This Full moon happens on Saturday the 28th of July 2018,
at 4 degrees 44’ Aquarius , at 6:19’AM Queensland time Australia .
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

We are moving through a profound Lunar cycle, that started on last July 13th, the day of the New Moon in Cancer, partial Eclipse, and that will come to culmination on July 28th at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse that will be the longest Eclipse of this century…
1 hour and 23 minutes in duration !!!

So what is the meaning of this powerful Aquarius Full Moon -Total Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of July?
The meaning of a Full Moon or a Lunar Eclipse is seeded at the time of the New moon when we begin that 28-29 days Lunar cycle.
The last Cancer New Moon and the meaning of the planets at that time, gave you a sense of what of the energies that have been seeded ( please refer to my last blog of the Cancer New Moon of 13th of July).
So what are the themes that were called to be aware of, that would grow as you move through this Lunar cycle, and then come to fulness and more clarity at the time of this Full Moon on July 28th?

The last New Moon of July13th contained a wonderful “Star Of David” pattern.
The symbol of the Star Of David is a very powerful and sacred ancient symbol that has to do with those interlacing equilateral triangles, with one pointing down, one pointing up, really guiding us into BALANCE. Into balance around the energy of masculine and feminine, of the Earth and the Sky, of our understanding of life as” I am Spirit here on this Earth plane”… so it is a powerful symbol that is guiding us into Integration and Balance.
The star of David symbol also contains an Hexagon, a six sides figure, resonating with the vibration of the number 6. And if you really go back to the ancient roots, that sacred number 6 is symbolic of the energy of life, and of unconditional love.
The unconditional Love that moves through us on the Earth, is around us on the planet in the structures of crystals, honey combs, snow flakes, flower of life, and we even see this hexagon shape at the poles of planet Saturn… It is indeed the energy of Life, the energy of Love.

So this last Cancer New Moon was calling you into that energy, calling you into Balance, calling you into living from the Heart, and carrying that energy and emitting that.
So now, where are you in that process? Are you in balance with your life or out of balance? Where are you in your life right now? There is certainly enough going on all around you to throw you out of balance. The world itself is out of balance right now!
And you was asked to step back and reassess, reflect on how you are living… Are you living from the heart? Are you in Balance? Are you in great relationship with yourself and the world around you?

I love to see where the planets are in the sky at these important moments of the time of the New Moon or the Full Moon.
This Full moon on July 28th is amazingly powerful because it is a Total Lunar Eclipse.
Eclipses are wake up calls… An Eclipse is like a great big Full moon because this is the peak of the Moon cycle. So it is always about a culmination, things coming to fruition, feelings running high, things coming up to closure…
So look where the 4 degrees of Aquarius is falling in your personal chart, and if you don”t know, then you are very welcome to have a reading session with me, and I will let you know what does that mean for you.
Solar Eclipses are often an event or something that causes your awareness to the world around you, to your sense of identity. What again is out of balance, and also guiding you to see the light and the dark within you and around you.
This Lunar Eclipse is also a wake up call, but it is guiding you to look much deeper into what is going on with you emotionally. It is helping you to see what is in the shadow of your unconsciousness. So what it is you push out of awareness that you need to bring to the light?
And this Lunar Eclipse inspires you to look at your life and where you may be operating unconsciously or reactively… or not really facing your own wounds, or your own shadow self. But it is also a powerful time to look at how you are out of balance and what needs to change.

This particular Lunar Eclipse is totally visible in the Eastern parts of Africa, all of the Middle East, parts of Eastern Europe, parts of Russia, parts of Asia, especially India, even over to Japan… and partially visible from Western Australia and also East and South of America. …
So the area of totality is that part of our planet Earth that is really been called to our attention. And I believe that it is a call for us globally to look at how are we in balance as a global community, and how in particular are we relating to the people in those parts of the world. And many of those parts of the world are in turmoil right now. And we need to look at how as a global community we can bring that energy of Life and Love in those places that are out of balance and in turmoil.

Yes this Aquarius Full Moon-Total Lunar Eclipse is extraordinary powerful because it is in alignment with planet Mars, which is in his retrograde period. And Mars on July 28th will be at his brightest as he moves at his full opposition to the Sun.
If you have the chance to be in the area where you can see this Eclipse, it will be exquisite… because you are going to watch the Moon as she goes into the shadow of the Earth, goes into darkness, and it will glow with a deep red glow… this why she is called the BLOOD MOON… And right beside that Full Moon in Eclipse will be the brilliant light of Mars at his brightest, and in retrograde.
Mars is at his peak of his retrograde period, where he steps back and reflects on his journey, on the path he is on, and therefore it is a call for you to step back and reflect on your journey, and in particular to reflect on that archetypal energy of Mars within you.
So how are you directing your energy? What decisions are you making? What actions are you taking? How do you deal with your anger? How do you deal with reactivity? How do you deal with violence, the shadow side of Mars?
So with Mars in retrograde mode, your patience is going to be tested. You may find people around you suddenly flaring up… so one of your challenges will be to remain centered and calm… it is like you being “the eye of the storm”, you being that “peaceful place” and observing all the things that are going in your life and around you… but not getting embroiled in it, not answering back if somebody upsets you, not getting into an argument, but just noticing that reaction. Mars retrograde will give you that opportunity to just take that one deep breath and just become aware of your desire or need to retaliate, or lash out… that’s it.
This Total Lunar Eclipse with the inclusion of Mars is flashing at you in the sky to look at what you keep in the shadow, what you keep in the darkness, to bring it to light and to look at how that shapes who you are, and how you act in the world.
I want to mention that by the end of this month of July we have 5 planets in retrograde…Mars- Saturn- Pluto- Mercury . Retrograde planets encourage your energy to move inwards before the energy moves outwards, to be more introspective, to redo things, to think more, to reanalyse before you strike out. And this could be challenging because with planet Mars in conjunction to this Full Moon and in retrograde mode, there is also a strong impulse to go the other way, to be a bit impulsive, a little bit too quick to react.

The Sun in conjunction and ruler of the North Node (that represents the path forward) trines Chiron in Aries (ruled by Mars), underlining the point that what is happening is necessary and may ultimately be a relief. The confrontation or breakaway will help you move through what makes you afraid or vulnerable. It may even boost your confidence. For some, this could be a crazy leap into the unknown that is part of your new agenda of radical healing. Again we have that Mars theme – courage, action, anger, doing something definitive. Chiron and Mars are both in retrograde mode, so maybe you are finally confronting a painful issue that is been simmering for awhile.

Eclipses have the tendency to bring out what is hidden, what is underneath the surface, and it can be sometimes quite a difficult time. Yes Eclipses are not necessarily easy and they are opportunities for you to see what you have been avoiding… so really stop sweeping things under the carpet.
Surprises can happen during Eclipse time, so CAN YOU PRESS THE PAUSE BUTTON ON YOUR REACTION TIME?… that is one of the challenge of this Lunar Eclipse, because if you can do that, you are going to help everybody around you. Your relationships with people, with things, everything can be helped.

So at the time of this Full Moon, we have Moon/Mars together in Aquarius, in opposition to Sun in Leo, and on one side of this opposition they all in a tight Square to Uranus in Taurus, but also in a wide Square to Jupiter in Scorpio on the other side… All together they are forming a wide “Grand Square” in Fixed signs.
The meaning of this “ Grand Square” pattern is that this Full Moon time not only is a powerful wake up call but a time for all of us to come into clarity, a time for us to reshape our beliefs, to reconfigure our actions, and how we are relating to each other individually and collectively.

And the key with this Grand Fixed Square ( Sun-Leo, Moon-Aquarius, Mars-Aquarius, Jupiter-Scorpio, Uranus-Taurus)… (and in fact in total we have got 6 planets in Fixed signs because we also have Mercury in Leo) … is to realise how strong you are, to not give up, to be determined, to hang on in there. It is a great time for making a personal break trough, for getting through something that you thought you could not do. These planets in Fixed signs with this Eclipse may in fact show you that you can get through something you thought impossible. You are not a victim, you are not a weak link… You are strong!
As there is lot of Earth energy at this Lunar Eclipse, it is a good time to distract yourself with practical tasks, cleaning, tiding, cooking, decluttering… anything like that is a good way of calming the emotions.

Planet Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in his powerful position in Taurus and in Square to this Eclipse, adds a shot of unpredictability. Endings, goodbyes, results will hit suddenly. The Uranus/Aquarius theme of liberation will be emphasised… so consider any sharp turn of events to be a necessary break from the past. Clarity will be thrust upon you, as well as freedom. If results are severe enough, this won’t feel like freedom, but rest assured that it is.
So it is critical as you move through this powerful time of transformation to not get caught in fear , but to trust and to really understand that these energies are showing you the way, and guiding you into understanding what it is you are moving towards… which is moving to be more in balance, to be more in right relationship with yourself, with each other, with the Earth.
This Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could bring an energy of rebellion, and we may see that happening already globally. Humanitarian issues coming up… how can we break through the old ways of fighting one another…and find ways in which we can come together.
And the Aquarius flavour of this Lunar Eclipse is to remind us that we are truly moving into the Age of Aquarius, and that we are all a part of One Global Community. That we need to honour each other in our differentness, to honour each other as equals, to be in right relationship with each other, to let go of the violence, the wars, the power struggle… to come into a paradigm of justice and balance and equality and mutuality and respect.
Aquarius is about finding new ways of solving old problems… That is what you are looking for at the time of this Eclipse. Now it can be difficult so keep in mind this quote… “ This too shall pass”… to remind yourself that it is temporary.

I was myself in the “eye of the storm”, exactly on the 13th of July the day of the last Cancer New Moon …
It was like going through a “Dark Cloud” as I had an eye surgery to save me from blindness. I went through mixed feelings of fear, regressing to a little child, being a victim, feeling the wind of death as the Sun light was fading away… but in the process and now that I am in convalescence time, I have found my courage, and trust that I am guided to new ways, new visions that are more in balance with who I am. And Aquarius is also the sign of “high technology” so my surgeon was an high tech Angel, and with a gentle care ( he is a Cancer!) and with great precision ( Venus is actually in Virgo the sign of Perfection) he succeeded to give me back some “Sun Light”… And in times where my mind was going crazy in the negative, I recited to myself “This too shall pass”, and also another quote …”Even the darkness night will end and the sun will rise”-Victor Hugo … this hopeful quote encourages us to rise up when we are facing a dark moment …

This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon time is a very good time to release. Releasing habits that no longer serve you, particularly aggressive or assertive habits with Mars in conjunction to this Full Moon Eclipse.
So we have a great deal happening at this Eclipse, so really see how it is operating in your life .
But remember, at this time of this Full Moon- Total Lunar Eclipse, have the image of yourself being at the hub of the wheel, being the observer, the witness, peaceful, calm, loving, BEAMING OUT HEART ENERGY, because the North Node is in Leo where the heart shines, this is the answer.
Ultimately we are all guided to understand that we are part of a Cosmic Community.
May we all be opened to these energies.
Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

PS: If You would like to find out how this affects You personally, feel free to contact me for a reading, face to face or on Skype, Messenger, Face Time.

And also feel free to share this on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.
Mahalo Nui🙏