FULL MOON IN VIRGO A Beautiful PONO Full Moon.

This Full moon happens on the 2nd of March 2018, at 11 degrees 23’ Virgo, at 10:51AM Queensland time Australia .
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

We just got out of the Leo/Aquarius energy of the the last New Moon Solar Eclipse, which was very playful and extraverted, and asked us to evolve and change…
The Virgo/Pisces axis of this Full Moon is a very deeply spiritual axis. It is about introversion , internal process both physical and spiritual. It asks You to look at the spiritual (Pisces) and the physical (Virgo) and their conversation together.

We have Sun Conjunct Neptune both in Pisces, in opposition to the Moon in Virgo, So on one side with Sun-Neptune, we have the spiritual energy that is about the dream, what is reality, what is fiction, we are all merged in Oneness… and on the other side we have the Moon virgo, trying to mother You , being very practical, helping You with the energy of groundedness and day to day, and focus on details… can You feel the tension of this side?
So there is a great sense of vulnerability attached to this Full Moon, vulnerability at its deepest. Piscean energy is extremely vulnerable, and this Full Moon brings up very deeply held emotions, desires, beliefs… and wants You to get focused on the details.

At this Full Moon we have 7 planets in total , in Mutable signs ( Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces), chameleon like… 5 planets in Pisces ( Sun-Neptune-Mercury-Venus-Chiron), Moon in Virgo and Mars in Sagittarius.
So Mutability is about being adaptable, changeable, dextrous , going with the flow of life, not being regimented… not necessarily a time to strongly set goals, and write business plan… it is a much more unfocused energy particularly with the Pisces side. Especially emphasised by the conjunction Sun-Neptune, Neptune being the ruler of Pisces. So there is a great deal of dreamy Piscean energy with this Full Moon. This is a wonderful time to create, to write, to use your imagination and your sense of beauty.

The Full Moon time is always about coming to closure, coming to fruition, to see the fruit of your labour, there is a sense of achievement coming in here.
This Full Moon in Virgo is a beautiful PONO Full Moon …PONO: ” EFFECTIVENESS IS THE MEASURE OF TRUTH”… it is to do with discernment, discrimination, making everything work super efficiently in your life.
Virgo is the sign associated with Feng Shui, so this is a great time as we move in to early Autumn, that You declutter your house, your apartment of things that are getting in the way of You working more efficiently.
So do You use your time efficiently? Could You use it better? And this is not only about decluttering material things, it is also about decluttering your emotional state, decluttering your mind… A wonderful practice is to just taking mini breaks during your day to follow your breath, to be mindful, and watch the change that is created in your frequency. Because so often, all of us are running… one thing after another one…and just to take this mini mindful breaks will start to change your frequency that You are emitting, and bring much more peace and calm into your life. This practice becomes an integrate part of your own wisdom.

And also this Full Moon is a very good time for detoxing. Virgo is the sign of purification, refinement… so it is a great time to refine your diet, make it healthier. And this Virgo/Pisces axis is the one much connected with healing. Healing physicality and healing emotionally. So “ What can I do to help myself with the purification of my daily life and the purification of my diet?

We also have Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces at this Full Moon. This is about bringing up wounds connected to Love, whether You have been hurt in the past, or recently.
A Full Moon also is a very good time to release emotions that no longer serve You. With Virgo flavour we have this energetic Hygiene at play, and You may have a modality to do that, but if You don’t, a very simple way to do it is to tap it out, or shake your self as a tree loosing his dead leaves, or let yourself be Ka Huned with the intention of flushing out all what does not serve You anymore.

The Virgo /Pisces energy is the axis most connected to the rescuer and the victim in relationship. So if You find that You are often repeating this cycle, one end or the other, Rescuer/Victim, this is a great time to release that pattern of being in relationship.
So this Virgo Full Moon is a very good time to bring things to the surface that no longer serve You… It is a perfect time for cleansing.

Virgo has a lot to do with criticism , perfection, discrimination …sorting out what is really important and letting go of the rest, a very effective sign indeed!…Again it really sounds like PONO isn’t it…“Take the best and leave the rest”.
Virgo is also about to do with communication . And what it is really interesting at the time of this Full Moon, is that no AIR, no planets are in air signs. It is predominantly Earth and Water. So it is a wonderful opportunity to move intuitively… that means to move from the internal gut voice rather than this voice that needs to say things, the complaining mind.
So this Full Moon may shine a light on where You are complaining or other people are complaining… instead of appreciating what You have and calming down your mental noise that clutter up your clarity.
So explore the critic in You. We all have one… And critic is to be taken in all aspects. There is bad critic and good critic. The good critic being a constructive feedback for example.
So this Full Moon is to explore criticism, kindly, where it could be used for improvement and greater ease. So that is going to be one of the challenges during this Full Moon.
So it would be very interesting to know where this axis Virgo/Pisces is activated in your personal chart. For some of you it is more prominently than others.

At the time of this Full Moon the conjunction Sun- Neptune in Pisces, is deeply encouraging You to LET GO LET GOD, to see people and meet situations in a more compassionate perspective.
And Mercury the ruler of Virgo , is conjunct to Venus in Pisces, a very sensitive combination… both are trine to Jupiter in Scorpio. This is really a wonderful time for sensitive communications. A wonderful time for healing through your actions, your words, your vibrations. So Venus and Mercury are synthesising the feeling nature with the thinking nature. They are merging the mind and heart energy. It is pure emotional intelligence.
This is a deep opportunity for profound healing to take place. It is about tuning in and listening and accepting , instead of being ready with what You want to say next .
JUST RECEIVING… learning how to use the mind constructively, but also knowing when to be a receiver rather than a transmitter, another interesting challenge at the time of this Full moon.
So during this Full Moon, how can You find your gentleness, everybody wants to be treated gently… and how can You find that within, to be gentle to yourself and also gentle to others.
This Full Moon Virgo , containing the opposition to Neptune, bring an emotional draining , like there is an emptying out to prepare for the new patterning . So this Full Moon may ask You for a big emotional release.

This Full Moon time is really about divine inspiration. It is about connecting to Source, it is about seeing all life, all beings as sacred and sentient. And everything is being connected, and each of us we are a unique divine spark in that ocean of consciousness.

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”… KABIR

So this Full Moon time is highly beautiful, highly sensitive, highly creative, a wonderful time to meditate, be in nature… be in an altered state of loosing yourself in the moment…
“Can I loose myself in a book, in music, in a dance, in the gaze of my lover?
Creativity and spirituality are two sides of the same coin because they are both connected to a finer perception, and this is what this neptunian energy around the Full Moon will give You. There is also a wonderful devotional energy floating around this Full Moon, therefore it is a great time to devote yourself to a cause bigger than self. Because Virgo is to do with practical service for people… “ What can I do to help You?” … Pisces is to do with spiritual services…” How can I help with your state of being, your healing?”. So really do You have enough of that practical and spiritual services, because it is a great time to bring this to the fore as well.

I think that this Full Moon actually has the potential to get You reconcile in the fact that You are a physical body that needs to be taken care of, and a Soul that has dreams and aspirations that are allowed to exist. You are allowed to strive for the big . Just be vulnerable in the front of this Moon with your dreams and the feelings You have for people. Vulnerability also does bring up darkness, it does bring fear… and the Full Moon is bright but it can illuminate where You have your deepest pain. I am a great advocate of searching for the good hidden in the dark, practicing being positive… and sometimes it is empowering to sit with your darkness , your pains, acknowledging your fears, your worries, where your loss has made You a pain body. I think it is such a brave and beautiful thing to sit with that.
Often in my life I have found that my pain has been the inspiration for my creativity.
So this Full Moon is strongly about your vulnerability and sitting with your darkness… and be very kind about it. It is ok to spend some time in that place because it is so sacred and so powerful.

This Full Moon in Virgo is the last Full Moon of the western astrological calendar and we are heading to the Aries season, so this is a great time to reconcile with your experiences of last year. It is like grieving or mourning this phase of your life, give it some time, a day or more…Be gentle about it, Virgo/Pisces energy is about to be soft and gentle, it is the feminine principle of healing on the earth and Spirit levels.

If You embrace your blindness (Pisces) You will be able to see clearer (Virgo).
So during this Full time, it is important to slow down and acknowledge yourself … that is true deep self Love… being seen by yourself. The greatest sign of self respect is to be your own witness about what You have experienced, successes and failures..

Finally what is important to say as well is that the energy is going to change quite significantly as we all go through the month of March. So from late February to the first half of march is a dreamy period and as we move through the months of March-April-May , it becomes much more dynamic, more hectic.

So this Full Moon Virgo is a particularly good time to create, meditate, be PONO… and LOOSE YOURSELF IN THE MOMENT.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏