This New Moon happens at 27 degrees 7’ of Aquarius, on Friday 16th of February at 7:05am Queensland time Australia.
It coincides with the Chinese New Year Of the Dog.

Here we are with the only one event in the month of February, the New Moon partial Solar Eclipse of Aquarius.
At the time of this New Moon, Sun-Moon-Mercury are all together and the South Node is also in Aquarius. What a wonderful time for epiphanies and Eureka moments.
Aquarius is the last of the air signs and also the 11th sign of the zodiac, power number in numerology. This is the sign that rules groups, tribes, organisations, Ohanas, the internet that which connects us as a community. So let’s look at what Aquarius is about on a deeper level.

Aquarius represents the groups, the friendship, being part of the pack, finding that group with whom You resonate, feeling that You belong to it, finding your Soul Tribe, being together with like minded friends and people… and it is interesting to notice the correlation with the Year Of the Dog which is also being part of the pack, being part of the group and about friendship.

So during this New Moon time be a little more friendly, stay away from gossips, be aware of your negative talking and focus on the positive side of people and situations. Instead of seeing the shortcomings in people, perceive their potentials.
And especially with Chiron in Pisces Trine Jupiter in Scorpio, it is about seeing below the surface, there is something that You are sensing, perceiving. And don’t jump straight away to a deal breaker, go a little bit deeper and ask yourself “ why am I triggered by this situation or by this person?”… “ What is that activating within me?… “ And how can I heal it?”.
If You are not happy with the group, the tribe, the Ohana, this is a good time to re-evaluate it. Some of You with this Eclipse will have drastic shake up stuffs going on. You might be accepted in some kind of clubs or groups, and there could be some sort of achievements, awards or spotlight on You, a promotion or nomination…especially with the Nodes in Leo.

During this New Moon Eclipse, Sun and Moon are squaring Jupiter in Scorpio.
Jupiter is the amplifier of the zodiac and in Scorpio he is so deep, it is like You want to bury your soul… “You can’t hide anything from me , I see right through You”… So this is not the best approach to make friends. And this New Moon Aquarius is about making friends, finding new groups, your soul tribes and connecting with those, starting a meet up group, or a discussion group… and it can also be getting in touch with your family.
With Sun-Moon in square to Jupiter in Scorpio, push yourself a little bit, push yourself out of that comfort zone, and have some fun with it. It is so important to remember that with Aquarius everybody is a bit peculiar. We all have been conditioned and brought up to conform, we learn to walk like this and speak like that, and Aquarius is about breaking out of that conditioned mode.
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. It is about pulsing, resonance, vibration, the magnetic field, tuning to the intelligence of your Higher Self, your Amakua, channeling. It is about being spontaneous and during this New Moon, it is time to let your originality, your quirkyness be seen by everyone out there, allowing yourself to be odd… and be ok with it.
If You are sensitive to the judgement of others this will be difficult and they won’t like You for sure … But if You look at the positive side, this will show You that these people are not resonating with who You are, they don’t belong to your circle, your Ohana, and this will help You to discriminate and chose who is attuned to You.

At the time of this New Moon Eclipse we also have Venus and Neptune conjunct, and it is so sweet for Love…” Love is in the air”… people falling in love….Humm… isn’t it perfect for celebrating Valentine Day!
The downside of it is that You could indulge too much in the “ Love-Dove”, or having too much sweet candies or drinks, partying with whatever aphrodisiacs of your choice. Or You could have illusions with Neptune… and if You meet somebody You won’t see him/her clearly through your Rose coloured glasses. And by meeting this new person then You will meet their families, their friends. .. so that could be the new group You are merging in during this New Moon.


We are still in Eclipses season. We have had a Lunar Eclipse couple of weeks ago in Leo, and now we have this one, a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, and July / August we will have Eclipses again in Leo and Aquarius. And remember Eclipses affect the energy for at least 6 months, sometimes longer depending what is being triggered in your personal chart. Therefore it is very important to know where these Eclipses are falling in your individual chart.

So with this Eclipse in Aquarius, we are looking at the Leo energy, always look at the opposite sign, because in astrology we are always looking at the signs in pair.
The Leo energy is about you shining, You are the sunshine where You are, You are the light of the world… and the Aquarius energy is about bringing that uniqueness, that sunshine that only You can bring …into our collective world.
This New Moon is really about your inner and outer space, your spaciousness… the spaciousness of the present moment. So if You don’t have a strong inner space, it means that the outer space tend to be dominant in your life… So You have appointments, You have to get food, do the laundry… so to find that inner space within the busyness of your outer space, it is difficult. Part of the difficulty is because of the conditioning we have been through…”I was always told to hurry up, and to shut up” so I have to get this done and that done and for many years I remained invisible, avoiding the lime light.
When I think of Aquarius I think of revolution, rebel …“I am a free spirit, don’t fence me in”, it is a sign of independence, with Aquarius You need space.

During this New Moon time, Mars/Sagittarius is in Square with Neptune/Pisces.
On the less positive sense, this can be a time of low energy, it can makes You slightly less clear with your goals, because Mars is to do with your goals as well.
However You could use it in a very positive spiritual way, because it is about pouring energy (Mars) into spiritual practice ( Neptune) . Mars in Square to Neptune is a time to remember to surrender into something. Mars in Sagittarius wants to push forwards “come on let’s go”… and Neptune in Pisces says “ Hey you know this is not for your highest good to go in this direction, so I am going to slow things down for You”. If You get impatient chances are that You are going to meet with angry people and You might be angry yourself. But if You can go with that surrendering feeling and enjoying the moment, practicing to be in your Manawa, it is about liberation, being free… “I want to feel free to do what I Love”. This Solar Eclipse is about breaking out into the freedom that is You, uncoiling the traumas of things that has held your body in. So move your body, whether it is about walking in active meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong, that is an excellent use of that energy.
On another angle, with Mars squaring Neptune, this could come out as obsession. With Neptune you may have a dream about something and with Mars you may want to push too hard to make it happen. I don’t feel that this is the time to push too hard… this is the time to allow things to show by themselves , and not forcing your visions or your dreams. Let the universe reveals things for You.

Mars is also in Trine with the North Node in Leo, so there is something happening for your highest good, and it will come as a surprise … because Uranus is the ruler of this New Moon in Aquarius, and Uranus is completely unpredictable.
So during this New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius “expect the unexpected “. Don’t hold on too tightly to the exact vision you have. If You have an idea of something You want to create…a song, a mural, a workshop… and if it is a group effort, let it be a group effort, work with collaboration. It is not going to be exactly like You have envisioned, it is going to change, and this is not the time to try to make the things exactly the way You want them, no this is the time to merge with the group and let everybody add their spices to the recipe. And in the end, that is how it was meant to be, and it could be even better than expected.
Anything You are working on, whatever it might be, bring in other resources and people, let others contribute, it is a time for contribution to the group, to society… and it is for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Another thing I want to point out is that in the background we have a strong Capricorn energy at the moment with Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. That is about autonomy actually, discipline, being self-Sufficient, being self-determined. And Aquarius is about freedom and it is about individuality, going your own way, doing your own things. So I would strongly encourage You as far as possible to live your life from the inside out. Try to detach from opinions, or judgments, or external reliances of any kind. The more You can, walk your path of authenticity and be autonomous. Possibly start to use free energy in some way, so You can detach from fossil field energy. Can You be self-employed for part of your time? Can You grow your own vegetables? Can You do things so You become much more of an autonomous self-sustaining being?
And over the next few years that would be a very good place to be in, practically and emotionally, because we are going to be moving more and more to that Aquarius energy when Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius in December 2020.
So be who You are but live day to day with your own self-reference, with your own autonomy, not living from the outside in and be afflicted by external circumstances, judgments, control etc…

If the last Leo Total Lunar Eclipse on the 31st of January was a North Node Eclipse, this Aquarius partial Solar Eclipse is a South Node Eclipse.
So it is slightly complex because a Solar Eclipse is a big New Moon, therefore it is a big new beginning, but it also requires, because the Moon is close to the South Node here, that You release the past, “I let the past go”. This can be to do with past lives, current life old behaviour patterns, conditioning…before You can move fully on.
So here the question “ What do I have to let go in order to move more fully into that new beginning for myself?
So growth is very much emphasised at this Solar Eclipse because of Jupiter Square Sun and Moon. Jupiter is really encouraging You to grow beyond that which You have already been. Have a bigger vision for your future, have bigger horizons, be a bigger person… that is the message of Jupiter for this Aquarius Solar Eclipse.

Aquarius is much about equality, it can be quite of a revolutionary energy, it makes You very original, and creative in your thinking, because You are thinking out of the box, with your own original material.
This Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius is another grand beginning, so this is a time to set a new intention to where You want a new beginning in your life.
So surprise yourself and surprise others. What quirky things are You going to do? And really don’t care what other people think… just do it anyway!


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏