquarius-Leo) means something that is stubborn, committed, it does not back down, it is strong but it is not flexible.
So when you have this fixed energy opposing, what is going to happen? It can cause internal struggle, conflicts, push things to the surface that you are stubborn about, or confront you with the need to make a decision or to let go and move forward. Everybody is affected by a Full Moon but in different ways and different intensity… but a Full Moon is always a potential time of change.
This time we have the Sun-Venus-South Node all lining up in Aquarius.
Venus and the Sun in Aquarius are more unconventional, rebellious, intellectual, does not want to show feelings.They are really strong together, as they bring charm, confidence, You are who You are… And at this Full Moon Sun and Venus square Jupiter so this can create quite a push/pull situation, because Jupiter/Scorpio is very deep, penetrating, does not want to stay on the surface, is very investigative…it demands the truth and that You go and find it, and want You to express passionately.
On the other side, opposing the Sun-South Node-Venus conjunction we have the Moon conjunct North Node in Leo. This means that the karmic direction we need to go at this Full Moon time is toward the Leo side.
Leo is about “I just want to be ME, I just want to shine, to express myself and be playful or dramatic if I want to, and take centre stage in some way”… However with the flavour of Sun-Venus in Aquarius You just want to stay in the background, and with Jupiter in Scorpio You don’t want to be seen at all, You are hidden. So with all this push and pull come the questions “ Where is my place?” …” Do I stand out and shine?”…”Do I stay in the background?”… “Do I put up a wall of intellect?…” Do I probe deeper like a psychologist”… or do you say “ Hey I am just ME, I am radiating my light, I am playful, creative, and I have fun”.
In Leo the focus is on your heart, pleasure, creativity, love, children, leadership, self-confidence…
Leo is about being a Star, it is about YOU starring in your life, coming out, being who You are…Look at little children, before the mind starts to kick in, they not judging everything, they are just looking around with awe, they are just right here Now. So this Full Moon Leo is an opportunity to get to the feeling of the child within You.
And with the lovely Trine between the Full Moon Eclipse and planet Mars in Sagittarius, what You are looking for really, is to explore what turns You on… “What makes me feel excited?”… “What gives me goosebumps ?”. Think about creative energy…Leo is about your creativity, your passion, and it is really about tuning in the higher dimension, and you may be highly surprised. Leo likes to make a statement, it rules drama, making yourself announcing YOU and who You are.
And on the opposite, the Aquarian energy is all about how You melt your unique creativity, your special way of seeing and experiencing the world. How you melt with everybody else and join the fun, how you bring your spice to the collective recipe. You bring your sweetness to the groups, the Ohana, the tribes, and everybody can enjoy the flavour of one another. And if you find yourself in some dramas (Leo), where everything is a bit exaggerated, make fun of all the things that you are finding serious, just see the fun in it… “What can I do to bring some colours into my life?”… So with this Full Moon Leo make yourself bigger than life, allow yourself to stand out… Practice the Hawaiian Principle of KALA “There is no limit – Be free – I am free”… Be light full, be Love full.

Leo also rules romance… When you think of the sunshine it just makes You feel good. The sun just gets occluded by negative thinking, by heaviness, by whatever worries that are going on in your head, and if You really think about it, a lot of your worries that You had in the passed years, are they really in your life now?.
So this Full Moon Eclipse is also an opportunity to really shift a lot of old stuff that may have been in your way from You turning yourself on and shine your light… When You are turned on and You are excited about life, that is when You draw romance, that is when You draw Magic, that is when You draw excitement in everything… You see just the joy of everything around You. Of course there are sad and heavy things in the world too, unfortunately there are sometimes heaviness in your heart, and sometimes You shed tears, sometimes You cry the sadness, and sometimes You cry the joy.
This Full Moon Eclipse is about the opening of the Heart Chakra. Leo is LOVE, it represents the heart energy. So here is the big question: “Am I living from LOVE?”.
It is very interesting to note that with the societal conditioning we are often living in our head, and we are separate from our body… so living in your heart is so important. The simple act of breathing in and out of your heart, being aware of your deep breath will give You this feeling of connection to your heart, and give You a greater awareness of being in or out of Love. All of us we are vibrating energy and everything is energy, so during this Eclipse season lets vibrate the unconditional Love energy, the ALOHA spirit, “To love is to be happy – I am happy”.
So during this Full Moon Eclipse, the Leo-Aquarius polarity is really about the split between head and heart . Aquarius is to do with the intellect, the mind, technology, showing that we are a society living with our gadgets, computers, phones and we spend huge amount of time in this mode.
So does this split You from your heart? Being caught in your mind, do You forget to feel your heart? What is your capacity to live in Love?

Humm!…I encourage You each day to have a meeting with your heart. Take time out to really be aware of your Breath Of Life flowing through your heart…. and SHARE THE LOVE.


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏