This New Moon happens on the 17th Of march 2018, at 26 degrees 53’ Pisces, at 11:11PM Queensland Time.
By Francoise/Frankie Alloin Monnereau

This New Moon is intense. This is a Moon which is here to agitate an old wound and clear it out. That is sweet short and simple, and I could stop here and say my goodbyes… but Oh la la!!! my Virgo Moon loves so much the details … so please stay with me and read the following.

New Moon usually are new beginnings , and this New Moon is no exception. However with Pisces flavour, not only it is the last sign of the zodiac, but we are also at the end of Pisces, almost 27degrees. So we are coming to the end of a cycle, the end of Summer for us Down Under ( and end of Winter in Northern Hemisphere), so it is a shift point.

During this new Moon, we have the Moon-Sun-Chiron and Neptune all snuggled up in Pisces and this makes a very powerful New Moon. The New Moon conjunct Chiron, is in Square with Mars in Sagittarius, and in Trine with Jupiter in Scorpio.
So what does this New Moon in Pisces mean?

We are still experiencing a lot of Piscean and Neptune energy in the middle of March.
The benefit of that is that it can helps You connect to Source. It is inspirational, it boosts your imagination, it is to do with creativity, it is to do with an altered state when You lose the sense of Space and time… so if You listen to music, if You are in nature, if You are meditating, doing breath work… that can get You to a different energetic state… be in HAKA LAU state, where You have the greatest connection to the sense of Oneness, to Source. It reminds You that You are a spiritual being and not just a spiritual doing.
Now if you recently experience the less positive aspect of Neptune… You have been feeling lethargic, low energy… “I don’t know where I am going, I am in a fog, I am confused, I can’t focus on anything”… that is Neptune but the music is being played less positively.
You can become aware of that archetype through astrology, and say “ Ok if I could deliberately listen to music, read some poetry, go for a walk in nature, do some breath work…” even for a few minutes actually, to change your state, it will start to play the music positively. Because the music has to play somehow. So this is about using astrology to raise your consciousness, by deliberately, consciously co-creating with that prevailing energy. And this is so important to understand because You can either play the victim “I just can’t get out of the couch at the moment, I don’t know what is the matter…” , or You can tune in and understand what it is about and say “Ok I can use this in a very distinct way to consciously co-create something beautiful”.

As You may know now, a New Moon is always about a new beginning, so look where 27 degrees of Pisces falls in your personal chart and see in which area of life it is falling in.
Now a new beginning can come with a thought, a sentence You read, a conversation You have… it can be very simple but it can sparks something in You which can lead to something in months down the road. So remember it is not coming to blossom , it is a new beginning.
And remember that the 3,5 days before the New Moon is exact, this is a very sensitive time where You can tune in your psychic ability, very finely… especially just before dawn time, where the energy is very subtle, a very good time to meditate.
So because it is Pisces, because it is a New Moon, because You have these 3,5 psychic days running up to it… really turn inward.

The other thing that emphasises that, is Jupiter in Scorpio, tightly in trine to Sun-Moon at this New moon, even more Water energy ( look at the abundance of rain we have at the moment). That is wonderful because Jupiter expanses everything he touches, and Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, so this can be about tuning to your dreams, it can be about creating a bigger dream, a bigger vision, a bigger horizon, for yourself at this new beginning, at this new moon… so DREAM BIG.
And also, Jupiter brings great wisdom. It brings You an opportunity to really be able to help others through what You have learned, and it also enable You to have a new perspective on your emotions, how You deal with your emotions.

But Jupiter is about to retrograde, on the 9th of March. Retrograde planets are introspective, they are about turning inwards. So You get a lot of messages at this New Moon such as “it is very good to turn inwards”. Have a period of silence during the birth of that New Moon, and think about…“what is that birth about for Me?”… “What can I do to dream a big vision?”… because whenever You want to bring something into your life, when You want to manifest, You could take all the actions in the world, but if You have not done the inner work first, it does not work very effectively. Because the inner work is about tuning in, setting your intention and your vision of what you want very clearly, and stepping into that energetic hologram as it is already here happening. Because what that does, it starts to broadcast that frequency of… “I am already in that experience”… whether it is a new job, a new relationship, a new workshop, writing a book… whatever it is,You are already living it energetically. And it is the inner work that holds the power in manifesting. So a great idea to do inner work is to book a place in a Vipassana Meditation Center.

Another thing at this New Moon is that the Sun and Moon are tightly conjunct to Chiron.
Now Chiron next month will be moving into Aries, he will retrograde and will be back in late Pisces for a little while, and by February 2019 he will be fully in Aries.
Chiron is the link between Saturn…the lessons You are going through this life time, your restrictions, your limitations, your feeling of separation, feeling You are not been good enough sometimes, your responsibilities, your burdens… and it is the bridge to Uranus, which is freedom, independence, querkiness, your individuality, and yes at the same time being a magical piece of the Oneness.
Chiron spent the last 7 years in Pisces from 2010. You have been going through, many of You, deep healing, healing of trauma, healing of grief, sadness especially, Neptune, ruler of Pisces, has to do with tears, but also anger, because it is a learning process of dealing with the victim and abuser energy.
So if You have any planets in Pisces particularly, look back at the last 7 years, and what was happening for You? Because Chiron is known as the “Wounded-Healer”. He commonly brings physical illness sometimes where You are a bit poorly. So have You been hurt by someone romantically, or have You been hurt by a friend over the last 7 years?
Often when You have not been ill physically, there is a feeling of emotional or psychological wounding, and the feeling of “it is just not fair”, there a strong feeling of raw injustice with this.
Now Chiron shows You where You have outgrown a situation, so if You have been hurt by a friend it means that You have outgrown that company. And the message with Chiron is always to move You upwards in your spiritual perspective. So don’t just stay in the pain, move on in your life, and in months to come You look back and think …“ Actually that is one of the best thing that happens to me because I have moved on to a different set of people who are more in my wavelength “.
If You have been unwell, what works well for You with Chiron is alternative healing, not conventional healing. Chiron in myth was gifted in many ways, he was a herbalist, a homeopath, chiropractic work was one of his specialty… so with Chiron it is exploring alternative ways of healing. Particularly when he will move into Aries, that could bring about new healing modalities.
So to summarise, Chiron does have this feeling of raw injustice, that may be exacerbated at this New Moon, because Mars is tightly square to Chiron. So this can bring feeling of restlessness, frustration, or impatience or even anger with someone who hurts You or with your wounds… “it is just not fair!”…”I am very angry about it”… but try not to act impetuously with that, step back and remember, Chiron is trying to help You get well with higher insights, by getting information from your Amakua, from your higher Source, to help change your state of health and your state of being. It is very inspirational so don’t lash out where You feel wounded or hurt. Remember that it is for your own good. Chiron is also known as “the wounds that makes us wise”, because they take You on the deepest paths, to explore how You can heal physically, emotionally, psychologically. Chiron in your birth chart starts off as a wound or weakness which ultimately can become a strength for You. So at this New Moon, notice how far You have come along your healing journey.

This New Moon is also Square to Mars in Sagittarius. So a sense of assertion or aggression may be coming up. You may find irritating moments, things when You go “AHRRR F..K”. So in these tense moments, ask yourself “ What good is that doing Me?”… “Is that healing my body?” or “ Is that aggravating my body?”… so when You realise there is nothing You can do, let yourself have a Piscean moment and surrender. And remember during this New Moon time to give others the benefit of the doubt, and to break the old negative patterns and return to LOVE, that is what is abundantly available at the time of this New Moon.

Then Mars is moving forwards in the early degrees of Capricorn, in the last week of March, and he will be coming exactly conjunct with Saturn on the 2nd of April.
This is quite a complex energy because Mars is all about green light, setting goals, going, action, make it happen… and Saturn is about to be careful, cautious, to think it trough, to pull back…and at the same time Mercury will be also retrograde from the 23rd of March, and that is a pulling back as well, that is an introspection. So potentially these energies can clash a little bit, however, if You can integrate these energies of Mars and Saturn, they are fantastic together for long term thinking, long term planning, strategic thinking so You can be thorough and patient in your thinking… this could work so well for You. So see where early degrees of Capricorn fall in your chart because that will indicate the area of life where this can be used very well for you.
Mars-Saturn can be very regimented as well, very assertively militaristic. Mars will be very strong in the last week of March, in April and for much of the rest of the year as well.
So You will see a significant big shift of energy, from …the dreamy, psychic, intuitive, “I just want to meditate nearby water”… to a much more dynamic, go oriented action, as You move towards the end of March, and certainly in April.

The other thing to be aware of at the second half of March is that we are celebrating the Aries Equinox – the time when day and night are of equal length – which is official as the Sun enters Aries at 2:16AM on Wednesday, March 21st, Queensland time Australia.
So it is a very interesting period of time indeed, shifting the energy from dreamy to dynamic.

So really enjoy your Amakua Spirit with this Pisces New Moon, And know that this is an opportunity to surrender, to release, to let go, and to allow this higher octave of LOVE that Neptune represents, this compassion, and this feeling of connectiveness with everybody and with everything… And for sure with this Pisces energy in the air, some of You might feel a bit lost, a little bit aimless, often walking around in daze, day dreaming, and with no complete actions yet… But wait there is More!… This New Moon is in between point, because at the same time we have got Venus-Mercury-Uranus all in Aries, ready to go, to move. So at the time of this New Moon You have got these two energies… the energy of surrendering, releasing , letting go…and then this new possibilities, new shoots, Fall the new season is coming with its new colors, new flavours, new tastes.
So surely during this Pisces New Moon GO WITH THE FLOW… “ Que sera sera, whatever will be will be”.


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏